CANCUN CLIMATE CHANGE SUMMIT 2010: Mars-Uranus Square and the New Moon in Sagittarius

Katrina artwork: Seeing the storm through children eyes

Climate Change talks in Cancun came to a serious impasse when Mars in Sagittarius reached the perfect right angle to Uranus in Pisces on December 3 and Mercury in Capricorn became conjunct Pluto on December 5, remaining close to the same until the end of the summit and beyond, due to its imminent retro period (December 10/30).

The Mars’ transit was already active at the start of the conference and will be until the passage of Mars into Capricorn, on December 8. Mars was also separating from a square to Jupiter at the opening ceremony.

Amongst all possible transits the Mars-Uranus must be one of the most difficult when it comes to diplomacy and trying to achieve some sort of agreement on anything. The threat voiced by many delegates to boycott the conference all together wasn’t, I’m sure, idle talk, with such a disruptive and extreme transit fueling the debate from self-righteous Sagittarius to easily muddled Pisces. At the same time the conjunction of Mercury to Pluto in Capricorn could make everyone more willful and unyielding,  and hidden agendas to plague the talks throughout.

A rift has become apparent between rich western countries and developing ones, on similar lines as in Copenhagen last year. The squabble originated over the wording of a crucial document that should be eventually released. Many developing countries were demanding that in the said document rich countries continue to commit to emissions cuts as stated in the Kyoto Protocol of 1997.

Developing countries want new targets to be set in the document, in order to continue the reduction of greenhouse emissions beyond 2012. This is because the Kyoto agreement is really the only legal document binding the USA and other developed countries to emissions cuts. Britain and the European Union said they would agree to a second commitment following Kyoto after 2012, but only if other countries are prepared to do the same. The USA and China are blaming each other for not agreeing to substantial cuts in emissions and slowing down the whole process.

Ministers from 193 countries are arriving for high level talks in Mexico today, Monday December 6. This could be good timing, because now the Moon is waxing, a new lunar cycle has just began and past difficulties could be laid to rest.

The Moon today will be applying to the same squares to Jupiter and Uranus that Mars formed recently. The Moon will then meet Mars at the end of Sagittarius before entering Capricorn tonight, Cancun time. Here the Moon herself becomes the catalyst for the energy of Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, hopefully speeding up decisions without causing too many arguments.

Once in Capricorn the Moon will conjunct Mercury and Pluto tomorrow (December 7), stressing the need for  a more pragmatic approach and greater transparency. The power struggles underlying the whole proceeding could become more obvious, but people may also be more prepared to look deeper into it, to find practical ways to overcome the impasse.


If interested please visit my introductory post on Cancun’s Climate Change Summit, here.

I paste here a link to an interactive site where the conference is openly discussed:

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