Venus in Capricorn, November-December 2011

Venus will be in Capricorn between November 26 and December 21. This is a serious time for Venus and therefore for our relationships and social life, the areas Venus presides over. The Sign more likely to feel the effect of this yearly transit are: Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra, Taurus and Virgo.

Capricorn is not only a Earthy, practical, no nonsense Sign, it is also a Sign of Saturn, the Cosmic Task Master who helps us to grow up and accept responsibilities for our life, the successes as well as the failures. When Venus transits this Sign then we are given the task of looking realistically at our relationships, without the common embellishment of wishful thinking and starry eyed hopes or illusions. This is often an ideal time to make lasting commitments (like engagement and marriage) or to take on extra responsibilities in our career or business.

Family matters will come to the fore under this influence, because family is the foundation of all relationships for Capricorn. This Sign takes its duties toward parents, children, siblings  and the general welfare of the tribe very seriously, sometimes too seriously in fact, thus risking to lose track of its own dreams and aspirations in the process of caring and providing security for others.

If you are involved with community projects or local politics this is also a positive period to give it all you have, because you may find yourself better organized and efficient than usual, also more able to put across your ideas in a way that will demand the respect and appreciation of other people.

Venus-Saturn’s Mutual Reception

An important aspect of this year and last year transit of Venus in Capricorn is the fact that, Saturn, traditional Ruling Planet of Capricorn, happens to transit Libra, a Sign assigned to Venus. This way the two, Venus and Saturn, are in each other house, so to speak, and therefore have to reach a mutual agreement that can satisfy both of them. This situation is called Mutual Reception in Astrology.  If you are not sure about the meaning of Reception I suggest reading, for a start, this instructive article by Alan Oken (Soul Centered Astrology newsletter. And this Skyscript Tutorial on The use of Reception between Dignities.

Despite the fact that Venus and Saturn will form only one angular aspect, a square, at the very end of Venus” transit through Capricorn, due to Mutual Reception they will be linked during the whole transit of Venus in Capricorn, by residing in each other Sign, each given the opportunity to walk in the other’s shoes for a while, fact that promotes mutual understanding and a kind of sympathy. This sympathy in turn will help Venus to express the more evolved and positive side of the Saturnine influence, and avoid some of the pitfalls.

Capricorn can be a rigid, unbending Sign, often unable to express emotions for fear of being rejected or to appear foolish or vulnerable. The Mutual Reception Venus-Saturn can help Capricorn to feel more lovable and more social, while maintaining a healthy degree of reserve and privacy.

Transits of  Venus in Capricorn

Entering this Cardinal Sign Venus is again becoming part of the Cardinal dynamics that we have seen activated in a big way by some slow moving planets, namely Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra. During this period Venus will also form harmonious aspects with Jupiter in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn.

Let’s keep in mind that the aspects of Venus never lasts more than two to three days, starting to have effect a day before exactness and continuing only for a day or so after exactness.

Venus square Uranus in Aries, November 26 to 28

The day after entering Capricorn (November 27) Venus will contact the first of the Destiny Makers, forming a 90 degrees angle (square) to Uranus, at the moment retrograding on the naught degree of Aries. This is an aspect often fostering changes in relationship, or new exciting encounters; also unexpected turns of events that might somehow upset our inner balance. There is a risk of feeling emotionally alienated  from our loved ones, while we search for ways of gaining some  independence (Uranus), in spite of the commitment that binds us to them (Capricorn).

Venus trine Jupiter in Taurus, November 27 to 29

On November 28, while the square to Uranus is still active, Venus is given a helping hand from Jupiter, through one of those traditionally spirit-lifting, fortunate aspects. This is a sensual and artistic transit, encouraging demonstrations of affection and also a surge of aesthetic feelings. It could indeed help to soften the coldness sometimes associated with the Venus-Uranus’ contacts, making us feel more generous and content.

Venus conjunct Pluto, December 1 to 3

The Venus-Pluto’s close encounter, on December 2, is the most significant transit during the passage of Venus in Capricorn. Conjunctions have always a more marked effect than any other type of transits. Pluto intensifies the effect of every planet he comes in contact with. In this case deepening our feelings, showing us the more hidden and perhaps difficult side of our relationships, shedding light on the unconscious motives and emotional underpinning that have such an important and often unrecognized role to play in the way we relate to others.

With Pluto is always ‘honesty’ time. Loving or unloving feelings cannot be concealed easily under this influence, thus often matters come to a head when we confront the truth both within ourselves and in others.

Venus trine Mars, December 5 to 7

With the conjunction to Pluto over we can now enjoy this harmonious aspect between the two archetypal lovers, Venus and Mars (December 6). This trine will encourage expression of affection, both sensually and emotionally. We may seek relationships more openly, plucking the courage to be more assertive and confident in love matters.

Venus square Saturn, December 18 to 20

During the contact Venus-Saturn (December 19) it could be difficult to express love and warmth. We may feel awkward and shy in matters of the heart , experiencing real difficulties in reaching out. We will need to look at the emotional barriers we are putting in place or that we find the ones we love seem to be erecting against us.  It is time to be more realistic about love and romance, accepting the limitations and drawbacks that every relationships soon or later encounter. We may feel lonely, unloved or unlovable for a little while. This too will pass, soon.

You must know that Melancholy is the Muse of poets and artists. Let’s put this melancholic Venus to good use then (a truly Capricornian advice). Express your feelings, isolation, vulnerability, the lot in words or paint strokes or planting flowers, whatever suits your temperament best.

A decent post I wrote early this year on Venus in Capricorn, in the Natal Chart and in transit, can be found HERE.

Venus in Cancer, the pearl in the shell

Aphrodite Anadyomene (rising from the sea) ~ Fresco from Pompei

I have chosen this picture to symbolize the transit of Venus through the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer not only because the Goddess is here represented floating on the sea and accompanied by water nymphs, but especially because she is reclining in a beautiful shell. The shell in fact seems a very appropriate vessel for Cancer, because it is the ever-present home of sea creatures that, like many Cancerians, bring their protective home and sense of belonging with them wherever the currents of life happen to bring them.
Venus will transit Cancer between May 20 and June 14. This brightest among planets is still visible in all her glory in the evening sky, setting about two and half hours after the Sun.
Just prior to her entrance into Cancer Venus, in the last degrees of Gemini, formed some rather challenging aspects with Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus (90 degrees angles, between May 17 and 20) and a harmonious aspect with Neptune (trine on May 19). These transits have brought some disharmony and disruption in our loving relationships, stimulating us to find a difficult balance between our desire to commit and find emotional security (Saturn) and our ideals, often difficult to translate into reality, of what love and relationships should be like (Jupiter-Neptune’s contacts). Just the day she entered this new Sign, one famous for its sensitivity and nurturing qualities, she also crossed the path of Uranus on the cusp Pisces-Aries, so that all the good intentions of being loving and caring may have gone out of the window for a while, under the rebellious influence of this eccentric planet.  Under the rays of Uranus it might have felt OK even to be alone rather than compromise our independence and freedom of movement for the sake of close relationships.
As she moves ahead into Cancer Venus is however identifying more with the Moon’s emotional realm. Care of our loved ones is coming to the fore again, with a general desire to improve our home life, spending quality time with family and lovers, taking care of domestic duties, cooking, cleaning, babysitting, looking after the oldies, etc. These aren’t just chores for Cancer as they would be for Sagittarius or Gemini, for instance, but are important duties that are elevated to the heights of rituals to ensure the sacredness of family and home, without which life may feel rather empty and meaningless. This annual transit of Venus through Cancer should help all of us to feel for a while this sacredness alive in our daily living.
On May 24 Venus reaches the opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, an opportunity to delve into and express our core issues as well as our passion within our relationships. Strong attractions, fated encounters, intimacy that feels more real because you are investing more of yourself in it. On the negative side jealousies, resentments and just plain anger that has been repressed for a while may also surface, hopefully dissolving quickly like a fierce storm leaving bluer skies in its wake.
On May 28, the day of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, Venus will semi-square Mars (45 degrees angle), a waning aspect in the dance of these two planets, the archetypal Lovers of the Zodiac, because Venus, faster in motion than Mars, is now transiting toward the conjunction to Mars that will take place on August 19 in the Sign of Virgo. The semi-square is in many ways an aspect similar to the square but only half as powerful. Conflicts may arise in close relationships, but, because Venus is moving toward Mars and not separating from him, there will be more inner search for the cause of the problem and greater desire to cooperate.
On May 30 Venus will conjunct the Moon’s South Node in Cancer: the memory of someone we loved in the past, or even of a house or object we were very attached to in the past may resurface a this time and cause you to feel nostalgic and somewhat sad for what you feel you have lost. Past relationships however have made you who you are now just because they have ended and you have moved on. Celebrate your past, write about it, sing about it, but don’t let it sadden you.
The Transit of Venus in Cancer will end on a positive note, with a 60 degrees angle (sextile) to Saturn in late Virgo,  a great transit to feel more safe and protected in your feeling, to make more mature choices in relationships and see all forms of commitment, financial and emotional, in a more positive and loving light.
The day after entering Leo, June 15, Venus will also come into harmonious contact to Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, a very exciting and adventurous transit.