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The Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen makes a fascinating sky story, starting with the last pass of the historical conjunction of Jupiter to Chiron in Aquarius (exact on December 7, opening day!!!); and ending with the last pass of the Jupiter conjunction to Neptune, also in Aquarius. This last transit will become exact just three days (December 21) after the Conference’s ending (December 18). A Sagittarius New Moon aligned to the longitude of the Galactic Centre will also concur with the latter event.

Astrologers, all over the world, count on these cosmic alignments to generate a positive outcome for this Summit.

Astrologers don’t pick the dates of historical events such as this, but certainly whoever chose them is unknowingly prompted by more than logical reasons and practical considerations. When it comes to events that will affect, for good or ill, the lives of millions, Astrology never fails to deliver amazing archetypal portraits of the situation. Our Art can give us an almost immediate insight on the underlying currents of every situation, and the possible direction these currents may take us.

Jupiter is here obviously acting as a giant catalyst, bringing the energies of Neptune and Chiron to a focus, and greatly expanding their effects. Jupiter is also performing the task of bringing to life, few months in advance, the conjunction of Neptune and Chiron to each other, which will become exact only in 2010.

The process is not easy though, because contacts with Chiron always entail suffering and difficulties one has to learn to accept and live with. The role of Chiron is, I feel, to bridge the distance between our down to earth experiences and sense of reality (Saturn) and our future aspirations and directions (Uranus). This is a precarious bridge at the best of time, needing constant work to become stronger and more secure. Copenhagen seems to be an opportunity to build more of this bridge, but perhaps it is premature to hope to finish its construction, over these few available days. The fact that Neptune awaits Jupiter at the end of the Conference seems to indicate to me that a lot of the outcome will be of an inspirational and idealistic nature, rather than clear programs and cut backs, promises perhaps more than commitments.


Climate-Change-3SUNRISE in COPENHAGEN, DECEMBER 7, 2009

As I stated in my article in issue 26, March 2009 of The Art of Healing about the Aquarian alignment:

There may be a marked general feeling of hope and the strong belief that things are improving. There is a catch though: excessive idealism and lack of practicality. We need to take care that wishful thinking and excessive confidence are not clouding our judgement. On the other hand, it would be regrettable not to acknowledge the beauty of the dream, the universal understanding and healing that the union of those planets portends. It would be to miss a unique opportunity to rise to new heights, for all of us.

Jupiter (called Guru in Vedic Astrology) represents the human urge to search for meaning and to envision a better future; while Neptune is the planet of the Third Eye and Universal Compassion, opening channels for us between conscious and unconscious dimensions. And Chiron is the Wounded Healer, a powerful symbol of the fact that true healing can come only from a personal and profound experience of suffering.

The energies of these three Planets acting in unison will be filtered through the substance of Aquarius, the Sign of democratic reform, human cooperation, science and technology. Astrologers cannot help feeling that this is a good sign to improve human cooperation and create strong links of friendship amongst people of different race, belief or culture’.

And in issue 27, June 2009:A benign face of this astrological period is represented by Jupiter’s conjunctions to Chiron and Neptune.

Despite the dire collective situation, seen from a practical and down to earth standpoint (Saturn was still in Virgo), this airy and lofty Aquarian emphasis could work like a magic charm, helping to dispel excessive worries and encouraging us to look up rather than down to find solutions to our quandaries. A willingness to reform and to help our fellow men could be very strong. Aquarius is the Humanitarian Sign which, through dispassion and knowledge, helps to emphasize our common human heritage, rather than our cultural and religious differences.

Jupiter is positively placed in Aquarius even when on its own. Its closeness to Chiron and Neptune strengthens, deepens and refines the outgoing energy of Jupiter, putting greater emphasis on compassion and healing, qualities the world needs very badly at present.’


And in issue 28, October 2009: ‘The triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron will be exact again, for the last time, between December 2009 and January 2010. These conjunctions have permeated the whole of 2009, helping to raise our spirits during the global financial crisis. At the time of writing (early June 2009) Obama has been visiting Egypt to show a friendly hand to Palestinians and Muslims in general, making historical speeches of reconciliation. He is also campaigning to have Guantanamo Bay shut by the end of 2009, a brave move, hopefully coinciding with the last pass of the Aquarian conjunction, in December’.

I didn’t know then that a global Summit on Climate Change was to be held in Copenhagen in December 2009, another one of those striking example of astrological synchronicity.

All these events exemplify to me the progressive spirit of the Aquarian conjunction, with its idealism and humanitarian principles, as well as the downside of the same, as chimerical hopes of easy solutions, and social/political naivety. Obama himself has Ascendant and Jupiter in Aquarius and became officially President at the time of his Jupiter’s return in early Aquarius, in January 2009, while his Moon’s South Node, part of his ‘axe of destiny’ is conjunct the historical conjunction Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in late Aquarius.

Neptune can embellish every picture, but has the potential of being also deceptive, elusive and unrealistic. Jupiter on his part tends to exaggerate, usually accentuating the promising parts rather than the problematic issues. Finally mysterious Chiron portends the potential for collective healing of old wounds or, negatively, karmic illnesses. Chiron is physically and symbolically the go-between the known world (Saturn boundary) and the Uranian vision of a new world, forever reminding us of the painful limitations of our human condition (Saturn), while igniting the spark of our godlike genius (Uranus).

We see a Jupiter conjunct Neptune every twelve years or so, not a rare event, after all. But we experience a triple conjunction Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron only once in a while, the last in 1945, at the end of World War Two, when it certainly helped the healing, while many of the promises of what the world will be after the war were not kept . Even rarer is the same triple conjunction in the same zodiacal position, Aquarius, which occurred the last time in 1843. This was a period very close to the ‘discovery’ of Neptune in 1846, considered historically, philosophically and literarily an idealistic era. Many proletarian, grass root revolutions also started then (Marx’s Communist Manifesto was published in 1848). On the religious front it was a messianic period, when many Christians awaited the second coming and the advent of a new world order of peace and enlightenment.

Similar hopes in a redeeming time ahead are alive and well in 2009. We may at times feel we need a Saviour or a miracle to overcome the huge obstacles ahead of us; but hope alone will not save our troubled world.’


A negative side effect of this multiple conjunction could be that, if the Aquarian aspirations cannot find fulfilment at some practical level, a rebellious and self righteous attitude may be the outcome for many. The blessings of Jupiter are often mixed with the woes of discontent and frustration, if opportunities for expansion are not readily available. Moderation is a useful word to remember when Jupiter is strongly activated.

Global Civil Disobedience events in the Campaign for Climate Action have been already planned by many groups for November 30 (with the Taurus Moon squaring the Mars-Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune opposition), and again on December 12 (with the Balsamic Moon in Scorpio), in the middle of the Copenhagen talks.

The conjunction is creating a great momentum for change that will not be easily quashed. Together with the retrogradation of Mars in Leo this promises that tempers will rise quite a bit, especially in the aftermath of the Summit. There is indeed some risk of violence, not just because of Mars’ doings, but because a somewhat dangerous conjunction Mercury/Pluto will be exact on opening day too (see next post for details).

More on the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit in my next post, considering in particular the role of the Lunation cycle.

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