April 2010: Venus in Taurus


April 1-25, 2010, Venus in Taurus

Natural, down to earth beauty and pleasures; loyal affection, deep attachments; Contentment, devotion.

Odilon Redon (1840-1916)

‘Deux Jeunes Filles’

Last night, with Venus on the cusp Aries-Taurus, moonlighting with my laptop, while fertile rain pounded the tin roof, I have experienced, without knowing it, another case of synchronicity, those special events and meaningful coincidences that pop up all the time when one meddles with Astrology.

Looking for a picture for the Venus in Taurus post, I thought of Odilon Redon, one of my favourite artists. I had this particular painting in my mind eye and specifically looked for it on Wikimedia,  to make sure it was in the public domain. I quickly found it and put it in, before the power went off my laptop and I decided to go to bed.

I came back to finish the post this morning, April 1, and. while ascertaining the dates of birth and death of the painter, I discovered that Odilon Redon was born with the Sun and Mars in early Taurus, and therefore today’s Venus is perfectly conjunct his Sun and applying to a conjunction to his Mars!

Like this vibrant painting with its brownish reds, rich egg yellow and uplifting blues and greens, Venus in Taurus suggests warmth and beauty. A passion that is earthy and tactile, but also affectionate and profound.

The astrological and mythical Venus is the embodiment of the Feminine function in nature and the psyche. This is not a passive feminine though, not just a symbol of receptivity and yielding. She is rather an active feminine principle, important in her own right, basking in her uniqueness and power.

Venus is as old as African Lucy, our purposed ancestress. In the neolithic she embodied the power of the feminine in its youthful, fertile form; and came to preside over all forms of unions and contracts. As Goddess of beauty and pleasure she was the giver of all physical delights, from sex to music and dance, poetry, romance, ideals, the arts in all their varied form. She represents the inherent need in men and women to express and glorify the beauty and perfect sense of the living universe.

As the Harmony principle she causes things and people to become attracted to each other in order to find their ideal lost wholeness, and also to guarantee the continuation of life on the planet.

Taurus is an ancient mansion for Venus. Here the Fertility Goddess is in her environment. The horns of the sacred Cow or Bull used to adorn her head in many cultural traditions, representing abundance,  the power of the Goddess to provide moisture, gentle breezes and mild sunshine to all growing things, because all that is measured and harmonious was said to belong to her and was bestowed by her.

This transit of Venus in Taurus is of course more relevant for people born with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or a number of ‘personal’ planets in Taurus (read: Mercury, Venus, Mars).  Also the other Earth Signs, Virgo and Capricorn, and the Water Signs of Cancer and Pisces will benefit from this transit, Venus forming harmonious angles with them (trines and sextiles).

Scorpio, like Taurus, will feel the power of Venus more keenly than the other Signs. Venus is now transiting opposite Scorpio, intensifying the feeling responses of this Sign and exposing it to sudden attractions and the lure of love and romance.

All will benefit this month from the gentle touch of the Goddess in one of her most sensuous and fertile incarnation.

It will be a great time to put your feet in the mud, go back to the neglected garden and enjoy the smells and colours of autumn-spring, wherever you are.

You will need and possibly get more cuddles this month, being more romantically inclined and affectionate.

It could also be a positive time for making money in business or for spending money for pleasurable things, trips and holidays, because another incarnation of Venus is the Vedic Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity.

Time to beautify your home and garden, and also to pamper yourself and take pleasure in your body. Art inspired by the beauty of nature is also under the tutelage of the Earthy Venus, Taurus being the Sign where beauty takes shape and form.

There is also a more serious side to this Venus, in her capacity to make love a more profound and committed experience.

Relaxation, Meditation, Spiritual Devotion and Rituals, Healing Massage and all forms of hands-on therapy and natural healing techniques are activities that will go well with this Venus energy too. Taurus is known as a Sign with natural healing powers, hence great masseurs and physiotherapists, doctors and nurses are born under Taurus, because these abilities are usually also accompanied by a calm and trustworthy temperament that people feel they can relax with and rely on.

Venus in Taurus has her shortcomings as well, of course, like possessiveness, jealousy, laziness, tendency to overdo the pleasures, over-eating and drinking, even over-partying and over-sleeping!

Well, it will not be for ever. So, go ahead, enjoy it while it lasts.

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