Astrology for February-March 2020 and beyond, by Paola Emma: Saturn in Aquarius, Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury Retro

‘Morning On The Seine In The Rain’ by Claude Monet

‘Morning On The Seine In The Rain’ by Claude Monet

A shorter version of this article was published in issue 110 of the Uki Village News

The big picture

No doubt the January 11 Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer brought a major shift of energies to our region, with rain finally falling on our parched land. With the Eclipse’s extraordinary alignment to one of the major astrological occurrences in recent year, the Capricorn Saturn-Pluto’s conjunction, the weather change was only one of the many events that this powerful transit brought in its wake.  This regional experience reflects the fact that the long awaited and by many dreaded alignment is now technically behind us, even if still powerfully close. The numerous thunderstorms we are experiencing are just another sign that a massive pent-up energy is being released. Many of us feel lighter and more optimistic; also awed by nature’s uncanny power to surprise us.

We are certainly not out of the wood though. The failure of the December 2019 UN Madrid Climate Conference to achieve significant commitments from participating countries clearly demonstrates that we are still hovering at the edge of a chasm, separating us not only from viable solutions to the pressing climate crisis, but also from a unifying vision for the future: first world countries versus developing ones; aging politicians and plutocrats versus angry activist teenagers; science versus conspiracy theory etc.

Pluto in Capricorn is destined to bring profound changes that could be lethal if we do not take responsible charge of the situation. Allowing Pluto, ancient God of the Underworld, to do his own thing could mean unprecedented ecological disasters, massive extinctions and consequently social upheavals the world has not seen in a long time. Positively the slow passage of Pluto through Capricorn (2008-2023) could instead provide us with the moral courage and resourcefulness to tackle this crisis and indeed survive it, if not completely avoiding the dangers we are facing, as the Australian fires have sadly demonstrated.

Saturn, known as the Lord of Karma among other titles, is not missing this opportunity to deal out some heavy penalties for our past transgressions and callous indifference. For this reason it is considered by most astrologers an ominous companion for Pluto. To me Saturn represents also a hopeful side of this difficult equation though:  the down to earth, responsible attitude that is absolutely crucial to the success of any human intervention. Like knowing, for instance, the limits of what can be realistically achieved, finding viable local and global solutions, rather than aiming for the stars only to fail miserably.

Apart from all that, there is indeed a light at the end of this tunnel because Saturn will soon be leaving Capricorn (March 22) to enter Aquarius. This transit, due to retrogradation, will last only until July 2. When Saturn will re-enter Aquarius for good, on December 17, it will also, few days later, become conjunct to Jupiter, on December 22. This alignment could indeed bring some welcome opening to unity and humanitarian reforms, all sentiments that seem unattainable under the ominous shadow of the current conjunction to Pluto.  Furthermore the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is not just one of their regular twenty year meetings. It represents in fact the momentous shift of these alignments from the Earth Signs (where most of these conjunctions have occurred since 1802) to the Air Sign (where most will occur until 2140!). Astrologers throughout the ages have considered the alignments of Jupiter and Saturn extremely influential in shaping world’s history, its prevalent ideologies and socio-political leanings. While collectively the Earth Signs are driven by the need for material security and a pragmatic view of life, the Air Signs are driven by ideals and a reforming, sometimes even revolutionary spirit.

However 2020, with Jupiter in Capricorn also activating Pluto in early April, at the end of June and again in mid November, will see most probably an exhalation of similar issues to the ones we have experienced in 2019. Only at the very end of the year Jupiter’s ingress into Aquarius, with Saturn, could mark a positive shift. The next UN Climate Conference will be held in Glasgow, England, on November 19 2020, just a month before the Aquarius alignment. There is hope that the Aquarian spirit of mutual understanding and friendship may prevail over our differences and that more visionary, idealistic goals could drive the discussions toward the more radical approach needed in this grave emergency. Pluto, in Capricorn until 2023, can in fact provide enough down to earth focus to manifest ideals into practical forms.

In the short term

The Sun

It is that time of the year again, on March 8, when the Sun will align to mystical Neptune in Pisces, encouraging us to become more conscious of our innate intuition, imagination and compassion. It will be easier to forgive and forget, washing past resentments into the unifying water of this oceanic Sign. With Mercury, returning in Pisces, after retrogradation, from March 16 to April 11, the gentle, artistic, dreamy influence of this Sign will remain with us, softening the harsh realities of the intense Capricorn experience.

The Retrogradation of Mercury between Pisces and Aquarius
February 17 to March 10

Mercury is ready for its regular loop, reminding us that it is time to review our thinking and the way we communicate our thoughts, to achieve the best possible outcome personally and in our social life. People who happen to have the Sun, Moon, Planets or Chart’s Angles in the first half of the Mutable Sign of Pisces-Virgo-Sagittarius-Gemini or the last two degrees of the Fixed Signs of Aquarius-Leo-Taurus-Scorpio will be more directly affected by this retrogradation.

To avoid feeling severely ‘muddled headed’ (a common side effect of Mercury in Pisces, even when not retrograde), we could all try to take it easier at this time; not attempting to deal with too many matters or to stick too strictly to plans and routines. The best would be to stay mentally pliable, in order to adapt to shifting circumstances. It could also be wise to be tolerant of confusing or mixed messages we may receive from other people. Whom can we expect to trust when we cannot even trust ourselves?


From February 8 to March 5 Venus will transit fiery Aries, where she takes on the role of Warrior Goddess, fighting against injustice and inequality. During this transit she will cross swords with all the Capricorn planets: first with Jupiter, on February 24, then with Pluto, on February 29, and finally with Saturn on March 4. This could mean heightened chance for disputes and open conflicts, when ‘winning’ is the whole point. On the positive side, things that need facing, directly and courageously, can be faced at these times. All will be well if we manage to move on afterward. No time for regrets and looking back when Venus is in Aries.

Venus will transit Taurus from March 5 to April 4, a more relaxed and affectionate place for Venus, when art and pleasure could inspire creativity and also ability to focus more intensely on whatever we do. Said that, just as the Sun separates from Neptune (March 8) Venus becomes conjunct Uranus (March 9), bringing two powerful outer planets to play on the daily stage of life and relationships. Despite the loyal and steady nature usually attributed to Venus in Taurus the alignment to Uranus will bring up the more rebellious side of the Goddess, if for a few days.  New and exciting relationships could spring up as from nowhere, and perhaps opportunities for adventure or to just prove our independence.


From February 16 to March 31 Mars will be transiting Capricorn, joining the planetary group already there, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. This will be therefore an important transit because Mars’ role is to bring things out into the open, also activating into action the slower moving celestial bodies. Mars will first meet Jupiter on March 20, then Pluto, on March 23, and finally Saturn but not before both entering the Sign of Aquarius, between March 31 and April 1. As with Venus activating the same planets earlier, this Mars will increase the chance of open conflicts at these times; the sort of confrontations when we test our strength against another, trying to establish ‘who is the boss’. Moderation is recommended, remembering that Mars can cut bridges permanently if let loose.

The final alignment to Saturn, on April 1, could manifest as a strong drive to action but also great frustration as we face delays and limitations that could severely try our patience. No time to expect immediate gratifications.

Positively the whole period of Mars in Capricorn could prove particularly constructive, helping us to get things done, putting in the extra effort and discipline necessary for success, making a ‘real’ difference: a test of our self confidence and leadership abilities.

The Aries Equinox

If you would like to celebrate the advent of autumn, the Aries Equinox will occur this year on March 20, at 2.49 pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time. The map of this cosmic event, the traditional beginning of the astrological year, the Ram leading the flock, shows, in a nutshell, the transits that will be relevant in the next six to twelve months. As it has been the case in recent months the accent is on the Earth Sign of Capricorn where many planets are still congregating at the time of the Equinox, namely Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, the latter though on the verge of entering the next Sign of Aquarius.  The fact that, just around this crucial time, Saturn finds itself at the threshold of a new Sign (together with Mars!) seems to me indicative that during the next few months the world will be at an important crossroad, the growing aspirations for meaningful changes (Aquarius) still held back by the powerful pull of the past and the way things have been done until now (highlight on conservative Capricorn).

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Celebrating Venus in Taurus: the myth of Europa and the Bull who was Zeus


Venus in Taurus, in the light of the general transits active in March 2012

Venus will transit her own Sign of Taurus from March 5 to April 4 2012. This is good news, in the area of relationships, finance and general well being, for people whose Natal Charts have emphasis on Taurus, especially, and also the other two Earth Signs, Virgo and Capricorn, by harmonious trine aspect. This Venus could as well bring some positive developments to Pisces and Cancer (by sextile aspect). Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius will be touched by the hand of the Goddess too, but her contact will prove somewhat more problematic and intense for them (opposition and square aspects). You will feel the Venus’ effect sometimes this month if your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, any planet, or one of the four Angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Mid-Heaven, Lower-Heaven) were in any of the above Signs in your Birth Chart.

Since antiquity Taurus has been considered the ideal mansion for the earthly form of Venus, providing the fertile medium through which the Goddess can grant her gifts of love, pleasure, abundance and creativity.

We tend to take life more easy when Venus transits Taurus. We may want to make time to enjoy our surroundings and to become more keenly aware of our physical responses. If your natural sensuality and calm have been stifled or neglected lately this transit could be a great opportunity to make contact again with your own body and those simple pleasures that can make you feel happier with your lot. Such are the Taurus’ gifts of calm and contentment.

The lure of love and romance could be intensely felt by some, while there is a danger of becoming too attached to the object of your desires, or emotionally too entangled for your own good (especially possible for Taurus, Scorpio and Leo). On a more positive note relationships that begin now could be lasting and reliable ones, also sensually fulfilling, Taurus being a Fixed, loyal and affectionate Sign. There is a serious side to this Venus, in her capacity to make love a profound and committed experience.

To others it could bring back their love for nature, and of activities like gardening, landscaping, creating beautiful tactile objects of art and craftsmanship; relaxing in tranquil surrounding, eating nice food, listening to your favorite music, taking it easy.

Many ways to propitiate the Goddess

There are many ways to propitiate this Goddess, who in her Taurus incarnation every year is prompting us to become more aware of the deep roots that connect us to the planet and the physical plane, and also to our common humanity.

Taurus thrives on tradition. If you are cooking, for instance, chose some traditional dish or one that has been prepared in your family for generations. If you are an artist, try a traditional technique or style, a Raphael rather than a Jackson Pollock. If pottering in the garden put in some heirloom vegetable seeds or plant some old fashion roses or bulbs.

If you want to do a ritual at this time, in honor of the Goddess, make sure that your surroundings give justice to the natural environment, with offerings of fruits and flowers, and earthy, sensual scents.

As I remarked in a previous post on Venus’ transit through Taurus: “Relaxation, meditation, spiritual devotion and rituals, all forms of hands-on therapy and natural healing techniques are activities that will go well with this Venus energy … Taurus is well known as a Sign with natural healing powers...”

A possible negative outcome of this transits is to produce a too lay back and lazy attitude, with a tendency to overdo the pleasures, over-eating and drinking, over-partying or over-sleeping! Not to enjoy some of the bounties of Venus in Taurus would be a pity though. If you can take some time off and just enjoy being, loving and celebrating life, do it while the transit lasts.

The bigger astrological picture for March 2012

So far I have looked at the Taurus’ transit of Venus in isolation. But, while Venus placidly glides through this Earth Sign, the Sun, Moon and Planets continue their complex dance, not always in tune with Taurus’ content and contemplative spirit.

The transit of Venus in Taurus is in fact a timely event, hopefully helping us to remain steady and stay grounded during a period that could otherwise be open to conflicts, presenting a rather charged planetary environment, especially early and late in the month of March.

Early March

Sun opposition to Mars

We should remember that on March 3 the Sun formed his yearly opposition to Mars, aspect that always enhances the power of the red Planet, for good or ill, more often than not making conflicts come out into the open, disagreements to become more polarized and difficult to reconcile.

Physically this means that the planet Mars has reached now his greatest distance from the Sun, 180 degrees, and also its greatest brilliance, being now one of the best celestial bodies to observe in the night sky. Look out for a clearly red glowing star already well above the eastern horizon after sunset and climbing the sky for the rest of the night.

Mercury in Aries

The ingress of Mercury into Aries, Mars’ own Sign, a day early, on March 2, will keep us mentally more belligerent too, ready to get into an argument for the sake of winning it, until March 24, when Mercury will return to Pisces in Retrogradation (Mercury will begin his retro motion through Aries on March 12). Watch out for angry and hurtful words coming out of your mouth and the mouths of others, of course.

Venus’ soothing transits and the Virgo Full Moon

Venus’ steady Taurus glow will help via a beautiful sextile to Neptune in Pisces, on March 6, enhancing the urge for forgiveness and compassion, and also for imagination and creativity. And, on March 11, Venus will form the same harmonious aspect with Chiron in Pisces, a strong healing energy to help us accepting what we cannot change and smiling rather than frowning at our fate.

In between the contacts just described the Goddess will reach a distance of 45 degrees from the Sun, one/eighth of the whole Zodiacal Circle, on March 8, day of the Virgo Full Moon. This means that Venus will also form a sesqui-square aspect with the Moon, making relationships an ideal medium to reveal unconscious feelings to our conscious self, but not without some difficulties (semi-square and sesqui-square aspects). Avoiding excessive criticism and nit picking (Virgo Moon), remaining relaxed and cooperative (Taurus Venus) will help all of us to manifest the more compassionate and loving traits of Pisces (Sun). 

Venus is steadily separating from the Sun. She will reach maximum elongation and maximum brilliance on March 27.

The middle of the month is preparing to be one of exceptional planetary configurations, all happening between March 12 and 16, and active few days before and after these dates. Venus is involved in some of these cosmic events too.

The middle of March, Mercury Retrograde

Mercury begins moving retrograde on March 12, marking a time of greater introspection, during which we will be called to reflect on our visions and the ideas we are always prepared to fiercely defend from external attack; an opportunity to mentally slow down, and to be patient. This could be either frustrating or refreshing, depending very much on how you take it. Computers, cars, printers, photocopiers, gadgets of all sorts break down or mysteriously stop working during a Mercury Retrograde period because we need then to observe our restlessness and slow the pace of life and thought.

Jupiter trine Pluto

On March 14 a big event: the last pass of Jupiter’s trine Pluto (Taurus/Capricorn), the aspect that, in my mind, has helped more than any other, so far, to counteract the negative effects of the transit of Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter is still helping to drive Pluto’s intense energy into creative and inspired channels, giving meaning to our experiences of change, even those that challenge our desire for security.

Venus and Mars will act as catalysts to this major transit, at this time, with Venus forming a conjunction to Jupiter and trines to Pluto and Mars, and Mars a trine to Jupiter, all exact on March 14. We may find ourselves more resourceful and energetic than usual, combining effort and pleasure in clearing the way for new and exciting development in our life, in particular our relationships.

This mid-March period will end with square aspects from Retro Mars to the two Lunar Nodes in Sagittarius and Gemini, showing that it is destined to be a period when we will need confrontations and strife to get where we want to go.

The visual conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on March 15

A close encounter between Venus and Jupiter in Taurus will take place on March 15, one of the most spectacular sky displays for the whole year. The two brightest planets of the Solar System are in fact already visually close in the western sky, after sunset, and will remain so until the end of the month, with Venus slowly separating from Jupiter after the conjunction, the latter plunging westward toward the setting Sun (Sun-Jupiter’s conjunction will occur in June in the Sign of Gemini). It should be easy to distinguish one from the other because Venus is visibly brighter.

This yearly encounter will bring some rather exciting and lucky turns of events especially for those Pisceans who celebrate their birthday between the 14 and 16 of March. To all of us this transit could encourage more optimistic feelings, a renewal of confidence in self and life; also the desire to have a break from work and routine, to travel or in some way explore a novel world of places and relationships,

The end of March Transits

The end of the month is again enlivened by some exciting but also potentially unsettling transits: Mercury Retrograde in early Aries will conjunct Uranus on March 19, and the Sun, in Aries from March 20, will also conjunct Uranus on March 25 and then square Pluto on March 30. The Inferior Conjunction of the Sun to Mercury will occur on March 22, on the first degree of Aries and will be very close to Uranus and to the square to Pluto too, indicating the possibility of sudden turns of events in the political, social and physical world. The desire for peace, beauty and relaxation of Venus in Taurus will then be again challenged by many contrary forces, helping us to stay grounded and focus on the essential amongst all the unsettling changes.

Just a reminder that Venus is conjunct Mars in Taurus today, May 23, 2011

Lovers by Albrecht Durer

Today, May 23, Venus is conjunct Mars in Taurus, the Sign of sensuality and loyalty.

Just a reminder, no time to write more, that love is real, right here, right now.

Here is a sky-scape of this conjunction, taken by Stellarium for May 24, around 5.30 am, looking East-North-East, with little Mercury just separating from them, bright Jupiter and invisible Uranus above.

Click to enlarge

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Venus and Mercury enter Taurus on May 16, transiting Taurus until June, soon to align with Mars

Woman at her Toilet by Henri Fantin-Latour

Henri Fantin Latour (1836-1904), the artist who painted the picture I have chosen for this post, became famous, I learnt, for his flowers and women portraits.  This seems to me a great association for the fertile Sign of Taurus, natural abode of Venus, representing Nature in her bountiful, peaceful and healing aspect, the apotheosis of the feminine principle of love over conflict, and pleasure over hardship.

Venus and Mercury enter Taurus on May 16, Mercury ending this transit on June 3 and Venus on June 10. Mars will be in Taurus until June 21, while Jupiter will also make his entrance in this Sign on June 4 and remain there for a whole year.

Venus and Mercury are again conjunct on May 17, Full Moon day, then Mercury will speed ahead to meet Mars on May 21, and Venus will also meet Mars on May 23. When we talk about Venus in Taurus this year, then, we should not forget that Mercury and Mars, and soon Jupiter, are very much part of her story too.

The Sign of Taurus is buzzing with a lot of different energies playing upon it; Mercury providing intellectual curiosity and stimulation, Venus pleasure and cheerfulness, Mars determination, vitality and the fighting spirit, and soon also Jupiter imparting wisdom, confidence and vision.

There is not going to be a better time, in the near future, comparable with this, for the number of opportunities becoming available to Taurus, a usually lay back and content Sign. Making the most of this alignment will make Taurus’ life more fulfilling, happy and active.

Scorpio, like Taurus, will feel the power of these configurations more keenly than the other Signs. Venus and Mars are intensifying Scorpio’s feeling responses, exposing it to sudden attractions and the lure of love and romance. At the same time Mercury makes Scorpio feel more communicative and social, a plus for this rather reserved Sign. Because the Taurus planets are opposing Scorpio the risk is there of experiencing the more challenging side of these transits, especially in the area of love or business partnerships, by causing jealousy, resentment and negative psychological projections.

These transits are significant for people born with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or a number of ‘personal’ planets in the Fixed Signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, and the Earth Signs Virgo and Capricorn. To a lesser degree also the Water Signs Cancer and Pisces, because Venus, Mercury and Mars will form harmonious angles with them (trines and sextiles).

The Taurus’ cluster will have however also a general effect on everybody, beginning  a period of greater emotional and financial stability. The pace of life may slow down a little for all of us, hopefully leaving us time to smell the flowers, as the iconic Ferdinand the Bull of Disney’s fame, content with simple pleasures and adverse to fighting.

Mercury in Taurus can help us to concentrate better and reach great depths, and Venus to savor loving feelings and sensual pleasures. While Mars will encourage deliberate actions, dictated by practicality, making us more doggedly determined to stay on the job until it is finished.

During her stay in Taurus Venus will enjoy a period of special power, because Mars, Mercury in Taurus, and soon Jupiter, as well as Saturn in Libra are all transiting Signs that are traditionally considered Venus’ domains, so that they all have to pay homage to her and do her bidding.

We can now learn how to save energy and relax, while still being productive. This is a blessing really, considering the hectic times ahead, when the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all be in restless and speedy Gemini between the months of June and July, another unpredictable Eclipse season, with three Eclipses on the radar.

For an astrological discussion about the June-July Eclipses please navigate from HERE to my June to September Forecast article.

Negatively the emphasis on Taurus, as with all Fixed Signs, could increase, however, our chances to get bogged down in projects, relationships and thinking patterns, slowing considerably our progress. Knowing the risks we have to find a balance between the need to take it easy and the need to get things done, or to move from situations that have become stale or toxic.

Gardening by the lore of the Moon we learn that sowing and planting when the Moon is in Taurus encourages root growth, also helping to establish perennials, those plants that need to survive more than one growing season, going deep into the soil to get their nourishment from our Earth Mother. This is a great symbol for Taurus’ power and gift of productivity, constancy, firmness, solidity and enduring strength, qualities now more available to all of us.

There is also, of course, a spiritual side to this Earthy Sign, that, by the way, is not usually more materialistic than any other Sign. Some  Taurean have a marked interest in everything occult and in old traditions and sacred scriptures. Practices of devotion and beautiful heart-felt rituals, as well as contemplation and transcendental meditation are well suited to this relaxed and unhurried Sign.

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April 2010: Venus in Taurus


April 1-25, 2010, Venus in Taurus

Natural, down to earth beauty and pleasures; loyal affection, deep attachments; Contentment, devotion.

Odilon Redon (1840-1916)

‘Deux Jeunes Filles’

Last night, with Venus on the cusp Aries-Taurus, moonlighting with my laptop, while fertile rain pounded the tin roof, I have experienced, without knowing it, another case of synchronicity, those special events and meaningful coincidences that pop up all the time when one meddles with Astrology.

Looking for a picture for the Venus in Taurus post, I thought of Odilon Redon, one of my favourite artists. I had this particular painting in my mind eye and specifically looked for it on Wikimedia,  to make sure it was in the public domain. I quickly found it and put it in, before the power went off my laptop and I decided to go to bed.

I came back to finish the post this morning, April 1, and. while ascertaining the dates of birth and death of the painter, I discovered that Odilon Redon was born with the Sun and Mars in early Taurus, and therefore today’s Venus is perfectly conjunct his Sun and applying to a conjunction to his Mars!

Like this vibrant painting with its brownish reds, rich egg yellow and uplifting blues and greens, Venus in Taurus suggests warmth and beauty. A passion that is earthy and tactile, but also affectionate and profound.

The astrological and mythical Venus is the embodiment of the Feminine function in nature and the psyche. This is not a passive feminine though, not just a symbol of receptivity and yielding. She is rather an active feminine principle, important in her own right, basking in her uniqueness and power.

Venus is as old as African Lucy, our purposed ancestress. In the neolithic she embodied the power of the feminine in its youthful, fertile form; and came to preside over all forms of unions and contracts. As Goddess of beauty and pleasure she was the giver of all physical delights, from sex to music and dance, poetry, romance, ideals, the arts in all their varied form. She represents the inherent need in men and women to express and glorify the beauty and perfect sense of the living universe.

As the Harmony principle she causes things and people to become attracted to each other in order to find their ideal lost wholeness, and also to guarantee the continuation of life on the planet.

Taurus is an ancient mansion for Venus. Here the Fertility Goddess is in her environment. The horns of the sacred Cow or Bull used to adorn her head in many cultural traditions, representing abundance,  the power of the Goddess to provide moisture, gentle breezes and mild sunshine to all growing things, because all that is measured and harmonious was said to belong to her and was bestowed by her.

This transit of Venus in Taurus is of course more relevant for people born with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or a number of ‘personal’ planets in Taurus (read: Mercury, Venus, Mars).  Also the other Earth Signs, Virgo and Capricorn, and the Water Signs of Cancer and Pisces will benefit from this transit, Venus forming harmonious angles with them (trines and sextiles).

Scorpio, like Taurus, will feel the power of Venus more keenly than the other Signs. Venus is now transiting opposite Scorpio, intensifying the feeling responses of this Sign and exposing it to sudden attractions and the lure of love and romance.

All will benefit this month from the gentle touch of the Goddess in one of her most sensuous and fertile incarnation.

It will be a great time to put your feet in the mud, go back to the neglected garden and enjoy the smells and colours of autumn-spring, wherever you are.

You will need and possibly get more cuddles this month, being more romantically inclined and affectionate.

It could also be a positive time for making money in business or for spending money for pleasurable things, trips and holidays, because another incarnation of Venus is the Vedic Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity.

Time to beautify your home and garden, and also to pamper yourself and take pleasure in your body. Art inspired by the beauty of nature is also under the tutelage of the Earthy Venus, Taurus being the Sign where beauty takes shape and form.

There is also a more serious side to this Venus, in her capacity to make love a more profound and committed experience.

Relaxation, Meditation, Spiritual Devotion and Rituals, Healing Massage and all forms of hands-on therapy and natural healing techniques are activities that will go well with this Venus energy too. Taurus is known as a Sign with natural healing powers, hence great masseurs and physiotherapists, doctors and nurses are born under Taurus, because these abilities are usually also accompanied by a calm and trustworthy temperament that people feel they can relax with and rely on.

Venus in Taurus has her shortcomings as well, of course, like possessiveness, jealousy, laziness, tendency to overdo the pleasures, over-eating and drinking, even over-partying and over-sleeping!

Well, it will not be for ever. So, go ahead, enjoy it while it lasts.

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