The Virgo Solar Eclipse: Sunday, September 13 2015.

Solar Eclipse Antarctica 2014

Solar Eclipse Antarctica 2014

A brief outline of the September 13 Partial Solar Eclipse, with individual people in mind

At the Virgo New Moon on September 13 the Moon will eclipse the Sun, a partial eclipse visible only in the very far south regions of the world, like Antarctica, the southern Indian Ocean and some western parts of South Africa, up to 15° Latitude South. Not a visible event in Australia or New Zealand.

A Total Lunar Eclipse will follow at the next Aries Full Moon on September 28. Here I am concerned only with the solar event.

This Solar Eclipse could have personal repercussions, via events and mental/emotional states, in particular for those individuals who happen to have the 19th, 20th and 21st degrees of Virgo highlighted in their Birth Chart (aligned to Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Ascendant, Descendant, Mid-Heaven or Lower-Heaven); to a less extent also those with the same degrees in the other Mutable Signs, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius.

The Eclipsed Sun and the Eclipsing Moon, on the 20th degree of Virgo, will be just separating from an in-conjunct aspect (150° distance) to Uranus in Aries and from an opposition to Chiron in Pisces (180°).

If your Birth Chart is somehow aligned with this Eclipse I would say that, during this time, your very basic unconscious impulses (Moon) as well as your conscious drive and will (Sun) will need to find truly original and upbeat ways of expression, through acts of brave decisiveness, even at the risk of causing disagreements and becoming isolated/alienated from others (in-conjunct to Uranus in Aries). In fact you could find your present spirit of initiative and displays of fierce individualism somewhat contrary to your usually passive and modest Virgo temperament.  The polarity with Chiron in Pisces (in opposition Sun-Moon) adds the element of fluidity and compassion, with the urge to heal emotional rifts and egotism while staying true to your ideals and core of independence (Chiron is semi-sextile, 30° distance, from Uranus in Aries).

Because both Virgo and Pisces are Signs of purification and elimination (Virgo concentrating on the physical aspect and Pisces on the psychic) this could be a very suitable time to tackle negative habits and addictions, to begin a healthier lifestyle, change diet, join a yoga class or a gym, engage a personal trainer to re-gain fitness or lose weight, or to deal with a chronic condition by embracing some form of natural therapy.

The effect of the Solar Eclipse could last from three months to a year, and could have been already active for some months before the Eclipse itself. The nature of the celestial body/bodies or Angle/s involved could describe more accurately the possible effect for each individual person.

With the world in mind

In the planetary picture weaved by this Eclipse I see a symbol of the collective drive, now gaining very rapid momentum, to be of practical service to others less fortunate than ourselves. The presence of Chiron, the archetypal ‘Wounded Healer’, on the opposite-complementary Sign of Pisces (in opposition to Sun-Moon), shows that the helpmate also aspires to become a savior of sorts, our desire to humbly serve others in their most pressing needs, like food and shelter (Virgo), merging with the longing for spiritual union and the awareness that ultimately all is one, and the suffering of others is our suffering (Pisces’ universal sympathy).

The in-conjunct aspect of Uranus in Aries gives raise to the combative spirit, the irrepressible drive to take different measures, trying to find out of the box ways to address the collective issues that have been gripping the world with amazing force since the start of the millennium.

Virgo is the archetypal symbol for Purity, tirelessly endeavoring to keep at bay anything, in the form of substance, food, thought that can harm our bodies as well as the Earth Mother’s. Virgos are born environmentalists and natural healers. It was certainly this Virgo archetype which, since the beginning, inspired and instructed scores of farmers, gatherers, healers, doctors, nurses, help professional, social workers, light workers etc. to pursue their search for the universal elixir to heal all ills and restore purity in ourselves and the world we live in. This elixir ultimately resides in the eternal flux of life, surpassing while including our individual lives and consciousness. And this is astrologically symbolized by Pisces, Virgo’s opposite-complementary Sign. Practical Virgo is forever calculating what can be done within the limits of the possible, while Pisces tends to blur these limits and thus make what seemed impossible possible, via acts of good will and trust in providence. These two opposite Signs seem fit symbols for the situation people who want to help the refugees fleeing conflicts and mayhem in their own countries are finding themselves: how to reconcile the need to be practical and realize the limits of what can be realistically achieved, within reason (Virgo) and the desire to uphold the ideal of compassion and open the gate indiscriminately to all those in need of support (Pisces). Virgo would see the need for helping as a moral obligation while Pisces would consider it more like a spiritual responsibility.

Since early August Jupiter has also entered Virgo and will be transiting this Earth Sign until September 9 2016. This transit of course also reinforces the collective drive to help each other in practical ways and could even inspire some to find contentment in a simpler, more humble and down to earth life style, while many may be forced into it by financial crisis and unemployment. The August 90° between Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio, a classic aspect of economic and social downturn, will repeat itself in March and May 2016, between Virgo and Sagittarius, clearly indicating that the near future will not be a time for wild spending and borrowing but rather for hard work and a cautious approach to financial matters, avoiding debts and get rich quick schemes. We could embrace our reduced circumstances as opportunities to find more lasting values in our daily life and work (Jupiter). I am preparing a post about the transit of Jupiter in Virgo and the all important Jupiter-Saturn’s cycle. I should be able to publish it here shortly.

The connection of the Solar Eclipse with Uranus could favor the more aggressive, militant approach to the humanitarian and environmental crisis the world is experiencing. We could all become more pro-active in seeking a resolution to those crisis, more defiant of authority and the status-quo, with the clear goal in mind of restoring the human dignity of dispossed and traumatized people and the health of a polluted environment (Chiron in Pisces). This uncompromising spirit seems also enhanced by the aspects of the transiting Mercury in Libra at the time of the Eclipse, separating from a Square to Pluto in Capricorn and coming onto an opposition to Uranus in Aries. We can add to all the above the present position of transiting Saturn on the very last degree of Scorpio, ready to enter Sagittarius, a rebellious and freedom loving Sign, on September 18; this time for good (previous ingresses were at the end of December 2014 and in middle June 2015).

This Eclipse then should also generate greater awareness of the need of environmental healing, especially in view of the upcoming UN Conference on Climate Change (November 30 to December 11 2015). Just few days before this Solar Eclipse all UN nations, including Australia, have submitted their Climate Action Plans ahead of the Paris conference.

Following this post I have re-posted an edited version of a two parts tutorials/articles on eclipses  that I published in June 2011.

These tutorials seem again relevant  during the present Eclipse Season of September 2015. These are the links:

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The Astrology of the Durban Conference on Climate Change

Depending to whom you are listening to the results of this historical conference is hailed as a promising and unexpected breakthrough or an irresponsible and dangerous failure. The two extreme sides of the debate, conservative climate skeptics and militant greens, seem to agree on the latter assessment. The Horoscopes of the start and finish of this event seem to prove both viewpoints right, with lots of positive and promising stuff as well as many grave difficulties showing.

In 2009 and 2010 I posted few articles on the astrological significance of the international conferences on Climate Change, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Cancun, Mexico (to access the Cancun and Copenhagen’s articles try the Eco-Culture link on the top menu or click HERE).  This year I deliberately gave a miss to the Durban’s Summit, disappointed by the lack of progress of previous years.

Even now that the Summit is officially over it is difficult to decide if the outcome can be considered a success or a failure in the titanic war against Global Warming.  Something of importance has been achieved, but, according to many green activists, what has been deliberated stops very short of what it would be needed to check the dangerous raise of temperature in the near future. A long term package has been agreed upon, but no short terms, effective measures, the dire situation demanding urgent action instead.

Astrologically one aspect that really differentiated this Summit from the recent ones was the fact that it began during the Waxing cycle of the Moon, a more positive time to start anything. The Waxing Moon in fact allowed more life blood to run through these negotiations, the Full Moon ahead working as a beacon, a luminous goal within its reach. The phase of the Moon in Copenhagen was close to the Last Quarter, and in Cancun it was just past the Last Quarter, critical and not necessarily productive times of the Moon/Sun’s cycle; but rather representing the end phases of the old cycle.

This time instead the Moon, in Cardinal Capricorn at the start, was Waxing Crescent, part of a cycle that began with the New Moon in Sagittarius, also a Solar Eclipse, on November 25, just three days before the opening date.  Due to the fact that the Conference was protracted beyond its set limits of 12 days (by about 48 hours, I think), it ended up including the Full Moon in Gemini and therefore the Lunar Eclipse (happening in Durban on December 10 at 4.36 pm). It finished then just few hours past this cosmic event, and it was during the time of the Eclipse itself, until 12 hours or so later, that the most vital negotiations took place and finally a compromise was reached.

Thanks to the propitious Moon phase the conference didn’t end up a complete disaster. It could have been, considering that it was held during a Mercury Retrograde period. And Mercury is such an important influence in all types of transactions, being the planet of communication and contracts. It is obvious that none of the organizers bothered to consult an astrologer about the all important commencing date; or they would have been advised not to have it while Mercury traveled in retrogradation. No surprising then the whole thing was marred by controversies from start to finish (Mercury will turn Direct only on December 15), and issues that have been amply covered in the past had to be dealt with again and again in order to find some common ground. Mercury is also in Detriment in Sagittarius (the opposite Sign to the one he rules), so that, despite Sagittarius’ great ideas and ability to visualize the future is also a somewhat overly militant, opinionated, self righteous and often uncompromising Sign, as well as naturally given to talking a lot, sometime just for talk sake, no the best when we needed to come out with practical decisions and realistic goals.

Here are two  Horoscopes: the Charts for the start and finish of the Durban Conference: the first is calculated for 10 am of November 28, the official opening time, while the second is cast for 3.30 am, the actual time the delegates put their signatures on the dotted lines, on December 11.

Durban’s Climate Change Conference Opening Ceremony

Durban’s Climate Change Conference Finish Line

The most significant transits of Mercury occurred on December 4 and 5. As I wrote in an earlier post on this Retrogradation of Mercury: “When Mercury reached a right angle to Mars in Virgo, a semi-square (45 degrees angle) to Saturn in late Libra, and, most importantly, a conjunction with the Sun. These aspect permeated the whole week around these dates. The square to Mars will increase the heat of any conversation and expression of viewpoints, Virgo adding the knack for criticism and nitpicking. If not careful we may get lost in endless diatribes on semantic points of not real importance. The semi-square to Saturn (Mars involved in the configuration as well) could foster a tendency to interpret words and ideas we share with a touch of pessimism, perhaps having a positive sobering effect on Sagittarius’ flamboyant self-righteousness, but exacerbating Virgo’s critical attitude. The conjunction with the Sun (Inferior conjunction) is part of the overall Mercury/Sun’s cycle. Our Little Brother is changing roles, from Evening Star to Morning Star. The Inferior Conjunction represents the start of a new Mercury’s cycle, promising a more outgoing and optimistic mental outlook, especially by the time Mercury will turn Direct in mid-December“.  Around the same dates Venus formed a harmonious trine to Mars and Jupiter a positive sextile to Chiron, showing a brighter side and a more cooperative general mood (Venus-Mars), as well as the opportunity to heal old wounds (Jupiter-Chiron). Venus, by the way, was applying to a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn at the time of the opening ceremony, a positive aspect in this context, showing the willingness to change our values in order to achieve some higher collective purpose or goal, transformation of values being a key word for this transit.

Notwithstanding the last minute agreement that has been reached I feel that the Retrogradation of Mercury during the conference means that, in some ways, we have taken a step backward in Durban, due to the dangers of the Kyoto protocol being abandoned by many countries before new safety measures can be implemented. Canada yesterday was the first country to abandon its commitment to the Kyoto’s agreement, and that cannot be a good thing, showing also a trend that may be followed by other countries in the near future. As defective and limited as the Kyoto Protocol has been considered by many, it is the only thing we have at the present time, and throwing it in the bin at this early stage could be a disastrous move for the environment, because the legally binding agreement decided at Durban will not be in place before 2017 or 2010, a long way away.

Sun, Moon, Ascendant, the triad of every Horoscope, were appropriately placed for the task in hand at the start of the enterprise : the Sun was is in Fiery Sagittarius, the most future oriented and speculative Sign of the Zodiac. Anything can be conceived under the rays of this visionary Sun, but how much of the vision can be achieved depends on many other factors. One of them, the most important, was the Moon. The Moon was Waxing Crescent, therefore strong, thus providing a suitable vessel for the expression of the solar light. The Moon was transiting Earthy, Cardinal Capricorn, the type of practical, no nonsense, ambitious vessel that could help to contain and nurture the Sagittarean promises, by imposing necessary limitations on it, bringing the vision down to the Earth’s level. Negatively the dichotomy between the very hopeful Sun Sign and the ultra pragmatic Moon Sign could mean that much of what the Sun was projecting and hoping for would be limited and even thwarted by merely materialistic considerations and the general conservatism of the major players. Capricorn is traditionally a conservative and utilitarian Sign, not inclined to take too many risks, inclined to put business before ideals (Sagittarius). The Moon was also in sextile to Ceres in Pisces, the Harvest Goddess who has much to do with ecology, from this all inclusive Sign asking compassion for the plight of the planet and the poorest people who are the ones at greater risk from the deteriorating climate and environment. This harmonious angle has certainly helped to avoid the complete failure of the negotiations that we came very close to witness.

The Ascendant in every Horoscope, Natal or Mundane, always represents the physical channel through which the combination of Sun and Moon’s energies can find expression in the outer world. At the time of the Opening Ceremony the local Ascendant (Placidus Houses) was smack in the middle of Aquarius, the humanitarian Sign of reforms and revolutions. Because the summit was held in South Africa it has been referred to, especially by the African media, as an indaba, a Zulu-Xhosa word meaning a meeting of elders during which each is given the same rights to talk but also the same duty to listen to what the others have to say, a truly democratic system. What an appropriate word for egalitarian Aquarius on the Ascendant, Decan Gemini (brotherhood and sisterhood), on the Sabian degree that reads ‘boys and girls in gymnasium suits‘, a symbolical statement of the equality and basic identity of all people.

The way the conference ended gives credit to these initial placements: taking a conservative stand (Moon in Capricorn) the conference delegates managed to achieve a global commitment in the long term, Capricorn not a Sign to hurry up anything. By being pragmatic they avoided certain disaster, but also bitterly disappointed the idealistic crowd who wanted to see a more courageous and uncompromising stand (Sagittarius Sun trine Uranus and square Mars).

The Sun was applying to a square (90 degrees angle) to Mars in Virgo describing in a vivid way the fierce confrontations that took place in the Durban’s arena, ’til the conference’s very last minute (the aspect became exact on December 2). Often the arguments escalated because of different interpretation of the wording of documents, and other such cavils, just the types of battle a Mars in nit-picking Virgo would thrive on.

The Sun was also applying to a trine (120 degrees angle) to Uranus, showing that there was a powerful drive to take a different, less conservative approach, considering collective interests above selfish ones. The Sun then went to form a semi-square to Saturn in Libra on December 3, stalemate time.

Venus became trine Mars on December 5, the same day that Jupiter formed a sextile to Chiron.

On the last day, December 11, the Moon in Gemini was trine Saturn, sextile Jupiter and applying to a trine to Neptune in Aquarius. These are all auspicious angles, especially the Grand Trine Moon-Saturn-Neptune. Started on a serious, even somber and pessimistic note (Capricorn) the Moon ended in the light and socially eclectic and adaptable Sign of Gemini. On the last day also Jupiter formed a perfect semi-sextile to Uranus, encouraging a more innovative and risk taking approach to the issues on the table.

Not to be underestimated was also the Grand Trine configuration still active between Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, a grounding influence involving planets in the three Earth Signs. This could promise more positive results by staying realistic, working hard and utilizing the world resources in a less wasteful way.  A conscious transformation has to occur though in our every day living and habits (Mars in Virgo), our use of resources (Pluto in Capricorn) and our philosophy of life (Jupiter in Taurus) before we can take full advantage of this planetary opportunity.

One important aspect that remained in force throughout the conference was the trine (120 degrees angle) between Saturn in Libra and Neptune in Aquarius, even by itself giving a lot of hope that something of importance could be achieved, the aspect harmonizing practical needs and utilitarian considerations (Saturn) with ideals of inclusiveness and compassion (Neptune). This slow forming aspect is still maturing. It will be exact on January 19 2012, Saturn becoming Stationary on the last degree of Libra in February 2012, just as Neptune will be moving into Pisces for good. So this is a long lasting influence, destined to have far reaching effects on the planet, one positive trend among many difficult ones.

Last but certainly no least was the fact that Uranus turned Direct on December 9. Now this is something because Uranus represents, among other things, the urge to embrace radical changes and to take new directions in life in order to align ourselves better to the destiny we are meant to fulfill.

I like to end this post with these words from the Daily Maverick: “Behind the save-the-world rhetoric of global climate change negotiations lies a murkier realpolitik. The multilateral process is tedious, but in Durban, it at least lent a semblance of inclusiveness to the negotiations“.

CANCUN CLIMATE CHANGE 2010, a modest compromise and an encouraging promise

Since Friday, December 10, the day the Cancun conference was supposed to come to a close, I have spent an inordinate amount of time gathering and sorting mainly useless information on the subject. It has been impossible even to find the actual closing time, on Saturday December 11, as the talks were stretched a number of hours in order to overcome the last impasses. The original time given for the end of the conference was in fact 6 pm, Cancun time, of December 10. Some article say the gavel was struck very early on Saturday morning, some mention the wee hours, but I couldn’t find the actual time anywhere.

If you haven’t followed the events in Cancun in the last couple of weeks, here is a link to access an interesting interactive site that will explain what went on:

Here is another link to the UN Environment Programme,important times for re-assessing the way we communicate and divulge our opinions to the world, more reflective times, in which past attitudes can be scrutinized and past issues re-considered in a more insightful light.

Here is the Chart for that future event. Notice that I have used the same Opening Ceremon where you can find  a concise list of all the points that the delegates have finally agreed on.

Remember the modest Last Quarter Virgo Moon at the Cancun Climate Change Summit’s opening ceremony?

Well, that Moon has delivered modest but realistic results at the end of nearly two weeks of difficult and heated debate, establishing the groundwork for more comprehensive future negotiations. On the very last day, as Mercury was turning Stationary Retrograde, the Mexican hosts asked for extra time, to make sure some agreement could be finalized. I think many would have been surprised that, considering the circumstances, a last minute compromise was actually reached.

As I expected reading the Chart that began the event, the results have been modest, but some important steps in the right direction have been made. The multilateral UN project on Climate Change has survived. The well founded fears that it will all end in a bad way have not been fulfilled. If interested, please navigate to introductory post on Cancun’s Climate Change Summit 2010 and my second post on the same event.

An Earth Watch BBC journalist, Richard Black, described Copenhagen as the Great Dane that whimpered, and Cancun as the chihuahua that roared. I feel this to be a very well fitting description.

In a nutshell: the major achievement of the Cancun Package

♦ The realization that international cooperation is possible to tackle the problems caused by climate change. These talks have restored some faith in the possibility of making legally binding commitments in the future. Before this conference the global cooperation was more an aspiration than a reality. Of essential importance was also the affirmation that climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the world in our time. Only Bolivia disapproved of the final package, but the desire for compromise and progress won all other nations.

♦ The establishment of a Green Fund for developing countries (100 US billion $), to aid them to prepare for the unavoidable difficulties of raising temperatures, and to avoid those activities that exacerbate the effects of global warming, like deforestation and pollution of natural habitats. They have been 900 or more natural disasters in 2010, one of the warmest years since record began in the 19th century and most have affected developing countries. The establishment of this all important fund was proposed in Copenhagen but few dared to hope that it will be passed in Cancun. Many facets of this accord are still uncertain as to their implementation, but it is nevertheless a great step forward. The USA won the first three years running of this Fund by the World Bank, a point that was heatedly debated and could have been a serious stumbling block too.

♦ As far as emissions are concerned the 194 countries delegates in Cancun have agreed to raise their emissions cutting targets between 25 and 40 % of 1990 level, by the end of this decade (2020). These targets are closer to the ones recommended by scientists in order to avoid a temperature raise of more than 2 degrees, even if they don’t quite match what the scientists demanded. The possible target of 1.5 degrees rather than 2 is mentioned in the final document, leaving the issue open to amendments during future talks.

♦ The final text solved the difficult knot about the future of the Kyoto protocol, that has seen the USA and China at loggerhead with each other and developing nations, by simply deferring the decision for another year, until the 2011 meetings in Durban. Compromising in this way has served the positive purpose of avoiding the paralyzing stalemate that the fundamental disagreement on Kyoto was creating.

♦ A global scheme, known as REDD (= Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) has been agreed upon, a first step to combat deforestation, by rewarding developing countries when they choose to protect and maintain their forests rather than exploiting them for short term gains.This scheme also pledge to transfer green technologies from the developed countries to the developing ones.

Despite the undeniable progress made at this conference, with many Green groups cautiously optimistic at the results, to many environmentalists  this conference is another disappointment, because, despite some useful concrete steps taken, these measures may not prove sufficient to avoid dangerous temperature increases on the globe. And also no legally binding commitments have been agreed upon, leaving a lot to the discretion of participating nations. Countries have been urged to do more about emissions, but no concrete way of how to achieve this has been as yet established.

This has been the second global Climate Change Conference in a row that started on the wane of the Moon, close to the Last Quarter. This is a critical point in the cycle at the best of times, and one that has more to do with the past and unfinished business than with the start of something new. This effect was clearly shown by the amount of time that has been spent, some may say wasted, trying to fix old problems, arguing the very same chronic points discussed in Copenhagen in 2009. On the other hand Virgo is a Earth Sign, willing to work hard and keen on achieving concrete results, plus the accent that was in Sagittarius at the start (with the Sun, Mercury and Mars in this Fire Sign) shifted to Earthy Capricorn during the conference, when Mercury entered this Sign on December 2 and Mars on December 8. Both met Pluto during their Capricorn transit, fact that intensified the debate, creating more obvious power struggles, but also encouraging commitment to find solution and a serious attitude, Pluto’s energy thriving in tackling core issues.

The shift from Fire to Earth showed that some results were indeed possible and some real pledges will be made.  The Moon herself has moved, between opening and closing dates, from a waning Virgo phase to a waxing Aquarius phase, a positive development.

I want to briefly mention here the most significant transits that became active on the last few days of the conference.  First of all, Uranus in Pisces turned Stationary Direct on December 6, readying himself for his future ingress into Aries (March 12 2011), a turning point this, making the reforming and humanitarian energy of Uranus more available to all. Then a positive sextile between the Sun in Sagittarius and Saturn in Libra occurred on December 7, another grounding influence, positive for contracts and serious commitments.  Many have described the final agreement as balanced, an appropriate word for a transit of Saturn in Libra, the Sign of justice and balance. Finally another sextile between Venus in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn became exact on December 9, promoting cooperation and the willingness to make things work.

Here is that first Chart again:

The next Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa

I had a look at the next global conference for Climate Change to be held in Durban, South Africa, between November 28 and December 9 2011. The good news is that the Capricorn Moon will be Waxing Crescent at the start of this future summit, reaching her climax Full Moon phase just before the ending, certainly a more promising Moon, if we are looking for action.

In the two preceding summits the Moon went instead from Last Quarter phase to early New Moon phase. In Copenhagen we had the New Moon very close to the end of the conference, when only Obama’s  last minute intervention saved the day, or so we were made to believe. In Cancun instead the conference went on a bit further into the waxing cycle, to the Crescent phase. So, where we are leaving this year we will find ourselves at the start of the talks next year (Crescent).

Another observation that can be made about Durban is that the conference will take place between two Eclipses: a Partial Solar Eclipse on the Sagittarius New Moon preceding the event, November 25, 2011, and a Gemini Total Lunar Eclipse, on Full Moon day, December 10, a day past the end of the summit. At the time of the Solar Eclipse the Sun and Moon will be in helpful aspect to Uranus, promoting changes and a more out of the box kind of thinking. They will be however also in difficult aspect to Mars in Virgo, assuring lively arguments and splitting of hairs discussions too. At the same time Mars will be involved in an auspicious Grand Trine in Earth Sign, uniting with both Jupiter, by then in early Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a configuration that promises greater commitments and a more down to earth approach.

At the eclipsed Full Moon time, on December 10, the Sun and Moon will be again at cross purpose to picky Mars in Virgo (more squabbles and antagonism), while throughout the length of the whole conference the planets Saturn, usually one of the greatest stumbling blocks when it come to transits, will be in harmonious aspect to Neptune, the planet that embodies all higher human aspirations and sense of spiritual unity. This aspect is also promising that some of our collective dreams and ideals (Neptune) may find a way to manifest in the hard world of physical reality (Saturn).

Another similarity between Cancun and Durban will be that both conferences will be close to a Mercury Retrograde’s period, Cancun ending as Mercury began his Retro Station in Capricorn, on December 9, early morning, Cancun time. While Mercury will go Retrograde in Sagittarius just one day before the Durban’s summit, turning Direct again only after the conference will end. The Stations and Retrogradation of our little neighbor always mark

y’s time that we had in Cancun. The actual time chosen may turn up to be different.

If interested please visit my introductory post on Cancun’s Climate Change Summit 2010, and also my second post on the same Global Warming event.

Protesters’ under water film, at the Cancun’s Climate Change Conference 2010

CANCUN CLIMATE CHANGE SUMMIT 2010: Mars-Uranus Square and the New Moon in Sagittarius

Katrina artwork: Seeing the storm through children eyes

Climate Change talks in Cancun came to a serious impasse when Mars in Sagittarius reached the perfect right angle to Uranus in Pisces on December 3 and Mercury in Capricorn became conjunct Pluto on December 5, remaining close to the same until the end of the summit and beyond, due to its imminent retro period (December 10/30).

The Mars’ transit was already active at the start of the conference and will be until the passage of Mars into Capricorn, on December 8. Mars was also separating from a square to Jupiter at the opening ceremony.

Amongst all possible transits the Mars-Uranus must be one of the most difficult when it comes to diplomacy and trying to achieve some sort of agreement on anything. The threat voiced by many delegates to boycott the conference all together wasn’t, I’m sure, idle talk, with such a disruptive and extreme transit fueling the debate from self-righteous Sagittarius to easily muddled Pisces. At the same time the conjunction of Mercury to Pluto in Capricorn could make everyone more willful and unyielding,  and hidden agendas to plague the talks throughout.

A rift has become apparent between rich western countries and developing ones, on similar lines as in Copenhagen last year. The squabble originated over the wording of a crucial document that should be eventually released. Many developing countries were demanding that in the said document rich countries continue to commit to emissions cuts as stated in the Kyoto Protocol of 1997.

Developing countries want new targets to be set in the document, in order to continue the reduction of greenhouse emissions beyond 2012. This is because the Kyoto agreement is really the only legal document binding the USA and other developed countries to emissions cuts. Britain and the European Union said they would agree to a second commitment following Kyoto after 2012, but only if other countries are prepared to do the same. The USA and China are blaming each other for not agreeing to substantial cuts in emissions and slowing down the whole process.

Ministers from 193 countries are arriving for high level talks in Mexico today, Monday December 6. This could be good timing, because now the Moon is waxing, a new lunar cycle has just began and past difficulties could be laid to rest.

The Moon today will be applying to the same squares to Jupiter and Uranus that Mars formed recently. The Moon will then meet Mars at the end of Sagittarius before entering Capricorn tonight, Cancun time. Here the Moon herself becomes the catalyst for the energy of Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, hopefully speeding up decisions without causing too many arguments.

Once in Capricorn the Moon will conjunct Mercury and Pluto tomorrow (December 7), stressing the need for  a more pragmatic approach and greater transparency. The power struggles underlying the whole proceeding could become more obvious, but people may also be more prepared to look deeper into it, to find practical ways to overcome the impasse.


If interested please visit my introductory post on Cancun’s Climate Change Summit, here.

I paste here a link to an interactive site where the conference is openly discussed:



I re-post here an edited and amplified piece I published earlier in the year, about the upcoming Climate Change Conference to be held in Cancun, Mexico, between November 29 and December 10, 2010.

To read about other astrological events of the period September 2010 to March 2011, please visit the Forecasts Page here.


The North Node of the Moon will become exactly conjunct Pluto on November 27, two days before the opening of the Climate Change Summit in Cancun, in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. This, the most significant of all transits active at present, seems to say that the solution to our environmental crisis has to be born of a conscious transformation of attitudes, a re-birth, following a destruction of sort.

The Summit itself will begin during the waning cycle of the Moon, as Copenhagen’s did in 2009, not the most propitious time to start something, but perhaps the most appropriate when considering the enormous difficulties we are facing (if interested visit here my earlier posts for an in depth analysis of the 2009 Copenhagen’s Climate Change Summit).

This should be a time when we start the ball rolling, taking on many initiatives, breaking new grounds etc. For that a waxing Moon would have been more auspicious. The choice of day seems to indicate that this conference will play the role, like the previous one, of clearing the ground of obstacles, preparing for new initiatives and actions for a later date, but would not be as ground-breaking as perhaps it was hoped for.

The last Quarter Moon will be in a dominant position on the first sunrise in Cancun, in the Healing Sign of Virgo . This Sign’s practical wisdom will challenge the idealistic and speculative Sagittarius Sun to focus on real situations and real down to earth solutions rather than over-emphasizing the big picture and building castles in the air, as Sagittarius is often known to do (Sun, Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius). The Last Quarter is also a critical point in the Moon-Earth-Sun cycle, the last week of the Moon’s waning, when the Lunar energy is directed inward and as a collective we need to integrate the experience of the whole cycle, make sense of them, in order to be ready to move onto the next cycle, at the next New Moon in a week time (New Moon in Sagittarius on December 6).

This is the Chart for the Opening Ceremony, 10 am, Cancun’s time.

At the exact moment the Opening Ceremony begins the Ascendant will be entering Aquarius, the Sign of reform and the humanitarian spirit, a positive symbol for cooperation amongst people, to stimulate also a sense of community and universal sisterhood/brotherhood. Any work with groups and involving collective issues come under the influence of this Sign.

With Aquarius on the Ascendant the Ruling planet of this Event Horoscope is Uranus in Pisces, still close to Jupiter, their ongoing conjunction’s latest pass having occurred on September 19 and the next and last encounter being scheduled for January 4. The latter will be the New Moon in Capricorn day and also a Solar Eclipse, the first of the coming year, carrying the effect of the conjunction well beyond its period of activity, because Eclipses have the power to intensify and prolong the effect of any transit.

This conjunction seems positive for a Summit dealing with global issues and in particular with the environment (Pisces, the most collective and inclusive of all Signs), and it is also suitable for the meeting of people from different corners of the world (Uranus), together pursuing the same worldwide goal (Jupiter). The two planets however are the recipients on the day of some challenging angles from Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius and an upcoming opposition from the Moon in Virgo, all signs that negotiations may be easily marred by controversies and disputes, misunderstanding and flaring up of tempers. Sagittarius Mars is known for its uncompromising stance, the 90 degrees angle to Jupiter and Uranus exacerbating the difficulties.

Factions may arise out of the T Square between Moon, Mars and Jupiter-Uranus, the 90 degrees angles always forcing the planetary energies to work together, even if it means facing each other in battle. Contact has to be made, a spark is fired into the debate almost immediately, the Sagittarian Mars and Mercury providing the fuel. Because this is one of the grand aspect of the Opening Ceremony it talks of a situation fraught with difficulties.

The Grass Root movement for action against Climate Change is represented, in my understanding, by the Moon in Virgo, people who would like to see practical viable solutions implemented, whose aspirations and needs are challenged by argumentative and speculative opinions, vocal opposition, people with different agendas and beliefs vying to preach each other (the Sagittarius trio of Sun, Mars and Mercury).  Opposing the Moon and at 90 degrees angle to Mars and Mercury is the conjunction of the two giants, Jupiter and Uranus, pulling the collective into a chaos of change, into an irresistible longing for change, into a wave of change that will eventually breath new life into the planet.

We have found so far two conjunctions: Pluto-Node and Jupiter-Uranus, but there is a third, the Neptune-Chiron’s conjunction in Aquarius, also very close on the day. This  shows another facet of the powerful forces operating at present on the soul of the planet, the great potential for hurting and healing, from suffering to compassion, toward a more humanitarian ideal. The whole scope of a conference such as this is the healing of a self-inflicted illness, and the conjunction Neptune-Chiron illustrates that a new collective spirituality, non divisive but uniting (Neptune) can foster the healing we are seeking (Chiron).

Another significant event occurring just on the first day is Venus re-entering Scorpio, after a brief regression into Libra. While Venus on the last degree of Libra at the opening ceremony may project an aura of cooperation, the reality of Venus’ transits during the ten days summit have more to do with Scorpio, with intense likes and dislikes, with hidden agendas and subtle manipulations, with an all together more judgmental and ruthless way of relating. On the positive side Venus in Scorpio is also profound and knowing, focused and passionate.

As important as the transits on the first day are, the whole ten days period is of course astrologically significant too.

Mercury and Mars, for instance, will not be in Sagittarius for long, moving into Capricorn Mercury on December 1 and Mars on December 8, close to the end.

The passage of Mercury from a Fire to a Earth Sign shows a shift from early passionate speeches, grand ideas and super-animated debate, to more down to earth talking and planning, concrete guidelines and practical measures, from the Fire spark to Earth’s practicality and realism.

Mercury will also slow down throughout the conference’s period, becoming Stationary Retrograde on the very last day, December 10. This shows that whatever is going to be discussed during the Summit will have to be re-considered later on, before a proper plan can be put in place that could be agreed upon by everyone. The impending Retrogradation of Mercury illustrates that the debate will not end with the Conference’s end, but linger on for weeks, until some sense can be made of the concrete outcome of all the talking.

Mars also, entering on the 8th the Earth Sign where is said to be Exalted, promises some concrete action happening toward the end of the conference. The Sign-change of Mars is to me one of the more positive astrological trend: the planet of action is moving from Sagittarius’ inexhaustible crucible of ideals  to Capricorn’s foundation building and responsible, goal oriented activities, promising stuff.

The Moon herself will change from crone (Last Quarter to new Moon) into maiden (Sagittarius New Moon on December 5). There is hope again, as in Copenhagen, of some last day initiative, the waxing of the Moon from December 5 (in Cancun), encouraging change and activity on the second half of the Conference. This time there would be more waxing days available! On the last day, December 10, the Moon will be in Aquarius, a Sign sensitive to collective needs and attuned to new and revolutionary trends; a great leap from humble Virgo at the beginning.

The fact that many people know what’s going on in Cancun, and that the Climate Change issue has finally began to be taken seriously by most governments are in themselves signs of the time, a Jupiter-Uranus blessed conjunction at the end of the zodiacal mandala, on the verge of entering the First Sign of Aries, opening a new era of human ingenuity and innovations.

We are now just leaving the dark ages, as far as environmental consciousness is concerned. The squares and oppositions of this Chart are proof that finding common grounds in such a complex and fragmented world view is going to be very difficult. The fact that we are even attempting it should be cause for optimism.

I will post more thoughts on the Cancun conference as events unfold.

Transits September to December 2010: Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces; Year Closing and Opening Eclipses

TRANSITS FROM LIBRA EQUINOX TO CAPRICORN SOLSTICEMars and Venus on Mount Parnassus by Andrea Mantegna

Welcome to my thoughts for the Libra season 2010. The Sun is now moving south of the Equator and will reach its southernmost declination at the Capricorn Solstice in December.

The recent Past

This season brings the end of some of the most powerful transits the world has seen in a long time. Their effects will continue to be felt for a while. Slow moving Uranus and Pluto, part of the previous configuration with Saturn, are in fact still forming a challenging angle to each other (90° or square) that will be exact only in 2012, a transit promising even greater upheavals for our world.

Jupiter is still playing a significant part in these titanic encounters, destined to oppose again Saturn and square Pluto in early 2011. These aspects may not be as powerful at the moment but they are still around, and will return. They spell more financial woes and the need for further limiting private and public debt, establishing greater political control of big business, facing the reality (Saturn) of dwindling resources (Pluto) and the rise of new powers on the global scene.

Pluto turns Direct

A highlight of the season is Pluto turning Stationary Direct on September 14, on the second degree of Capricorn. This is a positive sign, considering the intensity and scale of the negative effects that have been attributed to Pluto’s recent retrogradation (since April 7).

Up to the time of writing, mid June 2010, we have counted many major disasters, man-made and natural, from the Deep Water Horizon event to mining tragedies, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and massive storms. Also the obvious escalation of bloody conflicts, especially civil wars, all over the world. A ‘reason’ for this could be that Pluto, naturally slow-moving due to its distance from the Sun, when slowed even more by the phenomenon of retrogradation, tends to leave a heavier imprint in the collective psyche, a deeper groove in history and culture.

Pluto’s direct motion is a turning point, particularly significant for early Capricorn (December 22/26), Cancer (June 21/25), Aries (March 21/25)) and Libra (September 22/26). Saturn and now Pluto are in fact ending their passage over your Birth Sun’s degree that began as early as 2008. This is a relief, because these intense and hard angles could not have been easy to ride successfully. Some pain and heartache have been unavoidable, because no one is ever prepared to face squarely such a thorough and unforgiving reality check. Many of the things you felt were important have faded into obscurity or have been taken away from you, because they were on the way of your inner or outer development, not serving anymore your soul purpose.

The Climate Change Summit in Cancun Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

The North Node of the Moon will be approaching a conjunction to Pluto in September and become exactly conjunct on November 27, two days before the opening of the Climate Change Summit in Cancun, in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. This seems a symbol that the solution to our environmental crisis has to be born of a conscious transformation of attitudes, a re-birth, following a destruction of sort. The Summit itself will begin during the waning cycle of the Moon, as Copenhagen’s did in 2009, not the most propitious time to start something, but perhaps the most appropriate when considering the enormous difficulties we are facing. This should be a time when we start the ball rolling, taking on many initiatives, breaking new grounds etc. The choice of day seems to indicate that this conference will play the role, like the previous one, of clearing the ground of obstacles, preparing for new initiative and actions for a later date, but would not be as ground-breaking as perhaps it was hoped for.

The last Quarter Moon will be in a dominant position on the first sunrise in Cancun, in the Healing Sign of Virgo. This Sign’s practical wisdom will challenge the idealistic and speculative Sagittarius Sun to focus on real situations and real down to earth solutions rather than over-emphasizing the big picture and building castles in the air, as Sagittarius is often known to do.

The conjunction Jupiter~Uranus

The major transit at the start of the season is the Jupiter-Uranus’ conjunction in Pisces, exact on September 19. This is the second pass of an ongoing transit that will live through another incarnation on January 4 2011, establishing significant trends in the world’s ideologies (Uranus) and beliefs (Jupiter). It will have a more marked effect on the lives of some Mutable Signs, namely Pisces (March 17/20), Virgo (September 19/22), Gemini (June 18/21) and Sagittarius (December 19/22).

Amongst all the gloom and doom transits that have made astrological predictions a bit hard to swallow in the last couple of years, this transit is one full of promise and exciting prospects for the future. While the world is in the act of purging itself, trying to liberate itself from the grip of detrimental habits and all sorts of moral and physical pollutants (Pluto, Saturn configurations) the conjunction of these Sky Gods points the way to newer, more original, more democratic and intelligent ways of living our lives. Jupiter is providing momentum for the Uranian drive for change and lateral thinking problem solving.

Apart from the birthdays mentioned above this transit will affect all of us in important ways, and society as a whole. Depending where the conjunction will occur in your Birth Chart, in which particular field of experience, that’s where you will feel encouraged to take a more independent stand, to feel confident and outgoing, to conquer feelings of inadequacy. A philosophical appraisal of your personal situation will help you to view it under a new light, also readying you to take action when necessary and not sit in the wings gripped by fears of failure. Through this transit changes are not dreaded but welcomed, the potential for positive improvement becoming more apparent, individually and collectively.

There is in fact even a risk of becoming too confident and attempting more than we can handle. We should remember that we are, after all, in a downturn period as far as Jupiter is concerned, still within its opposition to Saturn (exact again in March 2011). Many different astrological traditions ascribe great importance to the mutual aspects of Jupiter and Saturn since very early times, with particular emphasis on the conjunction and opposition. The conjunction is considered the start of the whole cycle and also of an upward trend in world affairs. The last of these was in the year 2000, when Jupiter and Saturn met in the Sign of Taurus.

The opposition, on the other hand, is considered the climax of the whole twenty years Jupiter/Saturn synodic cycle, and also the beginning of a downward trend. Contraction (Saturn’s function) thus follows expansion (Jupiter’s function) and so on.

The hope and bright ideas brought about by the Jupiter-Uranus’ conjunction will be later tested by the ongoing opposition, but will be also given a chance then to find practical and realistic outlets of expression.

The Libra Equinox Chart

This year the September 21 Equinox is also a Full Moon. At the time of the ingress the Moon will be in Pisces, very close to the conjunction Jupiter-Uranus, separating from them as she enters Aries and becomes full on 0° Aries, a very significant sequel of events. Here is a Chart for this event.

The cusp Pisces-Aries is like a line dividing the past from the future, Pisces representing the sum total of past experiences, while the beginning of Aries stands for a new impulse, and the new life springing from that impulse. The Full Moon is the time when what was unconscious becomes conscious and what we knew only intuitively and vaguely before is revealed to us in a new light.

The Full Moon and the Sun happen also to be in challenging aspect to Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra. These transits intensify the impact of the realization, embedding the Moon and Sun in the overall landscape of change and accelerated experiences destiny makers such as Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are shaping for us.

We can read this as the start of another eventful season with major collective realizations and a strong drive to act out on our desires and ideas, in direct and bold Aries’ fashion (Full Moon), guided by the dreamy vision of future possibilities and of the impossible becoming possible (Jupiter-Uranus conjunct in Pisces). As the year ends and 2011 begins unfolding, the powers to be (Pluto), as well as our old habit of fear, the devil we know very personally (Saturn) will again challenge our aspirations and hopes. The importance of the vision brought about by the Jupiter-Uranus’ conjunction cannot be underestimated however because it is really an image of the future, of all the wonderful potential hidden in the present. This is in fact the function of the cyclical meeting of Jupiter and Uranus, every 13 years or so: to show us what we could do if we were truly living according to high principles of justice (Jupiter) and as authentic individuals (Uranus). The thrice repetition of this transit in 2010 (June, September) and early 2011 (January) indicates a protracted meeting, many opportunities for the energies of these planets to blend and produce greater and more lasting effects. The philosopher and guru (Jupiter) is having a tête à tête with the mad scientist and magician: what would they talk about? What marvelous new discoveries they have in store for us? It is for the seeker and the genius in each one of us to discern.

Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius turning Direct

Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius will remain close to each other throughout the season. This lasting encounter, away from the lime light of the major transits, shows how these two are working behind the scene at inspiring us to be more sensitive toward the pain of others, and generally more loving and compassionate. The collective movement toward healing is gaining momentum, is becoming a spiritual quest for purification. We can all tap onto this source of wonder, the power we all possess to heal ourselves and the planet.

The conjunction could also prove an occasion for deep sorrow, tears and a sense of hopelessness, like we have experienced after the Deep Water Horizon disaster, early this year, or whenever we witness war and the suffering of the innocents. This is because Neptune ‘s transits, and Chiron’s too, heighten our sensitivity to all experiences. We can feel as if we were taken care of by the Spirit, or, negatively, lost in an ocean of emotional uncertainty.

In November 6 and 7 Chiron and Neptune will turn direct, the beginning of the end of this healing conjunction, a spiritual awakening and/or a deeply moving emotional experience for many Aquarius (February 13-17), Leo (August 17-21), Taurus (May 14-18) and Scorpio people (November 16-20).

The Eclipses closing 2010 and beginning 2011

Eclipses end the year as they opened it. The first is the December 21 Lunar Eclipse, on the Cusp Gemini-Cancer. The second is a Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn opening the year 2011, on January 4, the same day the third and last conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus. As these Eclipses will happen at the end of the year, close to the Capricorn Solstice and the change of season, I’ll leave their interpretation to another article, because their effects will be likely felt more in 2011.

May your transits journey be a fulfilling one.



I am late writing about the Copenhagen conference’s aftermath. At first I found myself too wrapped up in the feeling of failure and disillusionment that I derived from the outcome. It made me and many others, I am sure, realize that, yes, we don’t seem to be able to live up to our ideals; yes, our progress is very slow and may not be sufficient to avoid ecological catastrophe. Fear of dire consequences has accompanied the disappointment. I had to consciously snap out of it, or I could have get depressed. Many many have felt the same, the pain (Chiron) of disappointed longing for unity and love for our Earth Mother; collective tears (Neptune).

The powerful last passes of the conjunctions of Jupiter to Chiron (opening day) and Neptune (two days past the closing), encompassing  the whole conference,  were very appropriate symbols of the promise, the ideals, the aspirations which the conference aroused around the world. We were all affected by them, more or less consciously. Only a legally binding and exceptionally positive outcome, with brave reductions in emissions, high targets for the future and cooperation amongst developed and developing countries, could have satisfied the expectations and wishes of these lofty, but not particularly grounded transits.

To sum up the salient configurations of transits that I deemed significance for the Climate Change Conference:

The time chosen to initiate the conference,  Waning Moon phase, close to Last Quarter. Lots of unfinished business came to the surface, as it is proper during the dark fortnight of our Lady Moon, and only the last two days of the conference the Moon began to wax, after a New Moon in Sagittarius, giving few precious hours to draft a sort of agreement, at least amongst the major players. The agreement crafted by the American ‘Deus Ex Machina’ Barack Obama, making a grand entrance in the last few hours, contains just the spirit but certainly not the letter of what should have been achieved (if interested see my previous post on Obama in Copenhagen).

The Moon’s Void of Course at the time of the official beginning (6 pm, Copenhagen time, on December 7, 2009). This period (void because the Moon is not forming any major aspect with the Sun and Planets before she enters a new Sign) is considered inauspicious for beginning anything. It is an interim period and not an active one.

The square of the Sun in Sagittarius to Uranus in Pisces, on opening day,  becoming exact a week inside the negotiations, when temps started boiling up seriously, and schisms were created amongst different factions.

The conjunction of Jupiter to Chiron and Neptune. It started something, but also made us somewhat blind to the stark reality of commerce and the national and ideological divisions of our world (while the conference was on, war was still raging in many corners of the globe and since the conference ended there has been an exhalation of  terrorists attacks in Pakistan and Iraq). Jupiter, the catalyst of these transits, is really a ‘future’ planet, creating the vision and showing the potential and ideal of every enterprise, instilling confidence and faith, while the grounding touch of Saturn will be required for our ideals to manifest in concrete forms. Those feelings and visions are not lost or useless, however, because they have began to illumine the dark path ahead of us, providing us with ideals to strive for.

The opposition of Mars, close to its Retro Station, to the above conjunctions (augmented on opening day by the conjunction of the transiting Moon to Mars and the Moon’s own oppositions to Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune). This is a rather wonderful symbol to describe the many confrontations, disagreements, big arguments, stubborn stances we have witnessed in Copenhagen, every day risking to make the conference flounder all together. Mars was just preparing to retrograde, and will continue its loop until March 10, transiting Leo until June 2010. This shows that the confrontations and ideological wars that started in Copenhagen will go on past the event and well into the new year.

Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, both square Saturn in Libra. This has proven to be one of the strongest influences, manifesting already on the second day of the conference when documents were leaked to the press. showing that secret deals were being agreed upon by some of the main players. The last agreement too, signed behind closed doors by some of the key players, the USA, China, India and South Africa, while hailed by some as a last minute miracle and a step forward, has been considered by many the product of shady deals amongst super-powers and aspiring super-powers.

The power struggle became evident from the start, with the marked division between the poor countries, especially African and Oceanic, and the developed and developing giants that also squabbled amongst themselves the whole time. Many cans of worms were opened and the contents spilled out all over the place. Hidden motives, greed, power trips, pride, all surfaced to impede smooth progress, also causing salutary debates and much needed reality checks.

Realizing our limitations is one of the functions of Saturn, while its hard aspect to Pluto made the process more difficult and confronting. We faced each other demons and had to take a long hard look at everything. Trying to lay the blame on the opponent, we had to acknowledge our own shortcomings.

For some this debate was actually a question of survival, a life-death situation (Pluto). The results must have certainly distressed and depressed those who fought for the survival of so many island communities around the world. The changes required by Pluto in Capricorn are humongous, involving a complete transformation of attitudes. Saturn, with its fear mongering and resistance to change has put the usual spoke in the wheel, frustrating many hopes.

The square Saturn-Pluto will still be active in 2010 (exact again on February 1 and August 21), so the struggle and frustration are set to continue. Saturn, the Planet of ingrained old habits, is still fighting hard to maintain the status quo against the onslaught of Pluto’s transformative power.

Uranus in positive aspect to the Lunar Nodes, while Venus formed negative links to the same, on opening day. The destiny of the moment was to aid change and implement reforms (Uranus in positive aspect to the axis of Destiny), but not without problems in finding harmony and embracing cooperation (Venus’ negative links to the Axis of Destiny).

As many delegates have affirmed, on leaving the conference and afterwards: this has been the first real big summit on the subject of Global Warming, in itself a step forward on the road toward an international agreement. We obviously need more time and more talks. There is still hope that the next conference (Mexico 2010? date still undecided) will produce the legally binding document we need to implement real changes.


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As it was astrologically easy to predict (see my previous posts) the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change has been the scene of heated debate from the beginning, and of constant protests and violent reprisals now. At the time of the opening ceremony, on December 7, 6 pm Copenhagen time, the Moon was in Leo, Fire Sign, separating from a conjunction to Mars, the ancient God of war, also in Leo and close to its retrograde station (a critical time for any planet), while both were in opposition to the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune’s conjunction (Mars will be within orbs of this opposition for the term of the conference). The latter conjunction is the cosmic alignment representing the ideal promise of the whole summit, highlighting the drive to heal (Chiron) and become more inclusive and compassionate (Neptune). To add to the fiery nature of these transits Mars is also separating from a difficult Semi-Square to Saturn (45 degrees angle), indicating clashes with authority, and an equally difficult Sesqui-Square to Pluto (135 degrees angle), well, very explosive indeed!

The conference also started on the wane of the Moon, so no much real action can be expected at least until the New Moon in Sagittarius just two days before the end.

Another fact that some astrologers would have noticed in the opening time horoscope was that the Moon was going through a Void of Course, that period during which the Moon doesn’t form any major angle (transit) with the Sun and Planets, before she leaves the Sign she is transiting. These periods are well-known to astrologers as ‘negative’ times, when the outcome of decisions and activities are uncertain and nothing often comes of our best efforts.

Today, December 14, the Sagittarius Sun will be at right angle (Square, challenging transit) to Uranus in Pisces, enhancing the drive for change and the rebellious spirit in everyone one. This aspect could help to escalate the already heated atmosphere and bring more violent clashes.

The Sun today and more exactly tomorrow will also conjunct the Star Ras Alhague, the head of the Serpent Bearer, Ophiuchus, the archetypal healer amongst the ancient constellations, known as Asclepius to the Greeks.  The great Serpent he holds in his hand is the Caduceus, symbol of healing powers and nowadays emblem of all physicians. Some astrologers consider this star an ‘evil’ one, meaning that the benefits that we can derive from it are fraught with danger, like potent medicines which can be poisonous if used in excess or incorrectly.

Things may hopefully improve when the Moon will enter Sagittarius, on the evening of December 14, Australian time, and the Sun will Sextile Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune (positive aspects) on December 15 and 16, with the New Moon also forming the same harmonious contacts.

Observing again the Fixed Stars’ connection of this historical event, another significant encounter that could prove positive, in the whole messy business,will be the conjunction of Mercury, the Planet of communication, to Vega, the alpha star of Lyra, the Harp, on December 17, close to the summit’s closure. Vega is traditionally considered a magical star as the musical instrument of Orpheus, the Enchanter and Compassionate One, who uses his own experience of suffering (the loss of his wife Euridice) to help others who are also suffering. Apart from enchanting mortals and immortals alike, Orpheus’ lyre emitted such sweet sounds that the birds in the sky stopped in ther flight to listen, the rocks gathered around him and the trees uprooted themselves to come closer to his music. The whole of nature in fact fell under his spell. There is hope that some sweet news may come out of this Climate Change summit, with Mercury, messenger of the gods, playing the final notes on this magic harp of renewal and beauty.



In the Opening Horoscope of the Copenhagen Conference the conjunction Moon-Mars in Leo and the conjunction Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius, opposed to each other, fall respectively in the Domestic and Public sectors (Houses Fourth and Tenth) of the Australian Horoscope (January 1 1901, 1.36 pm, Sydney), all in difficult aspect (Square) to Australia’s Moon in Taurus. This opposition represents, for all participating, a great challenge to the success of the conference, because it indicates strife and antagonism between opposing factions. As far as Australia is concerned, this opposition comes first of all from home (Fourth House) and this fact will contribute, at least at first, to muddle (Neptune) and hurt (Chiron) Australia’s reputation in the world (Neptune-Chiron in the Tenth House). The recent struggle between the Australia government and its Liberal opposition, which brought about a surprise change of leadership in the Australian Liberal Party, fits very well the picture of Mars-Moon in  the Australia’s domestic sector.

The Australian Liberals themselves are now bitterly divided over Climate Change, with the ex opposition leader, Malcolm Turnbull lashing out at his Climate Sceptic successor, Tony Abbott, over his handling or mishandling of the issue.

Despite this ongoing saga, there are some very positive transits for Australia at the conference.

The transiting Sun is conjunct Australia’s Uranus on opening day, showing that Australia will play an unexpected part in the discussions, contributing innovative and original ideas. Transiting Venus in Sagittarius will be conjunct Australia’s Venus in four days time, a good sign, contributing to the willingness to cooperate and play an important diplomatic role amongst warring factions.


And, most important of all, the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 16 2009 will be conjunct Australia’s Jupiter (very close to exactness), Mercury and Chiron, near the Ninth House, the sector that, in a Nation’s Chart, represents its foreign policies and its philosophical outlook. Australia may have to play a significant role in the ongoing discussions on Climate Change that are meant to constellate the whole of 2010 and beyond. The Jupiter connection could mean the promotion of some of the Australian delegates or of the Prime Minister himself, Mr. Kevin Rudd, to an important diplomatic post for the next Climate Conference that will probably be held in Mexico in 2010.

The tone of this Copenhagen conference, with its accent on Air and Fire Signs (Aquarius Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune opposing Leo Mars, Moon on Leo on the opening day, the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 16, etc.) suggests that this Conference will serve principally the purpose of setting political and philosophical guidelines for future, more concrete intervention.

For great posts on Transits for Australia and globally, please read Ed Tamplin‘s site, one of my favourite astrological sites on the net.


 My-Ganymed- GREEN


The Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen makes a fascinating sky story, starting with the last pass of the historical conjunction of Jupiter to Chiron in Aquarius (exact on December 7, opening day!!!); and ending with the last pass of the Jupiter conjunction to Neptune, also in Aquarius. This last transit will become exact just three days (December 21) after the Conference’s ending (December 18). A Sagittarius New Moon aligned to the longitude of the Galactic Centre will also concur with the latter event.

Astrologers, all over the world, count on these cosmic alignments to generate a positive outcome for this Summit.

Astrologers don’t pick the dates of historical events such as this, but certainly whoever chose them is unknowingly prompted by more than logical reasons and practical considerations. When it comes to events that will affect, for good or ill, the lives of millions, Astrology never fails to deliver amazing archetypal portraits of the situation. Our Art can give us an almost immediate insight on the underlying currents of every situation, and the possible direction these currents may take us.

Jupiter is here obviously acting as a giant catalyst, bringing the energies of Neptune and Chiron to a focus, and greatly expanding their effects. Jupiter is also performing the task of bringing to life, few months in advance, the conjunction of Neptune and Chiron to each other, which will become exact only in 2010.

The process is not easy though, because contacts with Chiron always entail suffering and difficulties one has to learn to accept and live with. The role of Chiron is, I feel, to bridge the distance between our down to earth experiences and sense of reality (Saturn) and our future aspirations and directions (Uranus). This is a precarious bridge at the best of time, needing constant work to become stronger and more secure. Copenhagen seems to be an opportunity to build more of this bridge, but perhaps it is premature to hope to finish its construction, over these few available days. The fact that Neptune awaits Jupiter at the end of the Conference seems to indicate to me that a lot of the outcome will be of an inspirational and idealistic nature, rather than clear programs and cut backs, promises perhaps more than commitments.


Climate-Change-3SUNRISE in COPENHAGEN, DECEMBER 7, 2009

As I stated in my article in issue 26, March 2009 of The Art of Healing about the Aquarian alignment:

There may be a marked general feeling of hope and the strong belief that things are improving. There is a catch though: excessive idealism and lack of practicality. We need to take care that wishful thinking and excessive confidence are not clouding our judgement. On the other hand, it would be regrettable not to acknowledge the beauty of the dream, the universal understanding and healing that the union of those planets portends. It would be to miss a unique opportunity to rise to new heights, for all of us.

Jupiter (called Guru in Vedic Astrology) represents the human urge to search for meaning and to envision a better future; while Neptune is the planet of the Third Eye and Universal Compassion, opening channels for us between conscious and unconscious dimensions. And Chiron is the Wounded Healer, a powerful symbol of the fact that true healing can come only from a personal and profound experience of suffering.

The energies of these three Planets acting in unison will be filtered through the substance of Aquarius, the Sign of democratic reform, human cooperation, science and technology. Astrologers cannot help feeling that this is a good sign to improve human cooperation and create strong links of friendship amongst people of different race, belief or culture’.

And in issue 27, June 2009:A benign face of this astrological period is represented by Jupiter’s conjunctions to Chiron and Neptune.

Despite the dire collective situation, seen from a practical and down to earth standpoint (Saturn was still in Virgo), this airy and lofty Aquarian emphasis could work like a magic charm, helping to dispel excessive worries and encouraging us to look up rather than down to find solutions to our quandaries. A willingness to reform and to help our fellow men could be very strong. Aquarius is the Humanitarian Sign which, through dispassion and knowledge, helps to emphasize our common human heritage, rather than our cultural and religious differences.

Jupiter is positively placed in Aquarius even when on its own. Its closeness to Chiron and Neptune strengthens, deepens and refines the outgoing energy of Jupiter, putting greater emphasis on compassion and healing, qualities the world needs very badly at present.’


And in issue 28, October 2009: ‘The triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron will be exact again, for the last time, between December 2009 and January 2010. These conjunctions have permeated the whole of 2009, helping to raise our spirits during the global financial crisis. At the time of writing (early June 2009) Obama has been visiting Egypt to show a friendly hand to Palestinians and Muslims in general, making historical speeches of reconciliation. He is also campaigning to have Guantanamo Bay shut by the end of 2009, a brave move, hopefully coinciding with the last pass of the Aquarian conjunction, in December’.

I didn’t know then that a global Summit on Climate Change was to be held in Copenhagen in December 2009, another one of those striking example of astrological synchronicity.

All these events exemplify to me the progressive spirit of the Aquarian conjunction, with its idealism and humanitarian principles, as well as the downside of the same, as chimerical hopes of easy solutions, and social/political naivety. Obama himself has Ascendant and Jupiter in Aquarius and became officially President at the time of his Jupiter’s return in early Aquarius, in January 2009, while his Moon’s South Node, part of his ‘axe of destiny’ is conjunct the historical conjunction Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in late Aquarius.

Neptune can embellish every picture, but has the potential of being also deceptive, elusive and unrealistic. Jupiter on his part tends to exaggerate, usually accentuating the promising parts rather than the problematic issues. Finally mysterious Chiron portends the potential for collective healing of old wounds or, negatively, karmic illnesses. Chiron is physically and symbolically the go-between the known world (Saturn boundary) and the Uranian vision of a new world, forever reminding us of the painful limitations of our human condition (Saturn), while igniting the spark of our godlike genius (Uranus).

We see a Jupiter conjunct Neptune every twelve years or so, not a rare event, after all. But we experience a triple conjunction Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron only once in a while, the last in 1945, at the end of World War Two, when it certainly helped the healing, while many of the promises of what the world will be after the war were not kept . Even rarer is the same triple conjunction in the same zodiacal position, Aquarius, which occurred the last time in 1843. This was a period very close to the ‘discovery’ of Neptune in 1846, considered historically, philosophically and literarily an idealistic era. Many proletarian, grass root revolutions also started then (Marx’s Communist Manifesto was published in 1848). On the religious front it was a messianic period, when many Christians awaited the second coming and the advent of a new world order of peace and enlightenment.

Similar hopes in a redeeming time ahead are alive and well in 2009. We may at times feel we need a Saviour or a miracle to overcome the huge obstacles ahead of us; but hope alone will not save our troubled world.’


A negative side effect of this multiple conjunction could be that, if the Aquarian aspirations cannot find fulfilment at some practical level, a rebellious and self righteous attitude may be the outcome for many. The blessings of Jupiter are often mixed with the woes of discontent and frustration, if opportunities for expansion are not readily available. Moderation is a useful word to remember when Jupiter is strongly activated.

Global Civil Disobedience events in the Campaign for Climate Action have been already planned by many groups for November 30 (with the Taurus Moon squaring the Mars-Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune opposition), and again on December 12 (with the Balsamic Moon in Scorpio), in the middle of the Copenhagen talks.

The conjunction is creating a great momentum for change that will not be easily quashed. Together with the retrogradation of Mars in Leo this promises that tempers will rise quite a bit, especially in the aftermath of the Summit. There is indeed some risk of violence, not just because of Mars’ doings, but because a somewhat dangerous conjunction Mercury/Pluto will be exact on opening day too (see next post for details).

More on the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit in my next post, considering in particular the role of the Lunation cycle.

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