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As it was astrologically easy to predict (see my previous posts) the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change has been the scene of heated debate from the beginning, and of constant protests and violent reprisals now. At the time of the opening ceremony, on December 7, 6 pm Copenhagen time, the Moon was in Leo, Fire Sign, separating from a conjunction to Mars, the ancient God of war, also in Leo and close to its retrograde station (a critical time for any planet), while both were in opposition to the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune’s conjunction (Mars will be within orbs of this opposition for the term of the conference). The latter conjunction is the cosmic alignment representing the ideal promise of the whole summit, highlighting the drive to heal (Chiron) and become more inclusive and compassionate (Neptune). To add to the fiery nature of these transits Mars is also separating from a difficult Semi-Square to Saturn (45 degrees angle), indicating clashes with authority, and an equally difficult Sesqui-Square to Pluto (135 degrees angle), well, very explosive indeed!

The conference also started on the wane of the Moon, so no much real action can be expected at least until the New Moon in Sagittarius just two days before the end.

Another fact that some astrologers would have noticed in the opening time horoscope was that the Moon was going through a Void of Course, that period during which the Moon doesn’t form any major angle (transit) with the Sun and Planets, before she leaves the Sign she is transiting. These periods are well-known to astrologers as ‘negative’ times, when the outcome of decisions and activities are uncertain and nothing often comes of our best efforts.

Today, December 14, the Sagittarius Sun will be at right angle (Square, challenging transit) to Uranus in Pisces, enhancing the drive for change and the rebellious spirit in everyone one. This aspect could help to escalate the already heated atmosphere and bring more violent clashes.

The Sun today and more exactly tomorrow will also conjunct the Star Ras Alhague, the head of the Serpent Bearer, Ophiuchus, the archetypal healer amongst the ancient constellations, known as Asclepius to the Greeks.  The great Serpent he holds in his hand is the Caduceus, symbol of healing powers and nowadays emblem of all physicians. Some astrologers consider this star an ‘evil’ one, meaning that the benefits that we can derive from it are fraught with danger, like potent medicines which can be poisonous if used in excess or incorrectly.

Things may hopefully improve when the Moon will enter Sagittarius, on the evening of December 14, Australian time, and the Sun will Sextile Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune (positive aspects) on December 15 and 16, with the New Moon also forming the same harmonious contacts.

Observing again the Fixed Stars’ connection of this historical event, another significant encounter that could prove positive, in the whole messy business,will be the conjunction of Mercury, the Planet of communication, to Vega, the alpha star of Lyra, the Harp, on December 17, close to the summit’s closure. Vega is traditionally considered a magical star as the musical instrument of Orpheus, the Enchanter and Compassionate One, who uses his own experience of suffering (the loss of his wife Euridice) to help others who are also suffering. Apart from enchanting mortals and immortals alike, Orpheus’ lyre emitted such sweet sounds that the birds in the sky stopped in ther flight to listen, the rocks gathered around him and the trees uprooted themselves to come closer to his music. The whole of nature in fact fell under his spell. There is hope that some sweet news may come out of this Climate Change summit, with Mercury, messenger of the gods, playing the final notes on this magic harp of renewal and beauty.