Would the world leaders and climate ambassadors achieve to sign a comprehensive Climate Treaty in Copenhagen, a legal successor to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol expiring in 2012? Here is the Horoscope of the time of Copenhagen opening ceremony.

Recent developments suggest they won’t. The headlines, on the second day of the conference read:

Divisions run deep in Copenhagen

Gordon Brown, British Prime Minister, during a special audience given to Green Campaigners protesting in London, has confessed  that he has given up on reaching a legally binding agreement in Copenhagen, but he IS now settling for a political agreement instead.

The African Union, led by Sudan, has threatened to walk out of the conference if the developed nations and heaviest polluters refuse to give substantial help to poorer countries, in order to ease their transition to cleaner economies.

The talks gained some momentum, at first, by the announcement that around 100 world leaders, out of the 192 countries attending, will actually take part in person. This group will include the heads of those States that have a crucial say on the matter, being the heavy polluters. It will include: Usa President Barack Obama, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang and Premier Wen Jiabao of China.

In my previous posts on Copenhagen I concentrated on observing, first, the major transits active at the time, in particular the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction that will open and close the conference. Secondly I have observed the role played by the Moon cycle during these 12 historical days, beginning with a Last Quarter Moon and ending with a New Moon.

In this post and the ones following I would like to take an astrological look at the role of some of the crucial players, countries as well as representatives.


This is an impertinent question, of course. It is meaningfully coincidental however how the USA President decided to postpone his visit to Copenhagen until December 18, just in time for the New Moon in Sagittarius, the most promising time of the whole conference calendar. With the New Moon in his wake Obama would certainly make  a grander entrance than if he had arrived on the wane of the Moon. He would be like the proverbial late comer at parties and weddings, always the one who makes more of a splash. Jokes apart, his choice could prove a fortunate one, and perhaps gives us hope that some action will be taken by the USA government to cut emissions, not just setting ideal guidelines, but actually spelling numbers and policies. This because the New Moon is a more suitable time to take concrete action and start something new.

Tomorrow, December 9, Obama will be in Oslo, Norway,  to receive his Nobel Peace Prize. A cautious astrologer might have advised the President not to go to Oslo. His Transits Chart reveals in fact some pretty challenging aspects, many of them involving Mars, the God of War, Accidents, Strife and Open Enmity.

The Virgo waning Moon will be conjunct Obama’s natal (birth) Mars, while Uranus in transit will oppose both the transiting Moon and the natal Mars. Especially this Uranian influence could mean unexpected and perhaps dangerous events. Are demonstrations against the USA President being organized in Oslo? Oslo has staged violent demonstrations before, especially concerning the Middle East. Recently his decisions of increasing the American intervention in Afghanistan  and also what many Green groups think is his non committal stand on Climate Change could easily fuel aggressive demonstrations.

Around 2.500 police and army will be in Oslo to safeguard the President from terrorist attacks or assassinations attempts. A spoke person for the Oslo’s Police force stated however that Norway is a democratic country and people will be allowed to vent their views openly, near the President. The Police has no intention of stopping peaceful demonstrators, even if they become very vocal.

The transiting Mars in Leo is also on Obama’s Descendant, the sector that presides over relationships. This means that throughout the passage of Mars in Leo (a long one, lasting to June 2010, due to Mars’ Retrogradation) Obama will face open opposition from many quarters and will need all his Aquarian charm, diplomacy and clear headed firmness to counteract it.

Pluto in Capricorn is still making his long opposition to Obama’s natal Venus and semi-square to his Ascendant, certainly a test of his mettle, not just for now, but throughout his presidential mandate. This transit is considered by some rather dangerous, perhaps even putting the President’s life at risk.

On the positive side transiting Jupiter and Chiron (conjunct in Aquarius on December 7) are still hovering around the President’s Ascendant, while Saturn in Libra is, on the day, in perfect harmonious aspect (trine) to his natal Moon. These transits are enhancing his sense of personal power (Eighth House Saturn) and the deep personal satisfaction (Fourth House Moon) the international recognition is giving him.


By December 18, the date now fixed  for Obama’s visit to Copenhagen, the Moon will be waxing in Capricorn and the transiting Sun (with Mercury, Pluto and the Moon) will be in the sector in his Birth Chart that has to do with his connection with the community, through friendships, alliances and common aspirations (Eleventh House). This is a good sign that Obama will produce something that will contribute positively to the outcome. The transiting Moon that day will also conjunct the transiting North Node, that point in the Ecliptic that connect these events to the Eclipses taking place in January 2010. This is another sky story that I would like to explore, because it too has a lot to do with the outcome of the Copenhagen conference. The January Eclipses are certainly close enough in time to Copenhagen to exert a great sway over it. Just the fact that Eclipses are this close to the event shows its importance as destiny maker for the world.

The transiting Sun, at the end of the conference, will be in harmonious aspect to Obama’s Lunar Nodes too, showing that his intervention will tend to boost his reputation as a leader rather than diminish it, despite the ongoing oppositions (see Mars’ Transits).

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