Eclipsed Full Moon in Gemini and talking, talking, talking …

Just before the Lunar Eclipse of December 10/11 I wrote about the Gemini Full Moon being one for talking, expressing feelings and ideas in words; the Mercurial way to connect.

Here is a link to my previous post on the Gemini Lunar Eclipse.

The idea then was to speak your mind, if you need to, your truth, your vision, if you can, with as many people as possible. The combination Gemini Moon-Sagittarius Sun is the perfect alchemy for great story telling and mythologizing.

But what if there isn’t anyone to talk to? Your laptop and mobile’s batteries are flat and you find yourself in an isolated camp site in the rain forest? You can still pencil your thoughts on the back of a piece of bark, I suppose, but even better you can start the wonderful and very serious business of talking to yourself, a forgotten art that merits to be revived, especially at the time of such an Eclipse. The communication himp needs to find novel ways to speak its mind, hopefully without imploding catastrophically, nervous breakdown and all.

In the dark, the other night, sitting by the veges patch, a black and white cat on my lap (embodying well the dark and light sides of the event unfolding above us) I realized that for me, at that moment, communication was not taking place with another human being, it was still taking place though, telepathically with Charlie, the Cat, and inwardly with myself.

So, to the many amongst my readers who are finding themselves alone at this crucial ‘talking’ time I would suggest to speak to yourself, perhaps engaging in a dialogue with the Planetary Energy/ies more active and powerful in your life at this crucial moment. I am right now having a good talk to Uranus, one that, I hope, will bring some fruitful changes into my life as a person and as a student-teacher of Astrology.

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