I re-post here an edited and amplified piece I published earlier in the year, about the upcoming Climate Change Conference to be held in Cancun, Mexico, between November 29 and December 10, 2010.

To read about other astrological events of the period September 2010 to March 2011, please visit the Forecasts Page here.


The North Node of the Moon will become exactly conjunct Pluto on November 27, two days before the opening of the Climate Change Summit in Cancun, in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. This, the most significant of all transits active at present, seems to say that the solution to our environmental crisis has to be born of a conscious transformation of attitudes, a re-birth, following a destruction of sort.

The Summit itself will begin during the waning cycle of the Moon, as Copenhagen’s did in 2009, not the most propitious time to start something, but perhaps the most appropriate when considering the enormous difficulties we are facing (if interested visit here my earlier posts for an in depth analysis of the 2009 Copenhagen’s Climate Change Summit).

This should be a time when we start the ball rolling, taking on many initiatives, breaking new grounds etc. For that a waxing Moon would have been more auspicious. The choice of day seems to indicate that this conference will play the role, like the previous one, of clearing the ground of obstacles, preparing for new initiatives and actions for a later date, but would not be as ground-breaking as perhaps it was hoped for.

The last Quarter Moon will be in a dominant position on the first sunrise in Cancun, in the Healing Sign of Virgo . This Sign’s practical wisdom will challenge the idealistic and speculative Sagittarius Sun to focus on real situations and real down to earth solutions rather than over-emphasizing the big picture and building castles in the air, as Sagittarius is often known to do (Sun, Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius). The Last Quarter is also a critical point in the Moon-Earth-Sun cycle, the last week of the Moon’s waning, when the Lunar energy is directed inward and as a collective we need to integrate the experience of the whole cycle, make sense of them, in order to be ready to move onto the next cycle, at the next New Moon in a week time (New Moon in Sagittarius on December 6).

This is the Chart for the Opening Ceremony, 10 am, Cancun’s time.

At the exact moment the Opening Ceremony begins the Ascendant will be entering Aquarius, the Sign of reform and the humanitarian spirit, a positive symbol for cooperation amongst people, to stimulate also a sense of community and universal sisterhood/brotherhood. Any work with groups and involving collective issues come under the influence of this Sign.

With Aquarius on the Ascendant the Ruling planet of this Event Horoscope is Uranus in Pisces, still close to Jupiter, their ongoing conjunction’s latest pass having occurred on September 19 and the next and last encounter being scheduled for January 4. The latter will be the New Moon in Capricorn day and also a Solar Eclipse, the first of the coming year, carrying the effect of the conjunction well beyond its period of activity, because Eclipses have the power to intensify and prolong the effect of any transit.

This conjunction seems positive for a Summit dealing with global issues and in particular with the environment (Pisces, the most collective and inclusive of all Signs), and it is also suitable for the meeting of people from different corners of the world (Uranus), together pursuing the same worldwide goal (Jupiter). The two planets however are the recipients on the day of some challenging angles from Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius and an upcoming opposition from the Moon in Virgo, all signs that negotiations may be easily marred by controversies and disputes, misunderstanding and flaring up of tempers. Sagittarius Mars is known for its uncompromising stance, the 90 degrees angle to Jupiter and Uranus exacerbating the difficulties.

Factions may arise out of the T Square between Moon, Mars and Jupiter-Uranus, the 90 degrees angles always forcing the planetary energies to work together, even if it means facing each other in battle. Contact has to be made, a spark is fired into the debate almost immediately, the Sagittarian Mars and Mercury providing the fuel. Because this is one of the grand aspect of the Opening Ceremony it talks of a situation fraught with difficulties.

The Grass Root movement for action against Climate Change is represented, in my understanding, by the Moon in Virgo, people who would like to see practical viable solutions implemented, whose aspirations and needs are challenged by argumentative and speculative opinions, vocal opposition, people with different agendas and beliefs vying to preach each other (the Sagittarius trio of Sun, Mars and Mercury).  Opposing the Moon and at 90 degrees angle to Mars and Mercury is the conjunction of the two giants, Jupiter and Uranus, pulling the collective into a chaos of change, into an irresistible longing for change, into a wave of change that will eventually breath new life into the planet.

We have found so far two conjunctions: Pluto-Node and Jupiter-Uranus, but there is a third, the Neptune-Chiron’s conjunction in Aquarius, also very close on the day. This  shows another facet of the powerful forces operating at present on the soul of the planet, the great potential for hurting and healing, from suffering to compassion, toward a more humanitarian ideal. The whole scope of a conference such as this is the healing of a self-inflicted illness, and the conjunction Neptune-Chiron illustrates that a new collective spirituality, non divisive but uniting (Neptune) can foster the healing we are seeking (Chiron).

Another significant event occurring just on the first day is Venus re-entering Scorpio, after a brief regression into Libra. While Venus on the last degree of Libra at the opening ceremony may project an aura of cooperation, the reality of Venus’ transits during the ten days summit have more to do with Scorpio, with intense likes and dislikes, with hidden agendas and subtle manipulations, with an all together more judgmental and ruthless way of relating. On the positive side Venus in Scorpio is also profound and knowing, focused and passionate.

As important as the transits on the first day are, the whole ten days period is of course astrologically significant too.

Mercury and Mars, for instance, will not be in Sagittarius for long, moving into Capricorn Mercury on December 1 and Mars on December 8, close to the end.

The passage of Mercury from a Fire to a Earth Sign shows a shift from early passionate speeches, grand ideas and super-animated debate, to more down to earth talking and planning, concrete guidelines and practical measures, from the Fire spark to Earth’s practicality and realism.

Mercury will also slow down throughout the conference’s period, becoming Stationary Retrograde on the very last day, December 10. This shows that whatever is going to be discussed during the Summit will have to be re-considered later on, before a proper plan can be put in place that could be agreed upon by everyone. The impending Retrogradation of Mercury illustrates that the debate will not end with the Conference’s end, but linger on for weeks, until some sense can be made of the concrete outcome of all the talking.

Mars also, entering on the 8th the Earth Sign where is said to be Exalted, promises some concrete action happening toward the end of the conference. The Sign-change of Mars is to me one of the more positive astrological trend: the planet of action is moving from Sagittarius’ inexhaustible crucible of ideals  to Capricorn’s foundation building and responsible, goal oriented activities, promising stuff.

The Moon herself will change from crone (Last Quarter to new Moon) into maiden (Sagittarius New Moon on December 5). There is hope again, as in Copenhagen, of some last day initiative, the waxing of the Moon from December 5 (in Cancun), encouraging change and activity on the second half of the Conference. This time there would be more waxing days available! On the last day, December 10, the Moon will be in Aquarius, a Sign sensitive to collective needs and attuned to new and revolutionary trends; a great leap from humble Virgo at the beginning.

The fact that many people know what’s going on in Cancun, and that the Climate Change issue has finally began to be taken seriously by most governments are in themselves signs of the time, a Jupiter-Uranus blessed conjunction at the end of the zodiacal mandala, on the verge of entering the First Sign of Aries, opening a new era of human ingenuity and innovations.

We are now just leaving the dark ages, as far as environmental consciousness is concerned. The squares and oppositions of this Chart are proof that finding common grounds in such a complex and fragmented world view is going to be very difficult. The fact that we are even attempting it should be cause for optimism.

I will post more thoughts on the Cancun conference as events unfold.

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