Uranus in Taurus 2018/2019 to 2025/2026

Uranus in Taurus 2018-2019

Uranus already entered the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus, on May 16 2018. He then briefly returned to Aries on November 7, and now is again on the doorstep of Taurus, this time for good, from March 6 2019. After that the Uranus-Taurus’ transit will last until 2025/26.

From May 2018 to March 2019 Uranus hovered on the cusp of Taurus, indicating a period of difficult adjustments for the whole planet. We had to become more grounded despite many disruptions and challenges to our established routines and habits, the things that provide us with a sense of security and comfort.

The ingress of a slow moving planet into a new Sign is always momentous, having a significant impact on individual and the world, especially if your Birth Chart or the Horoscope of a particular nation aligns in some way with it.

Taurus is the astrological symbol for money, wealth, security, finance and Uranus is the planet connected with radical changes, revolutions, turning points etc. During the seven years stay of Uranus in Taurus we will see possibly unprecedented changes in world finance and business.

The last time Uranus entered Taurus, 84 years ago (June1934-March1935) was a period of major upheavals for the world: huge dust storms in the Deep South in the US; massive armaments in Russia, Europe and America; Hitler consolidating his power by becoming German Chancellor; in October the so called Long March led by Mao Zedung began in China; in 1935 German Jews were denied the right to citizenship.  Many of these events are considered precursors to the Second World War, the real game changer!

Australia Horoscope and Uranus in Taurus

With the national Horoscope of Australia in mind (First January 1901, when the Australian Constitution came into force) some clear warning signs become apparent. This is a Saturn Return year for Australia time to grow up, time for reckoning of past mistakes and beginning of a new evolutionary cycle. Transiting Uranus is also sitting on Australia’s Ascendant (cusp Aries-Taurus), meaning that there could be unexpected/abrupt changes in our country, during 2018/2019. These changes will impact on the way Australia is perceived around the world too, the Ascendant representing the outer impact and expression of a personality, being it of an individual or a nation. Talking about individuals, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was born with the Sun at 0 degree Scorpio, meaning that Uranus since 2018 has been in opposition to his Sun’s degree. In this case Uranus has certainly delivered his promise of shaking the status quo in his life and career.

With Saturn slowly moving through cautious and business like Capricorn, and now Uranus in Taurus, the foundations of our global sense of security, our collective finances, savings and assets, the next few years don’t seem a propitious period to invest or spend big, or we could incur debts that we may not be able to repay. Common sense and caution need to prevail to cope successfully with rapidly changing circumstances.

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