360 degrees in the making:

Paola Emma’s reflections on the Sabian symbols

I have used throughout the original images transmitted in 1925

by psychic Elsie Wheeler to astrologer Marc Edmund Jones.

These writings, like all ‘readings’ of the Sabian symbols, are a bit of an indulgence really, because, trying to rationalize and make sense of an image, we run the risk of dis-empowering it.

We could do well to always remember to take in the image first, letting the psyche process it in its own non-rational way. Only afterwards read the writings or thoughts, mine and others, or attempt to verbalize your own discoveries.

Most important of all it is to observe how the sunrise degree image resonates with our individual experience of the day in question. Only then perhaps we may begin to penetrate the mystery of the Sabian symbols. Elsie Wheeler’s 1925 visions are to me one of many ways I’m becoming more aware of synchronicity, even when I am far from understanding all that this strange phenomenon implies.

To me personally these ‘readings’ are also a sort of exercise in uninhibited writing, following the organic flow of my thoughts and feelings, unhindered by the more linear habit of thinking that often stifles my creativity. Not quite ‘stream of consciousness’ writing yet; perhaps one day.

The Readings below cover all Sagittarius and Capricorn’s degrees, plus degrees 0 to 23 of Aquarius and degrees 18 to 30 of Scorpio. I have interrupted these reading a while ago. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue with them in the near future.

I am preparing a bibliography of recommended reading on the Sabian Symbols and other systems of degree symbology. When ready it will be linked to this page.

23 degree of Aquarius – A big bear sitting down and waving all its paws.

22 degree of Aquarius – A rug placed on the floor for children to play on

21 degree of Aquarius – A woman disappointed and disillusioned

20 degree of Aquarius – A big white dove, a message bearer

19 degree of Aquarius – A forest fire quenched

18 degree of Aquarius – A man unmasked

17 degree of Aquarius – A watchdog standing guard

16 degree of Aquarius – A big business man at his desk

15 degree of Aquarius – Two lovebirds sitting on a fence

14 degree of Aquarius – A train entering a tunnel

13 degree of Aquarius – A barometer

12 degree of Aquarius – People on stairs graduated upwards

11 degree of Aquarius – A man tête-a-tête with his own inspiration

10 degree of Aquarius – A popularity that proves ephemeral

9 degree of Aquarius – A flag turned into an eagle

8 degree of Aquarius – Beautifully gowned wax figures

7 degree of Aquarius – A child born of an eggshell

6 degree of Aquarius – A performer of a mystery play

5 degree of Aquarius – A council of ancestors

4 degree of Aquarius – A Hindu healer

3 degree of Aquarius – A deserter from the navy

2 degree of Aquarius – An unexpected thunderstorm

1 degree of Aquarius – An old adobe mission

Capricorn’ Sabian Symbols, from 30 to 1 degree.

30 degree of Capricorn – Directors of a large firm meet in secret conference

29 degree of Capricorn – A woman reading tea leaves

28 degree of Capricorn – A large aviary

27 degree of Capricorn – A mountain pilgrimage

26 degree of Capricorn – A water sprite***

25 degree of Capricorn – An oriental rug dealer

24 degree of Capricorn – A woman entering a convent

23 degree of Capricorn – Two awards for bravery in war (intercepted degree between two sunrises in 2012)

22 degree of Capricorn – A general accepting defeat gracefully

21 degree of Capricorn – A relay race

20 degree of Capricorn – A hidden choir singing

19 degree of Capricorn – A child of about five with a huge shopping bag

18 degree of Capricorn – The Union Jack flies from a new British destroyer

17 degree of Capricorn – A girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude

16 degree of Capricorn – Boys and girls in gymnasium suits

15 degree of Capricorn – Many toys in the children ward of a hospital

14 degree of Capricorn – An ancient bas-relief carved in granite

13 degree of Capricorn – A Fire worshipper

12 degree of Capricorn – A student of nature lecturing

11 degree of Capricorn – Pheasants display their brilliant colours on a vast lawn

10 degree of Capricorn – An albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor

9 degree of Capricorn – An angel carrying a harp

8 degree of Capricorn – Birds in the house singing happily

7 degree of Capricorn – A veiled prophet of power

6 degree of Capricorn – A dark archway and ten logs at the bottom

5 degree of Capricorn – Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance

4 degree of Capricorn – A party entering a large canoe

3 degree of Capricorn – The human soul receptive to growth and understanding

2 degree of Capricorn – Three stained-glass windows, one damaged by bombardment

1 degree of Capricorn – An Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe

Sagittarius’ Sabian Symbols, from 30 to 1 degree.

30 degree of Sagittarius – The Pope blessing the faithful

29 degree of Sagittarius – A fat boy mowing the lawn

28 degree of Sagittarius – An old bridge over a beautiful stream

27 degree of Sagittarius – The sculptor’s vision is taking form

26 degree of Sagittarius – A flag-bearer in a battle

25 degree of Sagittarius – A chubby boy on a hobby horse

24 degree of Sagittarius – A bluebird standing at the door of the house

23 degree of Sagittarius – Immigrants entering a new country

22 degree of Sagittarius – A Chinese laundry

21 degree of Sagittarius – A child and a dog with borrowed eyeglasses

20 degree of Sagittarius – People cutting through ice, for summer use

19 degree of Sagittarius – Pelicans, disturbed by people, move their habitat

18 degree of Sagittarius – Tiny children in sunbonnets

17 degree of Sagittarius – An Easter sunrise service

16 degree of Sagittarius – Sea gulls watching a ship

15 degree of Sagittarius – The groundhog looking for its shadow

14 degree of Sagittarius – The Pyramid and the Sphinx

13 degree of Sagittarius – A widow’s past brought to light

12 degree of Sagittarius – A flag that turns into an eagle that crows

11 degree of Sagittarius – The lamp of physical enlightenment at the left temple

10 degree of Sagittarius – A stage symbolization of the Goddess of Opportunity

09 degree of Sagittarius – A mother with her children on stairs

08 degree of Sagittarius – Rocks and things forming therein

07 degree of Sagittarius – Cupid knocking at the door

06 degree of Sagittarius – A game of cricket

05 degree of Sagittarius – An old owl up in a tree

04 degree of Sagittarius – A little child learning to walk

03 degree of Sagittarius – Two men playing chess

02 Sagittarius – The ocean covered in whitecaps

01 Sagittarius – A grand army of the republic campfire

Scorpio’ Sabian Symbols, from 30 to 18 degree, incomplete.

30 degree of Scorpio – the Halloween Jester

29 degrees of Scorpio – An Indian woman pleading to the chief for the lives of her children

28 degrees of Scorpio – The King of the Fairies approaching his domain

27 degrees of Scorpio – A military band on the march

26 degrees of Scorpio – Indians making camp

25 degrees of Scorpio -An X Ray

24 degrees of Scorpio -Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man

23 degrees Scorpio – A rabbit metamorphosd into a fairy

22 degrees Scorpio – Hunters starting out for ducks

21 degrees Scorpio – A soldier derelict in his duties

20 degrees Scorpio – A woman drawing two dark curtains aside

19 degrees Scorpio – A parrot listening and then talking

18 degrees Scorpio – A wood rich in autumn colouring

5 Responses to “SABIANS”

  1. chefjemichel Says:

    Thank You for the presence of the symbols as well as your thoughts about them! I have deep affinity with them and therefor now feel willing to contemplate them before reading the interpretations as I have habitually been doing since my first introduction to them a few decades ago!
    In Gratitude –

  2. Cat Says:

    Hello, are there interpretations for the other degrees, specifically in Cancer and Leo?

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Catherine, I am sorry but there are no other interpretations by me, yet. Life has taken over creative work in the last two years with Saturn steadily and repeatedly squaring my Mercury Mars conjunct in Gemini and now finally aligning with my natal Chiron on the last degree of Sagittarius and shortly squaring my Sun in very early Cancer. These last transits will be occurring only once, so I hope 2018 will be a freer period for me to return to the Sabians. I have in the mean time began some digital artwork with the Sabian degrees as inspiration. I may soon published the first one on my site. Thank you for your interest in my work, deeply appreciated feedback, Paola Emma

  3. Ilknur Yoruk Says:

    Hello, I hope you are fine and all goes well with you. I wish you had continued your work on interpreting the sabian symbols. The ones I read were great. Thank you, be well.

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Thank you very much, Ilknur, I’m afraid I let life take over inspiration for a while now. I can see the beginning of a rainbow and I will love to continue with my Sabian interpretations. Thanks again for your support, much appreciated, Paola Emma

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