and All Signs’ Ironing Styles

by Walks Far Woman

ARIES: The Aries Moon will put the spark back into your ironing today, but you could be prone to burn holes in your silk pajamas.You could accomplish much ironing in a short time and blow a lot of steam.
Aries’ ironing style: Aries people make a dash into ironing, as if there was no tomorrow. These accident-prone and short-tempered individuals could and will, from time to time, burn themselves and the clothes they are ironing. But their ironing is inspired and fearless. We have found amongst Aries many ironing pioneers, who opened the way for us to follow. Fast workers, but unpredictable.******

TAURUS: Slow but sure ironing Moon today. Don’t let anyone hurry you.  Contemplation of your handy work will prove rewarding. Ideal day to do the ironing close to nature, in a paddock, under the shade of a tree, with your favorite cow.
Taurus’ ironing style: Taurus makes slow-moving ironing individuals, who may test the patience of faster moving types. But their ironing, when finally done, is usually of excellent quality. A drawback is their tendency to fall asleep on the ironing board, or have numerous breaks for protracted morning and afternoon’s tea.

GEMINI: Ironing could be a breeze today, with the slight risk of becoming superficial, skipping the most difficult folds. There may be a lot of talking, but little ironing.
Gemini’s ironing style: Gemini can do a lot of things, including ironing, but often lack the staying power and consistency for best ironing results. A suggestion could be to do something else while ironing: watching tv, doing your email, cross words, computer games come to mind. Or try variety, like socks one minute, bikinis the next etc.

CANCER: When it comes to ironing Baby clothes, booties and maternity bras you cannot beat the Moon in home loving Cancer. You could do the laundry too and, why not, bake some cookies today.
Cancer’s ironing style: perhaps the best Sign for ironing, Cancer has the patience and self-abnegation conducive to better ironing. Cancer’s caring nature will make sure the clothes are also carefully folded and placed in drawers with sprigs of fragrant lavender. But, beware, once they have done the ironing for you they will have you in their pockets.

LEO: Ironing can be a lot of fun today, a creative Moon Leo experience. You may also feel generous and warmhearted and let your loved ones do your ironing!
Leo’s ironing style: these fun-loving people are often too busy having fun to find time for ironing. When they do though their ironing is full of passion and warmth, if a bit slap-dash. On the other hand, Leos make excellent bosses and supervisors in ironing joints and sweat shops, their beaming personality able to inspire even the least willing.

VIRGO: This is the perfect Moon to iron those difficult items, like plaited skirts and parachutes. You could end the day darning old socks in the moon light.
Virgo’s ironing style: Virgo has one of the best ironing reputation of the whole Zodiac; their attention to detail a gift to the ironing community. Because Virgo’s own benchmarks are so high, they may become too critical and nit-picking of others less perfectionist individuals. Not always their standard of excellence meets with adequate reward and acknowledgement.

LIBRA: What to iron, woolen or cottons? It could prove difficult to choose today. Find time to iron together with your sweetheart and watch your love life bloom.
Libra’s ironing style: Libra people love their clothes and their loved ones’ crease-less and elegant at all times. They are known to have high expectations in ironing as in a lot of other matters. When the ideal results are not achieved they may become sorely disappointed. They need to grasp the difference between ideal and real ironing.

SCORPIO: This Moon’s intensity and passion could make your ironing an unforgettable experience today. Share it with someone you can trust.
Scorpio’s ironing style: Scorpio’s brooding nature can find great emotional release in ironing. They will want to try everything, at least once, willing to break personal and social taboos on the ironing board. They will search the depth and achieve the heights of the ironing experience.They are the best people to call upon in an ironing emergency.

SAGITTARIUS: Did you know? Portable irons are now available for busy Sagittarius Moon’s globetrotters, to iron on the run. Make ironing an adventure today.
Sagittarius’ ironing style: Sagittarius’ fiery energy usually prompts its subjects to activities such as climbing the social ladder, traveling, preaching or exploring their own ironing myth. Ironing is often no priority for this restless and gregarious Sign. As in many other things, Sagittarius people tend to promise more ironing than they can actually deliver.

CAPRICORN: with the Moon in business savvy Capricorn you could today transform this age-old hobby into a money-making enterprise. You will iron your way to the top.
Capricorn’s ironing style: Another excellent ironing Sign. Capricorn are ambitious and methodical ironers, always striving to do better and achieve their full ironing potential. They may start ironing at a young age, being more mature than their years, and keep on ironing to a ripe old age. Depressive moods may occasionally mar their ironing performance.

AQUARIUS: A great day to iron with friends and groups of  like-minded people, to encourage cooperation and mutual understanding. Join the ironing revolution!
Aquarius’ ironing style: Aquarians tend to be theoretical ironing individuals. They make great teachers in ironing schools, at all levels, but especially in Adult Education. They are also inventive and technology savvy, and don’t mind to share their knowledge. An old tradition vouches that it was an Aquarian who invented the first iron, perhaps toward the end of the Iron Age.

PISCES: Ironing could be a spiritual experience today. On the other hand you may need to come down to earth for the duration, and actually start ironing, not just waffle about it!
Pisces’ ironing style: These dreamy types, believe it or not, can make sensitive ironers, in touch with the clothes they are ironing and the essence of the people who wear them. But they can also be emotional and moody, not an ideal quality for steady and safe ironing. Visualizing ironing and meditating upon the ironing process could prove more rewarding than its materialistic manifestation.

12 Responses to “HUMOUR”

  1. cjwright Says:

    This is great fun! Thanks for passing it on.

    I hate ironing (Cancer sun) and have gotten very impatient with folding, but I do like some lavender in the drawers.


  2. Tweets that mention HUMOUR « living moon home -- Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by cjwright. cjwright said: Check out Living Moon Astrology's "Ironing by the Moon" for some good giggles. HUMOUR « living moon home […]

  3. Parin Stormlaughter Says:

    Oh my word, this is marvelous! Must share on Twitter via Sharethis right now.

    I’m a Sag ironer. If Extreme Ironing were still taking new members, I’d make a video of me ironing in the midst of a Tea Party rally.

  4. Caitlin Foster Says:

    Hi Paola

    Surfing more around your site and saw this and just HAD to add another comment, if you will permit me. As a Gemini Sun and Pisces ASC, my personal philosophy is I’m too busy reading, researching, surfing the Internet, talking on the phone, writing, etc (all at the same time, of course!) to think about how best to present to the world in my flowing skirts a la hippie era early 1970s. My advice to all is wear linen, which always crushes so you can pretend you ironed it, or silk, which sometimes does and you can pretend ditto!!

    Thanks for this fun vignette. How can I share it with my friends on Facebook? (if I’m allowed to, that is).

    Cheers from Caitlin

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Caitlin, thank you fro your contribution. It should be easy to share any of my posts and articles on Face Book. I am not personally in it, but you can find a share button on top of each post, click that and follow the prompt. I hope it works because I never tried it.
      Ciao for now, and keep on talking (and waring linen or silk). The world needs people like us, or it would be too dam boring…

  5. Caitlin Foster Says:

    Hi Paola

    Me again!! I was reading your most recent posts (excellent, as always) and, as I have been working 16-20 hours a day since Monday 3 January this year to get my website finished and I’m bloody exhausted, clicked on Ironing by the Moon because I know I always get a hearty laugh out of it.

    Thanks for said laugh; it’s always great to release tension from body, mind, soul and spirit by contracting one’s diaphragm in rhythmic movements. I feel SO much better!

    You won’t believe this, yet I swear it’s true. I actually did some ironing last night as I’ve got a meeting this morning and want to look at least half-way respectable. Unfortunately the material was cotton, so of course I was very impatient and just ran the lukewarm iron over it and did not do the job properly. I wanted to rush here to write you a post. What do you expect from a Gemini Sun? Hurry, hurry, hurry …

    Thanks again for your entire website and especially this really great little section. The person who wrote this column is a genius!

    Cheers from Caitlin

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Caitlin, thank you for your bright comment.
      Well I wouldn’t say genius. I wrote myself the Ironing by the Moon post, inspired by some sexist comments made by a male Australian politician, Liberal Tony Abbott, before our last federal elections.
      I am glad someone like them.
      Cheers, Paola Emma

      • Caitlin Foster Says:

        Hi Paola

        You are too modest, Cancer Sun. Can you share with us which sexist comments exactly Tony Abbott made which inspired you to write Ironing by the Moon? As pretty much every comment Tony Abbott makes is sexist, or offensive in some other way, I can’t think immediately off the top of my head what he said about ironing per se. As I detest that man with a passion (I disliked his predecessor John Howard even more), I’m not surprised Tony Abbott got you steaming! If you don’t have time – or can’t remember yourself – don’t waste your time replying. As Tony Abbott has such a major case of ‘foot-in-mouth’ disease, he’s bound to say something offensive on some (or many) subject(s) soon enough.

        Cheers from Caitlin

      • Living Moon Astrology Says:

        Hi Caitlin, you are right about getting me steaming, considering that since I was a child I considered the job of ironing hideous, a sort of torture many women of my mother’s generation were subjected to, and from which women of my generation (I am 60 this year) have partly managed to escape.
        I never iron. Washing all my clothes by hand (no washing machine in the wilderness), I simply hung them when dripping wet. And, voila’, they end up sort of OK, not to my mum’s standards, I am sure, but good enough for mine.
        I actually remember the comment that sparked me. It had actually to do with ironing. Here are a few web pages addresses that commented about the opposition leader’s ironing comments at the time:
        Here instead is the address of a short-lived blog I designed with a friend, just for the fun of it, in occasion of the federal elections. You may find it amusing:
        I am rather proud of the artwork. Like the Ironing by the Moon, my own creation.
        Thank you for your lively comment.
        Let’s say no to ironing, unless it is extreme ironing, a sport I discovered while searching for suitable ironing pictures. It is worth looking it up on the net.
        Cheers, Paola Emma

  6. Robertha Walters Says:

    True ironing comments. My son who is a true Capricorn… December 30, started ironing early. Held the iron to his face to test the heat and burnt himself, today that long mark is still prominent on his cheek. He is still ironing his shirts, crispy white shirts for the office and ironing his way up the corporate ladder. Now I can make sense of it all. Thank you for your comments haven’t been here for awhile but you are always right on.

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