Fire is a dynamic, consuming, creative energy.

It is the intuitive function, the sense of Seeing , and the atomic state of matter.

In Alchemy is the stage of the opus known as ‘alchemical burning’.

Amongst the Yoga is Raja Yoga, the Royal Road.

Fire Signs’ personal bias is to be more brilliant, special and intuitive than others.

At the physical level Fire gives much vitality to the body, a warm to hot constitution, resilience to diseases, strong recuperative powers, physical courage, a bold attitude and upright posture. But it can also be aggressive, suffer from stress related illnesses, or be prone to accidents. Physical, even strenuous exercises are recommended to use up the energy positively.

At the emotional level Fire can be passionate, demonstrative, warm hearted, inclined to take emotional risks. Its affections are intense, often short lived. It needs to feel pride in its loved ones, desiring admiration and respect. It gives freely of its abundant energy. But it can be also selfish, insensitive, patronizing, emotionally immature or extreme, angry and aggressive.

At the mental level the Fire mind is brilliant and creative, easily inspiring others. It is impulsive, hopeful, optimistic, self confident, daring and idealistic, with a sense of colour and drama. A non lateral kind of thinker, the visionary type. But Fire can give excessive mental pride too, with a self praising, self righteous, arrogant attitude of mind.

At the spiritual level Fire enjoys the blessing of lofty visions and sudden inspirations. Its intuitions often leave no doubt about their authenticity. In its best expression Fire can be highly evolved and even prophetic, concentrating rather than consuming energy. Fire’s most useful quality, on the spiritual path, is its unshakable faith in better things to come and its innate ability to perceive the true meaning of every experience.




Air is a discriminating, communicating, mental energy.

It is the thinking function, the sense of Touch, and the gaseous state of matter.

In Alchemy it is the stage of the opus known as ‘sublimation’.

Amongst the Yogas is ‘Gnana Yoga’, the Way of Knowledge.

Air Signs’ personal bias: to be more logical, sociable and refined than others.

At the physical level this is a nervous type, affected easily by its mental surroundings or inner thought patterns. It will benefit from fresh air, non strenuous type of exercises, and in particular mental exercises, keeping the mind alert by activities as communicating, reading, writing. Overstrained nerves, lack of relaxation and pose could cause physical ills.

At the emotional level Air tries to stay cool, detached, objective. It dislike confrontations, and prefers to reason things out, or to keep peace at any cost. Its aim is to raise above emotions. It is truly sociable, friendly, but also independent and dispassionate, undemonstrative or cold. Very idealistic, it expects the best from people. Too theoretical when it comes to feelings.

At the mental level Air is fond of refinement, culture, psychology, humanitarian ideals. It has a logical, linear kind of thinking, but it can also be in touch with the higher intellect, genius, the inventive spirit. The desire to communicate and learn is strong, on any subject. Reason rules, often to the detriment of creative imagination and soul. Sometimes mentally naïve and unpractical.

At the spiritual level Air is the scholar of sacred scriptures, the monk/nun who puts spiritual truths into writing. Strong desire for knowledge and clarity, great understanding of symbolical language. Air is aware of higher intelligences, bridging the gap between rational and irrational. It is usually tolerant, readily accepting different creeds and religions. Air’s spiritual task is to achieve perfect equanimity.





Water is an absorbing, penetrating, psychic energy, the feeling function.

The sense of Taste and the liquid state of matter.

In Alchemy it represents that stage of the opus known as ‘dissolving’.

Amongst the Yoga is ‘Bakti Yoga’, the Way of Devotion.

Water Signs’ personal bias: to be more sensitive, caring, imaginative than others.

At the physical level this is the type of body whose conditions pretty much depend on the state of the emotions. Very sensitive to psychic disturbances, it can also absorbs readily positive, wholesome influences. Psychosomatic type illnesses are possible, especially of the digestive and lymphatic systems. Eating disorders not infrequent, food being used as emotional crutch.

Water is at home on the emotional plane, due to its inborn sensitivity. Emotions are more a reality to Water than material objects. The water affections are often tenacious, but sometimes also turbulent, morbid or too passive. It fears foremost abandonment or neglect. Feeling dependent it can be easily victimized or become itself emotionally manipulative.

At the mental level this is a probing, perceptive mind, open to non verbal, subliminal suggestions. It can be plain fanciful or highly imaginative, artistic or even psychic, but often too personal and subjective. If personal expectations and fears influence the mind Water can become opinionated, or too subjective, displaying distorted reason and lack of logic.

The spiritual level is open to Water evolved types, who can be very psychic and mediumistic. Compassion and universal sympathy are the virtues which help to attain greater awareness. There is great empathy and even identification with the feelings of others or with the essence of every situation, and innate ability to grasp intangibles. Water’s spiritual task is to master the emotions, transmuting them through creative imagination and mystical vision. A mystical path.




Earth is a resisting, solidifying, physical energy.

The sensation function, sense of Smell, the solid state of matter.

In Alchemy it represents the stage of the opus known as ‘crystallization’.

Amongst the Yoga is ‘Karma Yoga, the Way of Action.

Earth Signs’ personal bias is to be more sensible, realistic, practical than others.

At the physical level this Element gives a solid body, with strong sensual awareness and inborn knowledge of what brings comfort and a sense of wellbeing. A rigid, pessimistic mental/ emotional attitude can impair health, as can inhibitions which stop one from enjoying physical fulfilment and relaxation. It is important to become more fluid and supple, and to accept the healing touch of other human beings.

At the emotional level Earth is cautious and reserved in its display of emotion looking for quality rather than show. It can achieve emotional contentment. But feelings of security often come from a sense of being in control. Slow to feel but constant. It can become emotionally greedy, unsympathetic, cynical, inclined to exchange material comfort for emotional fulfilment

At the mental level Earth is slow, deliberate, reliable, with a very retentive memory. It can achieve great concentration, creating a solid picture in its mind eye. It needs to see causes and effects and strongly relies on tradition. It is mostly interested in practical subjects. It can be a very subtle, profound, methodical mind. But, negatively, narrow, intolerant, materialistic, rigid.

At the spiritual level Earth expresses spirituality by non attachment to material possessions and physical relationships. The evolved type always displays a well developed sense of duty and a sincere desire for selfless service. Earth is the upholder of ancient traditions, valuing rituals and ceremonials, and also purity, at the physical as well as psychic level. Task: renunciation of the fruits of all actions.

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