April and May will be great months to observe five close members of our Solar family

Jupiter is visible in the early morning sky, transiting Pisces at top speed and bringing abundant creativity to all the Water Signs, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio: time for penetrating insights and to reap the fruits of your previous labours, generally enjoying going with the flow of things (see Jupiter in Pisces post).

Venus came back into dim view in March, but only in April this brightest of planets will stay up long enough after sunset (about one and half hour) to be easily observable. This is the evening star incarnation of Venus, Vesper or Hesperus to the ancient star gazers, a self-reflective phase of this planetary intelligence, instilling wisdom in relating because it is considered of past experiences. Venus will transit Taurus from April 1 to 25. All Earth Signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, will benefit from her wise rays (see Venus post).

A long stay of Mercury in Taurus is on the cards too, entering on April 3 and leaving only on June 10. It will be dimly visible at twilight times (evening in April, morning in May). The child of the Solar System will perform its station and retrogradation in Taurus between April 18 and May 12, affecting in particular Taureans born between April 21 and May 3. These few weeks could be the ideal time for a break from routine and duties. If you slow down the pace of your life you are less likely to experience frustration. This will be a test of your mental flexibility and ability to adapt, not usually your forte.

Mars (still in Leo but now direct in motion) will be also visible on top of the sky toward the north from sunset, setting out of view just past midnight. The light of the red planet is dimming. Collectively these are better times to be enterprising and to use our energy with more purpose and less wastage. The Twin Stars of Castor and Pollux in the constellation of Gemini can be observed nor far from Mars.

Saturn will be visible throughout the night, setting just before sunrise. The ringed planet was at its most brilliant just the day of the Autumn Equinox (March 21), its rays very powerful and in full retrogradation, during its opposition to the Sun. Saturn will transit Virgo in retrogradation from April 8, re-entering Libra only in July. This last pass into Virgo could bring back some of the restrictions we have experienced in 2008 and 2009. To go along with this energy we need to be a little bit more careful, more humble and also readier to help others. Our collective return may seem scarce for the present time, but the passage into Libra should be some relief and a fairer go for everyone.

For an indepth reading of the major transits for the present and near future, please visit 2010 Forecast page.

The Earth Signs are definitely at the receiving end of many transits in April.


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