Tonga versus Krakatoa

Russian Meteorite Blast February 15, 2013



Japan’s Earthquake 2011, 1

Japan’s Earthquake 2011, 2

Japan’s Earthquake 2011, 3

Japan’s Earthquake 2011, 4







Tibetan Earthquake 2

Tibetan Earthquake 1



Haiti’s earthquake, post 1

Haiti’s earthquake, post 2

Haiti’s earthquake, post 3

Haiti’s earthquake, post 4

Haiti’s earthquake, post 5

Haiti’s earthquake, post 6



Chile’s earthquake, post 1

Chile’s earthquake, post 2

Chile’s earthquake, post 3


2011 Durban Climate Change Summit

2010 Australia’s Carbon Tax

2010 Agreement on Tasmania’s Old Growth Forest

Great Barrier Reef Oil Spill

The Andromeda Ship chained to a rock and Antares rising with the Moon – April 2010



2010 Cancun Climate Change Summit 1

2010 Cancun Climate Change Summit 2

2010 Cancun Climate Change summit 3



Copenhagen, post 1

Copenhagen, post 2

Copenhagen, post 3

Copenhagen, post 4

Copenhagen, post 5

Copenhagen, post 6


2 Responses to “ECO-NATURE EVENTS”

  1. Beth Says:

    Hi Paola, wondering if you’ve heard of what’s being called a red dwarf star – Elenin. My husband has done a lot of reading and research about it. It is fast approaching earth and as it moves closer it is alledged to be the cause of the earth changes that are being experienced with bigger events to come – although it’s not said where. Mercury and venus are part of the alignments. September the 27th, October 17 an November 5 are dates which have been named as major alignment dates. I don’t know that much about it but feel quite concerned. Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts about this planet. It shows on the nasa website. You can also google project avalon forum. there’s stuff on that too. Has it come up in your research?

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Beth, thank you for contacting me.
      I am not expert, but what I know about Elenin is that it is not a red dwarf but rather a ‘non periodic’ comet that will transit, at its closest point, 90 times the Earth-Moon distance from us, therefore posing no threat to us.
      In my humble opinion Elenin, as a lot of other doomsday pseudo-scientific news, is a symptom of humanity unease with our present circumstances; the loss of our moral compass and the strong feeling that we will have to accept enormous changes in our collective behavior and lifestyle to restore a degree of physical health to the planet and psychological health to us.
      Armageddon is already upon us; we don’t need Elenin or Nabiru. We have global warming threatening thousands of species with extinction; we have the destruction of the last ancient forests, a real doomsday news; we are collectively rather indifferent to the plight of millions.
      With all our knowledge and intelligence we still resort to war to solve our differences, and now we do it with ever more sophisticated and destructive weapons. People are everywhere persecuted for their race, beliefs, gender or sexual preferences.
      The world is indeed full of injustice and horrors. Greed is rampant and affects all aspects of society. Suicide rate is mounting in developed countries, with children losing their will to live at an earlier age than ever before.
      Perhaps taking personal responsibility for all this, rather than searching for the cause of disaster in outer space or ancient stone calenders, could be the start of a new global consciousness and healing.
      This is only my opinion though. It is certainly not impossible, but in fact in the realm of real possibilities, that one day the Earth will be violently struck by a space rock, that could cause a shift of the axis and the end of life as we know it. These sorts of things happened to the planet in the past and will happen again. It is in fact only a question of time. Nothing lasts for ever; life on Earth will not be an exception. But we don’t have any proof, apart from doomsday theories, that such an impact is imminent.
      Cheers, Paola

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