Mars in Sagittarius, August 3 to September 27 2016

'Parsifal' by Jeanne Delville

‘Parsifal’ by Jeanne Delville

MARS re-entered Sagittarius on August 3, at 3.49 am after. It took a long time!

Mars entered Sagittarius earlier, on March 6 2016. The Stationary-Retro period began on April 17, between the 8th and 9th degree of Sagittarius. Mars then re-entered Scorpio on May 28; it became Stationary-Direct on June 28, on the 23rd degree of Scorpio, and Direct on July First, leaving Scorpio for good only on August 3.

Mars direct in Sagittarius (August-September 27) could propel many of us into new adventures, physical and of the mind. Time to explore, travel, learn, take risks, get into action, especially if you were born a Fire Sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and/or the other Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces). Also the other Air Signs (Aquarius, Libra) could find great stimulation from this transit.

The risk would be to overdue it, to stretch to the limit our inner and outer resources, thus becoming ineffectual and un-grounded. Beware also of the self-righteous, holier than you attitude that could be fanned by this transit of Mars.

Mars will form some difficult angles with Chiron in Pisces (square on August 16), with Saturn (conjunction on August 24), with Neptune (square on August 26), with the Lunar Nodes (square on August 30). At these times we could all take extra caution, curbing impulsiveness and avoiding energy dissipating confrontations.

Mercury and Venus in Leo, July 2016: a ‘Warm Fuzzy” to everyone

Go-Away-Black-Bird Kathleen

‘Go away Black Bird’ by Kathleen Lolley

Mercury and Venus are now transiting Leo. Venus entered this Fire Sign on July 12 and Mercury will enter Leo a bit later today, July 14. Mercury will transit Leo until the end of July and Venus until August 6. The two will actually become perfectly aligned on July 17, both rising before the Sun, both Morning Stars together, yet too close to the Sun to be visible.

The Sun is also due to enter Leo in a few days time (July 23) and transit there until August 23. Hopefully this Leo crowd could help us to feel more warm, optimistic, creative, spontaneous and generous in the coming days; also less emotional and caught up in domestic worries and emotional turmoil (recent transits through Cancer).

Mercury and Venus have a lot in common, more in fact that we usually imagine: Venus being usually defined as the Goddess of Love and Pleasure, while Mercury is said to rule the Intellect and Reason, two apparently very distinct areas of experience.

These two are the Inner Planets, the only celestial bodies moving within the Earth’s orbit. We could say that they are ‘up close and personal’ to all of us, very much affecting our character and destiny throughout life, depending on their position, their mutual relationship and the way they relate to all the other planets in the Birth Chart.

One way to better perceive the similarities between Mercury and Venus is to visualize them as respectively the God of communication and all forms of exchange (Mercury) and the Goddess presiding over all forms of relationship and attraction. This way we could notice less the conflict between reason (Mercury) and feeling (Venus), realizing more their profound secret connection in our lives.

When Mercury and Venus transit the same Sign we are offered a great opportunity to harmonize reason and feeling, the way we communicate our ideas and the way we share our feelings with others, sensual and/or aesthetic love with intellectual affinities etc.

Leo is a Sign of great vitality and power, these qualities reflecting on these two planet during the remaining of July and early August.

This month love and talking, if not big, spontaneous or dramatic, may not feel worth the effort! We can all shine a bit brighter during this double passage through Leo, tapping into the inexhaustible fire energy of the Sun, source of  joy and creativity (the Sun being the ‘ruler’ of Leo and soon in this Sign too).

Leo is the Sign of childhood, naturally exuberant and self-centered. Mercury and Venus in this Sign can show us how to enjoy every moment of our lives, the way children can, because they are completely absorbed in what they do. This could be an ideal time then to get in touch with the child within, to enjoy fun and games and all activities performed for the joy of it, rather than any utilitarian or practical reason. Like children we could look upon our creations, affections, conversations as an expression of spirit.

The Waxing Moon transits Libra from 10 to 13 of July 2016, during the First Quarter Phase

Kore by Brian Fisher

Kore by Brian Fisher


LIBRA, Moon of justice and harmony
Cooperative and artistic

From July 10, 6.32 pm, to July 13, 6.52 am

Suitable energy for sharing, decorating, being artistic, holding meeting, conflict resolution, diplomatic missions, weddings, engagements, parties, gifts, fantasy reading, falling in love, hairdressing, making oneself beautiful. Purchase of articles of clothing, cosmetics, furnishings, flowers, jewellery, art equipment. Action motivated by the desire to meet others half way, to be fair, to agree and harmonize. Amiable display of feeling, seeking equality, idealistic, cooperative. Beware of indecisiveness, lack of assertion, wishy-washy attitudes, peace at any cost syndrome, vanity, self indulgence.

♣ ♣ ♣ In the garden Libra, unlike the other two Air Signs, Aquarius and Gemini, is traditionally considered fertile and productive. Being a Sign of Venus, goddess of pleasure and beauty, Libra is an ideal Sign to sow and transplant flowering plants and ornamental, and also herbs which help to balance the Elements in the body. Libra encourages bloom, but few seeds.

 ♥ ♥ ♥ Healing Herbs:Corn Silk, Parsley, Uva ursi

A note: the garden activities associated with the Moon Sign depend also on the cycle the Moon is in. The Moon transiting through a fertile or productive Sign will no be so favorable if the Phase is not a productive one, and vice-versa. For best results the Sign and Phase of the Moon have to be considered together.


First Quarter Moon Phase AnimationFirst Quarter

The Moon is now 90 degrees ahead of the Sun, a right angle, very powerful. We meet some serious obstacle on our way. The goal is still strongly in view (Full Moon) but something or someone seem intent at stopping us or hinder our progress. This is the most critical point in the waxing period. It is important that we meet the challenge now, but it is also essential that we don’t go to war with people around us, blaming them for our difficulties, which are instead just a natural phase of our journey. There is something a bit black and white in this Moon’s position and the attention is perhaps focused too much on outside circumstances.

♣ ♣ ♣ In the garden this is the demarcation time between the first and second weeks of the Moon cycle, an important boundary, because different types of plants can now go in, those we grow for their fruit or seedpods (tomatoes, beans etc.). The Moon needs also to be transiting a fertile or productive Sign.

Mars turns Direct, end of June 2016: sowing the Dragon’s teeth

Sowing the Dragon's Teeth by Brian Fisher

Sowing the Dragon’s Teeth by Brian Fisher

We should congratulate ourselves if we are still here and in one piece after the harrowing period of Mars Retrogradation (April 17 to  June 28). From the blazing Fire of Sagittarius to the deep Waters of Scorpio, as I put it in my previous post on the Retrogradation of Mars.

Now we are going to retrace our steps, hopefully with a new awareness of how to direct our desire-energy and basic instincts (Mars) into constructive rather than destructive or self-destructive attitudes.

Mars will slowly transit the remaining degrees of Scorpio (from 26th to 30th) in the month of July and early August, finally re-entering Sagittarius on August 3.

When moving in direct motion Mars is actually well placed in Scorpio, his own Sign (according to the old tradition), providing experiences and insights to become aware of the palpable effect of our will and personal power in shaping events in our lives.

With Mars retro in Scorpio we have been forced to go deep to confront inner and outer demons, to feel more intensely anger and resentment, going to the roots causes of problems, if we had enough courage to look at them dispassionately. A big ask because Scorpio is a Sign of  emotional involvement, not innately detached and objective.

Negatively during a Mars’ Retro period personal and collective hurt simmer below the surface in search of some emotional release and often finds it.  The Brexit is an example of it, with people, now that the retrogradation is over, asking themselves what prompted them to take such a radical and irrevocable decision, one they already feel they may regret.

Positively this Retro period of Mars could have helped us transform our natures for the better, finding more mature ways to manage inner, unexpressed, frustrated, resentful anger and also better, more constructive ways to handle external conflicts.

Weather Astrology, early June 2016 Astrology is a very ancient branch of our Art. I have studied the Charts of major natural and man-made events in the past, but I could not call myself an expert in this complex field of Astrology. I can though recognize a dramatic pattern when I see one!

The weather events of the last few days, torrential rains and gale force winds, not just on the East coast of Australia but in many different climate regions around the world, have been a reminder of how uncannily accurate the planetary transits can be.

This week has in fact been awash with alignments to Neptune (the Water and Tempest God = king tides and floods), sorely tried by transits of Saturn (difficulties, hard work, grief), amplified by the transits of Jupiter (the energy of exaggeration and increase).

The most visually dramatic the Mutable Grand Cross involving all the above with the Sun conjunct Moon and Venus on New Moon day (June 5).

On June 7, around sunrise, we can celebrate the yearly conjunction of Sun to Venus, with the latter accelerating on the Sun and beginning to set after the Sun to eventually  become visible as the Evening Star in July. Click HERE for a post of this transit of Venus. 

Here is the Horoscope of the Gemini New Moon event where the dynamics described above can be clearly seen in the prominent square and associated crosses in the middle, four 90 degrees angles linking Sun, Venus, the Moon, the Lunar Nodes, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.

Gemini New Moon June 5 2016

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The Waning Moon transits Aries from May 31 to June 2, 2016, in the Last Quarter Phase


Divine Shepherdess


ARIES, Moon of initiative and action
Energetic and fiery


From May 29, 11.09 am, to June 2, 12.46 pm

Suitable energy for taking on challenges, participating in competitions, performing daring feats, arduous exercises, physical work, to begin new ventures, or to perform action for its own sake. Purchase of sporting gear, protective gear, hats, tools, stoves, firewood, machinery, cars, bikes, leather objects. The mood is decisive, enterprising, impulsive, militant, spirited, visionary. Honest, direct expression of feelings, strong instinct, but somewhat insensitive. Beware of emotional extremes, head strong, bossy, uncompromising attitudes, lack of empathy, antagonism, aggression, selfishness.

IntheGardengreen_thumb.jpgIn the garden Aries is traditionally considered too hot, dry and barren for growing anything. Its energy is very suitable instead for cultivating, general maintenance, pruning, pest control, weeding, and harvesting. Plants sown with the Moon in Aries will soon go to seed, due to this Sign’s notorious impatience. Suitable only for early crops.

HealingHerbs_thumb.jpgHealing Herbs: Burdock, Gotu Kola, Red Clover.

 A note: the garden activities associated with the Moon Sign depend also on the cycle the Moon is in. The Moon transiting through a fertile or productive Sign will no be so favorable if the Phase is not a productive one, and vice-versa. For best results the Sign and Phase of the Moon have to be considered together.


7 Last Quarter to Balsamic fastLast Quarter

If the First Quarter presented us with external challenges to overcome in order to achieve the goal promised by the Full Moon, at the Last Quarter we feel that whatever bar our progress is within us and not without. We can now take responsibility for our life and circumstances. The battle needs to be fought with oneself and not other people. Both Quarters are crucial times that suggest division and strife, but while at the First Quarter we could find refuge in the illusion that the cause of all the problems was someone or something else, now we can clearly see how we contribute to whatever crisis we may be experiencing. The Moon is now 90 degrees behind the Sun, another right angle. The friction generated by the inner dialogue could be very creative if you don’t let it depress you.

IntheGardengreen_thumb.jpgIn the garden we should stop all sowing and planting, and concentrate on soil conditioning and cultivation. Suitable energy also for harvesting and getting rid of unwanted weeds and pests.

The Waning Moon will transit Aquarius between April 29 and May 2 2016

Moon in AquariusAQUARIUS, Moon of knowledge and dispassion
Friendly and eccentric

Suitable energy to make individual choices, to work in groups, to be with friends, to become aware of social issues, to change attitudes, share ideas, do the old thing in a new way, research, understand, study, teach, technology, Astrology, the Net, the unexpected, encounters with strangers or strange, eccentric people, UFO sighting. Purchase of books, encyclopedias, computer programs, computers, technology, electrical appliances. Action motivated by the desire to participate without losing one’s own individuality. Friendly, contained display of feeling, somewhat distant. Beware of coldness, indifference, emotional isolation, cynicism, impracticality, physical inhibitions.

IntheGardengreen_thumb.jpgIn the garden Aquarius is considered too dry and barren for growing anything, but Pine Trees (?). Its energy is suitable for cultivating, general maintenance, pruning, pest control, weeding, harvesting. A ‘work day’ or other group activities in the garden will be ideal.

HealingHerbs_thumb.jpgHealing Herbs: Chamomile, Skullcap, Valerian.

A note: the garden activities associated with the Moon Sign depend also on the cycle the Moon is in. The Moon transiting through a fertile or productive Sign will no be so favorable if the Phase is not a productive one, and vice-versa. For best results the Sign and Phase of the Moon have to be considered together.


7 Last Quarter to Balsamic fastLast Quarter

If the First Quarter presented us with external challenges to overcome in order to achieve the goal promised by the Full Moon, at the Last Quarter we feel that whatever bar our progress is within us and not without. We can now take responsibility for our life and circumstances. The battle needs to be fought with oneself and not other people. Both Quarters are crucial times that suggest division and strife, but while at the First Quarter we could find refuge in the illusion that the cause of all the problems was someone or something else, now we can clearly see how we contribute to whatever crisis we may be experiencing. The Moon is now 90 degrees behind the Sun, another right angle. The friction generated by the inner dialogue could be very creative if you don’t let it depress you.

IntheGardengreen_thumb.jpgIn the garden we should stop all sowing and planting, and concentrate on soil conditioning and cultivation. Suitable energy also for harvesting and getting rid of unwanted weeds and pests.


2016’s First Taurus Sunrise Rainbow Horoscope, April 20


The Sun is now transiting the Fixed Earth Sign of TAURUS.  The Sun will transit Taurus until May 21, 0.36 am (AEST), when he will enter GEMINI.

Living Moon Astrology Everyday Sunrise Rainbow Horoscope & Data

Sunrise Sun’s Degree on April 20, 2016

TAURUS 00°11’26”


First Decan of Taurus (portion of 10°): TAURUS/TAURUS
First Dwad of Taurus (portion of 02° 30′):

(my Dwad Table)

The times given are Australian Eastern Standard Time (=10 hours East of Greenwich). Click HERE to change it into your own Time Zone.
Sunrise Horoscope April 20 2016

click to view larger image


Sunrise Horoscope Data April 20 2016

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The Aries Equinox in the midst of the first Eclipse season of 2016

Statue of Zeus  - alias Jupiter- in the Bernini Fountain in Piazza Navona - Rome

Statue of Zeus – alias Jupiter- from the Bernini Fountain in Piazza Navona – Rome

Hi, the following is an extended version of an article published in the Uki Village News.

In Australia and NZ the 2016 Aries Equinox fell on March 20, opening the astrological autumn in the midst of an Eclipse Season. The Lunar Eclipse, at the Libra Full Moon of March 23, was very much a mirror reflection of the one we witnessed in September 2015, with Sun and Moon in opposite Signs. This mirroring effect could be found as well all over the Chart of the Equinox. The Equinox itself is always a time when the world strives to find equilibrium between Dark and Light, the Earth illumined in the same measure on both hemispheres; a time during which we are more inclined to reflect on our relationships, what we project on others and others project on us, an opportunity to see more clearly the dynamics of these projections.

The major actors at play at the time of both the Equinox and Eclipse, and thus remaining active for the duration of the whole season are Jupiter and Saturn, planets respectively of expansion and contraction, during this period fighting for supremacy in our personal lives and in the world at large.

Jupiter and Saturn are astrological counterparts of each other. Jupiter is calling for growth, increase, with future development and life improvement in mind, manifesting as hopeful optimism; while Saturn stands for our self-limiting tendencies, manifesting as careful realism or, negatively, fear of the future based on negative past experiences.  These two are at 90 degrees angle to each other, an ongoing transit, repeating this season while Jupiter is still moving retro in Virgo (the first pass of the same transit was in early August 2015 and the last will be at the end of May).  Jupiter enthusiasm and confidence are already somewhat stifled by the Sign this planet is in, Virgo being by nature a careful and realistic Sign. This doesn’t signify anything negative ‘per se’, but simply means that the planet is placed in a Sign not ideal to express the more open side of its energy. Saturn, on the other hand, is transiting Sagittarius, a Sign traditionally associated with Jupiter, fact that also indicates a general limitation of our more outgoing and extroverted tendencies.  It looks like as our ideals and aspirations will often clash with the necessities and duties imposed upon us by our everyday, practical living. Like in the last season is not a time for adventurous enterprise but rather for careful planning and economy. Work done now will certainly bring its reward later on, but the goals we envision may need more time to manifest and will come mainly from efforts and good will. We all need more patience and humility to use this dynamic energy constructively, avoiding frustrations.

The square Jupiter/Saturn is only one facet of a complex configuration which also involves Neptune-Chiron in Pisces, and, to a lesser extent, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. A positive angle between Jupiter and Pluto provides resourcefulness and the ability to tackle big projects with great confidence. Another harmonious angle between Saturn and Uranus provides the means to combine traditional well proven methods to implement innovative ideas, the old and the new working well together.

The fact that Jupiter in Virgo was perfectly aligned to the degree of the Pisces Solar Total Eclipse (conjunct the Ascending Node of the Moon), also in perfect opposition to Chiron, the Seeker and Healer of the planetary Pantheon, and just past its moment of maximum brilliance (Sun opposition) makes him, in my eye, the most important influence for this upcoming season.

Jupiter is now highlighting the best qualities of Virgo: purity, compassion, love for animals and nature, desire to be of service, a philosophy of life grounded in actions rather than nice words or wishful thinking.


Libra Partial Moon Eclipse on March 23 2016; visible everywhere from Australia…

Luna by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan

Luna by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan

This Lunar Eclipse will be a Partial one, the Earth’s shadow only in part occulting the Full Moon disk. All over Australia we are well positioned to observe this important cosmic event, around Moon rising time, in particular Eastern Australia that will witness the entire event.

The Eclipse will also be visible in its entirety in the Pacific Ocean, the Western parts of North America (Eclipse at Moon setting), New Zealand and Japan. Only part of the partial Eclipse will be observable in Central and Eastern Asia.

None of this Eclipse will be observable instead from Eastern parts of the American continent, Europe or Africa.

This Libra Full Moon Eclipse coincides with the opening of the new astrological season at the Aries Equinox, that occurred just three days ago (March 20, 3 pm). The degrees directly aligned to the event are the third degree of Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.

An interesting fact is that this particular Eclipse is the mirror image of the Total Lunar Eclipse we observed in September 2015, same degrees highlighted, with Sun and Moon occupying each other degree at the previous event. This will manifest as a significant period of major changes and realizations, particularly in the area of personal relationships, whose root causes could be traced back to the second half of 2015. People directly aligned to this event are:

  • Librans born between the 23rd and 27th of September
  • Aries born between the 21 and 25 of March of any year
  • Cancer born between the 22nd and 26th of June
  • Capricorn born between the 22nd and 26th of December, of any year
  • Or anyone with the first to fifth degree of the above Signs occupied by the Moon, the Ascendant, Mid-Heaven or a planet in their Birth Charts.

Visibility Times in Australia

In Eastern Australia the complete Eclipse (maximum occultation) will occur around 11 pm (Australian Eastern Summer Time), while the whole event will take four hours and fifteen minutes to unfold.

Here are the viewing times for major cities and town in Australia:

Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne: Eclipse starts at 8.39 pm of 23rd and ends at 54 minutes past midnight of March 24.

Brisbane and Cairns: Eclipse starts at 7.39 pm and ends at 11.54 pm.

Adelaide: Eclipse starts at 8.09 pm of 23rd and ends at 24 minutes past midnight of March 24.

Darwin and Alice Springs: Eclipse starts at 7.09 pm and ends at 11.24 pm.

Perth: Eclipse starts at 5.39 pm and ends at 9.54 pm.

Let’s hope the weather leaves the sky clear to enjoy this cosmic alignment!

Moon enters Gemini on March 14 2016, 8.02 am

Gemini2.jpgGEMINI, Moon of mental flexibility and communication
Inquisitive and social

Suitable energy for traveling, studying, researching, reading, writing, teaching, moving, walking, running, advertising, talking, brain storming, contact with siblings, computer work, accounting, graphic designing, artistic skills. Purchase of books, magazines, school gear, cars, bikes, art equipment. Quick action, rapid response, motivated by present circumstances and the curiosity to know. Adaptable mental energy. Friendly, sisterly, brotherly feelings, independent, needing change and variety. Beware of inconstancy, nervousness, irritability, mental games, gossips, double dealings, cold intellectualism, superficiality.

In the garden Gemini is considered too dry and barren for growing anything. Its energy is suitable for cultivating, general maintenance, pruning, pest control, weeding, and harvesting. Today the energy could be right for designing the garden, for parties and get-togethers with friends and siblings.

Healing Herbs: Coltsfoot, Hyssop, Lemon Balm, Mullein.

2 Crescent to First Quarter fastCrescent Moon

The Crescent Moon occurs half way through the first week of the Waxing cycle, when the Moon is transiting 45 degrees ahead of the Sun and looks like a beautiful crescent in the western sky after sunset. Psychologically this is an enthusiastic time, in which lots of ideas crowd our mind and we may feel that the sky is the limit. It is a slightly naïve Moon time, but also one full of hopes and dreams (the bright crescent shows now the shadowy sphere of the future Full Moon. The energy of the Moon however needs maturing at this stage and grounding. The first difficulties may appear, the first chinks in the armour; but the challenge is not strong enough yet for us to build up on it.

In the garden this is an excellent growing time depending however on the Sign occupied by the Moon (see above). Everything can go in now, but in particular leafy vegetables and all plants that we grow for their above the ground parts, but only when the Moon is transiting through the very fertile Water Signs or the productive Signs Taurus, Libra and Capricorn.


Planetary crowd in Pisces, March 2016

Ophelia by Annie FrenchVenus is now in the Water Sign of Pisces, like the Sun, Mercury, Neptune, the Descending Moon Node and the recent New Moon/Solar Eclipse, that began the lunar cycle we are now in. All these planetary entities in Pisces are highlighting the qualities of compassion, creativity, imagination, tolerance, sensitivity, spirituality. Or, negatively, could lead to dissipation of precious energy, confusion, inefficiency, illusions, delusions, ambivalence…

Jupiter leads the way in the opposite Earth Sign of Virgo, showing the wisdom of remaining humble and somehow anchored to what is of value in our everyday life and routine. This could be time for some real magic while doing simple chores or focusing on the little things, the magic of everyday life, a crooked flower pot on the window seal, a ray of sunshine on a rusty roof, a ‘thank you’ smile.

Venus will leave Pisces on April 6; the Sun and Mercury between March 20 and 22;  the South Node (moving in retro motion, toward Aquarius rather than Aries) will not leave Pisces until May 2017; last, slow moving Neptune will enter Aries only in 2025.

Focus on the Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces, March 8/9 2016


12.54 pm (Australia EST) Total Eclipse of the Sun in Pisces, 18°55′,

sweeping west to east, from Sumatra to the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

navigate to this Pag

click to view larger image

This is an ideal time to focus on your most inspiring and self-less dream. Imagine it in the minutest details, as much as you can. Imagine also the possible obstacles on your way to achieving it. Slowly and steadily work through them, seeking to transform them into opportunities.

Do not lose hope, while still trudging through the daily maze.

The Eclipse could reveal something important to you, an insight shifting your direction toward higher goals.


For my previous Post on the March 9 Solar Eclipse click HERE.

Navigate to this Page for a detailed description of the square aspect (right angle) between Jupiter and Saturn (active on/off until late May 2016, and one of the key factors at the March 9 Solar Eclipse).

For further study of the Jupiter-Saturn’s synodic cycle see this Post-Tutorial.

Jupiter square Saturn, 2015-2016

‘…. 2015 and ‘16 are important years for the Jupiter-Saturn mutual relationship: they have reached a distance of 90 degrees from each other. This coming and going aspect will punctuate the next nine months, with the risk of a general economic downturn very present; recession continuing in some countries and food shortages worsening in less developed ones. This should be a lesson in humility and ‘make do’, getting used to live within our means in the developed countries, to restore some balance to our lop-sided world. …. We could embrace our reduced circumstances as real opportunities (Saturn) to find more lasting values in our daily life and work (Jupiter)….

…. The August 90° between Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio coincided (no coincidence here!) with the huge and yet unresolved China’s crisis, being a classic aspect of economic and social downturn. The world has not done with it though. It will in fact return in March and May 2016, between Virgo and Sagittarius.

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The first Solar Eclipse of 2016: New Moon in Pisces 18°55′ – March 8/9 – ‘Ora et Labora’

Orcagna; Eclipse, 1360sORA et LABORA,

combination of Contemplation and Action

The first Eclipse Season of 2016 is upon us. The Sun will be eclipsed at the New Moon in Pisces (March 9, 12.54 pm) and the Moon will be eclipsed at the Libra Full Moon (March 23, 11 pm). The times given are Australian Eastern Summer Time.

To check the visibility of this event please navigate to my March 2016 Stars over Wollumbin Page.

Traditional astrological texts often equate  Eclipses to evil omens. Some modern astrologers instead often promise the profoundest realizations and life changing experiences to everybody, thanks to the magic of Eclipses!

Perhaps, to stay on safe ground, we could regard Eclipses the same way we regard important transits; making them part of the bigger picture and not just isolated ‘special’ events. I consider an Eclipse (Sun or Moon) closely aligned to your Birth Chart as important as a transit of one of the slow Planets, catalyst of major life shifts.

One consideration to bear in mind is that Eclipses are very selective, strongly affecting some individuals while leaving others untouched. This is because only very close alignments manifest into tangible effects or significant emotional/mental experiences.

There is, of course, a general effect of Eclipses also, manifesting in many people as an heightening of sensitivity, more intense emotions and deeper insights, during this lunar month.  The Pisces Solar Eclipse suggests cleansing, purifying, making amends, forgiving, unifying, ending of cycles, moving on… The connection to Chiron (conjunction) suggests a time for healing old wounds, philosophically accepting things that cannot be changed.

For some people however the impact of the Eclipse could be truly memorable. They are those whose Sun, Moon, Ascendant or other important astrological placements in the Birth Chart happen to be aligned to the degree of the Eclipse (in conjunction, on the same degree, in opposition, 180 degrees apart, or in square, 90 degrees apart),  and mainly if the alignment is very close (one to one and half degrees apart from exactness).

This Solar Eclipse might affect you much more personally:

  • IF You are a Pisces born between March 7 and 10.
  • IF You are a Virgo born between September 9  and 12.
  • IF you are a Sagittarius born between  December 9  and 12.
  • IF you are a Gemini born between June 8 and 11.
  • IF in your Birth Chart you have the Moon, the Ascendant, the Mid-Heaven, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and/or the Lunar Nodes between the 17th and 20th degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini.

Let’s look now at this Eclipse from the points of view of each of the four Signs involved

PISCES alignment: Happy Birthday! Under the spell of this Eclipse this could possibly be a life-changing year for you. Dreams may come true if you are ready to put in the hard work, limiting your expansion to make your inspirations into viable stuff. Negatively you could dissipate physical, emotional, psychic energies if you don’t realize the balance between inspiration and doing. Suggestion and auto-suggestion can work very strongly for you, for good or ill, depending on the choices you make. The alignment with Chiron will make your experiences  more revealing and profound, connecting you with what needs healing within your psyche, so that even painful memories can eventually produce wisdom.

VIRGO alignment: the accent for you is on Jupiter: time to explore the greater world outside your picked fences, with renewed optimism and faith in better things to come. The meaning of life could be also found in the smallest things though. You will feel inspired but remain grounded through your duties and commitments. You could reap the fruit of your present labor later in the year, in May, June, July, when Jupiter in direct motion, will return to the same degree of the Eclipse.

The role of Retrograde Jupiter in Virgo cannot be underestimated because its yearly opposition to the Sun  coincides with the event. Its role will be, first of all, to magnify the effect of the Eclipse, Jupiter at its brightest during the opposition phase. It seems that what we aspire to , at present, is confronted with serious challenges from all directions. The way to navigate the situation is assuming a yielding but not lethargic and passive attitude, humbly continuing the work in hand without losing sight of the ultimate goal. When Jupiter  turns direct in May will retrace the same steps and eventually bring things to fruition (June/July). It will be worth waiting for.

SAGITTARIUS alignment: you are viewing the Eclipse from the saturnine angle, the short hand of the stick. Your longing for better things, for a less prosaic and humdrum life is often confronted by the present limitations, in the form of lack of resources but also lack of faith. Becoming more conscious of the your underlying, self-defeating pessimism would help to put things in truer perspective, when negative and positives balance each other (Jupiter square Saturn).

The role of Saturn in Sagittarius will be to slow down whatever is happening, in order to obtain more durable results and greater efficiency. Saturn is playing the part of the devil’s advocate here, the reductive, skeptical role, that could stop your dreams in their track. Positively however Saturn could help you find practical ways to upheld them.

GEMINI alignment: this Sign is indirectly aligned to the Eclipse, in some way combining and focusing the effect of all planetary energies involved, Sun, Moon, Chiron, Jupiter and Saturn.  Trying to remain detached and clear minded will be Gemini’s task, not easy in the intense circumstances of this Eclipse. Gemini could in fact feel, at one and the same time, the pull of Pisces toward creativity, fluidity, ease, the push of Virgo toward responsibility and duty, the tendency of Jupiter to strive toward the future and of Saturn to look upon the past for guidance. Good luck!

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