The Waning Moon enters Capricorn at 9.01 pm, March 3, 2016

Girl with goat by Jacob Cuyp

Girl with goat by Jacob Cuyp


Moon of responsibility and ambition
Practical and efficient

Suitable energy for working, planning, seeking employment, building, creating the foundations of something lasting, looking after the oldies, family business, saving, budgeting, studying serious subjects, scholarly work, pursuit of excellence. Important purchases, house, real estate, business, cars, antiques, insurance policies, payment of taxes and government fees. Action motivated by practical goals and the need for structure. Cool display of feeling, but sensual, committed, protective. Beware of rigidity, bossiness, authoritarian ways, paternalism, pessimism, depression, cynicism.

In the garden: during a suitable Moon phase Capricorn is considered a productive Sign, especially good for growing Perennials, Trees and Vines. Any planting indeed that is meant to last a long time is well done in this earthy and reliable Sign. It is also a good Moon transit to plant root crops like potatoes and carrots. Fertilizing, especially slow release, recommended. The phase of the late Waning Moon, at the moment, is however not the most suitable for planting. See Moon Phase below.

Healing Herbs: Comfrey, Rue, Sarsaparilla, Wintergreen.

7 Last Quarter to Balsamic fastLast Quarter to Balsamic Moon Phase

If the First Quarter presented us with external challenges to overcome, in order to achieve the goal promised by the Full Moon, at the Last Quarter we feel that whatever bar our progress is within us and not without. We can now take responsibility for our life and circumstances. The battle needs to be fought with oneself and not other people. Both Quarters are crucial times that suggest division and strife, but while at the First Quarter we could find refuge in the illusion that the cause of all the problems was someone or something else, now we can clearly see how we contribute to whatever crisis we may be experiencing. The Moon is now 90 degrees behind the Sun, another right angle. The friction generated by the inner dialogue could be very creative if you don’t let it depress you.

In the garden we should stop all sowing and planting, and concentrate on soil conditioning and cultivation. Suitable energy also for harvesting and getting rid of unwanted weeds and pests.

4 Responses to “The Waning Moon enters Capricorn at 9.01 pm, March 3, 2016”

  1. janis052 Says:

    I so enjoy these informative reads.However, I cannot configure my USA Mississippi state to match. But I sincerely appreciate the wonderfully amazing knowledge shated. Blessings to you and maybe we’ll cross paths when we ride the moonbeam express across a great stardust trail.

  2. carme fernandez Says:

    Good evening, Paola Emma ,: just to say that livingmoonastrology web site is amazing, not only the effort for making a good and accurate work – by astrological means, of course -but page design, astonishing drawings related to the Moon date , phase and transits on a Sign , besides articles. developed with deep insight and a lot of work too. Congratulations.

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Thank you for your support, Carmen. I have continued to update regularly for many years now, but only recently started again to post in earnest. Life takes over from our creative endeavors sometimes. Much appreciated your feedback, Paola Emma

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