The Waxing Moon transits Pisces from December 6 to 8, between the Crescent and First Quarter Phase

The Night Was as Clear as Her Puddled Tears Mixed Media Collage on Antique Book Cover, artwork by Michael Pajon

The Night Was as Clear as Her Puddled Tears
Mixed Media Collage on Antique Book Cover, artwork by Michael Pajon

PISCES, Moon of compassion and universal sympathy
Adaptable and romantic

From December 6, 3.30 pm, to December 8, 9.15 pm

Suitable energy for sailing, swimming, day dreaming, escapism, falling in love, creative writing, especially of poetry, theater, performances, movies, concerts, music, crowds, solitude, remembering. Charity, water scrying, astral traveling, past life experiences, déjà vu, psychic awakening, bliss. Purchase of swimming gear, boats, surfboards, pets, alcohol, shoes. Action motivated by the need to accommodate fate, to go with the flow. Gentle poetical expression of feelings, romantic, changeable, ambivalent. Beware of escapism, untruthfulness, drug taking, victimization, passivity, impracticality, phobias, fatalism, lack of discrimination.

♣ ♣ ♣ In the garden Pisces is a very fertile, particularly suitable for growing water plants, like Water Chestnuts and Lotus. A great time for propagating cuttings, grafting, irrigation, pruning to encourage re-growth, but not potatoes that may sprout too soon. Romantic garden walks and picnics could do well too.

♥ ♥ ♥ Healing Herbs: Echinacea, Eyebright, Golden Seal and Mugwort.

A note: the garden activities associated with the Moon Sign depend also on the cycle the Moon is in. The Moon transiting through a fertile or productive Sign will no be so favorable if the Phase is not a productive one, and vice-versa. For best results the Sign and Phase of the Moon have to be considered together.

Crescent Moon AnimationCrescent Moon

The Crescent Moon occurs half way through the first week of the Waxing cycle, when the Moon is transiting 45 degrees ahead of the Sun and looks like a beautiful crescent in the western sky after sunset. Psychologically this is an enthusiastic time, in which lots of ideas crowd our mind and we may feel that the sky is the limit. It is a slightly naïve Moon time, but also one full of hopes and dreams (the bright crescent shows now the shadowy sphere of the future Full Moon. The energy of the Moon however needs maturing at this stage and grounding. The first difficulties may appear, the first chinks in the armor; but the challenge is not strong enough yet for us to build up on it.

♣ ♣ ♣ In the garden this is an excellent growing time: everything can go in now, but in particular leafy vegetables and all plants that we grow for their above the ground parts, but only when the Moon is transiting through the very fertile Water Signs or the productive Signs Taurus, Libra and Capricorn.

First QuarterFirst Quarter Moon Phase Animation

The Moon is now 90 degrees ahead of the Sun, a right angle, very powerful. We meet some serious obstacle on our way. The goal is still strongly in view (Full Moon) but something or someone seem intent at stopping us or hinder our progress. This is the most critical point in the waxing period. It is important that we meet the challenge now, but it is also essential that we don’t go to war with people around us, blaming them for our difficulties, which are instead just a natural phase of our journey. There is something a bit black and white in this Moon’s position and the attention is perhaps focused too much on outside circumstances.

♣ ♣ ♣ In the garden this is the demarcation time between the first and second weeks of the Moon cycle, an important boundary, because different types of plants can now go in, those we grow for their fruit or seedpods (tomatoes, beans etc.). The Moon needs also to be transiting a fertile or productive Sign.


January 28: Mercury in Aquarius, Venus conjunct Vesta

Mercury in Aquarius

Triple Hurray for Mercury entering Aquarius today. It has been a serious and practical stretch for Mercury during his transit in Capricorn, from January 8 to today. For some of us it has meant a somewhat gloomy frame of mind, this often too ponderous Mercury making everything feel hard, difficult or just sad. While, positively, it has been an ideal time to concentrate on practicalities, proceeding with method and caution and thus achieving much for our efforts. Now the wind of change is upon us again. Mercury enters maverick Aquarius today, while the Moon enters fiery Aries and aligns to Uranus, thus forming a favourable aspect to Mercury (sextile = 60 degrees distance), the latter approaching also a sextile to Uranus, exact early tomorrow, January 29. This is a combination for action, eureka moments, acts of daring and passion, zesty conversations, intuition working hand in hand with reason and logic, lateral thinking, inventiveness, original ideas, great for getting together with same minded people, finding new ways to tackle old problems.

The Lunar Transits on January 28

The Moon is rapidly separating from the Sun, reaching 60 degrees distance today, well into her active Crescent phase. She is moving from the breezy sextile to Mercury just described to a powerful conjunction to Uranus, bringing unexpected and hopefully exciting events and people in our lives, and finally, later, to a square to Pluto, indicating some subterranean eruption calling for emotional resourcefulness and the courage to face things head on. The Moon in Aries can take it all in her stride; fierce and brave, she drive us to act out our impulses, not too concerned about possible consequences.

Moon with Ceres and Uranus in Aries – Venus with Vesta in Pisces

The Asteroid Goddesses, all manifestation of the One Feminine principle, the Yin in nature and the psyche, are coming to the fore today too, with the Moon becoming conjunct Ceres (Demeter to the Greeks) who has just separated from Uranus, while Venus will be aligned to Vesta in Pisces.
The Moon, Ceres and Uranus, what an odd company this is! Two maternal archetypes transiting the most masculine Sign of them all, Aries, accompanied by the very masculine and cold Uranus. This multiple transit invites mothers and carers of both sexes to be brave and independent today, showing the world that you are not just a passive, self-effacing, nurturing guardian, but that you have indeed your own ideas and needs time to do things to please yourself. It could be a good day to engage into some fun activities with the children, something a bit out of the ordinary that will inspire them to be more independent also.
The conjunction Venus-Vesta (Hestia to the Greeks) is very different, these two planetary energies having certainly more in common than Moon-Ceres have to distant Uranus. Vesta is the feminine power that keeps families and nations together, never letting familiar affection and loyalty’s eternal fire be estinguished, out of neglect or selfishness; while Venus represents the attraction and love that glues us to other human beings, in our endless search for harmony and pleasure. In the sensitive and compassionate Sign of Pisces these Love Goddesses should really open our hearts to the more subtle and psychic aspects of our attachments to other human beings, letting us perceive the underlying unity between them and us, and offering an opportunity to move on from old resentments, via a more understanding and forgiving attitude toward them and ourselves.

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Libra Last Quarter Moon, January 16 to 20, 2012

After sharing or broadcasting our Cancer Full Moon experiences during the Virgo Disseminating phase (January 13 to 16), we should be now engaging earnestly in some serious inner dialogue during this yearly Libra Last Quarter. The way this dialogue will develop will depend on how much at peace or at war we are with ourselves at present. It could turn out to be an inner, painful struggle with some very personal demons, and/or an opportunity to gain precious insights on what has made this Moon cycle thick (since the Capricorn New Moon on December 25).

What we have ultimately learnt from it? And how can we integrate this ‘lesson’ with our overall life?

A Libra self-reflective phase got to be about relationships, focusing on the ideals we may cherish about them versus their flesh and blood reality.

The Quarter Moon (First or Last) is always a symbol of contrast, the light and the dark faces of the Moon showing us some dual aspects of reality. When this phase occurs in Libra two sides of our relationships becomes more apparent. The aim of Libra is to bring harmony between our life and the lives of other people, to find a common ground that will allow for a peaceful and well balanced existence, when both our individual needs and those of the ‘others’ in our life are met. Too often the ideals and dreams we cultivate about relationships are a far cry from their reality. How to bring harmony in this disharmony? How to reconcile ideal and real?

During the Last Quarter we tend to look within for causes and remedies. So it is within your heart that you will find the answer to this quandary. How much do we abide ourselves to the standards of relating we have set up for other people? Are we always aware of how much of our own psychic baggage we put on others?

Let’s give a look at the transits active a the start of this Libra Last Quarter, to observe what other planetary energies are contributing to this particular phase. The Moon is active in transit,  but so are the Sun, Venus, Saturn and Chiron.

Here is the Horoscope for the exact phase, calculated for the coordinates of Wollumbin, Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia. The relative positions of the Sun, Moon and Planets to each other and in the Signs will be the same all over the world; while their orientation to the local horizon changes for each locality (Ascendant, Mid-Heaven etc.).

click to view larger image

The Moon is involved in a complex configuration of transits, approaching first a conjunction to Saturn in Libra, then a trine to Neptune in Aquarius, an opposition to Jupiter in Taurus, and finally a trine to Venus and Chiron in Pisces.

The Moon-Saturn conjunction, the first aspect to become exact, gives a serious tone to the whole phase, making us feel more personally responsible for the discordance we may be experiencing in our close relationships, also more able to look realistically at what is going on. Both Saturn and Neptune are on the last degree of the Air Sign of Libra and Aquarius forming a mutual trine that will very close for a while but fail to become exact because of Neptune’s ingress into Pisces on February 4, and Saturn’s retrogradation through Libra, beginning on February 7. The Moon here is forming a link between these two planets, bringing their energies together in occasion of her Last Quarter. Neptune here can help us to get in touch with the more subtle, spiritual aspect of our experiences. So, while we can be practical and focused under the auspices of Saturn, we can also be aware of the mystery and the sense of fate underlying this period, with particular regard to relationships. Neptune highlights the need for compassion and forgiveness, as also do the Moon-Venus trine and the Venus-Chiron conjunction in the Neptunian Sign of Pisces.

As the Moon enters Scorpio, early on January 17, she opposes Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter resumed his Direct motion in this Earth Sign on December 27. The contact with the Giant Planet gives a boost to the lunar emotions and moods, magnifying them but also giving them meaning, weaving them in the big tapestry of our life, connecting them like new threads to the whole design. Venus is, at the same time, also in sextile (harmonious aspect) to Jupiter, making the whole configuration more auspicious, promising wisdom in matter of love surging from the inner struggle of the Last Quarter Moon. Again compassion, surrendering to what is, rather than struggling toward the unattainable, healing of those wounds of inadequacy that stop us from giving and receiving the human affection and warmth we really need; all these are suggested by the connection of Moon,Venus, Chiron in the Water Signs of Scorpio and Pisces.

The recent ingress of Venus in Pisces (January 14 to February 8) is more than just a monthly Sign change for Venus. Neptune is very close to entering this Sign too (February 4), to remain there until 2025/26. Venus and Neptune are sympathetic planetary energies, embodying the powers of personal and universal love respectively. I can see then how our Evening Star in Pisces is heralding the soon to take place ingress of Neptune in the same Sign, reminding us of the spiritual unity of all human beings and the need to be more inclusive and open to address the ills of the world. Venus has began to show us the way in the context of our own personal relationships before Neptune direct our attention to more collective issues.

For more on Neptune in Pisces please navigate to this post on the major transits between January and March 2012 or Here and Here for two earlier articles.

Apart from those transits that directly involve the Moon others are also happening at the time of the Last Quarter, the most significant being the trine between the Sun in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo and the separating conjunction of Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn.

Sun-Mars’ contact is an energetic, constructive aspect that could help us to achieve much in action, especially by reforming negative habits and creating healthier and more efficient routines in our daily living. The Mercury-Pluto’s contact provides depth of understanding and the courage to look at the truth within and without. We can now cut through the crap of  idle conversation and and get into ‘real’ talking.

The Quarter phase traditionally covers the whole week to the next New Moon (in Aquarius, on January 23), but there is another minor phase, known as the Balsamic Moon phase, beginning on January 20 when the Moon will be in Sagittarius, half way between Last Quarter and New Moon. For more information about the astrological significance of all the Moon phases please navigate to my Moon Page.

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