Venus in Capricorn, February 4 to March 2, 2011

I love the aristocratic 16th century children portrayed by Jacob Cuyp (1594-1650), a Dutch landscape and portrait artist.

Despite their often rigid costumes and contrite poses their childish charm still shine at us from the depth of centuries.

In particular I like this blond little girl, with her determined air and apparent mastery over the creature she is leading. She seems to know what she wants and how to get it.

And I like this goat, a real personality. Together they suggest to me something about the essence of Capricorn Venus, the same I would like to be able to express in words: the softness and the toughness of combining feminine Venus, Goddess of Love and Pleasure, and the hardy mountain goat, used to rough and difficult terrains.

People who are born while Venus transits Capricorn are not too romantic or idealistic  in love. They tend to have a rather matter of fact personality, not easily led by first impressions or infatuations (unless other factors contribute to a more fanciful and imaginative temperament). Like all Venus in Earth Signs this possesses a healthy sensuality, usually more satisfied by steady and committed relationships than temporary liaisons and sudden passions. Capricorn in fact confers a certain seriousness and sense of responsibility to all planetary energies.

Showing what we appreciate more in life and give value to, Venus in Capricorn bestows conservative values, with central importance given to family, home life, security, emotional and financial, career, tradition and social responsibility. These are indeed socially conscious individuals, ready to contribute in practical ways to the greater family which society is.

It is only when the cooperative and loving ray of this Venus is severely thwarted in infancy or childhood that we begin to see the negative side of Venus in Capricorn, manifesting as selfishness, coldness of feeling, a calculating attitude, in emotional as well as financial matters (trait that when rightly used can make them into excellent business people), also strong sensuality without real ability to express love and warmth.

Capricorn Venus individuals need to build trust in other people  (as all the Venus in Earth Signs), also toning down their desire to lead every situation, leaving others more scope for independent decisions.

After disappointing experiences in love and general relating the Venus in Capricorn persons may become cynical and pessimistic, too rigid in their opinions and value system. They need to let go sometimes of their strong emotional bulwark, a defense system they often feel they cannot do without. At the base of this is the hurt of having felt lonely and unloved in their early years (for real or because of their extra sensitivity). Going down that path some Venus in Capricorn people begin to equate love with security, emotional fulfillment with financial well being, ending up creating for themselves the loneliness and lack of loving support of which they were so afraid in the first place. .

The more fulfilling relationships for a Venus in Capricorn person are those made stronger by time and solid commitment, but that can also fulfill their sensual need for closeness, warmth and trust.

This is not an easy Venus to be born with, Capricorn being a Sign of Saturn, the Old man of the Zodiac, burdened by the past and responsible for the future. The wisdom and experience of the ages lay heavy on the shoulder of our beautiful Goddess, with the risk of  becoming emotionally ‘old’ before her time, with all the disillusions that a long life can bring to our ideals of love.

Positively this is truly a ‘no nonsense’ Venus that will value concrete support in loving relationships, a fair give and take, with friends,  partners and lovers. A positively expressed Venus in Capricorn is always ready to lend  a hand and show their love in action, not just through words or empty promises.

For all of us this transit of Venus will be an opportunity to look at our relationships in a realistic ways, avoiding the pitfalls of placing people we love over pedestals and lose objectivity about the situation. Capricorn is in fact a well grounded Sign, capable of cool objectivity.

It could also be a positive period to be more practical and realistic in all area of our lives, embracing those values that can help us to get back on track financially, in our work, studies or career. Suitable period also to make lasting commitments, signing important contracts, buying or selling real estates etc. etc.

The major transits of Venus while transiting Capricorn are: the conjunction to the Lunar North Node, on February 5, the square (90 degrees angle) with Jupiter in Aries on February 6, the conjunction to  Pluto in Capricorn on February 10 and the square with Saturn in Libra on February 19.