Astrology of the 2022 Australian Federal Election

Voting is people power bw

Welcome to my astrological survey of the 2022 Australian Federal Election.

First of all a disclaimer: the purpose of this post is not to pick the winners in this upcoming election. Astrology is not an exact science but rather an amazing and age proven craft whose aim is shedding light on the connection between cosmic phenomena and events on earth. If read properly it can indeed clarify the reason behind any turn of events and thus also guide us to see the potential outcome of any situation.

It is amazing how the current transits reflect the level of ambivalence the electoral polls are showing. Few hours away from voting the pollsters are still very much muddle-headed as to who may end up holding a clear majority, if anyone. Some experts are even mentioning the possibility of a ‘Hung Parliament’, a rare event in modern Australian federal politics,the two most recent occurrences dating back to the 2010 and 1940 Elections. After winning by a narrow margin in 2010 Labor Julia Gillard formed a minority government with the support of three Independents and one Green MP. Seventy years earlier, in 1940, a conservative coalition won also by a narrow margin, but,only forty days after forming a minority government under Menzies, was beaten by Labor, led by John Curtin. Menzies had to wait until the 1949 Election to become Prime Minister, office he held until 1963.

Considering the significant impact that Independents, minor parties and an estimate 5/8% still undecided voters, and the fact that Labor has lost some points while the Coalition has gained a few since the campaign started, the polls as well as the astrology seem to indicate a very tight race whose winner may not be decided immediately.

The odd choice of date

Here is Canberra Sunrise Horoscope for Election Day, May 21 2022.

Sunrise Horoscope 2022 Australian Federal Election

Sunrise Horoscope 2022 Australian Federal Election Data

Astrologically speaking the chosen date is odd for many reasons:

  • The Sun will be moving from Taurus, a traditionally conservative Sign, to Gemini, a more progressive Sign, at 11.22 am on the very day. The last degree of every Sign is a sort of twilight zone, often a place of confusion and uncertainty, when a change is close at hand but not yet materialized, the pull of the past remaining strong for a while, slowing progress.
  • Mercury is still retrograde and also shortly moving from Gemini back into Taurus (on May 23), the reverse of what the Sun is doing.  Sun and retro Mercury will meet, while moving in opposite directions, just before sunrise on Sunday May 22, in what is called their Inferior Conjunction, when Mercury aligns with our planet while orbiting between the Earth and the Sun.Any student of astrology could tell you that the period of Mercury retrograde is not ideal to begin new ventures, sign important contracts or make long term plans. All sorts of misunderstandings and delays are often the outcome of action taken during these periods.
  • The Aquarius Moon will be waning;also not an ideal phase to start anything, while the Moon’s Sign seems to indicates also a shift toward more inclusive and progressive trends.

All the above describes a time of transition but also of great uncertainty, with the results of the polls perhaps delayed, and a clear majority difficult to ascertain; with the real potential for a minority government or even a hung parliament, a rare but not unheard of event, especially in times of general turmoil like the ones we are living.  In 2010Labor Julia Gillard won only by a narrow margin, during a retro station of Mercury. Also in 2010 as well as 1940 the Sun was closely approaching a new Sign on Election day, but not as close to the cusp as it will be during this coming election.

Looking ahead the Gemini New Moon, on May 30, and Mercury’s return to direct motion, on June 3-4, may indicate a more suitable time for the emergence of clearer results and the beginning of a new political phase.

The two contestants

The transits affecting the two main contestants in the race, Scott Morrison and Antony Albanese, could shed more light on the possible outcome. Unfortunately neither of the two leaders’ time of birth is available, denying us some crucial information that could have helped filling in more details into the picture. In particular we are missing the general orientation of the celestial bodies, above or below the horizon, east or west, defining their respective areas of influence.

I have cast their horoscopes for the time of the local sunrise in the birth place on the day of birth, a traditional method recommended in such cases.

Scott Morrison: Taurus Sun, Scorpio or Sagittarius Moon  

Here is Scott Morrison’s Sunrise Horoscope and Data Page:

Scott Morrison Sunrise Horoscope

Scott Morrison Sunrise Horoscope Data

We need to remember that in this horoscope the Moon could be either in Scorpio or Sagittarius, depending on the birth occurring before or after 11.53 am. The Scorpio Moon typically gives a secretive, intense personality that could attract enemies, but also attain to positions of authority and control through the use of will power and sometimes emotional manipulation. The Sun in Taurus coupled with a Scorpio Full Moon will in fact strengthen the will considerably and also the need to control one’s environment. If born after 11.53 am Morrison would have a Sagittarius Moon instead. This usually gives a brash, self-confident and gregarious personality.  A Sagittarius Moon, coupled with his Gemini Mercury and Mars, would make him a natural salesman, skilled with words but not necessarily trustworthy. The Sagittarius Moon would be my choice for him if I were into guessing,with perhaps boisterous Jupiter rising in Leo (Leo Ascendant).

Scott Morrison’s current major transits

  • Scott Morrison is at present experiencing the intense emotional effect of the May 16 Scorpio Lunar Eclipse (the major phase during which the election will be held), when transiting Sun and Moon in Taurus and Scorpio aligned closely to his birth Sun, Sunrise Moon and Neptune, also in Taurus and Scorpio. The South Lunar Node was very closely aligned to the sunrise Moon and to Neptune during the Eclipse itself, while the North Node will be exactly on his sunrise Sun, at election time.

Morrison was born few hours after the Scorpio Full Moon, fact that accounts for his forceful personality and compelling ambitions; the May 2022 Full Moon Eclipse is certainly testing both. These special lunar phases, when aligned to planetary positions in the Birth Chart, represent significant turning points in life with the potential for profound realizations through crisis, helping the development of personality and unfolding of destiny. In particular an Eclipse Season in Taurus and Scorpio is bringing to light things which were hidden, hopefully encouraging some serious soul searching for our current leader.

Here is again Morrison’s horoscope surrounded, in the top image, by the planetary positions at the time of the May 16 Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, and, in the bottom image, by the positions on Election Day 2022, on Canberra’s sunrise time.

  • Transiting Saturn in Aquarius has recently reached a 90 degrees angle (square) from Morrison’s Natal Sun (April 2) and it will return in August and at the end of December, very much covering the whole year, with a square to natal Mars looming for next year as well.
  • The transiting Saturn will shortly also begin to square his natal Neptune (first pass in direct motion on June 1, second pass on June 8, in retro motion; third and last pass, in direct motion, on January 27, 2023). Both Saturn’s square to his natal Sun and Neptune are happening for certain on the given dates, not depending on an exact birth time.
  • Saturn is also squaring his sunrise Moon, but the dates for this transit cannot be certain, due to the lack of a birth time and an exact degree placement of the natal Moon.

Saturn is aptly known as the ‘reality check’ planet. Its major transits to an individual’s Sun degree force him/her to experience the world in a starker light than usual, lowering self-confidence and often dashing expectations in order to build character and limit ego expansion. So, even if the Liberal Party is meant to win this upcoming election it will be very difficult for Morrison personally to keep the level of confidence he has displayed so far. External challenges and inner doubts will make his leadership experience far from smooth, as we have seen happening already in recent times.

Possibly even more difficult could be Saturn’s square to his Natal Neptune, with him for nearly another year. This is an extremely difficult transit to experience during such an important contest. While the role of Saturn is to establish firm foundations with focus on achieving goals through hard work and discipline, Neptune has the power to erode all the above, making all efforts null and void, aiming instead to attain non-ego-centric ideals. These two planets are in fact natural enemies, one busy creating structures and security while the other is intent at dismantling them. This difficult contact can cause great confusion, irrational thinking and behaviour, and grave disappointments, especially in the sphere of worldly ambitions. I feel this particular transit is one that indicates losing rather than winning this election.

The birth position of Morrison’s Saturn in Aries often indicates a powerful father complex potentially leading the individual to become extra competitive, in need to prove himself at all cost. This trait could lead to aggressive and bossy behaviour, to make clear who is in charge. Any transit of Saturn, like the ones I just described, will stimulate this tough, uncompromising side of his personality.

Antony Albanese: Pisces Sun, Taurus or Gemini Moon  

Here is Antony Albanese’s Sunrise Horoscope and Data Page:

Same as before, when looking at his opponent’s horoscope, we need to remember that, in Albanese’s own horoscope, the Moon could be either in Taurus or Gemini, depending on the birth occurring before or after 7.38 am. The Taurus Moon typically gives an intense, affectionate but also wilful personality that may find difficult to adapt to changes or to move on from stuck circumstances. If born after 7.38 am Albanese would have a Gemini Moon instead. This usually gives a lighter, more social, intellectually curious personality.  A Gemini Moon, coupled with his Pisces Sun and Jupiter would make him more adaptable and easy going, but not the best at focusing his will toward a set goal; sometimes easily swayed by events and others’ opinions or stronger personalities. A study of his lifestyle, family life, interests and hobbies could help me to make an educated guess on his Moon Sign and possible Rising Sign. I don’t know enough of the man, apart from his often unassuming public image, to even start guessing.

Antony Albanese’s current  transits

Here is Albanese’s horoscope surrounded by the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets on Election Day 2022, on sunrise:

While Saturn is prominent in transit for incumbent Prime Minister Scott Morrison, forcing him to face some hard facts and accept unwelcome limitations, Pluto, planet of destruction and regeneration, and Uranus, the ‘shaker and mover’ planet, are instead prominent in transit for Antony Albanese. Jupiter too is playing an important role especially at election time.

2022 is also a Saturn Return year for Albanese, the second in his life, as he will turn sixty next year. The Return itself took place on February 13, only one pass. This once in thirty years transit is neither positive nor negative. It represents just a coming of age when, having reached a degree of psychological maturity, the individual should be ready to embrace the final years of his/her life assisted by the wisdom of experience.

  • Pluto: no matter if he will end up winning or losing this election, some profound inner transformation is taking place and difficult experiences are testing Albanese’s resilience and personal power right now, making his life feeling all together more intense than ever before. Pluto began its once in a lifetime conjunction to his natal Capricorn Venus in January this year and will remain very close to Venus at least until the end of the year. Despite its difficulties this is an empowering transit at the end of which the individual should be able to identify with a more authentic version of oneself, if he survives the test without cracking under the intense stress.

This conjunction, despite its negative potentials, seems to me a sign that Albanese could win this election because he is giving it everything he has got, and more.

  • Uranus: thanks to Uranus the wind of change could reach cyclonic strength in Albanese’s life this year and beyond, another sign that this is a turning point for his life and career. He should expect disruptions to his best laid plans and face the need to embrace a less conformist, more radical outlook on many matters, in his personal and political life.

Uranus in Taurus is in fact forming a 90 degrees angle (square)to his Saturn and Mercury, conjunct in idealistic, friendly Aquarius in his Birth Chart.These challenging but potentially exciting and life changing transits, already brewing during the election campaign, will become exact for the first time between the middle of June and the end of July, return between September and November, and finally complete their course between March and May 2023.

  • Transiting Jupiter in Aries is forming the first pass of a difficult semi-square with Albanese’s natal Saturn, starting just on Election Day. Later it will be doing the same with his natal Mercury. These challenging angles will remain active, on and off, until January 2023. When Jupiter, planet of expansion, challenges Saturn, planet of restriction, the need arises to find a working balance between realism (Saturn) and idealism (Jupiter), an opportunity to curb exaggerated expectations without losing sight of one’s dreams and aspirations.


In my view this is going to be a tight race whose outcome may not be certain for a while (Sun between two Signs; Mercury Retrograde and also moving Sign). Neither of the two contestants really emerges as a clear winner; both are going through some major challenge that could represent a turning point in their careers.

Scott Morrison is going through a big reality check at the moment, but one not too dissimilar from others he has experienced before, part of the ups and downs, learning curve of life.  He is also going through an intense emotional time due to the recent Lunar Eclipse, but none of the slow moving, life changing planets, namely Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, will achieve prominence in his life until next year, when Uranus in Taurus will reach the degree of his natal Sun.

Personally I put my money on Albanese. I feel he has more chances than Morrison to win this election, not because his transits are easy and wonderful but because they are actually life changing. The fact that Pluto and Uranus are becoming active at the same time show that a critical point has been reached and there is no turning back; it is a make or break situation for him.

It is now just past midnight on Election Day.  I need to publish this post immediately, but run out of time to discuss the crucial role the Minor Parties, the Greens in particular, could play in this election; as well as the significance of the women and LGBT community’s votes to reshape Australian government’s approach to fundamental issues such as climate change, sexual, racial and religious discrimination, the Aboriginal question, human right, treatment of refugees, affordable housing, mental health, environmental protection, sustainable living etc. Because all the above topics are becoming more and more relevant to an ever increasing number of people it is perhaps a good thing if elections, still based on the traditional and obsolete two parties system, do not lend themselves to reliable polling and experts’ predictions anymore. More independents candidates and minor parties will be needed in the future to reflect the diversity of the modern electorate and the wide range of ecological, social and economic reforms people are clamoring for.

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