Weekly Astrological Highlights, April 18 to 24


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Many highlights this week, with Mars in Aries opposing Saturn in Libra, on Tuesday April 19, the Sun entering Taurus and Retro Mercury conjunct Mars on Wednesday April 20, and Venus entering Aries on Thursday April 21. All this after a fully charged Full Moon in Libra, on Monday, April 18, heavily involved with the active planetary transits in Cardinal Signs, since last Saturday.


The Moon is Full in Libra, on Monday, April 18, entering then her 14 days waning period.

This is the yearly Paschal Full Moon. The word Paschal is the Greek translation of the original Hebrew word Pesach, meaning Passover. This religious festivity commemorates the liberation of the Jewish people from their Egyptian slavery, after God sent ten deadly plagues to the land. When Egypt’s Pharaoh decreed that all the first born in the land be killed,  the Israelite people, warned by God, marked their doors with the blood of sacrificial lambs, a sign for the Angel of the Lord to pass over those doors, so that their children will be spared. This parable is connected in deep ways to the parable of Jesus, saved from  the massacre of the innocents, to later become himself the lamb of sacrifice through his crucifixion, remembered on Good Friday. and his resurrection celebrated on Easter Sunday.

The day of Easter is decided, every year, by the placement of this Full Moon, the first after the Aries Equinox; Easter being the first Sunday after this particular phase.

Since Saturday, April 16, the Moon in Libra has been opposing Uranus in Aries on Saturday 16; squaring Pluto in Capricorn, opposing Mars and Mercury in Aries and becoming conjunct Saturn in Libra on Sunday 17; and finally opposing Jupiter in Aries, few hours before the Full phase (Moon-Sun’s opposition) on Monday April 18. A busy time for the Moon and for all of us, dealing with many different emotional demands, not easy to reconcile. I am personally recovering from a rather intense time that has left me functioning not quite 100%, physically and psychically. I have to put on hold projects I have been working on for a while, having run out of steam, so to speak.

The second major phase of the Waning Moon will occur on Thursday, April 21, with the Sagittarius Disseminating Phase, when we may begin to make sense of all these intense vibes, perceiving the big picture beyond the emotional roller coaster. The Sagittarius Disseminating Moon suggests in fact the opportunity to widen our understanding and to gain a more philosophical outlook on life.

APRIL 19, TUESDAY: Mars in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra today, while Retro Mercury becomes part of this configuration too, because it will be exactly conjunct Mars on April 20. These could be potentially frustrating two to three days for many, in particular those Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn people who happen to be directly aligned with this difficult transits. They are Aries born around April 1 to 4, Libra born October 5 to 8, Cancer born July 3 to 6, Capricorn born January 2 to 5, or anyone with Moon, Chart’s Angles and /or planet between the 11thh and 14th degree of the same Signs.

It easy easy to understand why such a transit could cause frustration if we remember that Mars is eminently a planet of action, while Saturn tends to delay action in order to be better prepared; Mars is spontaneous and instinctual, while Saturn is all about planning and playing it safe! During their contact, in particular the opposition that in itself represents a duality and tension of sort, our desire for prompt action becomes often frustrated and a lot of patience will be needed to avoid anger and disappointment to build up, eventually causing us explode.

Like the conjunction to Mercury-Jupiter last week the conjunction tomorrow of Mercury to Mars will be the second of three passes of the same transit. The first occurred on February 21, when Mercury was still Direct, and the third, after Mercury will turn Direct again, will be exact on May 21, thus covering a much longer period than an average Mercury’s transit. Mercury will also get very close to another opposition to Saturn, avoiding it only by turning Direct on Saturday, April 23.

Both the Mars-Saturn opposition and the Mercury-Mars-conjunction don’t seem helpful transits if we want to resolve conflicts because they rather tends to stress tensions and divisions. They are configurations useful when we want to make a stand and we are ready to defend our position in an assertive and confident way though.

Used wisely this combination of opposing energies could help us to achieve more, the action driven Mars finding practical and viable channels of expression via the Saturn’s contact. The job may be slowed down, but it will be a better accomplished one in the end.

APRIL 20, WEDNESDAY: we are turning another leaf in our book of seasons, with the Sun entering the Earth Fixed Sign of Taurus today, 8.17 pm, Eastern Australia Standard Time.

Here is the Chart for this ingress.

Click to enlarge

The conjunction Mercury-Mars in Aries and their combined oppositions to Saturn in Libra, plus the coming conjunction of Venus to Uranus, and the 120 degrees harmonious angle between the Moon in Sagittarius and Uranus are all happening around the time of the Taurus ingress. This is preparing to be a time for rapid, even abrupt changes in relationships, pervaded by a rebellious and freedom seeking collective feeling (Venus, Uranus, Moon configuration), but also a period for serious reality checks and potential frustration for a lot of people (Mars, Saturn, Mercury).

The Sun, on the naught degree of Taurus, will be in harmonious aspect to Neptune on the naught degree of Pisces, showing the way to better integrating all the various transits through an attitude of acceptance and the willingness to adapt, not usually great Taurean traits. People born with the Sun, Moon, Chart’s Angles and/or planets in Taurus are beginning a 14 years journey during which they will have to give up the more willful side of this Earth Sign and embrace an all together more tolerant and inclusive philosophy of  life.

APRIL 21, THURSDAY: Venus enters Aries today.  A post about the transit of Venus in this Fire Sign is at present cooking in my oven, and hopefully will be ready soon.

Briefly here Venus is now entering the realm of Mars, her rival-lover. Aries is in fact a highly masculine, energetic and assertive Sign, not the most natural place for Venus, embodiment of the feminine principle of attraction and harmony. Aries is a combative Sign, ready for a fight if anything seems to impede its progress, so Venus in this Sign loses some of her natural ability to mediate differences and to seek friendly resolution of conflict. During this period we may actually enjoy having to sort out our differences with people, less inhibited to express ourselves with honesty in relationships, and also eager for a more active and exciting social life.

This Venus in Aries period will end on May16. On the same day Mercury will also move from Aries into Taurus, an important short term cosmic shift, from Fire impulse to Earth stability.

The people more likely to respond to Venus in Aries’ influence will be Aries, of course, but also Libra (by opposition), Cancer and Capricorn (by square aspect) and the other two Fire Signs, Leo and Sagittarius (by trine aspects).

APRIL 23, SATURDAY: Mercury is finally turning Stationary Direct today, after a three weeks retro period (since the end of March). Business or activities that had to be put on hold for a while can be tackled again, with renewed energy and some guarantee of success.  Mercury will be still transiting Aries, until May 16, a morning star, rising before the Sun until late May. For the moment it is too close to the Sun’s glare to be spotted. The first glimpse of Mercury will be possible toward the middle of May, time of maximum distance from the Sun.

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Weekly Astrological Highlights: February 28 to March 6


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Highlights of the week

  • Saturn in Libra sesqui-square (135°) to Chiron in Pisces, on February 28
  • the ingress of Venus into Aquarius, on March 2
  • the New Moon in Pisces, on March 5

FEBRUARY 28 to MARCH 11: today Saturn is forming an exact aspect to Chiron (135 degrees). This is the second pass of the same transit, Saturn being retrograde. The first pass occurred at the end of December 2010, while the third and last pass will be in September this year. Due to the slowness of the two celestial bodies involved, this aspect, often considered weak, is actually an important and difficult one.

Via Saturn we become aware of what’s really happening in our lives. Often we describe the effect of Saturn’s transits as cyclical reality checks that we need to undergo in order to grow to face life challenges squarely, in an adult, responsible way.

Chiron, on the other hand, always implies the need for accepting the unavoidable, learning to live with it and eventually gaining wisdom from it.

The contact between Saturn and Chiron could then be described as a collective reality check about all those things and experiences that cannot be changed or healed (in a literal sense), but that need to be integrated as painful lessons in one’s life, hopefully helping us to grow in compassion and wisdom.

Becoming responsible (Saturn) for our own emotional burden (Chiron) we may be able to share our knowledge with others going through similar circumstance, because another essential role of Chiron is that of teacher and healer, while Saturn embodies wisdom brought about by well assimilated experience.

This transit seems to be appropriate at this time, when many are mourning loved ones lost in the New Zealand earthquake of February 22. The first funerals were held on the 28th and on March 1st, with the Moon in Saturnine Capricorn, in difficult aspect to Saturn, Chiron, Mars, and conjunct Venus. At the same time Chile has been remembering the 500 who perished in the earthquake of February 28, 2010.

These are indeed difficult realities to acknowledge and accept, but they can also deepen our humanitarian feelings like nothing else can.

MARCH 2: Venus is entering Aquarius today. This month long transit will be more significant for the Air Signs, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra, as well as the other Fixed Signs, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio; or anyone with Moon, Ascendant or Planets in the same Signs. It could in fact help to lighten everyone’s feelings, providing some badly needed perspective on otherwise emotionally confusing, even bewildering times, due to the emphasis on Pisces (Sun, Mercury, Mars, Chiron and the next New Moon).

Aquarius is a more forward looking Sign than Capricorn, the Sign Venus is leaving behind today, Capricorn being inclined to look at the past and to carry past burdens on its shoulders. It can be rather easy to become depressed and lonely during  a Venus in Capricorn’s period, because the Love Goddess wears the gray mantle of Saturn there, helping us to gain a more mature views of our relationships and a more serious attitude in many areas of life, while often losing the cheerfulness and joy of living which are the gifts of Venus’ embodiment of divinity.

Via Aquarius we experience friendship, the stirring of new ideas and aspirations, feelings of cooperation, desire to get together with others to pursue similar interests and work toward shared ideals.

Venus’ function is always to foster cooperation and appreciation of each others’ feelings. When transiting the Air Signs her cooperative spirit is stimulated by this Element’s innate desire for communication and team work. With Venus in Aquarius we may all be encouraged to seek such cooperation with a number of people, not just in our own insular, private relationships.

For more thoughts on this subject please navigate to my Venus in Aquarius post HERE.



Click to enlarge

This New Moon, like the Aquarius New Moon that preceded it, on February 3, found Sun and Moon still in conjunction to Mars, but this time not in such close proximity.

The transits more active at this time are the sextile (60 degrees) Mars-Pluto and the separating square (90 degrees) Jupiter-Pluto.

Thinking of the popular uprising in numerous countries in the Middle East, this New Moon does not promise prompt resolution of these grave issues, but rather more confrontations and struggles against abuse of power and tyranny. Fight to the death to uphold one’s principles is an extreme but possible outcome of these transits.  The fact that Uranus is now on the very last degree of Pisces, the most critical of all critical degrees, ready to enter uncompromising and conflict-prone Aries, could only add more fire to the mix.

The large group of celestial bodies in Pisces is working as a medium through which all these planetary energies may more easily spread their influence, as we have seen happening in these troubled countries, each in turn responding to the same call for greater democratic participation and freedom of choice.

Visually retrograded, therefore very slow moving Saturn is on the other side from everything, in Libra, attempting to restore some modicum of balance and fairness in our personal and social relationships.

The third and last opposition to Saturn from Jupiter in Aries is still far away (exact on March 29), but the financial pundits are already talking about another economic downturn. If you were running a retailing shop, like I do, you will know how low consumers’ confidence has reached in recent weeks!

The great awakener Uranus and giant Jupiter with his lightening bolts are found on the Ascendant of the eastern Australia Chart, promising more extreme weather events in this areas. Also the introduction of innovative (Uranus) legislature (Jupiter), like the price on carbon that is, at the moment, getting a lot of publicity on the media. *

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Weekly Astrological Highlights: February 21 to 27, 2011

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General Trends

It is Pisces’ week, no doubt! Remaining with our feet firmly planted on the ground could prove challenging, while we may find easier to float and drift aimlessly. If we manage to keep our feelers in contact with the Earth’s plane, we may sprout leaves and bloom like flowers, making the most of this emotional/psychic/spiritual journey. Fertility, in all its possible meanings, is the key word this week.

It will bring its reward to trust Providence or Life, the Great Mother or God, whatever you like to call it.

The Sun entered Pisces on Saturday the 19th of February, and just a day earlier, while still in Aquarius, met Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet.

Mercury will make his ingress into Pisces on Monday 21st and Mars will follow on Wednesday 23rd. Chiron has been in Pisces since February 9 and Neptune is hovering on this Sign’s threshold, ready to enter it on April 5.

With the Sun and so many planets transiting Pisces, being fluid and adaptable will help us to navigate these changeable waters, but is is going to be tricky not to lose ourselves in dreams and fantasies.

For more information about the imminent ingress of Neptune in Pisces, please check two of my posts on the subject HERE and HERE.

Venus‘ position will hopefully help to stay grounded. Still continuing her transit through earthy and responsible Capricorn (now separated from a difficult angle to Saturn, exact last week) Venus remains however in Saturn’s own Sign while the latter transits the Venusian Sign of Libra, thus carrying the link to Saturn (Mutual Reception) to the end of her Capricorn transit, on March 4.

For more information about this transit please CLICK HERE to navigate to my Venus in Capricorn’s post.

The Moon is waning this week, after the cusp Leo/Virgo Full Moon on February 18. She will reach her Last Quarter Phase in Sagittarius on Friday February 25. Time to reflect on the Full Moon revelation and ‘disseminate’ the psychological riches we have gathered then. What we have realized and learnt from our experience could now help others in their journeys too.

Highlights of the week

  • the ingress of Mercury and Mars in Pisces (February 21 and 23)
  • Mercury and Mars conjunct Chiron (February 22 and 24)
  • The Conjunction Sun-Mercury (February 25).
  • Jupiter in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn (February 26).

Specific Dates

FEBRUARY 21 and 22: before entering Pisces on February 22 Mercury will conjunct first Mars and then Neptune, at the end of Aquarius, on February 21; while Mars will reach its own conjunction to Neptune in the afternoon of the same day.

Leaving the clear-headed and mentally concentrate Air Sign of Aquarius Mercury (and Mars) are today preparing to enter the often turbulent and mysterious waters of Pisces, where the mind tends to lose its rational boundaries, contacting unspoken realities that are difficult to verbalize. The conjunction of both planets to Neptune today can be considered their initiation into a world guided by intuition and vision rather than logic or practical considerations.

No doubt Mercury’s logical function often suffers somewhat in the Water Signs, especially in Pisces (or when in close contact to Neptune), but what it gains can make up for it tenfold, if the energy is used creatively.

Mercury will remain in Pisces only until March 10, an opportunity for all of us to test our intuitive faculties and get in touch with our creativity, idealism and dreams. We can now be able to contact a greater Mind than our individual one, ready to absorb influences from many different quarters, not too fearful to thread uncharted waters, but rather fascinated by all the possibilities.

Not the best time however to remain focused on one subject and to be mentally objective, because our feelings will colour our thought processes and ideas, even when we are not aware it’s happening.

The conjunction of both Mercury and Mars to Neptune today is anticipating the Pisces effect and preparing us for it.

The transits of Mercury in Pisces will be more relevant for people born under this Sign, or with Moon, Ascendant or Planets in Pisces. Also for the other two Water Signs (Cancer and Scorpio) and the other Mutable Signs (Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius).

On February 22 Mercury will also conjunct Chiron, exaggerating in some cases feelings of intellectual insecurity, while providing others with a great depth of understanding, based on genuine compassion and empathy with other people difficulties, especially in the area of communication.

FEBRUARY 23 and 24: from February 23 to April 2 Mars, transiting Pisces, will energize all  the Water Signs, offering them an opportunity to be more assertive, but also posing the risk  of being easily carried away by strong and unsettling emotions.

In particular those individual born in the early stages of the Water and Mutable Signs will find it easy to scatter their physical, mental and emotional energies in these unpredictable oceanic currents, achieving little of what they have set out to do and getting muddled up in the process.

The waters of Pisces are in fact like the sirens whose stories are told in fairy tales and myths, alluring and beautiful but also treacherous and untrustworthy. Being fascinated by something or someone, emotionally, sexually, mentally, could be the line of least resistance this week for Pisces (February 19/22), Scorpio (October 23/26), Cancer (June 21/24), and also Virgo (August 23/26), Gemini (May 21/24), and Sagittarius (November 22/25) .

You need to find a state of balance, accepting what’s happening without losing your direction.

Attempts at asserting yourself may prove vain this week, it’s true, because events seem to run their own course, no matter what you try to do about them.  But of great help could be the psychological practice of keeping some boundaries standing between you and the world, a sense of your inner center, of who you are.

You may feel particularly intuitive and in touch with the soul of the situation and of other people, using your heightened imagination in a creative way will prove rewarding, and surprise you, if you aren’t usually a very inspired person.

Mars is the planet of Action, Do It!. In Pisces is activating the psychic/emotional, more than the physical or mental plane, a strange combination of action and inaction, assertion and passivity. Dance, the Martial Arts, Music, Creative Writing and any form of Art could express this energy at its best.

On February 24 Mars will meet Chiron, as Mercury has done on the 22nd.  If your birthday falls between the 21st and 25th of February the Healing Journey (fostered by Chiron) will be an important theme of your life this year, at the mental (Mercury),  physical and energetic levels (Mars).

FEBRUARY 25: today the Sun and Mercury become conjunct, what astronomically is known as a Superior Conjunction, with Mercury on the other side of the Sun from Earth’s viewpoint. During this phase of Mercury the planet, when visible, appears as the Evening Star.

As I wrote recently in a post on the mystery of Retrogradation (click here to see the entire article): ‘Mercury’s Evening Star incarnation (spanning in early 2011 from February 25 = Superior Conjunction to the Sun, to April 10 = Inferior Conjunction to the Sun), will be a time for giving due consideration to the way we communicate our thoughts and ideas to others, the way we tackle intellectual challenges, like writing, reading, studying, teaching. The retro motion of Mercury corresponds to a period of mental introspection, at the end of which we can start again to project our minds onto the world, with renewed inventiveness and adaptability to different circumstances and people. Mercury’s direct energy does in fact facilitate everything mercurial, such as change, communication, expression of idea in speech or writing, travel, brain-storming, moving etc. This is a forward looking mental impulse, bringing us out of ourselves and onto active participation with the world. This period will end with the Superior Conjunction on June 12, when our mental tendencies will have reached their more concrete and objective state. From then Mercury will begin to wane again, arriving at its next retro Station on August 3‘.

FEBRUARY 26: today Jupiter and Pluto are prominent in transit (at right angle to each other, while the Sun and Mercury are in sextile, 60 degrees, to Pluto and semi-sextile, 30 degrees, to Jupiter).

Jupiter tends to magnify the effect of every planet he comes in contact with. While Pluto has a lot to do with the use we make of our personal power and resources. With this transits we are meant to experience control issues in our lives (in particular people who celebrates their birthday today, yesterday or tomorrow). You may feel dominated by another or overwhelmed by a situation over which you have no apparent control, tending to rebel against it, in order to assert your own need of being in charge.

It could be difficult however to really know who is doing what: are you being dominated and rendered powerless by somebody or something? Or is it perhaps your own compulsion to dominate others or to control the situation at every cost that is causing the problem? An honest assessment of the situation is always a must when Pluto is involved, in order to go to the bottom of things, to the roots of the problem.

Used wisely this transit could enhance the scope of your personal power and put you in touch with a wealth of inner resources you didn’t even know you possessed. The expansive impulse denoted by Jupiter is meeting the depth of Pluto, an unusual opening to ours and others’ motives and secret life of the psyche.

Collectively this aspect may foster war rather than peace, escalating problems that have been hidden and untreated for a long time. Jupiter’s fiery energy in Aries could in fact push all these unprocessed issues to the surface, like a volcanic eruption pushes up the lava at the core of a mountain.

For a list of all Transits this week and for the rest of the month please CLICK HERE to the Monthly Transits Page

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Weekly Astrological Highlights: February 14 to 20, 2011

I’ve finally decided to introduce a Weekly Astrological Forecast to my Living Moon site. I have felt the need for such a regular feature for a while. Experiencing all sorts of troubles with my power supply had to put my plan for a time in the proverbial ‘too hard basket”.

Things have improved in the electric department so I begin my Weekly Readings in earnest, on an auspicious day, I hope, with the Moon in chatty Gemini and the Sun close to both Mars and Neptune, regaling me with extra energy, courage and, best of all, inspiration.


Saint Valentine week, Full Moon week, Sun conjunct Neptune and Chiron week, Sun entering Pisces week!

Are we all going to feel more loving and cherish each other rightly? What the Stars say?

There are bigger events this week than on an average week. Here are the highlights.

Monday 14: today the Lunar Nodes enter the Signs of Sagittarius and Gemini, an important, perhaps life-changing transit for anyone with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Planets on the naught degree of the Cardinal Signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra), and the 29th degree of the Mutable Signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces). A new Eclipse season is at hand, and with it fate is knocking at the door and claiming its due. Destiny changing events and realizations are now possible, the sort of things that could well alter the course of one’s life.

The last major Lunar Eclipse, on December 21 2010, occurred on the 29th degree of Gemini, bringing then the life-altering effects of the Nodes to life for these individuals. Today the Nodes align perfectly to that Eclipse, highlighting again the realizations that the Eclipse brought in its wake. A time then for profound discoveries about our place in the world, our relationships and the choices we constantly make, those that can influence the future in a big way.

The transit through Sagittarius (North Node) and Gemini (South Node) will be a long one, remaining active until early September 2012, in turn gaining influence over all individuals with a Mutable Signs emphasis in their Birth Charts.

I’m glad to have started my weekly regular feature on this very day, when one of the Node of destiny is hovering on my Birth Sun, prompting a change of direction.

For more information on the possible effects of the Lunar Nodes’ Transits please navigate from here to my previous post on ‘The Focus’ shift for future eclipses’.

On a different note today Mercury in Aquarius is forming a harmonious angle (120 degrees) to Saturn in Libra, also active tomorrow. This transit promotes serious communication, in depth study and the signing of important documents or contracts. The idealism of Mercury in Aquarius will become more grounded , finding suitable outlets to manifest in our everyday reality. This is a friendly transits, promoting communication between young and old, helping to bridge the generation gap for a time, and also individual gaps among people of differing opinions and beliefs.

Thursday 17: the Sun reaches its yearly conjunction with Neptune, on the 28th degrees of Aquarius. All planetary energies touched by the Sun via conjunction are made more conscious by the encounter. The Sun, with its quality of vision, brings the planet to life in order for us to integrate its function in our consciousness.

To become aware of Neptune means to become aware of the unity underlying manifestation, the identity of everyone soul to everyone’s else, and of all souls to the soul of the Earth, the Galaxy, the Universe. It is an unifying spiritual experience by which we dissolve the ‘normal’ boundaries of consciousness, and experience a larger, more fluid and also more paradoxical world, where two opposite views can be both right, where ugly is beautiful and rich is poor, for example. And also where what we see is not guaranteed to be really there.

Through Neptune we explore the depth of unconscious imagery via dreams, visions, ideals, fascinations with something or someone, aesthetic pleasures and Art. All experiences that can help us transcend the everyday, dissolving old rigid BW concepts in favour of a more inclusive, creative, inspired and colourful sense of reality.

If your birthday is today, yesterday or tomorrow Neptune’s energy will play an important role for you in the coming year. Negatively it might cloud your judgement at times, making you more gullible or more evasive and irresponsible. Positively this transit could help you to let go more easily of your emotional attachments to things and people, or simply attachment to a difficult past, by enhancing a genuinely spiritual feeling of acceptance, compassion and unconditional love, not just toward others but also yourself.

Friday 18: the Full Moon will be on the cusp Leo/Virgo (29 20’), with the Sun on the cusp Aquarius/Pisces. This is one in a series of 7 consecutive Full Moons, from September 2010 to March 2011 to happen on the cusp or boundary between two Signs.

Next month the Sun and Moon will not quite be on the 29th, but late on the 28th degree, slowly returning the Full phases to ‘normality’. Thus the February Full Moon is the last proper Cusp Event in this exceptional series. Perhaps we could breath a sigh of relief.

A round of the mill Full Moon involves principally two opposite-complementary Signs: the ones occupied by the Sun and the Moon respectively; plus, indirectly, the other two Signs at right angle (square) to Sun and Moon.

When the phase happens on a cusp between Signs, there are four Signs stimulated directly, instead than just two, and a further four stimulated indirectly, via right angle. That adds up to 8 Signs, out of a total of 12, strongly coloured by the Full Moon ( two thirds of the lot).

This months they will be the Signs of Leo, Aquarius, Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius, in particular those born early in their Sun Sign period. And, of course, also anyone with Moon, Ascendant or Planets on the last degree of the Fixed Signs or the first degree of the Mutable Signs. This special Full Moon is your gift of awareness.

If the Full Moon is a symbol of climax, realization and even illumination, then many more people will have the opportunity to feel for themselves the transformative power of this phase, as it happened in the past months, when extraordinary mass events affected millions at the same time, in negative as well as positive ways, bringing with them unprecedented personal and collective realizations.

At the time of the Full Moon the Moon will be conjunct Regulus, the Little King in the Constellation of Leo. Regulus was one of the four Royal Stars of the ancient Persians, who identified it with the heart of the Lion and believe it to be the guardian of the Northern sky, a beautiful, bright golden Star, close to the Earth’s ecliptic.

The effect of a Full Moon can be felt throughout the Waning fortnight, until the New Moon in Pisces on March 5.

Saturday 19: Venus in Capricorn is at right angle (square) to Saturn in Libra today, active between Friday and Sunday.  This is a serious aspect for joyful and carefree Venus. During this planetary interaction we may be challenged to look realistically at our value system, our relationships, our careers. Not a time to be overly romantic or idealistic. Rather an opportunity to become more aware of co-dependency issues, of emotional and physical inhibitions that can stop us enjoying life, of the excessive importance we often give to practical matters and responsibilities in committed relationships, at the expense of loving. It could be easy to feel a bit melancholic or lonely under this influence.

For more information please CLICK HERE to navigate to my Venus in Capricorn’s post.

The most important event today is however the Sun’s Ingress into the Water Sign of Pisces, marking the last month (= Mutable Sign) of the Solstice season that began with the Capricorn Solstice on December 21 (end of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere and Winter in the Northern).

The month of Pisces, like the previous month of Aquarius, represents an opportunity for all to become more aware of our collective issues, at first through reason, logic and humanitarian ideals (Aquarius), and now through feelings of compassion and universal sympathy (Pisces). Pisces can help us to become identified with one another, recognizing our common humanness.

This is the last of the twelve astrological months, containing the spiritual essence of the months that have been before.  This period is the actual ground from which the new year will emerge at the Aries Equinox. It is then important to use this time wisely, to reflect on the past and then let it go, to forgive, forget, transcend, penetrate the spiritual lesson, accept, relinquish, acquiesce, to give ourselves a fresh start in the new year.

Sunday 20: the Sun in Pisces is conjunct Chiron, the second major solar transit this week and the first for the Sun in Pisces. Becoming conscious of Chiron means to open our eyes to the need for healing old wounds, or perhaps just accept that they are there, and that they have meaning, they enrich our lives even if we suffer them and wish them away.

Chiron has been defined as the rainbow bridge between our everyday reality (Saturn and all the planets within its orbit) and the realms of abstraction (Uranus), transcendence (Neptune) and pure power (Pluto). In order to become aware that this bridge even exists, vital link between known and unknown, we need to understand the ubiquity of suffering, perhaps in the sense the Buddhists understand life to be suffering and transcending its confines a state of liberation.

If you celebrate your birthday today, yesterday or tomorrow healing will be an important theme in your life this year: physical, psychological, spiritual, all forms of healing, even providing healing energy to others.

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