Capricorn Solstice, on the threshold of transformation and rebirth

Here is the Capricorn Solstice’s chart, cast for the coordinates of Canberra, Australian capital.

The few Transits discussed below will be active throughout the world, while the orientation of the planets themselves will depend on locality.

Sun Capricorn Ingress Summer-Winter Solstice

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Three salient features of this 2014 Capricorn Ingress Chart

  • This Solstice, one of the four pivotal times of the year, nearly coincides with a naught degree Capricorn New Moon. The Moon in late Sagittarius is in fact only one and half degrees from becoming New as well as from entering a new Sign (about two and half hours in time). The phase the Moon is in, at the exact time of the Sun ingress into Capricorn, is known as the Balsamic Phase, when the old lunar cycle remains active but is also inevitably giving way to the new impulse/energy of the upcoming waxing cycle. There is here great promise for a rebirth but still much unfinished business to take care of.
  • The planet Saturn, essential formative and grounding energy for planet Earth, is moving into the Fire Sign of Sagittarius (exact ingress on Christmas Eve), after years in Scorpio (since October 6 2012). Saturn will return to Scorpio in retro-gradation between June 15 and September 18 2015. The fact, though, that this initial change of Signs is taking place at such an important time of the astrological year seems in itself very significant. It points to major changes that will re-shape our world in the coming two and half years, from the present emotional quagmire and heavy atmosphere of resentment and retribution, to hopefully a more liberating vision of freedom and universal cooperation, Sagittarius a not so personally oriented and more expansive Sign than Scorpio. Saturn will be transiting Sagittarius until December 2017. It could be of some interest to observe that, like the Waning Moon on the last degrees of Sagittarius, on this Solstice day, just a few hours behind the Capricorn New Moon cycle, Saturn also is close to an imminent change of Signs, while still lingering in the old one. This to me again indicates that the past is weighing heavily on the present and no new beginning will be possible without the necessary closures and integration of past experiences in our collective choices and values.
  • The last feature I like to observe is the square of Uranus in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn that became exact on December 15, only a week before the Solstice. This is the sixth of seven passes of the historical transit embodying the incredible worldwide upheavals of recent years. Here are the dates of the exact passes, past and future: June 24 and  September 19 2012 – May 21 and November 1 2013 – April 22 2014 – December 15 2014 – March 17 2015.  The effects are however likely to linger for the whole decade. There is no doubt that the dire predictions of many astrologers have unhappily come true in recent years with the world precipitating into a vortex of conflicts, revolutions, collective radicalization on all fronts, as well as unnumbered ecological, man made and natural disasters, events and situations that are changing in a profound way our perception of life and severely shaking our sense of collective and personal security. A pervasive sense of uncertainty and fear appears to lay like a dark pall over the world, sometimes, while, paradoxically, we are also experiencing some powerful visions of a truly better, more inclusive and freer future world.

Click this link for a comprehensive look at the significance of the Uranus square Pluto’s transit in one of my 2012 posts.

The re-birthing and transformation promised by this combination of factors does not point to an easy, peaceful ‘water-birth’ but rather to a bloody, painful affair, as much a death as a birth. The positives are obvious though if we succeed to raise above a narrow personal view and look ahead not with our vision fogged by the present darkness but rather illumined by inspired and innovative solutions to our collective quandary.  These are not just difficult times to live in, they are also exciting times, when each of us can, if willing, contribute some to this new, raw emerging world.

May the force be with all of us; we are still in for a bumpy ride.

Lost Treasures and Monsters of the Deep, the Scorpio season 2012

A full-on Scorpio season

In a nutshell: while Uranus and Pluto continue their risque dance (Aries-Capricorn square), a series of cosmic events will be constellated in Scorpio, between September and December 2012.

  • On September 2 the Lunar Nodes entered respectively Scorpio (North Node) and Taurus (South Node), where they will move, in a backward motion, for about 18 months, until March 2014. This will shift the focus of many future Eclipses on these Fixed Signs.
  • From August 24 to October 7 Mars is in Scorpio, bringing unconscious stuff and unresolved issues to the surface in an impetuous way, for starters. Mars will leave Scorpio one day and two days, respectively, after Saturn and Mercury enter the same Sign.
  • Mercury will enter Scorpio few hours ahead of Saturn, transiting there until October 29.  Mercury will then retrograde from November 6 to 26, moving through Scorpio again from November 14 to December 11. On November 18 the Inferior conjunction of Mercury to the Sun will take place in Scorpio.
  • On October 6 the ingress of Saturn in Scorpio will be a momentous event, ending its long transit through Libra that began at the end of 2009. Saturn will remain in this Fixed-Water Sign until September 2015.
  • The Sun will transit Scorpio from October 23 to November 22.
  • Venus will be in Scorpio from November 22 to December 16.
  • Last but not least, a Total Eclipse of the Sun will occur at the Scorpio New Moon, on the 21st/22nd degrees of Scorpio, on November 14.

All the above will represent undoubtedly significant developments for all of us, and in particular for Sun in Scorpio individuals or anyone with Moon, Chart’s Angles or planets in Scorpio or the other Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius).

With so much constellated in Scorpio we can expect the season to be emotionally intense for a number of people. A time to explore, transform, turn things from the inside out, to achieve a deeper sense of connection and meaning in our lives. It could be confronting and difficult, but also empowering, adding a deeper layer to our experiences.

Saturn in Scorpio

A very important feature of  the ingress of Saturn in Scorpio is the Mutual Reception then forming between Saturn in the Plutonian Sign of Scorpio and Pluto in the Saturnine Sign of Capricorn.  By transiting each other’s Sign  for the next two and half years these two planets will mingle their energies, reinforcing each other and reflecting back onto each other.
All degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius (the Fixed Signs); Cancer and Pisces (the other Water Signs); Capricorn and Virgo (the other Earth Signs) will be, in turn, aligned to this transit, in more or less significant ways.

This will be an opportunity for all of us to learn to navigate in a mature way the emotional undercurrents of our lives, confronting some deep fears and discovering the inner resources that will help us not just to survive, but to actually thrive in a not so perfect world.

Power plays amongst people will become more apparent and we will need to stand our ground, building some healthy boundaries, staying focused and determined, without cutting ourselves off from others and becoming emotionally isolated/biased by our negative past experiences. It will be time to confront practically and squarely our suppressed emotions. We could distill ages of wisdom from this placement in the next two and half years.

There is a deep chamber in the soul of all sentient beings. This transit and the Mutual Reception Saturn/Pluto are providing a key to this secret place, but they may entail also a sense of danger and fear of infringing a taboo in exploring and disclosing the hidden side of things.

Let’s discuss the negative potential of this placement first, to get it out of the way.

A financial contraction is predicted; heavily imposed and deeply resented economical austerity; big issues sharing the world dwindling natural resources; karmic retribution for past financial errors; tough government control; punitive taxation; unemployment; a protectionist business atmosphere. We may create the lack we fear by not embracing the more radical opportunity to change our behavior (financial and otherwise) in profound ways (Uranus square Pluto).

A global increase in criminality is expected, with corruption unearthed in many places of power. Important public revelations and possibly major scandals may surface (especially during the Mercury Retro period, November 6 to 26).

There will be also greater likelihood of war and social unrest, due to these transits coinciding with the ongoing Uranus-Pluto’s square; while Saturn and Uranus are now residing in Martial, confrontational Signs, Scorpio and Aries. Judgmental and uncompromising view points, fanaticism, on all sides of politics, culture and creed, could make us collectively more insensitive and callous, regressing to a ‘eye for a eye’ attitude.

Not a pretty picture, I know, but not the end of the world as we know it either. Many truths that have been hidden will have a chance to be unearthed, with some rather wonderful discoveries to be made too, especially in the world of medicine, astronomy, physics, archeology, psychology, the occult and alternative energy sources. And there will be great impetus toward democratic changes all over the globe, and the redressing of past economic and social injustice.

At the personal level the transit of Saturn in Scorpio could also have significant positive effects, helping to develop resourcefulness and focused practicality; and providing the strength to master instinctual responses with a mature sense of reality. Rather than looking for retribution and revenge Saturn in Scorpio can also be expressed as a profound sense of justice, the sort that goes down to the core of things and finds one’s own fault too, fostering real honesty and sense of personal responsibility. Saturn in Scorpio will offer to many those difficulties that eventually forge character and strengthen will power.

Personally aligned to the Saturn transit to the end of 2012 will be: Scorpio (Oct23/Nov3), Taurus (Apr20/May1), Leo (Jul23/Aug3), Aquarius (Jan20-31). Or anyone with the first ten degrees of the above Signs highlighted in their Birth Charts. It will be a constructive but, at times, difficult period, when you’ll succeed to build solid foundations, material and psychological. It will feel OK to plan ahead, save for a rainy day, work with method and discipline. Also to make long term commitments, like marrying, having children, sticking to demanding career goals. Saturn tends to give solid forms to our ideals and dreams, shaping them within the limits of our circumstances and real abilities. Saturnine periods are always growing up periods, no matter our age.

Saturn Returns
The passage of Saturn through the Signs separates also one saturnine generation from the next, Saturn’s placement showing each Sign’s unique way of handling material and moral responsibilities. Saturn takes 29 and half years to complete its orbit around the Sun. Doing so he returns to the same place he occupied those many years ago. All of us experience a Saturn Return every 30 years or so, around the age of 29/30, 59/60 and 88/89. These Returns are the formative times in our lives, when, having completed a cycle of psycho-physical maturity we begin building the next cycle on the foundation of the previous one.

Each Return initiates us into the wisdom that each particular age can manifest. This is a Return of Saturn for anyone who was born while Saturn transited Scorpio (for a free astrological Chart, based on your birth date and time, please visit Astrodienst from HERE. Or order your $1 Rainbow Birth Chart from me, navigating to my Consultation Page HERE).
The younger Scorpio Saturn group is ready to shoulder more responsibilities and to take life more seriously; the middle group should be busy trimming from their life those commitments that are no more essential to their life journey. Having finished to ‘build their outer houses’, in the form of material and emotional security, they should be now ready to begin building their ‘inner houses’. The third group, now in their 90s, may be living in their ‘inner houses’ already, having become more introspective, in preparation for life’s greatest journey.

The shift of the Lunar Nodes in Scorpio and Taurus
The Lunar Nodes are now respectively in Scorpio and Taurus, having entered these Signs in September. This will be a 18 months long transit, to March 2014. The nodal shift is an indicator that Eclipses seasons, in the next couple of years, will often fall on these Fixed Signs and so affect more closely individuals with these Signs highlighted in their Birth Charts. Because Eclipses are doors of perceptions, opening up new horizons, life opportunities and cycles, to partake of an Eclipse season means becoming a conscious participant into the cosmic mysteries enacted by Sun, Moon and Earth, to become in a way more aligned to spiritual forces of evolution.
The first examples of this season’s Eclipses: the Total Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Scorpio on November 14, powerful event for people who celebrate their birthday within a day or two of the Eclipse, but also for anyone with the 20th – 22nd degree of Scorpio highlighted in their Natal Chart, the beginning of an important inner/outer journey.

The Gemini Lunar Eclipse, on the Full Moon of November 28, will prove a peak experience for Sagittarians who celebrate their birthday within a day or two of the Eclipse; also for Gemini born around May 27 to 29, or anyone with Moon, Angles, Nodes, or Planets around the 6th – 7th degree of Gemini-Sagittarius.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury will transit Scorpio from October 6 to October 29. Mercury will then become Retrograde from November 6 to 26, transiting Scorpio again from November 18 to December 11. These transits could bring communication breakdowns and also breakthroughs to all the Fixed Signs (Scorpio-Taurus-Leo-Aquarius). Important public revelations and possibly major scandals may surface during this period, due to Scorpio ability to dig deep to the murky bottom and to bring up hidden stuff, all sorts of nasty secrets perhaps, symbolically and literally.

End of 2012 Astrology, September to December I

‘The expulsion’ by Arthur Boyd

An introduction

I would like this time to introduce my astrological musings with a warning about self-fulfilling predictions. And to stress here the importance, in these difficult times for the world, to maintain a constructive outlook on things, in order not to bring even greater difficulties upon ourselves.

Many astrological articles, looking into the present planetary cycles and alignments, seem to be pervaded by a sense of impending doom, their speculations too often close to fear-mongering. Mix that with the interpretation some give of the end of the Mayan Calendar, and we have a successful recipe for Armageddon.

This gloomy outlook, I think, is only partly due to the objective state of the planets, but more perhaps to the dark fascination we all feel (I included) for powerful archetypes like Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, now strongly activated. These are the ancient and feared Lord of Time and Karma (Chronus-Saturn), Lord of the Underworld (Hades-Pluto) and mysterious Uranus (Ouranus), the aloof and faceless first Sky God, the ancestor of the lot.

Collective guilt, unavoidable as we fully realize the mess we have made of the world, seems to call for collective retribution. Saturn then is going to chill us to the bone and smother us, taking the last hint of hope from us; Pluto will be a pitiless Judge, intent at destroying us. And Uranus could zap us all in a second! Such Gothic fancies cannot be helpful in meeting the demands of the Age.

More than ever we need now faith in better things to come, and knowledge that these troubled times will also pass, hopefully leaving us stronger and wiser as a collective.

Like individual human beings the Earth too reaches crisis point. Things erupt, the collective goes crazy for a while, the weather is more extreme; there are more significant seismic activities, more widespread conflicts and other man-made disasters. I would add though that, at such times, also great discoveries are made, unparalleled scientific breakthroughs, while dramatic progress is made in the realm of ideas, social justice, psychology, medicine and healing, with also a revival of all things ‘spiritual’, as we seek guidance, reaching one of history’s turning points.

In many ways the carpet is pulled beneath our feet though. If things didn’t need to change radically from where they are now, the crisis could not occur. Crisis are cathartic, purifying events. They bring us to a point from where we can only ascend again.

Consciousness is in fact growing in this darkening world. This may seem a paradox, but it is indeed a reality. Looking in the past, during the slow decay of old civilizations, ideals were born to inspire the seekers of the next Age. The same is happening in the first decade of this millennium, when the old world order is inevitably crumbling, while fresh seeds are sown of a more humane, inclusive and abundant world.

I like to see this period as an early stage in the long process of birthing a new global awareness, 20, 50 or 100 years into the future. The beginnings of a New Age must be like a child’s birth, difficult and painful, but also exciting and ultimately transformative.

 Ongoing struggle: the Uranus-Pluto’s square

During the last season f 2012, from the September Libra Equinox past the December Capricorn Solstice, the 90 degree angle between Uranus and Pluto is, at first, steeling the celestial show again, becoming exact on September 19, and remaining active throughout the season. This will be the second of seven passes, the recurring transit lasting until 2015. The square is colouring in intense hues the opening of the Equinox season as it did the previous Cancer Solstitial season, last June, a sign that collective experiences of upheaval and struggle are still very much on the cards for the world, a tension that is not likely to find easy or conflict-free solutions.

Individuals in more direct alignment with this transformative transit will be: Aries (Mar25/Apr2), Cancer (Jun27/Jul4), Libra (Sep28/Oct5), Capricorn (Dec27/Jan2); or anyone with Moon, Planets, Chart’s Angles, Lunar Nodes between the 5th and 12th degree of these Cardinal Signs. They will be more likely to experience this planetary conflict personally enacted in some areas of their lives, depending on the particular orientation of their Birth Charts (their Ascendant, Descendant, Mid-Heaven and Lower-Heaven).

The Sun will bring the Uranus square Pluto to our conscious attention around these dates in particular: on September 29, when the Sun will oppose Uranus and square Pluto (forming as it were a Grand or Cosmic Cross with the configuration), and on December 30, when the Sun will conjunct Pluto and square Uranus.

At the personal level both planets could manifest as irresistible agents of change. While their ultimate aim is the same, though, the way they go about achieving it is very different. Uranus urges one toward greater individualism, while Pluto shows where we need to let go of the attachments that bind us to the un-evolved or un-lived past, perhaps a toxic past. Those ties are hard to undo because they may have become main stay in our life so far, in the form of a social role, a job, a relationship, a life style, all seemingly vital to the survival of our sense of personal identity. There our core-wound lies, badly in need of the light of consciousness to heal. Looking into this dark stuff (Pluto) while maintaining a clear level of detachment and emotional objectivity (Uranus) is the psychological edge upon which we are asked to thread at these times.

If your Birth Chart happens to be directly aligned with their aspect, between roughly 2010 and 2015, the Uranus-Pluto’s square should manage to move you from a stuck situation, if you find yourself in one. Being forced out of an existential impasse could prove difficult, perhaps traumatic for some, but it will force a resolution to the issue, a painful but necessary initiation into a more authentic life.

Uranus, the astrological mid-life crisis and the 84 years cycle of Individuation

The square Uranus-Pluto will also have particular significance for some 40/42 years old individuals, born roughly between December 1968 and September 1970. This is because, in late 2012 and early 2013, the transiting Uranus in Aries will be reaching the opposition to their Natal Uranus in Libra.

The Uranus’ mid life transit always offers an opportunity to discover or re-discover one’s true vocation and creative drive, the genuine calling often hidden beneath familial and social conditioning.

A certain peculiar restlessness is telling you that positive changes, even a complete u-turns are indeed possible in your life, if you find the courage to embrace what most inspires you and excites you. Very significant psychological and spiritual breakthroughs are possible at this time. Frustration and unhappiness will be the results of missing this train though, out of fear and other misgivings.

An older generation, turning 82/84 around this time, people born when Uranus was transiting the same degrees of Aries last time (roughly between June 1928 and December 1929) will be experiencing instead their Uranian existential end of cycle, a last chance to become more truly the individuals they were meant to be.

An external manifestation of this could be the tendency to become more eccentric, at time even uncooperative and intractable, especially if they feel that they never had a chance to have their own way. It is indeed the end of a great cycle of life, not just for them as individuals, but for the whole world. Think of the enormous changes that have taken place since their childhood and youth.

Look out for my next post on the end of 2012 Transits, concentrating on the full-on Scorpio season.

Uranus square Pluto, the Astrology of upheaval and change

Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn

The 90 degrees angle between Uranus and Pluto will dominate but not monopolize the coming Solstice season. Numerous transits involving Chiron, the ingress of Jupiter in Gemini, the transits of Neptune newly in Pisces, and the last passage of Saturn through Libra are all important developments too.

There is no doubt though that this is one of the most influential transits in many years, repeating seven times, between June 2012 and March 2015, its effects likely to linger for the whole decade. If interested these are the dates: Jun24–Sep19,2012 – May21-Nov1,2013 – Apr22,2014 – Dec15,2014 – Mar17,2015.

In direct alignment with this transit, from May 2012 to the end of 2012 and beyond, will be:  Aries (Mar25/Apr2), Cancer (Jun27/Jul4), Libra (Sep28/Oct5), Capricorn (Dec27/Jan2); or anyone with Moon, Planets, Chart’s Angles, Lunar Nodes etc. between the fifth and twelfth degree of the above Cardinal Signs. Generally speaking everyone, with an emphasis on these Signs or not, is in for a life-shake up of great magnitude, when it would be not only a question of seeing the positive side of changes coming our way but of being able to ride the storm and stay safe in the midst of great social and personal upheavals.

Not only we should not view this transit in isolation though but, to understand it better, we need to look at it as part of a longer synodic cycle, describing the unfolding of these planets’ mutual relationship, from one conjunction to the next.  The Uranus-Pluto cycle takes an average of 127.30 years, but this can vary considerably due to Pluto’s extremely elliptical orbit.

The conjunction that started the present Uranus-Pluto’s cycle occurred in Virgo between 1962 and 1968 (becoming exact in 1965/66). The whole 1960’s decade was thus under the spell of this cosmic encounter, and no wonder!

The present phase can be equated to a First Quarter Phase. Now we are striving to achieve what we have envisioned those long years ago, what collectively we put in motion during the Uranus-Pluto’s conjunction in the 60s. Now we should feel prompted to fulfill some of the promises of that revolutionary era. Time for putting up a fight, defeating the obstacles on the way, actively challenging inertia and pressing forward with renewed faith and courage. On the down side we may be not so conscious of the forces at work, within and without; hence the danger of misusing the high voltage energy this planetary combination can produce. To expect a perfect happy ending to such an encounter would be naive indeed. The drive toward individuation and personal autonomy and the drive for power clash under this square.

The need to redress wrongs will be strong, even compelling for some. Many will not be able to suffer wrongs in silence or passively anymore. Some grassroots movements could become more organized, even militarized or more confrontational in their approach. Civil wars, even eco-wars will become more frequent, often unavoidable because of the urgency many feel in these times of quickening.

The friction generated by the square is not new to the world. Even if the aspect has not been quite exact until now it has in fact come close enough to produce already powerful effects on the collective, as it is easy to perceive in the escalation of conflicts, revolutions and natural disasters since 2008. We should not forget actually that in 2010 and 2011 this transit was strongly augmented by Saturn in Libra and Jupiter in Aries that also linked it to the Eclipses of June-December 2010 and July 2011. Viewed this way the coming exact square, in June and September 2012, seems perhaps less threatening now that Jupiter, Saturn and the Eclipses have moved away from it.

Because the present phase Uranus-Pluto has its source in the turbulent Sixties we need to look at those times to put the present situation in historical focus.

The astrological Sixties

Are you old enough to remember the 1960s? Something truly new and strange surged from the depth of the world’s collective unconscious during the whole decade, pervading all levels of human experience: a veritable ‘cultural revolution’, both for East and West. It did infect principally the minds of young people who were going through their teenage blues.

If there, you would have felt the sheer radicalism of the Uranus-Pluto’s conjunction, the extreme, even fanatical streak running through it, stuff that could have either enthralled or scared you. In hind sight the extremism was a necessary element in that first collective attempt at transforming toxic but deeply ingrained cultural attitudes.

These were the times of Bob Dylan’s subversive songs, of journeys to the East that brought new beliefs into the west mainstream culture; Indian Gurus beginning to attract thousands to their timeless teachings, with the words Karma and Dharma becoming part of our international dictionary of life.

It was the time of psychedelic experimentation, mind opening LSD trips, sexual revolution, free love (the San Francisco’s Summer of Love happened in 1966); women emancipation, civil rights campaigns and riots, the first demonstrations for gay rights, the shamanic insight of Carlos Castaneda writings (‘The teachings of Don Juan’ was published in 1968), that popularized the forgotten cultures of pre-Columbian America.

The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Pink Floyd, the Doors, the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and many others changed the way we experienced music, their songs anthems of the dawning of the New Age. It was also a time of reactionary assassinations (J.F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King), the escalation of the Vietnam War and the Russia/West Cold War, the proliferation of nuclear armaments, the erection of the hated Berlin’s Wall, China’s own Cultural Revolution (1966). The list could go on and on.

Many died in the sixties or suffered harsh retaliation fighting in the name of freedom and justice, for their commitment to change. And it is still happening. People will need inventiveness and an unwavering courage in their beliefs, in order to seriously challenge the powers to be.

The radical choices that many made in the 1960s have changed lives in a way that would have been unthinkable just a few years before. The same is happening now to countless youths all over the planet.

Of course we cannot attribute all the special qualities of that decade solely to the Uranus-Pluto’s conjunction because other factors certainly contributed to it. Like, for instance, the transit of Neptune in Scorpio that made delving into social, racial and sexual taboos and upholding peace a sort of spiritual quest, a journey of collective redemption.

The decade ended with the first manned trip to the Moon and the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969, as Uranus was moving from Virgo to Libra.

Two iconic movies, that to me epitomize the era, are ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ and ‘Easy Rider’ released respectively in 1962 and 1969, both pictures successfully exploring Uranian and Plutonian themes of taboos and rebirth.

From the above it should be easy to understand what sort of energy we are dealing with now, when these Destiny Makers come together again. Now as then the call for revolutionary changes of attitudes is ringing very loud and clear but so are the dangers of conservative reactionary movements to unleash the might of their power, bent as they are at maintaining the status quo in world politics and ecology. As old Bob sang in 1964: ‘… There’s a battle outside and it is ragin’. It’ll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls, for the times they are a-changin‘.

More than ever, while struggling to transform the world, we will be forced to look at our own demons, because real change can only come from within.

Horoscope of the ingress of the Sun in Aquarius, January 21, 2012 – Another incarnation of the Jupiter-Saturn’s opposition

In these difficult economic and social times every ingress of the Sun in a new Sign is important to watch the developments of collective issues.

The most obvious transit of the Sun at the time of this ingress, colouring the whole Sun in Aquarius period, is the T-square the Sun if forming with Jupiter in early Taurus and Saturn in late Libra, themselves in out of Signs opposition to each other. This Jupiter-Saturn’s aspect  brings back memories of the past two years, when Jupiter was still transiting Aries and opposing Saturn in May and August 2010, and again in March 2011. The difference is that the present opposition will never become exact. It reached its closest contact (01° 57′) around January 10,  and now Jupiter, Direct since the end of December 2011, is separating from Saturn while Saturn will soon move back through Libra in retro motion. The fact that the configuration is a T-square introduces an element of tension in the contacts the Sun is making and also of urgency, the tug of war between expansion and restriction of the Jupiter-Saturn’s opposition in need of becoming more conscious (Sun) at the collective level, in order to introduce reforms (Aquarius) that could help to bring about a better outcome for this difficult transit.

I re-post here something I wrote in June 2010 about the Jupiter-Saturn’s opposition, because it seems relevant with what the news are telling about the present state of the world economy: “

Many different astrological traditions ascribed great importance to the mutual aspects of Jupiter and Saturn since very early times, with particular emphasis on the conjunction and opposition. We shouldn’t forget that, before the ‘discovery’ of Uranus in the late 18th century, and later on of Neptune, Pluto, Chiron and the various Plutons or Dwarf Planets, Jupiter and Saturn were the most distant planets we consciously knew about, therefore their cyclical interaction was naturally deemed significant for the destiny of people and nations.

The conjunction is considered the start of the whole cycle and also of an upward trend in world affairs, while the opposition is the culmination or climax of the whole period and also the beginning of a downward trend. The impact of this particular opposition could be indeed very great considering that Jupiter is, at the same time, also conjunct Uranus, a planet that always lives up to his reputation of harbinger of major changes.

Why Jupiter, archetype of plenty and good luck, should be involved in an economic recession or depression, some may ask? Well, the eternal dance of Jupiter-Saturn, now closing up on each other, now separating, make them exchange energies and, at times, take one the colour of the other, so expansion follows contraction and so on.  At conjunction time, for instance, Jupiter coming onto Saturn impart on Saturn his own sense of optimism and the vision of future possibilities for improvement and gain. People then tend to spend more, feel more confident about the market economy, saving less, consuming more, thus creating, for a time, greater demand for goods and services. Great recent examples are the economic boom and financial optimism that pervaded the world in the early 1980s (Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Libra in 1981) followed by the more pragmatic and critical early 1990s (Jupiter opposing Saturn between 1989 and 1991), when, in the words of the then Finance Minister and future Prime Minister of Australia, Paul Keating, we experienced the ‘recession we had to have”. Or the optimism at the start of the New Millennium (the 2000′s Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Taurus, both square Uranus in Aquarius, warning of the risks of unchecked expansion) that pre-dated the present period of uncertainty and lack of confidence, with fear we all share of not being able to pay back the debts we incurred in more optimistic times………

……. Some countries, like China and India, are still enjoying their boom, but the financial pundits are already warning of the risks involved in this unchecked growth. These fast growing economies will have also to begin slowing down soon, in order to avoid the same pitfalls western countries have fallen into due to the same recklessness and greed.

So, if we hoped the world’s financial vows to be over or, at least, mending, we need indeed to think again. The general predictions for this opposition are gloomy, especially because it is just one aspect of a number that also seem to indicate negative trends. One of the most significant is the slow transit of Pluto in Capricorn (for the next fifteen years), indicating the ongoing need to radically change the way we do business with each other and also the use and abuse we make of Planet Earth’s natural resources. There will be tax and banking reforms, and those will not   happen without the sacrifice and loss of some of the security, comfort and even luxuries we have become accustomed to…..

…..The Jupiter-Saturn opposition is the culmination or climax of a cycle that began in the year 2000, before 9/11 changed everything, and will end only in 2020. Now this Twenty-Twenty has been a mantra-year on many lips, since the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen in December 2009, because it is in that far off year that many countries agreed to meet their reduction targets. Judging from the present transits it seems to me that we may have to wait that long perhaps to see real and lasting improvements of the present situation. The next conjunction will be at the gate of Aquarius (zero degree) and will herald the beginning of a more democratic and humanitarian trend in world affairs. Symbolically that 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction could sanction our official ingress into the Aquarian Age. To read more about the historical effect of the Jupiter-Saturn’s opposition, in the same article, click HERE.

Contemporary with the present instance of this opposition are the harmonious aspects that Jupiter and Saturn are forming with Neptune on the last degree of Aquarius, on the verge of entering Pisces and a whole new Neptunian period. Jupiter is separating from an out of Signs sextile to Neptune and Saturn is applying to a trine to Neptune, never quite reaching it remaining very close to it until February. These Neptune’s contacts show the positive impact a more inclusive and compassionate outlook could have on the affairs of our planet. Neptune can in fact make the opposition Jupiter-Saturn easier to bear but only if its spiritual principles of compassion and tolerance are upheld. An opposition is defined Easy in traditional Astrology when another planet happens to form a trine and a sextile to the planets in opposition, thus helping to release some of the tension and conflict of the aspect.   To learn more about astrological aspects and configurations of aspects please click HERE to go to my relevant Tutorial Page.

Another important solar transit at the time of the Aquarius ingress is the sextile of the Sun to Uranus in Aries. This harmonious aspect shows how positive would be to face our collective problems with a mind free of old conditioning, and the willingness to accept major changes in the way we live and conduct our businesses in this world ‘on the brink’.  Resisting this trend could have instead very negative consequences, that I’m afraid, at this point, could not be completely avoided anyway. The coming Uranus-Pluto’s square, exact for the first time in June 2012, will be a titanic battle between old and new ways, that will rage for a few years, during which time we will have to decide to which side we give our alliance. Sitting on the fence will not be a practical alternative.

Some other developments occurring during the Sun in Aquarius period: the ingress of Neptune in Pisces on February 4, and the  Retrogradation of Mars in Virgo, beginning on January 24 and ending on April 14. You can find articles on both the Neptune’s ingress into Pisces and the Retrogradation of Mars HERE.

Transits June to September 2011

~ Melancholy by Odilon Redon (my blue) ~ Click to enlarge ~


Welcome to my thoughts for this opening Solstice season, June to September 2011. Numerous eclipses constellate this period, while new sets of cosmic relationships are also emerging.

The planets in a nutshell: Jupiter enters Taurus on June 4; Saturn is still transiting Libra, turning direct on June 13; Uranus is powering ahead in Aries, turning retrograde on July 10; Chiron and Neptune are transiting Pisces, but Neptune will be there only until August 5, when he will cross back into Aquarius, remaining in this Sign until February 2012.

Jupiter, from Fiery Aries to Earthy Taurus

Jupiter moves into a new Sign every year. This shift is said to colour the philosophical/religious attitudes of the time and of the people born during this time, thus also generating future trends when these people will be old enough to have an impact on collective attitudes.

Earth always follows Fire in the organic sequence of the Zodiac. What this particular shift reveals is the collective need to ground (Earth) the ideals we have conceived previously (Fire). We now need to transform the ideals into practically achievable goals. And there is more: Jupiter here is also moving from a Cardinal Sign (active, energetic, initiating) to a Fixed Sign (static, conserving energy, stabilizing). This means that not only we need to ground our ideals, but also make them more secure, less liable to change and waver.

When Jupiter transits Taurus, Earth Fixed Sign, conservative views may prevail, because Taurus is conservative and unchanging by nature. This is not necessarily in the sense of bigotry and intolerance, but rather in the sense of respect toward traditions and tried and tested principles. This phase of Jupiter then ensures the conservation of what of the past we still consider valuable, its most basic legacy over which we want to build our future. Fixing our collective ideals, even making them into dogmas at this time will ensure that they will not be lost. The continuity with the past will help to stabilize society, fostering a feeling of personal and collective security. During these troubled times Jupiter in Taurus will be in fact one of the main factors helping to keep society together.

All it is well when positive and forward looking ideals become part of our human heritage, via Jupiter in Taurus, because this Sign will help to solidify them and make them more permanent. Danger may lurk ahead however when backward looking ideals creep instead back into the collective psyche, creating a more intolerant and draconian mindset. This is our philosophical challenge in the coming months.

Jupiter has a lot to do also with global finance. His transit through Taurus can be read as a possible return to financial prosperity and ease. To lend credibility to this idea Jupiter will also form a harmonious aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, Lord of Riches, active, on an off, until April 2012. We cannot exaggerate however the influence of just one transit because the overall picture still points at difficulties and changes affecting all aspects of our social and political life. Jupiter will also turn retrograde at the end of August, and has not long ago separated from the opposition to Saturn in Libra, indicating that the global economic contraction will be on for a while longer. Taurus and the aspect to Pluto could help though, mitigating the effects of the financial crisis, assuring at least supplies of essentials, like food and shelter, to our planet’s people, Pluto lending the necessary resources.

In the three months between June and August the people who could feel in a big way the expansive and optimistic Jupiter’s effect will be Taurus (April19/30), Virgo (August22/September2), Capricorn (December21/31), Scorpio (October22/November 2), Leo (July22/August2), Aquarius (January19/29).

June and July Eclipses

This astrological period is also very much about Eclipses, three of the record six of 2011 occurring between June and July. To have this number of eclipses in a year is somewhat rare.

Because eclipses are considered as portals to greater awareness, this year and this season could bring awakening opportunities for a very great number of people, through personal breakthroughs as well as via the heightened impact of global events.

The first is a Partial Solar Eclipse, on June 1/2 (depending where you are in the world), visible only at high latitudes in the northern hemisphere, Iceland, the Scandinavian countries, North Alaska and North Canada.  The transits around this eclipse do not look as dramatic as some we have had recently. Both Sun and Moon will be in fact in harmonious aspect to Saturn, a positive and constructive influence, especially considering that Saturn will soon turn direct (on June 13), always a cause for celebration, because our efforts may start to bear results. This eclipse will prove helpful to some Gemini (June1/3), Sagittarius (December2/4), Virgo (September2/4) and Pisces (February29/March2), or anyone with Moon, Ascendant or planets around the 11th degree of the above Signs. This could be an ideal time to consolidate your position in practical ways, building on your professional and personal security, making cautious but steady advances in your life. As all New Moons a Solar Eclipse represents the start of a new phase, this time not only for your month ahead but for a much longer period.

A Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is expected for June 15/16. This is an important event, an eclipse of long duration (one hour and forty minutes), passing deeply through the Earth’s shadow, and thus meant to be more influential. It will be visible in its totality in Eastern Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, India and Western Australia. The Moon will be rising as she becomes eclipsed in South America, West Africa and Europe, and setting instead over East Asia and the eastern states of Australia. North America is cut off from the shadow and will not witness directly this eclipse.

Sun, Moon and Mercury are forming a 90 degrees angle to Ceres (Demeter) the largest asteroid orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. In the last few years I have tried to observe the position and aspects of Ceres at the time the Earth has been particularly challenged by natural and man-made disasters, and often found meaningful connections. Not surprising in view of the fact that Ceres is a symbol of the original Earth Mother, Goddess of the Harvest and first Mater Dolorosa, weeping Madonna of myths and religions, mourning the death of her child. This archetype is brought to light by the darkling eclipsed Full Moon, time for full emotional impact and deep realizations.

Mars is an important actor at this time, as it is transiting Taurus, a difficult terrain for this planet. Mars can in fact make the notorious wilfulness of this Earth Sign more fiery and dangerous. It will be even more so during this Lunar Eclipse, due to Mars’ conjunction to the head of Medusa (the star Algol), a troublesome encounter, inclining to power struggles and sometimes even bloodshed.

Mars in Taurus is said to sometimes function as a trigger for increased seismic and volcanic activity, if other more ponderous transits point in the same direction. Mars is also just separating from an aspect to Saturn, always a difficult bedfellow, and approaching a square to Neptune in early Pisces, the aspect is not as close, but still seems significant, because of the proximity to the time of the eclipse.

Due to the above considerations and to the eclipse’s totality this event could be more powerful than the other two solar eclipses.

The people whose birthday will be in direct alignment with this eclipse will be Sagittarius (December14/16), Gemini (June13/15), Virgo (September15/17) and Pisces (March13/15); or anyone with Moon, Ascendant and/or planets around the 24th degree of the same Signs.

The third eclipse of the season will be another Partial Solar, at the Cancer New Moon of July 1, visible only in very low South latitudes, near the Antarctic Circle.

Despite its limited range this is a special event, being the first eclipse in a new (defined by a Saros number) happening around the same degree of longitude at intervals of 18 years. The period inaugurated by this eclipse will last 1.226 years, until 3.237, and contain 69 Solar Eclipses!

Something important is beginning at this time, whose influence would be however unformed for now, not very well defined, with nonetheless significant implications for the future. For many years astrologers will look at this eclipse, trying to fathom its possible effect on each of the eclipses belonging to the same series. Great stuff!

If during the previous Solar Eclipse of June 1/2 the Sun and Moon formed a positive relationship with Saturn, here instead they are forming a difficult angle with the same planet.

This eclipse may have the effect of making people realize their limitations, stressing more what it is negative or lacking in their lives rather than what is positive and abundant (a negative Saturn’s effect). The sense of discouragement and pessimism could prove difficult to shake off for a while. On the positive side, as with the previous eclipse, all events involving Saturn are always helpful to find practical solutions to life problems.

The birthday people aligned to this Cancer Solar Eclipse are Cancer (June30/July2), Capricorn (December31/January2), Aries (March29/31) and Libra (October2 /4); as well as anyone with Moon, Ascendant or planets around the 9th degree of the above Signs.

Uranus in Aries begins its risque dance with Pluto in Capricorn, take cover or ride the wave, it is up to you.

Since March 12 Uranus in Aries has lend new impetus around the globe to radical and rapid reforms, even revolutions, as recent history has demonstrated. Via the same amazing energy Uranus’ ingress into Aries also coincided with the appalling natural and ecological disaster that hit Japan. We are learning that dealing with this Uranus is like dealing with fire: it can be put to many amazing uses to improve our lives, but it has also the capacity to burn all our hopes to cinders and cause severe geological and political shocks.

Between June and August 2011 Uranus and Pluto will be transiting at a distance of around eighty nine degrees from each other, very close to what astrologers call a square aspect (ninety degrees angle). The aspect will be close enough to give the world a taste of its significance. The main exact dates for this historical transit are still in the future though, June and September 2012, May and October 2013, April and December 2014, and finally April 2015. These are seven exact squares in three years!

From the lengthy duration of this transit we can gather that it will be indeed a transformer of our collective mind-set, an opportunity to embrace real changes as it hasn’t occurred for decades; also, of course, implying an abrupt end of some of our old ways of doing things, forced by compelling outer circumstances.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that this is one of the cosmic factors that will be eventually responsible for the birth of a new civilization, or, at least, for the demise of the old one! It has been in the past and it will be now even more so, because of the other major planetary shifts occurring at the same time. It is not all gloom and doom either, because only through a deep renewal of our human values we can look forward to a viable future on the planet.

A radical way of tackling ingrained problems is emerging and will continue to gain strength in the coming years. This could be very positive, if enough conscious individuals decide to take a stand, but it is also naturally fraught with the danger of extremism, power-mongering, and the desperate attempt on the part of the powers to be and the international plutocracy (dominion of the super rich) to cling to the old corrupted and unfair ways.

More instances of war, international hostility and general unrest are possible, as well as more geological turbulence, because both Uranus and Pluto symbolize unmitigated and uncompromising stances, Uranus bent on fostering change no matter the cost, and Pluto bent on destroying in order to make a complete fresh start, because he is as much the God of Life as he is the God of Death.

The strength and solidity of our public institutions, systems of government, education, science and technology, industries, financial institutions, laws, ideologies, beliefs will be put to one of the greatest test in recent history.

Countries in the Middle East and in the African continent will continue a steady surge of uprisings, Central and South American countries will follow suit, while also giants like China, Russia and India will be seriously unsettled, the old system of government tested as never before.

Since 2008 the energetic Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) have become activated by various transits, meaning that this is time for action and not procrastination, that collectively we are all quite driven to participate into those ground-breaking activities, sometimes even subversive and dangerous ones, that will be necessary to bring on the changes we want to see in the world. They are anyway fated to occur, because the time is right, as the cosmos is clearly showing.

Many of us who feel their life style and livelihood threatened by these social upheavals could do well to prepare for more adjustments, looking at what seems now unsettling with an eye to the future, when those same changes will bring on a renewed sense of security and a better world, once the dust has had time to set on the ruins of the old one.

In a way the present season is the ideal time to begin making some of those adjustments. The main aim would be to become more independent and self sufficient, reducing our needs and working on our life skills, like building, gardening, husbandry, recycling, DIY projects, creating more independent incomes etc. These are the skills that could help us ride the wave of possible future crisis with greater ease.

Observing Uranus-Pluto’s mutual relationship in the context of their whole cycle (synodical period), they formed a waning square between 1932 and 1934 (extending to 1935/36), then they met in conjunction between 1965 and 1966 (extending to 1968), and they are now approaching the waxing square that will extend to 2015/16. The past dates have been very significant in shaping our collective history, with the enormous socio-economic changes of the 1930s during their previous square, that culminated in the Second World War, and the cultural revolution of the 1960s, during their conjunction (a more constructive aspect than the square), that ushered a wave of revolutionary thinking, as well as social and political reforms that many of us take now for granted but weren’t granted at all, back then.

In June 2011 the Uranus-Pluto’s square will receive an indirect boost from the transits of Saturn and Mercury, traveling in Libra and Cancer respectively, and forming wide squares and oppositions to Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, around the 20th of the month. Later on a similar trigger could be Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus, between the 9th and 13th of August.

When faster moving celestial bodies enter in contact with slow moving ones they function as triggers of their energies, bringing the effect of the slow transits in our every day immediate experience.

Another loop for Mercury

Mercury will make his cosmic loop between August 2 and 27, from early Virgo to mid-Leo. Careful consideration of the way you communicate your mind and your manner of thinking will be on the cards for some Virgo (August23/24) and Leo (August11/23). Expect some disruptions, delays and misunderstandings; even in the most carefully planned, routine jobs.

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