Full Moon in Virgo and the Aries Equinox conjunct Uranus

You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.

Alan Watts

While the earthquake-tsunami crisis in Japan continues, aggravated now by the threat of a nuclear melt down, a new international war is unfolding in North Africa, now that the UN has resolved to impose a no fly zone over Libya. Meanwhile the whole Middle East is in grave turmoil on the wake of last months Egypt’s successful push for democratic reforms.

The Full Moon in late Virgo (March 20 in Australia, March 19 in Europe and the US) opposing the Sun on the threshold of Aries, astrological starting point of the year, could see a climax of the last fortnight’s dramatic events, hopefully bringing solutions rather than more heartache.

Uranus is brought to life by the Sun, uniting with it on zero degree Aries, and also by the Moon going to oppose it from the naught degree of Libra. I can’t think of a grander way to announce this eccentric planet on the world stage: a special welcome.

Since antiquity a planet close to the Sun was said to be combust, somewhat weakened by the Sun’s power. But this only until the Sun got really close to the planet, 17′ or less, when the planet’s power actually is said to increase, in a relationship called Cazimi.

Being so close to the center of consciousness of our solar system,  the power of the planet can be revealed in all its glory, bathed as it were in the light of the Sun, becoming one with it. Here, to make this picture more memorable, the Moon is illumining the whole scene, reflecting back to Earth the light of both Sun and Uranus,making us more conscious of their energies, and also easier preys to their potential destructive tendencies. Both Sun and Uranus are highly masculine, outgoing energies that can easily bring us to extremes, feeling on edge or going on over-drive.

Quantum leaps of consciousness could be more common in this occasion and, because this incredible transit begins the year, it will also accompany the year. Exciting and full of surprises, also potentially unsafe, uncompromising, alienating, destructive, aggressive, war-mongering (compare the last ingress of Uranus in Aries, 1927-1935).

Please note also the approaching third and last opposition Jupiter-Saturn (exact on March 29), pointing to a new incarnation of the ongoing financial crisis, another downturn that astrologers predicted all along.

Making this mix even more intriguing on Full Moon day Ceres (Demeter), the largest asteroid, the ancient Earth Mother, Goddess of the harvest and also of mourning, will unite with Neptune, God of the oceans, on the last degree of Aquarius (7 pm Eastern Australia Summer Time, 11 hours East of GMT). This degree is symbolically very significant, marking the Ascendant of the World Chart, now on the cusp of Aquarius, which happens to be at the end of the Sign rather than the start (Precession of the Equinoxes).

I feel that the latest man-made and natural disasters fit well also with the atmosphere of the conjunction Ceres-Neptune, when we cry for our Earth Mother and for ourselves, when families and entire communities are thorn apart, and all we can do is mourn what we have lost, and pray for redemption. A great and sincere wave of compassion has gone around the world with the power of a spiritual tsunami. We have all  been somehow transformed by it.

Last minutes battery power: I post here a few Charts, in batches of 3 (for three different localities, Australia, Japan and Libya) for the Full Moon and Aries Equinox events.

In the Aries Ingress Chart for Japan note the Ascendant on the 29th degree of Taurus, a special degree activated by all the Full Moons since September 2010,and especially by the last Total Eclipse of the Moon of December 21 2010, still very much dominating the fate of  the world today.

Last but not least a double wheel Chart with the Sunrise Chart of Colonel Gaddafi in the inner wheel and the Aries Equinox in the outer wheel.

All these Charts make very interesting reading. Hope they can inspire you to search more.

For more about the current transits, including the SuperMoon effect, please click HERE.

Full Moon 20 March 2011 in Wollumbin, Australia

Click to enlarge

Full Moon 20 March 2011 in Japan (coordinates of earthquake’s epicenter)

Click to enlarge

Full Moon 19 March 2011 in Libya

Click to enalrge

Aries Ingress of the Sun in Wollumbin, Australia

Click to enlarge

Aries Ingress of the Sun in Japan (coordinates of earthquake’s epicenter)

Click to enlarge

Aries Ingress of the Sun in Libya

Click to enlarge

Colonel Geddafi’s Sunrise Chart (time of birth unknown) and the Aries Ingress Chart

Click to enlarge

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