Lost Treasures and Monsters of the Deep, the Scorpio season 2012

A full-on Scorpio season

In a nutshell: while Uranus and Pluto continue their risque dance (Aries-Capricorn square), a series of cosmic events will be constellated in Scorpio, between September and December 2012.

  • On September 2 the Lunar Nodes entered respectively Scorpio (North Node) and Taurus (South Node), where they will move, in a backward motion, for about 18 months, until March 2014. This will shift the focus of many future Eclipses on these Fixed Signs.
  • From August 24 to October 7 Mars is in Scorpio, bringing unconscious stuff and unresolved issues to the surface in an impetuous way, for starters. Mars will leave Scorpio one day and two days, respectively, after Saturn and Mercury enter the same Sign.
  • Mercury will enter Scorpio few hours ahead of Saturn, transiting there until October 29.  Mercury will then retrograde from November 6 to 26, moving through Scorpio again from November 14 to December 11. On November 18 the Inferior conjunction of Mercury to the Sun will take place in Scorpio.
  • On October 6 the ingress of Saturn in Scorpio will be a momentous event, ending its long transit through Libra that began at the end of 2009. Saturn will remain in this Fixed-Water Sign until September 2015.
  • The Sun will transit Scorpio from October 23 to November 22.
  • Venus will be in Scorpio from November 22 to December 16.
  • Last but not least, a Total Eclipse of the Sun will occur at the Scorpio New Moon, on the 21st/22nd degrees of Scorpio, on November 14.

All the above will represent undoubtedly significant developments for all of us, and in particular for Sun in Scorpio individuals or anyone with Moon, Chart’s Angles or planets in Scorpio or the other Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius).

With so much constellated in Scorpio we can expect the season to be emotionally intense for a number of people. A time to explore, transform, turn things from the inside out, to achieve a deeper sense of connection and meaning in our lives. It could be confronting and difficult, but also empowering, adding a deeper layer to our experiences.

Saturn in Scorpio

A very important feature of  the ingress of Saturn in Scorpio is the Mutual Reception then forming between Saturn in the Plutonian Sign of Scorpio and Pluto in the Saturnine Sign of Capricorn.  By transiting each other’s Sign  for the next two and half years these two planets will mingle their energies, reinforcing each other and reflecting back onto each other.
All degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius (the Fixed Signs); Cancer and Pisces (the other Water Signs); Capricorn and Virgo (the other Earth Signs) will be, in turn, aligned to this transit, in more or less significant ways.

This will be an opportunity for all of us to learn to navigate in a mature way the emotional undercurrents of our lives, confronting some deep fears and discovering the inner resources that will help us not just to survive, but to actually thrive in a not so perfect world.

Power plays amongst people will become more apparent and we will need to stand our ground, building some healthy boundaries, staying focused and determined, without cutting ourselves off from others and becoming emotionally isolated/biased by our negative past experiences. It will be time to confront practically and squarely our suppressed emotions. We could distill ages of wisdom from this placement in the next two and half years.

There is a deep chamber in the soul of all sentient beings. This transit and the Mutual Reception Saturn/Pluto are providing a key to this secret place, but they may entail also a sense of danger and fear of infringing a taboo in exploring and disclosing the hidden side of things.

Let’s discuss the negative potential of this placement first, to get it out of the way.

A financial contraction is predicted; heavily imposed and deeply resented economical austerity; big issues sharing the world dwindling natural resources; karmic retribution for past financial errors; tough government control; punitive taxation; unemployment; a protectionist business atmosphere. We may create the lack we fear by not embracing the more radical opportunity to change our behavior (financial and otherwise) in profound ways (Uranus square Pluto).

A global increase in criminality is expected, with corruption unearthed in many places of power. Important public revelations and possibly major scandals may surface (especially during the Mercury Retro period, November 6 to 26).

There will be also greater likelihood of war and social unrest, due to these transits coinciding with the ongoing Uranus-Pluto’s square; while Saturn and Uranus are now residing in Martial, confrontational Signs, Scorpio and Aries. Judgmental and uncompromising view points, fanaticism, on all sides of politics, culture and creed, could make us collectively more insensitive and callous, regressing to a ‘eye for a eye’ attitude.

Not a pretty picture, I know, but not the end of the world as we know it either. Many truths that have been hidden will have a chance to be unearthed, with some rather wonderful discoveries to be made too, especially in the world of medicine, astronomy, physics, archeology, psychology, the occult and alternative energy sources. And there will be great impetus toward democratic changes all over the globe, and the redressing of past economic and social injustice.

At the personal level the transit of Saturn in Scorpio could also have significant positive effects, helping to develop resourcefulness and focused practicality; and providing the strength to master instinctual responses with a mature sense of reality. Rather than looking for retribution and revenge Saturn in Scorpio can also be expressed as a profound sense of justice, the sort that goes down to the core of things and finds one’s own fault too, fostering real honesty and sense of personal responsibility. Saturn in Scorpio will offer to many those difficulties that eventually forge character and strengthen will power.

Personally aligned to the Saturn transit to the end of 2012 will be: Scorpio (Oct23/Nov3), Taurus (Apr20/May1), Leo (Jul23/Aug3), Aquarius (Jan20-31). Or anyone with the first ten degrees of the above Signs highlighted in their Birth Charts. It will be a constructive but, at times, difficult period, when you’ll succeed to build solid foundations, material and psychological. It will feel OK to plan ahead, save for a rainy day, work with method and discipline. Also to make long term commitments, like marrying, having children, sticking to demanding career goals. Saturn tends to give solid forms to our ideals and dreams, shaping them within the limits of our circumstances and real abilities. Saturnine periods are always growing up periods, no matter our age.

Saturn Returns
The passage of Saturn through the Signs separates also one saturnine generation from the next, Saturn’s placement showing each Sign’s unique way of handling material and moral responsibilities. Saturn takes 29 and half years to complete its orbit around the Sun. Doing so he returns to the same place he occupied those many years ago. All of us experience a Saturn Return every 30 years or so, around the age of 29/30, 59/60 and 88/89. These Returns are the formative times in our lives, when, having completed a cycle of psycho-physical maturity we begin building the next cycle on the foundation of the previous one.

Each Return initiates us into the wisdom that each particular age can manifest. This is a Return of Saturn for anyone who was born while Saturn transited Scorpio (for a free astrological Chart, based on your birth date and time, please visit Astrodienst from HERE. Or order your $1 Rainbow Birth Chart from me, navigating to my Consultation Page HERE).
The younger Scorpio Saturn group is ready to shoulder more responsibilities and to take life more seriously; the middle group should be busy trimming from their life those commitments that are no more essential to their life journey. Having finished to ‘build their outer houses’, in the form of material and emotional security, they should be now ready to begin building their ‘inner houses’. The third group, now in their 90s, may be living in their ‘inner houses’ already, having become more introspective, in preparation for life’s greatest journey.

The shift of the Lunar Nodes in Scorpio and Taurus
The Lunar Nodes are now respectively in Scorpio and Taurus, having entered these Signs in September. This will be a 18 months long transit, to March 2014. The nodal shift is an indicator that Eclipses seasons, in the next couple of years, will often fall on these Fixed Signs and so affect more closely individuals with these Signs highlighted in their Birth Charts. Because Eclipses are doors of perceptions, opening up new horizons, life opportunities and cycles, to partake of an Eclipse season means becoming a conscious participant into the cosmic mysteries enacted by Sun, Moon and Earth, to become in a way more aligned to spiritual forces of evolution.
The first examples of this season’s Eclipses: the Total Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Scorpio on November 14, powerful event for people who celebrate their birthday within a day or two of the Eclipse, but also for anyone with the 20th – 22nd degree of Scorpio highlighted in their Natal Chart, the beginning of an important inner/outer journey.

The Gemini Lunar Eclipse, on the Full Moon of November 28, will prove a peak experience for Sagittarians who celebrate their birthday within a day or two of the Eclipse; also for Gemini born around May 27 to 29, or anyone with Moon, Angles, Nodes, or Planets around the 6th – 7th degree of Gemini-Sagittarius.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury will transit Scorpio from October 6 to October 29. Mercury will then become Retrograde from November 6 to 26, transiting Scorpio again from November 18 to December 11. These transits could bring communication breakdowns and also breakthroughs to all the Fixed Signs (Scorpio-Taurus-Leo-Aquarius). Important public revelations and possibly major scandals may surface during this period, due to Scorpio ability to dig deep to the murky bottom and to bring up hidden stuff, all sorts of nasty secrets perhaps, symbolically and literally.


There are many meaningful connections between these January 2010 Eclipses, the January 12 earthquake and Haiti’s Birth Chart of January  1804.

Arranging the four wheels together their many similarities become immediately apparent, while there are many more that unravel slowly as we really ‘look’.

In the picture below Haiti Birth Chart is the inner wheel, the Lunar Eclipse (December 31 2009) the second wheel from the centre, the Earthquake’s Chart the third wheel, and the Solar Eclipse (January 15) the outer wheel, in time sequence. All four Charts have been calculated with the coordinates and local time of Haiti.


Click picture to enlarge

While the similarity between the two Eclipses Charts and the Earthquake has to be expected, due to their closeness in time (just a couple of weeks, half a Moon’s cycle away from each other), it is indeed a strange coincidence that the Haiti’s Birth Chart (1804) should also show such a connection to these present events. The destiny of Haiti has been activated by these Eclipses, big time.

At the time of the Lunar Eclipse, symbolically opening the new year, the transiting Sun and Haiti’s own Sun were conjunct, meaning that Haiti was celebrating its birthday the day of the Eclipse, all birthday representing a new beginning. Because the Haiti’s Horoscope is cast for midnight, the Sun and the birthday transiting Sun are also conjunct the Lower Heaven, matrix of consciousness, from which emerges the umbilical cord of all existence and where fate is created. In the same position we have found Saturn at the moment the earthquake struck (see first post) and Jupiter during the Solar Eclipse of January 15. This is remarkable because the Lower-Heaven changes rapidly during the day and was in these positions only for a short time in each occasion. Also all these grouping around the Midnight point, the one below the horizon and under the Earth in all Horoscopes, conjure pictures of burial and underground places.

Between the Haiti’s Birth Charts and these Transits Charts a great number of celestial bodies are passing through Capricorn, confirming the ancient astrological tenets that Earth Signs are more likely to produce earth tremors than other Elements Signs, and that alignments in particular can disturb the balance in the gravitational field of the Earth, causing a great deal of pressure.

The celestial bodies involved in these multiple conjunctions, amongst all Charts considered, are: Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron, the Sun, the Moon and the North Node.

A number of Planets transiting the Sign following Capricorn (the conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, and Uranus in Pisces)  also add to the weight of the Earth alignment.

Let’s consider for instance  the outstanding example of transiting Pluto, conjunct Mars and Chiron in Haiti’s Birth Chart, Venus in the Lunar Eclipse Chart, Mercury and the Moon (wide orb) in the Earthquake’s Chart and still Mercury in the Solar Eclipse Chart, plus, of course, squaring the transiting Saturn as well as the Natal Saturn of Haiti. We can safely say that Pluto was prominent in transit on all three occasions. The transits of Pluto happen to transform things and people, to change things in a radical, sometimes violent way. This is the God of the Underworld demanding his share of the realm of life, eager to be acknowledged.

Looking a the transits from Saturn’s view point we notice the Lord of karma not only returned to Haiti’s birth position, but was also in square with Pluto, Mars-Chiron, Venus and Mercury between the three Transits Charts, apart from being conjunct Haiti’s Ascendant and square Haiti’s Meridian Axis (Mid-Heaven and Lower-heaven). So Saturn too was definitely prominent in transit on all three occasions. Saturn, in this instance wearing the ugly mask of the Grim Ripper he used to don in the Middle Ages, defines a karmic moment for Haiti, a grand scale reality check and  traumatic coming of age. While Saturn is conjunct the Ascendant of Haiti, thus manifesting in the sad face Haiti is now presenting to the world, is actually still transiting the Twelfth House, that sector in the Horoscope where unconscious forces beyond our control seem always ready to swallow us up. This is the place where the Ego-Egos of this world are not anymore in charge, but we found ourselves on a rudderless boat, guided by the wind of fate, if you believe in it, or by pure chance and cruel acts of Nature, if you don’t.

Another Planet very prominent in Transit is Neptune, who has reached the square to its own position in Haiti’s Birth Chart, a significant aspect, entailing the need for this country to find a new spiritual dimension and fresh ideals. Due to the fact that the Natal Sun of Haiti was in semi-square to Natal Neptune, the transiting Neptune is now in semi-square with Haiti’s Sun too. This means that the Natal Sun (as well as the Sun during the Lunar Eclipse) is now mid-point between the Natal and Transiting Neptune, another remarkable coincidence, reinforced by the fact that the Transiting Eclipsed Moon (January 1) was also in aspect to Haiti’s Natal Neptune (sesqui-square or 135 degrees); the transiting Eclipsed Sun (January 15) was in sextile aspect with the same; the transiting Neptune was in sesqui-square to Haiti Natal Ascendant; the Ascendant of the Lunar Eclipse’s Chart and the Mid-heaven at the time of the earthquake were in opposition to Natal Neptune (more about this in my next post when I’ll discuss the role of the Star Algol, Medusa’s head, in these amazing events)! Too many to mention them all really.

Neptune was the God of Oceans and Rivers to the ancient Greeks. He was often referred to as ‘the Earth’s Shaker’, acknowledging the power of this God (Planet) in unleashing earthquakes, especially those that originated underwater, near the coast or on islands. Neptune in the Haiti’s Midnight Chart is found in the Second House, affecting therefore the country’s sense of security and financial standing. These Transits then could awaken both the positive and negative sides of this Natal position of Neptune. Positively the world may wake up to the need of Haiti for help on all fronts, and not only in the face of this disaster. Negatively these Transits may exacerbate the tendency Haiti has always displayed to base its financial security on shaky, unreliable, unrealistic, if not down right unlawful grounds (slavery comes to mind, as well as the corruption of the many dictatorships that have governed the country since independence).

I would like to add here the role of the Mid-heaven in some of these Charts. In the Earthquake’s Chart the Transiting Mid-Heaven is in square to the Natal Mid-Heaven of Haiti and opposed its Natal Ascendant; while the Mid-Heaven of the Solar Eclipse is conjunct Haiti’s Natal Moon in Leo.

Mars is also remarkable during these recent Transits for Haiti, retrograding over the country’s Natal South Node (past karma), semi-square Saturn, in both its Natal and transiting incarnations, exactly sextile Uranus during the earthquake and, of course, as remarked before, also activated in its Natal position by both Pluto (conjunction) and Saturn (square).

Jupiter, a Planet which is often connected to earthquakes on Earth, due to its gigantic size and gravitational pull, can be seen in this Four-Wheels Chart as applying to the opposition to Haiti’s Natal Moon at the Lunar Eclipse, being exactly opposite the same during the earthquake, from under the Earth (Midnight point) and just separating from it at the Solar Eclipse, before entering Pisces. One could write a book on these Transits and Haiti!

In my next post on Haiti I’ll explore the connection of the January’s Eclipses to Haiti via their Saros number, the number given to each teclipse to identify the group they belong to (Lunar or Solar occurring around the same degree of the Zodiac). This link to ancient eclipses and to the Constellations of the Sidereal Zodiac  makes an intriguing and somewhat eerie astrological tale.

September to December 2009

blake_jacobsladder Libra Equinox to Capricorn Solstice

Welcome to my astrological thoughts covering the major cosmic events of October-December 2009, and beyond.

One of the most significant transits of this period will be the passage of Saturn into Libra on October 30, after two years in Virgo. This is the first in a series of planetary shifts that epitomize our period in history: Pluto in Capricorn (November 2008) – Saturn in Libra (October 30, 2009) – Jupiter in Pisces (January 2010) – Chiron in Pisces (April 2010) – Uranus in Aries (May 2010) – Neptune in Pisces (April 2011, and, for good, February 2012).

Libra is the Sign of Saturn’s ‘exaltation’, a lofty position for this earthy planet, and a real opportunity for all of us to become more responsible and adult like in our relationships. Libra is the Sign of Justice and Equanimity, so that the laws of the lands could now begin to reflect more faithfully the democratic and equalitarian principles exemplified by Libra, with its innate respect for others. Libra Saturn, representing the implementation of the law, will strive toward a more democratic social order.

Saturn has not quite finished with Virgo yet. It will re-enter the Sign in retro motion on April 8 and make it back into Libra for good in July 2010. Saturn will then transit Libra until October 2012, a time of grounding, concrete success, as well as tough confrontation with insecurities and fears for all Librans. Ask your Virgo friends who have just spent the last two years in the company of this ponderous planet and they will tell you about the unavoidable tribulations and well deserved triumphs of their close encounter with the mythical ‘Lord of Time’. You would not want to miss it.

Difficult Saturn’s transits at the end of 2009 and in the first half of 2010 will, however, make the path a rough and difficult one for many, at least for a time; with a right angle to Pluto (November 16, first pass, February 1 and August 21, 2010, second and third passes); and renewed oppositions to Uranus in 2010 (exact April 27 and July 27).

The birthdays in direct line with these transits are, again, the early season Libra (22/25 September), Aries (20/23 March), Capricorn (21/24 December) and Cancer (21/24 June). The austere and sobering ray of Saturn is added to the intense Pluto atmosphere, and the electrifying impact of Uranus. These transits exemplify a breakage from the past. There will be an unprecedented drive for change, or unavoidable changes will have to be met, willing or not. Deep down you know that they were over due, really, and that you have been procrastinating. This may seem, at times, to shake badly the sense of personal and/or material security you might have built and thought quite solid and permanent. It will certainly be a lesson in impermanency, and an opportunity to re-invent yourself, starting your life on new foundations.

Collectively the situation has both implosive (Pluto) and explosive (Uranus) potentials. A 90 degrees angle between Uranus and Pluto is now in its incubation stage, becoming exact between mid 2012 and the end of 2014.  Saturn is stimulating that transit into early activity. The so called Techno-Punk’ generation, born between 1963 and 1969, who had the Uranus-Pluto conjunction signature in their birth charts, are now experiencing the mid-life crisis defined astrologically by the opposition of Uranus to their birth Uranus-Pluto, and the right angle between their Neptune and the transiting Neptune. This is an important spiritual and existential crisis, enacted in everyone’s life from the early to mid forty years. These people will be the next generation to yield positions of power on the world stage, the ones who will need to deal creatively with this unprecedented crisis. The emergency itself has a lot to do with the use and abuse of our planet’s resources (Pluto) and of technology (Uranus).

The triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron will be exact again, for the last time, between December 2009 and January 2010. These conjunctions have permeated the whole of 2009, helping to raise our spirits during the global financial crisis. At the time of writing (early June 2009) Obama has been visiting Egypt to show a friendly hand to Palestinians and Muslims in general, making historical speeches of reconciliation. He is also campaigning to have Guantanamo Bay shut by the end of 2009, a brave move, hopefully coinciding with the last pass of the Aquarian conjunction, in December.

All these events exemplify to me the progressive spirit of the Aquarian conjunction, with its idealism and humanitarian principles, as well as the downside of the same, as chimerical hopes of easy solutions, and social/political naivety. Obama himself has Ascendant and Jupiter in Aquarius and became officially President at the time of his Jupiter’s return in early Aquarius, in January 2009, while his Moon’s South Node, part of his ‘axe of destiny’ is conjunct the historical conjunction Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in late Aquarius.

Neptune can embellish every picture, but has the potential of being also deceptive, elusive and unrealistic. Jupiter on his part tends to exaggerate, usually accentuating the promising parts rather than the problematic issues. Finally mysterious Chiron portends the potential for collective healing of old wounds or, negatively, karmic illnesses. Chiron is physically and symbolically the go-between the known world (Saturn boundary) and the Uranian vision of a new world, forever reminding us of the painful limitations of our human condition (Saturn), while igniting the spark of our godlike genius (Uranus).

We see a Jupiter conjunct Neptune every twelve years or so, not a rare event, after all. But we experience a triple conjunction Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron only once in a while, the last in 1945, at the end of World War Two. Even rarer is the same triple conjunction in the same zodiacal position, Aquarius, which occurred the last time in 1843. This was a period very close to the ‘discovery’ of Neptune in 1846, considered historically, philosophically and literarily an idealistic era. Many proletarian, grass root revolutions also started then (Marx’s Communist Manifesto was published in 1848). On the religious front it was a messianic period, when many Christians awaited the second coming and the advent of a new world order of peace and enlightenment.

Similar hopes in a redeeming time ahead are alive and well in 2009. We may at times feel we need a Saviour or a miracle to overcome the huge obstacles ahead of us; but hope alone will not save our troubled world.

The H1N1 influenza virus that spread from Mexico in April 2009 have raised the interest of many Astrology’s students because some of the transits active in 2009 and 2010 are similar to those that were active at the time of the infamous Spanish Influenza that struck Europe and the globe between February 1918 and April 1919. That H1N1 virus (another Swine Flu) allegedly killed 20, 40 or even 100 million people worldwide, according to different sources. The number remains uncertain because the infection spread rapidly during an extremely unsettled period of our history, toward the end of the First World War that also killed and displaced millions. Many soldiers leaving the trenches spread the deadly virus on their return home. At the beginning of 1918 the war was dragging on when the initial strain of the Spanish Flu made its first appearance. This was a mild strain, a common flu from which most people recovered quickly. Around August of the same year a second strain, a mutation of the original virus, started killing people instead, a catastrophe comparable only to the endemic pestilences of earlier centuries. I am not surprised then that normally indifferent governments have been taking extraordinary steps to try to stop the virus from spreading. The memory of that pandemic is engraved on the collective psyche, where it has remained hidden, repressed, for a long time.

Astrologically the similarity with present transits is undeniable: Saturn was opposed Uranus in 1919, the same as it has been throughout 2009 and will be for a good while in 2010. Jupiter was also conjunct Neptune in 1919, as is happening in 2009 (last pass in December). Another transit that connects our time with that distant past is the recent passage of Pluto into Capricorn. Pluto has a lot to do with collective karma and mass deaths, like those caused by natural disasters, wars or industrial and mining accidents. Pluto had entered Cancer just before the First World War, portending the mass destruction of families during the two World Wars. It has reached Capricorn, 180 degrees away from his 1918 position, and now lies on the opposite Solstice point. These points, together with the Equinoxes, are the most active of the whole Zodiac, enhancing in great measure the power of Pluto.

A crucial difference is the fact that in 1918 Saturn was separating from a conjunction to Neptune, a powerful signature for a natural disaster such as the Spanish Flu pandemic. When ‘afflicted’ in a personal horoscope Neptune can portend death by drowning which was the manner of death from the deadly strain of the N1H1 virus (the lungs becoming filled with fluids). Jupiter, by becoming conjunct to Neptune after Saturn, acted as a cosmic carrier, spreading the contagion even further. Jupiter, in the picture even now, is spreading perhaps only the fear and not the reality of the contagion!

Many scenarios are indeed possible. According to medical experts, this strain of influenza and its possible mutations will stay with us for a long time. Astrologically the more critical periods could be between November this year and September next year.

Due to the fact that Aquarius is the Sign of science and innovative technologies, some astrologers have even suggested that this virus could be a man made product, purposely or accidentally released into the environment. Apart from these speculations the Aquarian connection suggests to me that a program of universal inoculations presents also many hidden dangers. A sad story of a mass vaccination gone terribly wrong is the one that occurred in 1976 in America, when ‘Swine’ flu vaccinations had to be suspended after the death of numerous people who suffered irreversible adverse effects (Guillian-Barre syndrome); while the feared spread of the virus did not eventuate. At that time Jupiter was in opposition to Neptune! So, we have been warned.

To conclude; yes, the planetary configurations active in 2009 and 2010 could manifest in a pandemic. On the other hand a serious but rather common outbreak of flu could be taken for a plague of biblical proportions, due to the inflating tendency of Jupiter and the deceptive nature of Neptune. We may found ourselves under the spell of prophecy makers who seem to believe in the unavoidable end of the world as we know it.

The media interest in a possible pandemic tends to glamorize the issue and make it look exceptional and dangerous, another Neptune’s effect. The reality is that influenza pandemics are not rare events. In the last five century more than thirty have been recorded. In First World countries one is more likely to suffer serious ill health due to harmful habits and lifestyle, heart diseases, cancer or accidents. Concentrating just on the possible dark side of influenza is part of Neptune’s morbidity. Collectively we are more gullible, fanciful and impressionable. Perhaps we are using this fear of pandemics to distract ourselves from the real threats, like global warming, pollution, man’s inhumanity to man, racism, sexism, inequality etc. To keep a firm grip on reality is more than ever important. In case of a serious outbreak it will be the weak, old and poor of the world who will be more at risk, as usual (see the transits of Saturn, archetype of old people, those of Neptune, archetype of the feeble, those with low immunity and the underdogs, and Chiron, archetype of people with chronic illnesses).

Whatever you do, keep positive; help the planet recover from its many illnesses, because we will all be healthier in a healthier environment. Sky stories are fascinating but can be read in many different ways and the ending is always open to review; it is not a black and white, ready drawn picture. It is partly up to us. Happy transits, everyone.

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