Today Sunrise Horoscope, Sun’s Sign, Decan, Dwad

Aquarius11 AQUARIUS

Sunrise Sun’s Degree on February 17, 2016

 AQUARIUS 27°33‘ 40″


 Third Decan of Aquarius (portion of 10°):    AQUARIUS/LIBRA
Twelfth Dwad of Aquarius (portion of 02° 30′):   

The Sun entered Aquarius on January 21, 02.27.02

(my Dwad Table)

Please click this link to view/print the Transits active in the month of February 2016


calculated for the coordinates of Mt.Warning, Wollumbin, in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia

Time zone: 11 Hours East (ahead) of Greenwich mean Time – Eastern Australian Summer Time

(= 11 hours East of Greenwich). Summer Time will end in Eastern Australia on April 3 2016, 3 am.

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Sunrise Horoscope February 17Sunrise Horoscope Data February 17

7 Responses to “Today Sunrise Horoscope, Sun’s Sign, Decan, Dwad”

  1. livingmoonastrology Says:

    I am the author of this page and all other posts and pages in the Living Moon Astrology site, Paola Emma

  2. armanda Says:

    Ciao Paola ho dato un’occhiata al tuo sito …bello!
    un bacione ed un abbraccio Armanda

  3. Suraj Bhakuni Says:

    Please check Heaven-Above web site as your data is not matching with the satellite output nor with the hindu Astrology chart

    • livingmoonastrology Says:

      Hi Suraj Bhakuni, thank you for your comment.
      I manually change every night the Sunrise page. I don’t know if you mean that one Chart was wrong or all Charts are wrong.
      The Sunrise Charts are created by Solar Fire Gold, using the Tropical Zodiac and local time on the east coast of New South Wales Australia (at present, winter time, 10 hours ahead of Greenwich). If this doesn’t answer your comment, please feel free to write again.
      Ciao for now, Paola Emma

  4. gypsymoon16Cory Says:

    I Love your writing it makes sense

  5. Beth Says:

    i love your site and very good in knowing these things on a daily matter. Thanks so much ! H

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Beth, thank you. It is good to know that my idea of providing daily updates is useful to someone. Sometimes I doubt, because there is so much information on the net, and I feel that I am just adding up to the pile! I also remember though when I had no computer program to help me and all my Astrology was done perusing over big tomes of tables. I would have really loved then to find all I needed at the click of a button!
      I wish to organize my working life better this year so to be able to post my astrological thoughts more frequently apart from the regular updates. Now that Mars is transiting Virgo for a long spell I should find ways to do that. Cheers, Paola

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