I am late writing about the Copenhagen conference’s aftermath. At first I found myself too wrapped up in the feeling of failure and disillusionment that I derived from the outcome. It made me and many others, I am sure, realize that, yes, we don’t seem to be able to live up to our ideals; yes, our progress is very slow and may not be sufficient to avoid ecological catastrophe. Fear of dire consequences has accompanied the disappointment. I had to consciously snap out of it, or I could have get depressed. Many many have felt the same, the pain (Chiron) of disappointed longing for unity and love for our Earth Mother; collective tears (Neptune).

The powerful last passes of the conjunctions of Jupiter to Chiron (opening day) and Neptune (two days past the closing), encompassing  the whole conference,  were very appropriate symbols of the promise, the ideals, the aspirations which the conference aroused around the world. We were all affected by them, more or less consciously. Only a legally binding and exceptionally positive outcome, with brave reductions in emissions, high targets for the future and cooperation amongst developed and developing countries, could have satisfied the expectations and wishes of these lofty, but not particularly grounded transits.

To sum up the salient configurations of transits that I deemed significance for the Climate Change Conference:

The time chosen to initiate the conference,  Waning Moon phase, close to Last Quarter. Lots of unfinished business came to the surface, as it is proper during the dark fortnight of our Lady Moon, and only the last two days of the conference the Moon began to wax, after a New Moon in Sagittarius, giving few precious hours to draft a sort of agreement, at least amongst the major players. The agreement crafted by the American ‘Deus Ex Machina’ Barack Obama, making a grand entrance in the last few hours, contains just the spirit but certainly not the letter of what should have been achieved (if interested see my previous post on Obama in Copenhagen).

The Moon’s Void of Course at the time of the official beginning (6 pm, Copenhagen time, on December 7, 2009). This period (void because the Moon is not forming any major aspect with the Sun and Planets before she enters a new Sign) is considered inauspicious for beginning anything. It is an interim period and not an active one.

The square of the Sun in Sagittarius to Uranus in Pisces, on opening day,  becoming exact a week inside the negotiations, when temps started boiling up seriously, and schisms were created amongst different factions.

The conjunction of Jupiter to Chiron and Neptune. It started something, but also made us somewhat blind to the stark reality of commerce and the national and ideological divisions of our world (while the conference was on, war was still raging in many corners of the globe and since the conference ended there has been an exhalation of  terrorists attacks in Pakistan and Iraq). Jupiter, the catalyst of these transits, is really a ‘future’ planet, creating the vision and showing the potential and ideal of every enterprise, instilling confidence and faith, while the grounding touch of Saturn will be required for our ideals to manifest in concrete forms. Those feelings and visions are not lost or useless, however, because they have began to illumine the dark path ahead of us, providing us with ideals to strive for.

The opposition of Mars, close to its Retro Station, to the above conjunctions (augmented on opening day by the conjunction of the transiting Moon to Mars and the Moon’s own oppositions to Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune). This is a rather wonderful symbol to describe the many confrontations, disagreements, big arguments, stubborn stances we have witnessed in Copenhagen, every day risking to make the conference flounder all together. Mars was just preparing to retrograde, and will continue its loop until March 10, transiting Leo until June 2010. This shows that the confrontations and ideological wars that started in Copenhagen will go on past the event and well into the new year.

Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, both square Saturn in Libra. This has proven to be one of the strongest influences, manifesting already on the second day of the conference when documents were leaked to the press. showing that secret deals were being agreed upon by some of the main players. The last agreement too, signed behind closed doors by some of the key players, the USA, China, India and South Africa, while hailed by some as a last minute miracle and a step forward, has been considered by many the product of shady deals amongst super-powers and aspiring super-powers.

The power struggle became evident from the start, with the marked division between the poor countries, especially African and Oceanic, and the developed and developing giants that also squabbled amongst themselves the whole time. Many cans of worms were opened and the contents spilled out all over the place. Hidden motives, greed, power trips, pride, all surfaced to impede smooth progress, also causing salutary debates and much needed reality checks.

Realizing our limitations is one of the functions of Saturn, while its hard aspect to Pluto made the process more difficult and confronting. We faced each other demons and had to take a long hard look at everything. Trying to lay the blame on the opponent, we had to acknowledge our own shortcomings.

For some this debate was actually a question of survival, a life-death situation (Pluto). The results must have certainly distressed and depressed those who fought for the survival of so many island communities around the world. The changes required by Pluto in Capricorn are humongous, involving a complete transformation of attitudes. Saturn, with its fear mongering and resistance to change has put the usual spoke in the wheel, frustrating many hopes.

The square Saturn-Pluto will still be active in 2010 (exact again on February 1 and August 21), so the struggle and frustration are set to continue. Saturn, the Planet of ingrained old habits, is still fighting hard to maintain the status quo against the onslaught of Pluto’s transformative power.

Uranus in positive aspect to the Lunar Nodes, while Venus formed negative links to the same, on opening day. The destiny of the moment was to aid change and implement reforms (Uranus in positive aspect to the axis of Destiny), but not without problems in finding harmony and embracing cooperation (Venus’ negative links to the Axis of Destiny).

As many delegates have affirmed, on leaving the conference and afterwards: this has been the first real big summit on the subject of Global Warming, in itself a step forward on the road toward an international agreement. We obviously need more time and more talks. There is still hope that the next conference (Mexico 2010? date still undecided) will produce the legally binding document we need to implement real changes.


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As it was astrologically easy to predict (see my previous posts) the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change has been the scene of heated debate from the beginning, and of constant protests and violent reprisals now. At the time of the opening ceremony, on December 7, 6 pm Copenhagen time, the Moon was in Leo, Fire Sign, separating from a conjunction to Mars, the ancient God of war, also in Leo and close to its retrograde station (a critical time for any planet), while both were in opposition to the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune’s conjunction (Mars will be within orbs of this opposition for the term of the conference). The latter conjunction is the cosmic alignment representing the ideal promise of the whole summit, highlighting the drive to heal (Chiron) and become more inclusive and compassionate (Neptune). To add to the fiery nature of these transits Mars is also separating from a difficult Semi-Square to Saturn (45 degrees angle), indicating clashes with authority, and an equally difficult Sesqui-Square to Pluto (135 degrees angle), well, very explosive indeed!

The conference also started on the wane of the Moon, so no much real action can be expected at least until the New Moon in Sagittarius just two days before the end.

Another fact that some astrologers would have noticed in the opening time horoscope was that the Moon was going through a Void of Course, that period during which the Moon doesn’t form any major angle (transit) with the Sun and Planets, before she leaves the Sign she is transiting. These periods are well-known to astrologers as ‘negative’ times, when the outcome of decisions and activities are uncertain and nothing often comes of our best efforts.

Today, December 14, the Sagittarius Sun will be at right angle (Square, challenging transit) to Uranus in Pisces, enhancing the drive for change and the rebellious spirit in everyone one. This aspect could help to escalate the already heated atmosphere and bring more violent clashes.

The Sun today and more exactly tomorrow will also conjunct the Star Ras Alhague, the head of the Serpent Bearer, Ophiuchus, the archetypal healer amongst the ancient constellations, known as Asclepius to the Greeks.  The great Serpent he holds in his hand is the Caduceus, symbol of healing powers and nowadays emblem of all physicians. Some astrologers consider this star an ‘evil’ one, meaning that the benefits that we can derive from it are fraught with danger, like potent medicines which can be poisonous if used in excess or incorrectly.

Things may hopefully improve when the Moon will enter Sagittarius, on the evening of December 14, Australian time, and the Sun will Sextile Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune (positive aspects) on December 15 and 16, with the New Moon also forming the same harmonious contacts.

Observing again the Fixed Stars’ connection of this historical event, another significant encounter that could prove positive, in the whole messy business,will be the conjunction of Mercury, the Planet of communication, to Vega, the alpha star of Lyra, the Harp, on December 17, close to the summit’s closure. Vega is traditionally considered a magical star as the musical instrument of Orpheus, the Enchanter and Compassionate One, who uses his own experience of suffering (the loss of his wife Euridice) to help others who are also suffering. Apart from enchanting mortals and immortals alike, Orpheus’ lyre emitted such sweet sounds that the birds in the sky stopped in ther flight to listen, the rocks gathered around him and the trees uprooted themselves to come closer to his music. The whole of nature in fact fell under his spell. There is hope that some sweet news may come out of this Climate Change summit, with Mercury, messenger of the gods, playing the final notes on this magic harp of renewal and beauty.



In the Opening Horoscope of the Copenhagen Conference the conjunction Moon-Mars in Leo and the conjunction Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius, opposed to each other, fall respectively in the Domestic and Public sectors (Houses Fourth and Tenth) of the Australian Horoscope (January 1 1901, 1.36 pm, Sydney), all in difficult aspect (Square) to Australia’s Moon in Taurus. This opposition represents, for all participating, a great challenge to the success of the conference, because it indicates strife and antagonism between opposing factions. As far as Australia is concerned, this opposition comes first of all from home (Fourth House) and this fact will contribute, at least at first, to muddle (Neptune) and hurt (Chiron) Australia’s reputation in the world (Neptune-Chiron in the Tenth House). The recent struggle between the Australia government and its Liberal opposition, which brought about a surprise change of leadership in the Australian Liberal Party, fits very well the picture of Mars-Moon in  the Australia’s domestic sector.

The Australian Liberals themselves are now bitterly divided over Climate Change, with the ex opposition leader, Malcolm Turnbull lashing out at his Climate Sceptic successor, Tony Abbott, over his handling or mishandling of the issue.

Despite this ongoing saga, there are some very positive transits for Australia at the conference.

The transiting Sun is conjunct Australia’s Uranus on opening day, showing that Australia will play an unexpected part in the discussions, contributing innovative and original ideas. Transiting Venus in Sagittarius will be conjunct Australia’s Venus in four days time, a good sign, contributing to the willingness to cooperate and play an important diplomatic role amongst warring factions.


And, most important of all, the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 16 2009 will be conjunct Australia’s Jupiter (very close to exactness), Mercury and Chiron, near the Ninth House, the sector that, in a Nation’s Chart, represents its foreign policies and its philosophical outlook. Australia may have to play a significant role in the ongoing discussions on Climate Change that are meant to constellate the whole of 2010 and beyond. The Jupiter connection could mean the promotion of some of the Australian delegates or of the Prime Minister himself, Mr. Kevin Rudd, to an important diplomatic post for the next Climate Conference that will probably be held in Mexico in 2010.

The tone of this Copenhagen conference, with its accent on Air and Fire Signs (Aquarius Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune opposing Leo Mars, Moon on Leo on the opening day, the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 16, etc.) suggests that this Conference will serve principally the purpose of setting political and philosophical guidelines for future, more concrete intervention.

For great posts on Transits for Australia and globally, please read Ed Tamplin‘s site, one of my favourite astrological sites on the net.



Would the world leaders and climate ambassadors achieve to sign a comprehensive Climate Treaty in Copenhagen, a legal successor to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol expiring in 2012? Here is the Horoscope of the time of Copenhagen opening ceremony.

Recent developments suggest they won’t. The headlines, on the second day of the conference read:

Divisions run deep in Copenhagen

Gordon Brown, British Prime Minister, during a special audience given to Green Campaigners protesting in London, has confessed  that he has given up on reaching a legally binding agreement in Copenhagen, but he IS now settling for a political agreement instead.

The African Union, led by Sudan, has threatened to walk out of the conference if the developed nations and heaviest polluters refuse to give substantial help to poorer countries, in order to ease their transition to cleaner economies.

The talks gained some momentum, at first, by the announcement that around 100 world leaders, out of the 192 countries attending, will actually take part in person. This group will include the heads of those States that have a crucial say on the matter, being the heavy polluters. It will include: Usa President Barack Obama, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang and Premier Wen Jiabao of China.

In my previous posts on Copenhagen I concentrated on observing, first, the major transits active at the time, in particular the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction that will open and close the conference. Secondly I have observed the role played by the Moon cycle during these 12 historical days, beginning with a Last Quarter Moon and ending with a New Moon.

In this post and the ones following I would like to take an astrological look at the role of some of the crucial players, countries as well as representatives.


This is an impertinent question, of course. It is meaningfully coincidental however how the USA President decided to postpone his visit to Copenhagen until December 18, just in time for the New Moon in Sagittarius, the most promising time of the whole conference calendar. With the New Moon in his wake Obama would certainly make  a grander entrance than if he had arrived on the wane of the Moon. He would be like the proverbial late comer at parties and weddings, always the one who makes more of a splash. Jokes apart, his choice could prove a fortunate one, and perhaps gives us hope that some action will be taken by the USA government to cut emissions, not just setting ideal guidelines, but actually spelling numbers and policies. This because the New Moon is a more suitable time to take concrete action and start something new.

Tomorrow, December 9, Obama will be in Oslo, Norway,  to receive his Nobel Peace Prize. A cautious astrologer might have advised the President not to go to Oslo. His Transits Chart reveals in fact some pretty challenging aspects, many of them involving Mars, the God of War, Accidents, Strife and Open Enmity.

The Virgo waning Moon will be conjunct Obama’s natal (birth) Mars, while Uranus in transit will oppose both the transiting Moon and the natal Mars. Especially this Uranian influence could mean unexpected and perhaps dangerous events. Are demonstrations against the USA President being organized in Oslo? Oslo has staged violent demonstrations before, especially concerning the Middle East. Recently his decisions of increasing the American intervention in Afghanistan  and also what many Green groups think is his non committal stand on Climate Change could easily fuel aggressive demonstrations.

Around 2.500 police and army will be in Oslo to safeguard the President from terrorist attacks or assassinations attempts. A spoke person for the Oslo’s Police force stated however that Norway is a democratic country and people will be allowed to vent their views openly, near the President. The Police has no intention of stopping peaceful demonstrators, even if they become very vocal.

The transiting Mars in Leo is also on Obama’s Descendant, the sector that presides over relationships. This means that throughout the passage of Mars in Leo (a long one, lasting to June 2010, due to Mars’ Retrogradation) Obama will face open opposition from many quarters and will need all his Aquarian charm, diplomacy and clear headed firmness to counteract it.

Pluto in Capricorn is still making his long opposition to Obama’s natal Venus and semi-square to his Ascendant, certainly a test of his mettle, not just for now, but throughout his presidential mandate. This transit is considered by some rather dangerous, perhaps even putting the President’s life at risk.

On the positive side transiting Jupiter and Chiron (conjunct in Aquarius on December 7) are still hovering around the President’s Ascendant, while Saturn in Libra is, on the day, in perfect harmonious aspect (trine) to his natal Moon. These transits are enhancing his sense of personal power (Eighth House Saturn) and the deep personal satisfaction (Fourth House Moon) the international recognition is giving him.


By December 18, the date now fixed  for Obama’s visit to Copenhagen, the Moon will be waxing in Capricorn and the transiting Sun (with Mercury, Pluto and the Moon) will be in the sector in his Birth Chart that has to do with his connection with the community, through friendships, alliances and common aspirations (Eleventh House). This is a good sign that Obama will produce something that will contribute positively to the outcome. The transiting Moon that day will also conjunct the transiting North Node, that point in the Ecliptic that connect these events to the Eclipses taking place in January 2010. This is another sky story that I would like to explore, because it too has a lot to do with the outcome of the Copenhagen conference. The January Eclipses are certainly close enough in time to Copenhagen to exert a great sway over it. Just the fact that Eclipses are this close to the event shows its importance as destiny maker for the world.

The transiting Sun, at the end of the conference, will be in harmonious aspect to Obama’s Lunar Nodes too, showing that his intervention will tend to boost his reputation as a leader rather than diminish it, despite the ongoing oppositions (see Mars’ Transits).


 My-Ganymed- GREEN


The Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen makes a fascinating sky story, starting with the last pass of the historical conjunction of Jupiter to Chiron in Aquarius (exact on December 7, opening day!!!); and ending with the last pass of the Jupiter conjunction to Neptune, also in Aquarius. This last transit will become exact just three days (December 21) after the Conference’s ending (December 18). A Sagittarius New Moon aligned to the longitude of the Galactic Centre will also concur with the latter event.

Astrologers, all over the world, count on these cosmic alignments to generate a positive outcome for this Summit.

Astrologers don’t pick the dates of historical events such as this, but certainly whoever chose them is unknowingly prompted by more than logical reasons and practical considerations. When it comes to events that will affect, for good or ill, the lives of millions, Astrology never fails to deliver amazing archetypal portraits of the situation. Our Art can give us an almost immediate insight on the underlying currents of every situation, and the possible direction these currents may take us.

Jupiter is here obviously acting as a giant catalyst, bringing the energies of Neptune and Chiron to a focus, and greatly expanding their effects. Jupiter is also performing the task of bringing to life, few months in advance, the conjunction of Neptune and Chiron to each other, which will become exact only in 2010.

The process is not easy though, because contacts with Chiron always entail suffering and difficulties one has to learn to accept and live with. The role of Chiron is, I feel, to bridge the distance between our down to earth experiences and sense of reality (Saturn) and our future aspirations and directions (Uranus). This is a precarious bridge at the best of time, needing constant work to become stronger and more secure. Copenhagen seems to be an opportunity to build more of this bridge, but perhaps it is premature to hope to finish its construction, over these few available days. The fact that Neptune awaits Jupiter at the end of the Conference seems to indicate to me that a lot of the outcome will be of an inspirational and idealistic nature, rather than clear programs and cut backs, promises perhaps more than commitments.


Climate-Change-3SUNRISE in COPENHAGEN, DECEMBER 7, 2009

As I stated in my article in issue 26, March 2009 of The Art of Healing about the Aquarian alignment:

There may be a marked general feeling of hope and the strong belief that things are improving. There is a catch though: excessive idealism and lack of practicality. We need to take care that wishful thinking and excessive confidence are not clouding our judgement. On the other hand, it would be regrettable not to acknowledge the beauty of the dream, the universal understanding and healing that the union of those planets portends. It would be to miss a unique opportunity to rise to new heights, for all of us.

Jupiter (called Guru in Vedic Astrology) represents the human urge to search for meaning and to envision a better future; while Neptune is the planet of the Third Eye and Universal Compassion, opening channels for us between conscious and unconscious dimensions. And Chiron is the Wounded Healer, a powerful symbol of the fact that true healing can come only from a personal and profound experience of suffering.

The energies of these three Planets acting in unison will be filtered through the substance of Aquarius, the Sign of democratic reform, human cooperation, science and technology. Astrologers cannot help feeling that this is a good sign to improve human cooperation and create strong links of friendship amongst people of different race, belief or culture’.

And in issue 27, June 2009:A benign face of this astrological period is represented by Jupiter’s conjunctions to Chiron and Neptune.

Despite the dire collective situation, seen from a practical and down to earth standpoint (Saturn was still in Virgo), this airy and lofty Aquarian emphasis could work like a magic charm, helping to dispel excessive worries and encouraging us to look up rather than down to find solutions to our quandaries. A willingness to reform and to help our fellow men could be very strong. Aquarius is the Humanitarian Sign which, through dispassion and knowledge, helps to emphasize our common human heritage, rather than our cultural and religious differences.

Jupiter is positively placed in Aquarius even when on its own. Its closeness to Chiron and Neptune strengthens, deepens and refines the outgoing energy of Jupiter, putting greater emphasis on compassion and healing, qualities the world needs very badly at present.’


And in issue 28, October 2009: ‘The triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron will be exact again, for the last time, between December 2009 and January 2010. These conjunctions have permeated the whole of 2009, helping to raise our spirits during the global financial crisis. At the time of writing (early June 2009) Obama has been visiting Egypt to show a friendly hand to Palestinians and Muslims in general, making historical speeches of reconciliation. He is also campaigning to have Guantanamo Bay shut by the end of 2009, a brave move, hopefully coinciding with the last pass of the Aquarian conjunction, in December’.

I didn’t know then that a global Summit on Climate Change was to be held in Copenhagen in December 2009, another one of those striking example of astrological synchronicity.

All these events exemplify to me the progressive spirit of the Aquarian conjunction, with its idealism and humanitarian principles, as well as the downside of the same, as chimerical hopes of easy solutions, and social/political naivety. Obama himself has Ascendant and Jupiter in Aquarius and became officially President at the time of his Jupiter’s return in early Aquarius, in January 2009, while his Moon’s South Node, part of his ‘axe of destiny’ is conjunct the historical conjunction Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in late Aquarius.

Neptune can embellish every picture, but has the potential of being also deceptive, elusive and unrealistic. Jupiter on his part tends to exaggerate, usually accentuating the promising parts rather than the problematic issues. Finally mysterious Chiron portends the potential for collective healing of old wounds or, negatively, karmic illnesses. Chiron is physically and symbolically the go-between the known world (Saturn boundary) and the Uranian vision of a new world, forever reminding us of the painful limitations of our human condition (Saturn), while igniting the spark of our godlike genius (Uranus).

We see a Jupiter conjunct Neptune every twelve years or so, not a rare event, after all. But we experience a triple conjunction Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron only once in a while, the last in 1945, at the end of World War Two, when it certainly helped the healing, while many of the promises of what the world will be after the war were not kept . Even rarer is the same triple conjunction in the same zodiacal position, Aquarius, which occurred the last time in 1843. This was a period very close to the ‘discovery’ of Neptune in 1846, considered historically, philosophically and literarily an idealistic era. Many proletarian, grass root revolutions also started then (Marx’s Communist Manifesto was published in 1848). On the religious front it was a messianic period, when many Christians awaited the second coming and the advent of a new world order of peace and enlightenment.

Similar hopes in a redeeming time ahead are alive and well in 2009. We may at times feel we need a Saviour or a miracle to overcome the huge obstacles ahead of us; but hope alone will not save our troubled world.’


A negative side effect of this multiple conjunction could be that, if the Aquarian aspirations cannot find fulfilment at some practical level, a rebellious and self righteous attitude may be the outcome for many. The blessings of Jupiter are often mixed with the woes of discontent and frustration, if opportunities for expansion are not readily available. Moderation is a useful word to remember when Jupiter is strongly activated.

Global Civil Disobedience events in the Campaign for Climate Action have been already planned by many groups for November 30 (with the Taurus Moon squaring the Mars-Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune opposition), and again on December 12 (with the Balsamic Moon in Scorpio), in the middle of the Copenhagen talks.

The conjunction is creating a great momentum for change that will not be easily quashed. Together with the retrogradation of Mars in Leo this promises that tempers will rise quite a bit, especially in the aftermath of the Summit. There is indeed some risk of violence, not just because of Mars’ doings, but because a somewhat dangerous conjunction Mercury/Pluto will be exact on opening day too (see next post for details).

More on the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit in my next post, considering in particular the role of the Lunation cycle.