Ukitopia 2011, celebration of Uki village’s life, arts and culture

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It’s on again, Ukitopia, cultural celebration of our village and surrounding region, starting on Friday, November 18, and continuing over the weekend of November 19 and 20.

I would like to explore here the astrological signature of this event, my own contribution.

First thing is always the Moon, the ancient Fertility Goddess who presides over all life enhancing activities, and is always in the right place, invited to all parties. The Moon’s placement in the Zodiac reflects the general mood of the people on any given day. Well, what can be better than a Leo Moon to spark the party mood, at the time of the Opening Ceremony, 6.30 pm on Friday?

This Moon is the Muse of theatricals, fun, holidays, child like spontaneity, creativity and over the top display of joy, art and passion. Great stuff, particularly for the participating children, always well attuned to the Leo Moon’s happy energy.

The transits of the Leo Moon at the start are mainly easy going and helpful, harmonizing well with Venus and Mercury (great for artistic expression) and also Saturn (positive for the organizing and practical running of the event).  Contacts of both Sun and Moon with Neptune in late Aquarius will enhance a dream like atmosphere and promote the glamorous quality of the stage  performances, dancing, chanting etc. There is always some risk though of things not going exactly according to plan when Neptune is highlighted, especially if we lose focus. Neptune can in fact add magic to any occasion, but, negatively, also cause confusion and misunderstandings. Great aspect for non linear thinking and creative output, not the best for running in time or sticking to schedules. Hopefully the above mentioned Saturn’s aspect will help to counteract this possibility.

Because Leo is the position of the Moon at the start, the actual birth time of the event, the mood will be sustained throughout, even when the Moon changes Signs later. The Moon will in fact move into Virgo around 9.18 am, on the Saturday, and remain in Virgo for the duration, a shift that indicates the importance of the crafty and healing aspects of this community event, where people are given the opportunity to showcase their creativity (Leo) but also their skills and desire to be of service to each other, the event being ran by hard-working volunteers every year (Virgo).

It is the start of the last week of the Moon cycle, not usually a time you would pick for a celebration because the light of the Moon is diminishing, life energy moving inward, ebbing. On the other hand this is ideal time to become more aware, to self-reflect and begin absorbing the experiences of the cycle that is ending. Only a week to the Sagittarius New Moon, on November 25, which is also the last Solar Eclipse of 2011. So it is intense time, because while digesting the last Scorpio cycle, we are becoming expectant of the next, and that is shrouded in the Eclipse’s mist. The Sun will enter Sagittarius on November 23.

The family oriented atmosphere of the event is shown by the position of the Moon on the Midnight point, a place of family, tradition, sense of belonging, roots. showing the desire of this community to share and create a sense of comfort and security, incredibly valuable and rare commodities in our troubled world.

To add to this picture the Asteroid Vesta, Goddess of the family heart, keeper of the sacred flame of communities and nations, is the most elevated planet (highest above the horizon), on the Midday point, facing the transiting Moon on the Midnight point.

Here is the Birth Chart of the 2011 Ukitopia, calculated for the date and time of the Opening Ceremony, November 18, 6.30 pm, local coordinates.

click to view larger image

Sensual, artistic, earthy and fertile Taurus is on the Ascendant, with giant Jupiter, transiting Taurus, just risen above the horizon, a time-honoured good omen. Taurus is traditionally associated with Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty, patroness of the arts. She is said to be Taurus’ Ruling Planet. The placement and aspects of Venus acquire then great importance in the reading of this Horoscope.

Venus happens to be very close to Mercury in the Fire Sign of Sagittarius. The Leo Moon is forming a harmonious angle (120 degrees) with both Mercury and Venus, another auspicious omen, promoting good will among people, loving feelings, fine communication and understanding. Sagittarius is another outgoing, adventurous and happy-go-lucky Sign, contributing to a buoyant and optimistic mood.

Both Venus and Mercury forms a harmonious angle (sextile) with the Mid-Heaven, the top of  Chart, representing the goal of the event and its potential for success. The Sun in Scorpio is also approaching a harmonious distance from Uranus in Aries (120 degrees), a very exciting transit, promoting originality and inventiveness, also positive for group activities and innovative projects, in particular favoring  multi-culturalism.

On Saturday the Moon will becomes conjunct Mars in early Virgo (Mars entered this Earth Sign on November 11), around 4 pm. While this conjunction can help to energize the general mood, it could also trigger confrontations and disagreements, Mars in Virgo famous for nit-picking and the tendency to criticize. But Mars, and the Moon (while conjunct to him) will be also part of another auspicious configuration, a grand trine (equilateral triangle) connecting Mars to Jupiter and Pluto, transit favorable to all big projects, an empowering transit. This could also prove a very practical influence, assisting the financial success of the event.

Ukitopia, Uki, celebration of creativity


By popular demand, this is the Chart of the Ukitopia’s opening ceremony. Cheers.

Ukitopia 2010, the astrology of a life style celebration


At the Ukitopia 2010’s opening ceremony the Moon will be just rising above the eastern horizon, close to her fullness, and  in the Sign of her exaltation, Taurus.

As the evening advances the Moon will be climbing the sky, setting just before sunrise the next day. The Full Moon proper will occur a couple of days later, on Monday, November 22, at 4.27 am, local time.

The astrological image at the opening ceremony has reminded me of  Isis, the fertility Goddess with the horns of the bull adorning her headdress and the Full Moon held between the horns. The Sign of Taurus not only is the traditional place of the Moon’s exaltation but also the abode of Venus, Goddess of attraction, love, pleasure, art, aesthetic feelings, expressing the human values of kindness, cheerfulness and cooperation. Venus brings harmony by finding balance between opposing views, the middle ground in any dispute, gently stimulating peace and mutuality.

Both the phase and the Sign the Moon is in seem propitious for an art and music festival, Taurus being a aesthetically inclined Sign, sensual and earthy, while the mature Gibbous phase is one full of creativity and positive, outgoing energy.

Mercury, planet of communication, will be conjunct Mars, planet of raw energy and action, in the outgoing and gregarious Sign of Sagittarius, a great placement for some adventurous conversations, for dancing and outdoors activities, and the merging of different cultural expressions and individuals. The free Sagittarius spirit always seeking more from life.

Venus in Libra becomes Stationary Direct on November 19, when some of the first Ukitopia’s performances will take place. This fact also seems auspicious as Venus is now visible again as a Morning Star (one of the advantages of staying up very late, you may still be awake before dawn). The somewhat introverted Venus’ retrograde period is over. The Goddess of Love can now begin to reflect back to us the light of the Sun in which she was until now immersed. Every day Venus is now becoming bigger and brighter. This is a more social and spontaneous phase for our beautiful sister planet.

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