The Sun’s Key Words are Vitality, Consciousness, Ego

Colour: Orange   ~   Metal: Gold

Stone: Diamond, Ruby  ~  Organ: Heart

Function: Circulation ~ Creatures: Felines

Birds: Peacock, Rooster, Eagle

Tissue Salt: Phosphate of magnesium (Mag.Phos.)

The Sun Cycle (one earth orbit) lasts one year. The Sun remains in each Sign approximately one month.

The Glyph of the Sun is a circle with a dot or point at its centre. This is a symbol of wholeness; the dot within representing the individual spark of consciousness, encircled by the Spirit.

In the Horoscope the Sun represents our sense of identity, the ‘I’ principle. By threading the Sun’s path we gain awareness of our character and destiny. The Sun Sign also reflects our conscious self expression, will power, vitality, potential for success and joy. In psychology the Sun is the Libido, the drive that makes us seek life.

A strong Sun enhances vitality, confidence and popularity, but can also cause arrogance and an overbearing attitude. A weak Sun cause indecisiveness, lack of will and general low vitality and drive.

The Sun is the father within and the influence of all paternal, authority figures; also all those who seem confident and successful.

In relationships the Sun indicates the impact of one ‘I’ or character upon another; or one Ego and Will against another.  The meeting of two destinies.

In myth is the Hero/Heroine who goes on a quest and wins the great prize. The Sun is also the King or Emperor, a figure of authority and splendor, even an incarnation of the godhead. Apollo, god of Music, Prophecy and Healing  was one of his many incarnations. He was Ra to the Egyptians, Surya to the Hindus, Shamash to the Babylonians, Tonatiuh to the Toltecs, Maya and Aztecs, and many more.

In the body the Sun presides over the Heart and Circulation, the Upper Back and the Solar Plexus. Also the left Eye in women and right eye in men. The Sun rules the Thymus Gland, located in the upper thorax. This gland’s function is to alert the body’s defence system of an attack by foreign organisms. The Sun is well known to destroy bacteria, helping the healing of wounds. While a sunny disposition improves the chance and speed of recovery during any illness. When the Sun is afflicted conditions can develop such as hypertension,  fevers, high blood pressure, blood cloths, stress related illness, eyes diseases, depression , fatigue, lack of libido, low self esteem, even insanity.

Therapeutic Stones: the Diamond, healing stone worn by the prophet Abraham,  was considered an antidote for poisons, infections and bladder disorders.  The Ruby was valued as the stone of royalty, guarding his wearer from harm by enemies; strengthening the heart and helping recuperation after illness.

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