Planetary crowd in Pisces, March 2016

Ophelia by Annie FrenchVenus is now in the Water Sign of Pisces, like the Sun, Mercury, Neptune, the Descending Moon Node and the recent New Moon/Solar Eclipse, that began the lunar cycle we are now in. All these planetary entities in Pisces are highlighting the qualities of compassion, creativity, imagination, tolerance, sensitivity, spirituality. Or, negatively, could lead to dissipation of precious energy, confusion, inefficiency, illusions, delusions, ambivalence…

Jupiter leads the way in the opposite Earth Sign of Virgo, showing the wisdom of remaining humble and somehow anchored to what is of value in our everyday life and routine. This could be time for some real magic while doing simple chores or focusing on the little things, the magic of everyday life, a crooked flower pot on the window seal, a ray of sunshine on a rusty roof, a ‘thank you’ smile.

Venus will leave Pisces on April 6; the Sun and Mercury between March 20 and 22;  the South Node (moving in retro motion, toward Aquarius rather than Aries) will not leave Pisces until May 2017; last, slow moving Neptune will enter Aries only in 2025.

Pisces New Moon: Astrology, the big picture and the personal experience

The Pisces New Moon

Today, February 22, the New Moon brings her lunar blessing to Neptune in Pisces (who entered this Sign on February 4, first time since 1848), thus bringing our personal emotions in touch with the collective awareness Neptune imparted on the Sun’s ingress into Pisces on February 19. This is a great deal of Neptunian energy to absorb and integrate in our lives in a short time, considering that Mercury is also transiting Pisces and will do so until March 4 (then again, due to Retrogradation, from March 24 to April 17). Plus Chiron and the Asteroids Pallas (Athena or Minerva) and Vesta (Hestia) are also in Pisces. Like with all planetary energies there are positive and negative sides to Neptune. Of course the more Pisces and Neptune’s energy are highlighted in your Natal or Progressed Chart the more these transits will be significant for you personally. Other Signs in direct line of contact with this New Moon are Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius.

The vibrations of this planet are subtle, especially now that is transiting watery Pisces, so that it is difficult even to describe them. They have the power to inspire a vague longing for something other than what we got, without showing clearly what that is. From these feelings often arise a sense of unidentified discontent that can drain our energies and cause us to become ineffectual in our job or daily tasks, and also dissatisfied with our relationships, without particularly knowing why it should be so. All of this could inspire us to look into the discontent and realize that it is telling us that we need to become more open to the spiritual aspect of life, that we need to stop or slow the daily race in order to be able to listen to the music of our inner world. The nostalgia we feel is for the soulful world of dream, imagination and love that we may have lost sight of in our pursuit of material security in this world or because we needed to fit in somehow. My advice to clients who come to see me during  a Neptune’ transit is to try to find time to get out of it all, to be spontaneous, try their hands at art, music, travel, fall in love and forget everything else, practice transcendental meditation or just enter that lull of awareness through which much that we have forgotten may come back to us, including the joy of just being or giving or loving without expectations or strings attached.

If you are already the type of person who values dreams and the symbolical life, if you are an artist or would-be artist, or are already conscious of psychic or mystical tendencies, these transits will suit you well, helping you to pursue these interests in a deeper way; but they could also make you even more dreamy and unpractical (no good if you are trying to get a job or to put your house in order!). On the other hand, if you are mainly a practical person, busy with your family and career, goal oriented and used to get your own way,  you could find Neptune and Pisces’ transits a somewhat bewildering experience, bringing you out of your comfort zone, in strange and foggy back alleys, where you feel you could become irreparably lost. Your efficiency level may drop and things which are usually simple for you will seem rather complicated and muddled; or things you always considered in a certain, set way will come under the uncanny scrutiny of a different type of questioning. If this is the case, the best thing to do will be to slow down, learning to relax and to purposely lose control of your situation, now and then, so to realize that things can run their own curse even without your constant intervention. A more spiritual, less straight and controlled life is beckoning, it would be sad if you miss that call. The dissatisfaction about your present circumstances,  the lack of direction and low energy are all telling you that there is more to life than chores, business or paying the bills.

Below is the Chart of the Pisces New Moon, calculated for the coordinates of Wollumbin, my place, 11 hours east of Greenwich. The relative positions of Sun, Moon and Planets remain the same all over the world, what changes from place to place is the orientation of the same to the local horizon, above, below, east or west. If you want to convert my standard of time to yours, please visit  the World Clock site HERE.

click to view larger image

The Sun and Moon are separating from a trine (120 degrees) to Saturn in Libra and applying to a sextile (60 degrees) to Jupiter in Taurus, both positive aspects, helping us to keep our feet on the ground (Saturn) but not so firmly as to lose sight of the lofty aspirations that the Pisces New Moon can bring (Jupiter). The Sun and Moon are also just separating from Neptune while applying to a conjunction to Chiron, aspect that shows the potential for healing emotional and physical ills, and also for perceiving the spiritual message of  those circumstances that can’t be healed or changed in our lives, to relinquish our control to powers greater than ourselves. The closest aspect of the Sun and Moon, nearly exact at the time of the phase, is their conjunction to Pallas, one of the four major bodies in the Asteroids belt, orbiting between Mars and Jupiter.  This aspect stresses the need for women to become more independent and to fight for what they feel is right, Pallas symbolizing strong and combative women (see the traditional representation of this Goddess dressed in full armor, ready for combat), without losing however that feminine wisdom that has guided women from the beginning of time, a psychic function that Pallas also represents (see the ancient owl resting on her shoulder and the head of powerful Medusa on her shield). The Sun and Moon are also forming a difficult contact with another Asteroid, Juno (Hera) in Sagittarius, showing that trouble in close partnerships and marriage will be brought up to the light during this phase, when deep emotions, love and compassion (Pisces) may antagonize our desire for freedom and independence (Sagittarius). Juno, the mythological wife of Jupiter, the king of all Gods,  is in fact the Goddess of marriage and, in particular, of the commitment, duties and responsibilities that such relationship entails. The aspects with the Asteroids just described are reinforced by the transits of Venus (archetype of everything feminine) in fiery and often feisty Aries, active until March 5. To read my recent post on Venus in Aries please click HERE.

Random thoughts on the astrological big picture and also on the personal experience of transits

The other day, writing the post on the Sun entering Pisces and his conjunction to Neptune, I waxed lyrical about all the wonderful possibilities of this otherworldly event. Having had time to reflect on it and further doses of dreadful news from all corners of the planet, I feel the need to put that particular reading in the context of the major planetary configurations also active at this time.

When in Astrology we concentrate on something specific we naturally run the risk of taking a one sided approach to a reality that is in fact multifaceted. This obvious fact doesn’t take away the potential I highlighted for experiencing life in a more holistic way in the next 13 years or so, during the slow transit of Neptune in Pisces. Said that, there is however so much more that can and will stress instead the more divisive and antagonistic approach to collective problem-solving on the planet. I am talking here in particular of the transits of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, aspects that are manifesting on a daily basis in more acts of war and mayhem all around the globe. The specter of nuclear proliferation and conflict is rearing its ugly head again in one of the worse ideological and political confrontations in recent years, between arch-enemies Israel, who already possesses a nuclear arsenal, and Iran who is working hard at getting one, despite international condemnation and sanctions. Knowing that the right angle (90 degrees or square) between Uranus and Pluto is still forming and will be with us for a few years puts those dangers in an even more glaring light. What I see here is a further ideological and spiritual division between idealistic people who will accept less and less the old sectarianism and prejudices, embracing a more inclusive view of life, but who also run the risk of aspiring too high and therefore achieving little in the end (Neptune in Pisces), and those instead who either want to uphold the past at any cost (Pluto in Capricorn) and those who are intent at rebelling against it using violence (Uranus in Aries), both, more or less consciously, working  against the possibility of peace and reconciliation. All of us though, in one way or another, are upholding some type of change even when we seem to be desperately intent at maintaining the status quo. The world itself is going through a phase of rapid changes (see global warming for instance) so that even the more passive or indifferent amongst us will have to adapt to new circumstances in order to survive, physically and/or psychologically.

Coming back to my own personal experience, and despite all the difficulties indicated by other transits, the soul enhancing effect of the Neptune’s transits has become palpable and very real during my sessions with clients in the last few weeks (one reason why I waxed so lyrical talking about them, I suppose). Magic connections have happened, with clients proving particularly sensitive and open to the inner life described by their Charts, while I have been perhaps more able than usual to convey the message of Astrology in terms that have captured their imagination, filling their and mine sense of longing for a more meaningful life. At first I felt this to be mainly a feminine connection, with women younger, older and the same age as me, but then the same happened with men too, showing that the Spirit is not sexist, bestowing the same gift of insight to anyone who is eager to receive it.

To view my recent post on the ingress of the Sun in Pisces and his conjunction to Neptune please click HERE.

The Sun enters Pisces, February 19, 2012

'Priest in trance', courtesy of Helga Hornung ~ - click image to link to Helga's site

The Sun enters the watery realm of Pisces on February 19. This year the place is crowded, as you can easily observe by looking at the Horoscope below. The Sun meets Neptune first thing on February 19, and then, within a few days, the asteroid Pallas (Athena) and Chiron in Pisces. In the same Sign, at the time of the ingress, are also Mercury and the asteroid Vesta. These transits and others, active on the day of the ingress, add their particular hues to the colouring of the astrological Pisces month, from February 19 to March 21.

Here is the Horoscope for this event, calculated for the coordinates of Wollumbin, my place in Eastern Australia. The relative positions of Sun, Moon and Planets remain the same all over the world, what changes from place to place is the orientation of the same to the local horizon, above, below, east or west.  To convert my standard time (5.17.36 pm) to yours you can use the World Clock HERE.

click to view larger image

The meeting of the Sun with Neptune is a yearly event, but the last time this meeting happened in Pisces was in February 1848! When we look a this year conjunction in this way we may realize how significant a cosmic event this is.

The function of the Sun, astrologically speaking, is to bring things in the light of consciousness, to make us more aware of the particular energy of planets and Signs. The yearly conjunction Sun-Neptune is always an ideal time to become aware of the underlying unity of all people, nationalities, cultures, religions, genders, ages, blurring the differences and washing away the rigid boundaries that usually divide us from others. This time the opportunity will be even greater, because, from now on, the conjunction will repeat yearly in Pisces until 2025. Among the gifts of Neptune in Pisces are imagination, creativity, a renaissance of the feminine arts, from domestic crafts to nursing the growth of plants and creatures other than ourselves. During the next few years it will become more obvious that we don’t own the place, we don’t rule the world, and that other creatures have as much right to live here than we have. In fact Pisces suggests that much of the power we have accumulated on this Earth may be taken away from us, eroded in irreparable way; not simply to teach us a lesson but because it is in the nature of things to eventually go back to their source.

Not only we envision now to protect the last wildernesses, but to actually re-create the ones that have disappeared. We will come to know more closely our oceans, rivers and lakes, and many will return to a sacred conception of the world and of nature as inextricably entwined with us, as us, not separated from the intelligence or the soul that we have believed, for a long time, to be our unique birth right. With tears of either joy or sorrow we may learn to be more receptive to our environment and each other.

Pisces, like Neptune, the planet that is said to ‘rule’ this Sign, is the least rigid, more fluid and unifying Sign of the whole Zodiac. We then could really celebrate today, and for the next 14 years, our common humanness, that shared soul that, in its diverse manifestations, is expression of the divine in ourselves and nature.

The transits occurring at the time of the ingress suggest also that strong spiritual connections can be made this month and that exploring our own depths will be also facilitated. The Moon is transiting one of the twelve magic cusps of the zodiac, between Capricorn and Aquarius, from the earthly, personal plane of experience to the mental plane of abstractions, ideas and communal feelings. The Moon is also Balsamic, the last phase in her cycle, getting closer every day to the New Moon that will occur in Pisces on February 22. The Balsamic phase is one during which we are given the opportunity to penetrate to the essence of the lunar month that is now finishing, to heal the wounds that have recently opened or the ones that life has re-opened for us in the last few weeks. Finding the meaning and richness of all these experiences is the gift of the Balsamic Moon.  

Other significant transits involve Pluto in Capricorn,  planet of emotional transformation and depth of knowing: Venus in Aries is separating from a square aspect to Pluto (90 degrees), Mercury in Pisces is in sextile aspect to Pluto (60 degrees); and Jupiter in Taurus is in trine aspect to Pluto, the last pass of a transit that has been active since July 2011 (120 degrees). This last aspect is already active but will become exact only on March 13.  We are encouraged here to look with greater honesty and insight into the secret dynamics of our relationships (Venus), our thought and communication patterns (Mercury) and the drive to improve our lives and expand our consciousness (Jupiter).

A good example of Mercury in Pisces’ effect…

In true Mercury conjunct Neptune and entering Pisces fashion (vagueness of mind, mental confusion, etc.) I made a big mistake writing my post yesterday. Luckily I realized it today, before receiving outraged comments from some of my readers!

I did state in the Weekly Forecast article that Einstein was born with Mercury in the Sign of Pisces. It isn’t true. Einstein had in fact the Sun in Pisces, but his brilliant intellect was indicated by a Mercury in Aries, Sign of vision and the pioneering spirit.

It is true however that Albert Einstein used to have visions of his mathematical intuitions and many of his most profound discoveries came to him in dreams and reveries.

One of the scientist I must have had in mind was Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone and eminent 19th century scientist. He had also a Sun in Pisces, and Mercury in Pisces.

Bell was endowed with a very sensitive nature, he was musical and attracted by all forms art. His Pisces nature was also revealed in his compassion. The invention of the telephone was in fact a result of experiments designed to restore hearing to profoundly deaf individuals.

Another great example of a scientist with this Mercury’s placement is Galileo, also born with Pisces Sun and Mercury in Pisces.

Here are the Birth Charts of these three inspired scientists.


Click to enlarge


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Weekly Astrological Highlights: February 21 to 27, 2011

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General Trends

It is Pisces’ week, no doubt! Remaining with our feet firmly planted on the ground could prove challenging, while we may find easier to float and drift aimlessly. If we manage to keep our feelers in contact with the Earth’s plane, we may sprout leaves and bloom like flowers, making the most of this emotional/psychic/spiritual journey. Fertility, in all its possible meanings, is the key word this week.

It will bring its reward to trust Providence or Life, the Great Mother or God, whatever you like to call it.

The Sun entered Pisces on Saturday the 19th of February, and just a day earlier, while still in Aquarius, met Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet.

Mercury will make his ingress into Pisces on Monday 21st and Mars will follow on Wednesday 23rd. Chiron has been in Pisces since February 9 and Neptune is hovering on this Sign’s threshold, ready to enter it on April 5.

With the Sun and so many planets transiting Pisces, being fluid and adaptable will help us to navigate these changeable waters, but is is going to be tricky not to lose ourselves in dreams and fantasies.

For more information about the imminent ingress of Neptune in Pisces, please check two of my posts on the subject HERE and HERE.

Venus‘ position will hopefully help to stay grounded. Still continuing her transit through earthy and responsible Capricorn (now separated from a difficult angle to Saturn, exact last week) Venus remains however in Saturn’s own Sign while the latter transits the Venusian Sign of Libra, thus carrying the link to Saturn (Mutual Reception) to the end of her Capricorn transit, on March 4.

For more information about this transit please CLICK HERE to navigate to my Venus in Capricorn’s post.

The Moon is waning this week, after the cusp Leo/Virgo Full Moon on February 18. She will reach her Last Quarter Phase in Sagittarius on Friday February 25. Time to reflect on the Full Moon revelation and ‘disseminate’ the psychological riches we have gathered then. What we have realized and learnt from our experience could now help others in their journeys too.

Highlights of the week

  • the ingress of Mercury and Mars in Pisces (February 21 and 23)
  • Mercury and Mars conjunct Chiron (February 22 and 24)
  • The Conjunction Sun-Mercury (February 25).
  • Jupiter in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn (February 26).

Specific Dates

FEBRUARY 21 and 22: before entering Pisces on February 22 Mercury will conjunct first Mars and then Neptune, at the end of Aquarius, on February 21; while Mars will reach its own conjunction to Neptune in the afternoon of the same day.

Leaving the clear-headed and mentally concentrate Air Sign of Aquarius Mercury (and Mars) are today preparing to enter the often turbulent and mysterious waters of Pisces, where the mind tends to lose its rational boundaries, contacting unspoken realities that are difficult to verbalize. The conjunction of both planets to Neptune today can be considered their initiation into a world guided by intuition and vision rather than logic or practical considerations.

No doubt Mercury’s logical function often suffers somewhat in the Water Signs, especially in Pisces (or when in close contact to Neptune), but what it gains can make up for it tenfold, if the energy is used creatively.

Mercury will remain in Pisces only until March 10, an opportunity for all of us to test our intuitive faculties and get in touch with our creativity, idealism and dreams. We can now be able to contact a greater Mind than our individual one, ready to absorb influences from many different quarters, not too fearful to thread uncharted waters, but rather fascinated by all the possibilities.

Not the best time however to remain focused on one subject and to be mentally objective, because our feelings will colour our thought processes and ideas, even when we are not aware it’s happening.

The conjunction of both Mercury and Mars to Neptune today is anticipating the Pisces effect and preparing us for it.

The transits of Mercury in Pisces will be more relevant for people born under this Sign, or with Moon, Ascendant or Planets in Pisces. Also for the other two Water Signs (Cancer and Scorpio) and the other Mutable Signs (Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius).

On February 22 Mercury will also conjunct Chiron, exaggerating in some cases feelings of intellectual insecurity, while providing others with a great depth of understanding, based on genuine compassion and empathy with other people difficulties, especially in the area of communication.

FEBRUARY 23 and 24: from February 23 to April 2 Mars, transiting Pisces, will energize all  the Water Signs, offering them an opportunity to be more assertive, but also posing the risk  of being easily carried away by strong and unsettling emotions.

In particular those individual born in the early stages of the Water and Mutable Signs will find it easy to scatter their physical, mental and emotional energies in these unpredictable oceanic currents, achieving little of what they have set out to do and getting muddled up in the process.

The waters of Pisces are in fact like the sirens whose stories are told in fairy tales and myths, alluring and beautiful but also treacherous and untrustworthy. Being fascinated by something or someone, emotionally, sexually, mentally, could be the line of least resistance this week for Pisces (February 19/22), Scorpio (October 23/26), Cancer (June 21/24), and also Virgo (August 23/26), Gemini (May 21/24), and Sagittarius (November 22/25) .

You need to find a state of balance, accepting what’s happening without losing your direction.

Attempts at asserting yourself may prove vain this week, it’s true, because events seem to run their own course, no matter what you try to do about them.  But of great help could be the psychological practice of keeping some boundaries standing between you and the world, a sense of your inner center, of who you are.

You may feel particularly intuitive and in touch with the soul of the situation and of other people, using your heightened imagination in a creative way will prove rewarding, and surprise you, if you aren’t usually a very inspired person.

Mars is the planet of Action, Do It!. In Pisces is activating the psychic/emotional, more than the physical or mental plane, a strange combination of action and inaction, assertion and passivity. Dance, the Martial Arts, Music, Creative Writing and any form of Art could express this energy at its best.

On February 24 Mars will meet Chiron, as Mercury has done on the 22nd.  If your birthday falls between the 21st and 25th of February the Healing Journey (fostered by Chiron) will be an important theme of your life this year, at the mental (Mercury),  physical and energetic levels (Mars).

FEBRUARY 25: today the Sun and Mercury become conjunct, what astronomically is known as a Superior Conjunction, with Mercury on the other side of the Sun from Earth’s viewpoint. During this phase of Mercury the planet, when visible, appears as the Evening Star.

As I wrote recently in a post on the mystery of Retrogradation (click here to see the entire article): ‘Mercury’s Evening Star incarnation (spanning in early 2011 from February 25 = Superior Conjunction to the Sun, to April 10 = Inferior Conjunction to the Sun), will be a time for giving due consideration to the way we communicate our thoughts and ideas to others, the way we tackle intellectual challenges, like writing, reading, studying, teaching. The retro motion of Mercury corresponds to a period of mental introspection, at the end of which we can start again to project our minds onto the world, with renewed inventiveness and adaptability to different circumstances and people. Mercury’s direct energy does in fact facilitate everything mercurial, such as change, communication, expression of idea in speech or writing, travel, brain-storming, moving etc. This is a forward looking mental impulse, bringing us out of ourselves and onto active participation with the world. This period will end with the Superior Conjunction on June 12, when our mental tendencies will have reached their more concrete and objective state. From then Mercury will begin to wane again, arriving at its next retro Station on August 3‘.

FEBRUARY 26: today Jupiter and Pluto are prominent in transit (at right angle to each other, while the Sun and Mercury are in sextile, 60 degrees, to Pluto and semi-sextile, 30 degrees, to Jupiter).

Jupiter tends to magnify the effect of every planet he comes in contact with. While Pluto has a lot to do with the use we make of our personal power and resources. With this transits we are meant to experience control issues in our lives (in particular people who celebrates their birthday today, yesterday or tomorrow). You may feel dominated by another or overwhelmed by a situation over which you have no apparent control, tending to rebel against it, in order to assert your own need of being in charge.

It could be difficult however to really know who is doing what: are you being dominated and rendered powerless by somebody or something? Or is it perhaps your own compulsion to dominate others or to control the situation at every cost that is causing the problem? An honest assessment of the situation is always a must when Pluto is involved, in order to go to the bottom of things, to the roots of the problem.

Used wisely this transit could enhance the scope of your personal power and put you in touch with a wealth of inner resources you didn’t even know you possessed. The expansive impulse denoted by Jupiter is meeting the depth of Pluto, an unusual opening to ours and others’ motives and secret life of the psyche.

Collectively this aspect may foster war rather than peace, escalating problems that have been hidden and untreated for a long time. Jupiter’s fiery energy in Aries could in fact push all these unprocessed issues to the surface, like a volcanic eruption pushes up the lava at the core of a mountain.

For a list of all Transits this week and for the rest of the month please CLICK HERE to the Monthly Transits Page

or HERE to navigate to the Astro-Calendar Page.

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