The transits of Chiron in Pisces, June, July, August 2012

Chiron performs the role of guide in our transpersonal journey, from conditioning to freedom, orbiting between the earthy sphere of Saturn and the celestial sphere of Uranus-Neptune-Pluto. His function is that of healing the widening split between our instinctual and spiritual awareness.

At this crucial time Chiron is deeply implicated with Uranus and Pluto, showing, together with Neptune, now also transiting Pisces, possible creative ways out of the dangerous situations the square Uranus-Pluto could force us into. This is the way of compassion, of accepting one’s vulnerability rather than choice always competitive ways to relate to one another.  

Chiron’s Transits to Pluto and Uranus will remain active ‘til the beginning of 2014. 

Chiron’s transits will be more significant for some Pisces (Feb23/29), Virgo (Aug27/Sep3), Gemini (May25/31), Sagittarius (Nov26/Dec2), Scorpio (Oct27/Nov2) and Cancer (Jun25/Jul2); also any sensitive degree with Moon, Ascendant, a Planet, Angle or Node between the fifth and tenth degrees of the above Signs.

When Chiron was ‘discovered’ in 1977 the world was ready to begin manifesting this planet’s particular brand of energy. That marked the moment the chironic experience became mainstream, with the renaissance of natural healing practices and holistic medicines.

There have always been people interested and savvy in the natural arts of healing and shamanic realms of perception, but in the late 70s, when Chiron appeared in our conscious sky, many discovered that healing and self-healing are not occult powers bestowed only on few gifted individuals but rather the inborn talent of every soul.

Through Chiron, personally and collectively, we also have become more aware that all is not well with us, that we and the society we live in are in grave need of healing.  Modern, allopathic medicine is mainly concerned with suppressing symptoms or getting rid of the diseased cells through surgery and radically destructive medications. Chiron, not a product of science, but an aspect of the Divine, instead teaches us to work through our symptoms, seeking their psychic origins, working with our inadequacies and wounding.


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  1. Ronnie Cagwin Says:

    Not much about Chiron square Chiron.

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