A foreign horse, a surprise win and a missed opportunity


Around 10 this morning, sitting at the computer in my office I decided to look up the transit Chart for the Melbourne Cup, the most important horse race event in Australia and the world’s third richest.

I was just curious because the news kept reporting the name of the favourite Australian horse, So You Think by name. I wanted to see the astrological side of it.

I am not a punter and I know next to nothing about horses.

With Solar Fire I cast a Chart for November 2, 3 pm Day Light Saving Time, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I didn’t spend long time looking at it. Without added information about the horses, their numbers, their colours, the odds in favor or against, I decided it was just useless to even try to spot a winner. I am also usually against using Astrology to answer trivial questions. I am a bit of an astrological snob, I confess.

A couple of minutes sufficed to notice however Jupiter conjunct Uranus rising close to the Pisces Ascendant. This configuration immediately suggested a male horse (Jupiter and Uranus are both male deities), a large horse (Jupiter), perhaps a foreign horse (again Jupiter ruling foreign countries and long distance travel), and also an unexpected winner (the element of surprise indicated by the presence of Uranus).

Here is the 2010 Melbourne Cup Chart

Another feature that seemed to confirm the foreign element was Mars in Sagittarius in the IX House, fields of influence of Jupiter who traditionally rules both Signs.

Jupiter in fact has paramount power in this horoscope, ruling the degree of the Pisces Ascendant (suggesting water, rain, soggy race-track), as well as the degree of the local Mid-heaven in Sagittarius.

Well, Americain, an American-bred stallion, with an Irish mother, owned by Australians, trained in France, ridden by a Hong Kong-based French  jokey, a truly cosmopolitan mix!

Even the runner-up Maluckyday was a surprise winner to many, while another horse Descarado, one of the favorites, arrived last, confirming the Uranus effect on this race.

So You Think, the people favourite (usually indicated by the position and aspects of the transiting Moon) took third place and had to eat humble pie on this occasion, as was suggested by the Moon in Virgo and the VI House.

I don’t know if I would have bet a winner, but, in hindsight, the Horoscope was really talking. The IX house, dominated by Mars in Sagittarius, ruler of the House’s cusp in Scorpio, is the field of long distance travel and foreign countries. And even transiting Mercury in Scorpio, on the cusp of the same House, rules the IV House in Gemini, suggesting that the winner place of origins, its roots (IV House) could be in foreign parts (Mercury in IX House)!

Thanks to my astrological snootiness I didn’t post my findings, feeling they were too scanty for publication.

Beside, who wants to bet a loser? Or stake one’s astrological reputation on a horse race? Not me.

How that TV ad goes? Six billion (astrological) stories and counting…

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