Weekly Astrological Highlights, March 21 to 27

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Highlights of the week

Apology for again posting this weekly update late. There is so much going on at the moment and so little time (and electrical power) in my personal life I’m finding it hard to stick to my deadlines.

Big cosmic events have happened at the start of the week, with the Aries Equinox and the conjunction Sun-Uranus on Monday, March 21.  I have already discussed these events in a previous post, Full Moon in Virgo and the Aries Equinox conjunct Uranus so I’ll only make a note about them here.

The most important mutual aspect this week will be the sesqui-square (135 degrees) between Saturn retrograded in Libra and Neptune on the last degree of Aquarius, on March 25.

Also coming on, but not exact until March 29 is the last opposition Jupiter-Saturn, from Aries to Libra. The most recent difficulties experienced by the global economy, due to many natural and man-made disasters, bear the signature of this historical opposition, the third and last to occur since May 2010. It will be a topic for next week’s highlights.

The Moon is Waning this week, from the late Virgo Full Moon on Sunday, March 20, to the Capricorn Last Quarter Phase, on Saturday, March 26, always a time for self-reflection, when we can begin preparing for the next New Moon in a week time.

To end the week on a positive note, Venus will enter the Water Sign of Pisces, a suitable ambiance for our Love Goddess, on Sunday March 27.

March 21: Astrologers all over the globe are seeking answers in the transits active at the time of the Aries Equinox, the Birth Chart of the new astrological year, to glean a sense of what this new year might bring.

This time, we all agree, the wind of change is blowing, altering the lives of millions in a clean sweep. We all expected dramatic events of some sort, due to the number of significant shifts at hand, but reality has surpassed all expectations.

Putting aside the recent cataclysmic events and gloom and doom predictions, this Sun-Uranus’ conjunction, at this pivotal time of the year and so close to a Full Moon, will present opportunities for a lot of  people to take their lives into their own hands, to become more independent and self-reliant, to accept their differences and find the courage to live by their principles, rather than those the ‘system’ has prepared for them. Psychological freedom from excessive conditioning is what a powerful Uranus’s transit is supposed to foster, even when your external situation may take a longer time than your inner self to shift.

As we have seen in collective uprisings in many parts of the world, people are now impatient for change, ready to fight and even risk their lives in order to make a difference, and to outgrow the past.

If Uranus can make revolutionary heroes out of average citizens of an average world, so too he could revolutionize your life. You need to answer his call however. Change will not happen of its own accord, in most cases, and it would be preferable anyway to be at the helm rather than passively suffer upheavals imposed upon by outside circumstances.

The Sun Sign people in direct contact with Uranus, at the moment, are Aries (March 20 to 22), Cancer (June 21 to 23), Libra (September 23 to 25), Capricorn (December 21 to 23), and also Leo (July 22 to 24) and Sagittarius (November 21 to 23), or anyone with the Moon, one of the four angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Mid-Heaven and Lower Heaven) or a planet in the first degree of the same Signs. Due to the slowness of Uranus (it will remain in Aries for nearly seven more years) this transit will extend its influence for many months.

MARCH 25, FRIDAY: the sesqui-square (a tongue twister of an aspect) between Saturn retrograde in Libra and Neptune, on the last degree of Aquarius, may be considered a minor aspect by some, but in this case it is not. The two planets are in fact slow moving  enough to savor this relationships, not perhaps for as long a time as with a square, opposition or trine, but long enough to leave a definite mark. In this case, for instance, the transit started becoming active in mid March and will remain active until early April (using a one degree orb). Furthermore this is already the second pass (occurrence) of this transit, because the two planets formed the same angle at the end of October 2010, when Saturn was still traveling in direct motion (first pass), and will be forming it again in late August 2011 (third and last pass).Covering such a long period of time it has certainly an impact on the collective psyche and events.

While this angle is said to cause some discordance and delays that require patience, the two planets involved are known to have some natural difficulties in working together anyway, due to their very different natures: Saturn all down to earth and Neptune all spaced- out.

This week in particular it could prove difficult to reconcile the need to be practical and grounded with the need to transcend limitations and allow creative and spiritual experiences to take place. When planets are in aspects the idea is to make them work together, rather than give one or the other the upper hand. In this case, the ideal would be to keep the vision alive (Neptune) without losing our sense of reality or forgetting our duties (Saturn).

Individuals more likely to feel the difficulties of this transit are Libra (October 6 to 8 ), and Aquarius (February 3 to 5).

MARCH 26 and 27, SATURDAY and SUNDAY: these two days are dominated by the Sign’s change of Venus, from logical Aquarius to romantic (and not so logical) Pisces. A post on this shift is in the pipeline. A few words here: in traditional Astrology Neptune is said to represent the higher octave of Venus (a musical term meaning the reproduction of a sound at a higher, or lower pitch), because if we identify Venus with love, we then have to identify Neptune with compassion, the highest expression of love, when we love not for what we can get out of the other person (attention, pleasure, support etc.), but unconditionally. Venus transiting Pisces, the realm of Neptune, is said to take on the spiritual garb of the Oceanic God, to allow us to experience the unconditional love toward our fellow human beings and the sense of unity that that love brings. This is also a very imaginative and artistic Venus, helping us to appreciate beauty in all its forms, from natural to cultural beauty, sensuality and poetry. Negatively we run the risk, while Venus is in Pisces, of glamorizing the idea of love and idealizing the people we love to excess, looking for the ever elusive soul-mate of our dreams. Keeping the heart anchored on something solid (a sense of self), and keeping some emotional boundaries up will help to avoid these pitfalls.

Individuals more likely to feel the enchantment of Venus in Pisces, over the next month, will be Pisces, of course, as well as Cancer, Scorpio, and, mixed with difficulties, also Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius.

Venus will be transiting Pisces until April 21.

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