Cosmic February and March 2019: keeping it ‘real’

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A shorter version of this article has been already published in the Uki Village News in early February 2019.

The Earth Signs

A shift toward the Earth Signs will characterize the astrological months of February/March 2019. Venus will be transiting Capricorn from February 4 to March 2 (marrying creativity with business sense), and Mars Taurus from February 14 to March 31 (a dogged, often hard working position for Mars). The historical ingress of Uranus in Earthy Taurus will take place on March 6, this transit continuing to 2025/26. Of course Saturn, the Lunar South Node and Pluto are also still in Earthy Capricorn, to 2020 and 2023/24 respectively.
To add to the above the Chinese Lunar New Year has welcomed the smart PIG, this time associated with the EARTH ELEMENT, the last Earth Element Animal before the switch to the next Element, Metal, from 2020. Each Element lasts in fact for twelve years and is in turn associated with each of the Twelve Animals.
So, for the long term as well as the short term, planning, discipline, dedication and hard work are top prerequisites for success.

Jupiter and Neptune

On the other hand, the 90 degrees angle between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces represents, this year, the biggest challenge to the Earth Signs’ need for realism and practicality (January14-June 17-September22). Jupiter is in fact the planet of expansion as well as exaggeration, and Neptune the planet of spirituality but also of confusion and passivity, together encouraging divorce from reality and from what is truly possible in the circumstances. And this is, after all, the most powerful transit of 2019!

We will all have to struggle somehow between these opposing Earthy and Psychic forces, their high contrast making our collective approach to problem solving fraught with contradictions and some paralysing moments. We will need to find ways to reconcile them and make their union fruitful.

In the short term the prevailing energy is encouraging us to work through difficulties rather than sweep them aside or avoid them. The Earth Signs will make sure that things eventually catch up with us and we will have to face the music. Prevention is definitely better than cure for the Earth Signs.  Getting too emotional will not serve our purpose either. Clear, practical, viable solutions will be available but we will need to put some real effort in, downsizing our expectations and waiting patiently for results. Immediate gratification of desires or easy windfalls will not be in the cards for most of us at this time.

Venus in Aquarius

From March 2 to 27 Venus will move to Aquarius, a lighter, more socially minded position for Venus, marking an ideal time for group works, friendships and love matches founded on mutual respect, learning, traveling, mixing with different people, networking of ideas, emotional independence etc.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

In Pisces since February 10 Mercury will turn retrograde on Pisces’ very last degree on March 6 (same day Uranus enters Taurus). This period will last until March 29. People who were born with Sun, Moon, any Planet or one of the Four Angles (Ascendant – Descendant – MidHeaven – LowerHeaven) in Pisces or in any of the Mutable Signs (Virgo-Gemini-Sagittarius) will experience more personally the effects of this retrogradation: delays, communication breakdowns, misunderstanding, mechanical problems, tech issues, as well as striking insights, flights of intuition and creative  imagination.

Uranus in Taurus

On March 6 Uranus will enter Taurus, for good this time, until 2025/26. This extremely significant shift will gain even greater momentum in 2020, when the Saturn-Pluto’s conjunction in Capricorn will contribute to a quickening of planetary, political, social, economic and cultural transformations, with make/break situations for individuals and the planet to face squarely.

For in depth analysis of the transits of Uranus in Taurus and Chiron in Aries please navigate HERE to my April 2018 article.

Chiron in Aries

Worth of mention is also the unobtrusive final ingress of Chiron in Aries, on February 18 (until 2027), marking a whole new cycle for the planet of Healing! Looking back at the most recent times Chiron transited Aries (1918/1926-27;1968/1977), we see much struggle to realize historical social reforms: women suffrage, gender equality, sexual revolution, peace versus war. Aries, symbol of unbridled and often toxic masculinity, is going through a face of healing and higher learning from which it will emerge transformed.



Venus on the eventful cusp Pisces/Aries, the end and the beginning, the old and the new

'Mastering the art of waiting'

‘Mastering the art of waiting’

Note: a shorter version of this post was published in issue 93 of the Uki Village News, April/May 2017

Venus on the eventful cusp Pisces/Aries, the end and the beginning, the old and the new

Venus is spending a long time in Aries this year, from February 4 to June 6 (excluding most of April, when she re-entered Pisces in retro motion); three whole months, triple the time she usually spends in one Sign.

The long stay of Venus in the fieriest of the Fire Signs can be either exciting or troublesome, depending how we handle it and our personal circumstances. It can be a real struggle for Venus to play the role of the Love/Harmony Planet in the combative, competitive Sign of Mars. We risk losing sight of the softer, loving side of Venus. The inner journey of retrogradation (March 3 to April 16) and the brief return into Pisces (April 2 to 29) should have created greater awareness of this risk.

Let’s consider the timeline/ highlights of this transit and others, from February to early June:

  • In February Venus was in Aries with Mars, ideal time to initiate new things, to be bolder and more independent in all areas, particularly in personal relationships. The prominence of this Fire Sign provided us with the vision and courage to pursue new goals with energy and embrace changes with confidence. Wanting our own way we might have ignored or disregarded other people feelings, in an attitude of confrontation rather than cooperation. We may have succeeded to eliminate stuff/people/circumstances from our lives that seemed to impede our progress, but our feeling of success may have proven premature.
  • Within the first ten days of March Venus turned retrograde (March 3 to April 15), while Mars entered Taurus (March 10 to April 21), this Earth Sign tending to slow down rather than stir up Mars’ fiery energy. These events ushered a period when our recent initiatives/actions and assertive/self-centred Aries moods have been put to the test. The retrogradation suggests in fact a time for returning over issues we have already explored in the recent past, a frustrating thing if you remain determined to push ahead with earlier plans and decisions, without making any changes.
  • On March 25 Venus aligned with the Sun thus turning from Evening to Morning Star for the rest of the year, the bolder and more forceful aspect of Venus; this aspect becoming more active however only at the end of April.
  • Between April 2 and 29 Venus return to Pisces, compounding the softening effect of retrogradation with the passive tendencies of Pisces. This suggests the need for a more pliable, compassionate and sensitive approach, even in the midst of changes and even while trying to be more honest and assertive in the way we relate to others. A challenging transit Venus-Saturn, also active throughout April, will accentuate the need for a more practical outlook on our relationships, general values and the way we go about satisfying our desires. This is a sobering, limiting transit.
  • To add more spice to this complex picture Mercury became Stationary Retrograde, on the 4th degree of Taurus, on April 10. Our Little Brother re-enters Aries on April 21 (same day Mars enters Gemini), and will turn Stationary Direct on May 4, on the 24th of Aries. Mercury will re-enter Taurus for good only on May 16.
    So we will not be out of the wood with the slowing and often confusing, if not downright bewildering effect of retrogradation, particularly tangible when the Inner Planets move backward (Mercury and Venus). The retrogradation of Mercury’s effects can range from missed appointments, delayed phone calls or travel arrangements, wrongly deleted emails etc., to more serious misunderstandings in the areas of communication and learning, but hopefully also with a more penetrating insight into the same matters.
  • The landscape will change again in late April and throughout May. On April 21 Mars enters Gemini, a mentally/physically active Sign, while, by April 29 (until June 6) Venus will be again in Aries and moving in direct motion. This change will return to us the level of energy and drive we experienced earlier this year and hopefully the wisdom a Retro Venus can bring in the areas of experience indicated by her relative position in our Birth Charts. On May 20 an opposition Venus-Jupiter could bring opportunities for romance, travel, special celebrations, enthusiasm and creativity. A challenging angle Venus-Pluto, on May 26, could be intense, even dramatic. A conjunction Venus-Uranus in Aries, on June 3, just before Venus’ change of Sign, could prove very exciting, but also highly unpredictable: a joy ride of emotions which may involve taking unusual risk A Mars opposition Saturn, active around the same time, could make it harder to obtain our heart desires as speedily as we wish.

All the best with all these Transits; cheers

Just a reminder that Venus is conjunct Mars in Taurus today, May 23, 2011

Lovers by Albrecht Durer

Today, May 23, Venus is conjunct Mars in Taurus, the Sign of sensuality and loyalty.

Just a reminder, no time to write more, that love is real, right here, right now.

Here is a sky-scape of this conjunction, taken by Stellarium for May 24, around 5.30 am, looking East-North-East, with little Mercury just separating from them, bright Jupiter and invisible Uranus above.

Click to enlarge

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Venus and Mercury enter Taurus on May 16, transiting Taurus until June, soon to align with Mars

Woman at her Toilet by Henri Fantin-Latour

Henri Fantin Latour (1836-1904), the artist who painted the picture I have chosen for this post, became famous, I learnt, for his flowers and women portraits.  This seems to me a great association for the fertile Sign of Taurus, natural abode of Venus, representing Nature in her bountiful, peaceful and healing aspect, the apotheosis of the feminine principle of love over conflict, and pleasure over hardship.

Venus and Mercury enter Taurus on May 16, Mercury ending this transit on June 3 and Venus on June 10. Mars will be in Taurus until June 21, while Jupiter will also make his entrance in this Sign on June 4 and remain there for a whole year.

Venus and Mercury are again conjunct on May 17, Full Moon day, then Mercury will speed ahead to meet Mars on May 21, and Venus will also meet Mars on May 23. When we talk about Venus in Taurus this year, then, we should not forget that Mercury and Mars, and soon Jupiter, are very much part of her story too.

The Sign of Taurus is buzzing with a lot of different energies playing upon it; Mercury providing intellectual curiosity and stimulation, Venus pleasure and cheerfulness, Mars determination, vitality and the fighting spirit, and soon also Jupiter imparting wisdom, confidence and vision.

There is not going to be a better time, in the near future, comparable with this, for the number of opportunities becoming available to Taurus, a usually lay back and content Sign. Making the most of this alignment will make Taurus’ life more fulfilling, happy and active.

Scorpio, like Taurus, will feel the power of these configurations more keenly than the other Signs. Venus and Mars are intensifying Scorpio’s feeling responses, exposing it to sudden attractions and the lure of love and romance. At the same time Mercury makes Scorpio feel more communicative and social, a plus for this rather reserved Sign. Because the Taurus planets are opposing Scorpio the risk is there of experiencing the more challenging side of these transits, especially in the area of love or business partnerships, by causing jealousy, resentment and negative psychological projections.

These transits are significant for people born with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or a number of ‘personal’ planets in the Fixed Signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, and the Earth Signs Virgo and Capricorn. To a lesser degree also the Water Signs Cancer and Pisces, because Venus, Mercury and Mars will form harmonious angles with them (trines and sextiles).

The Taurus’ cluster will have however also a general effect on everybody, beginning  a period of greater emotional and financial stability. The pace of life may slow down a little for all of us, hopefully leaving us time to smell the flowers, as the iconic Ferdinand the Bull of Disney’s fame, content with simple pleasures and adverse to fighting.

Mercury in Taurus can help us to concentrate better and reach great depths, and Venus to savor loving feelings and sensual pleasures. While Mars will encourage deliberate actions, dictated by practicality, making us more doggedly determined to stay on the job until it is finished.

During her stay in Taurus Venus will enjoy a period of special power, because Mars, Mercury in Taurus, and soon Jupiter, as well as Saturn in Libra are all transiting Signs that are traditionally considered Venus’ domains, so that they all have to pay homage to her and do her bidding.

We can now learn how to save energy and relax, while still being productive. This is a blessing really, considering the hectic times ahead, when the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all be in restless and speedy Gemini between the months of June and July, another unpredictable Eclipse season, with three Eclipses on the radar.

For an astrological discussion about the June-July Eclipses please navigate from HERE to my June to September Forecast article.

Negatively the emphasis on Taurus, as with all Fixed Signs, could increase, however, our chances to get bogged down in projects, relationships and thinking patterns, slowing considerably our progress. Knowing the risks we have to find a balance between the need to take it easy and the need to get things done, or to move from situations that have become stale or toxic.

Gardening by the lore of the Moon we learn that sowing and planting when the Moon is in Taurus encourages root growth, also helping to establish perennials, those plants that need to survive more than one growing season, going deep into the soil to get their nourishment from our Earth Mother. This is a great symbol for Taurus’ power and gift of productivity, constancy, firmness, solidity and enduring strength, qualities now more available to all of us.

There is also, of course, a spiritual side to this Earthy Sign, that, by the way, is not usually more materialistic than any other Sign. Some  Taurean have a marked interest in everything occult and in old traditions and sacred scriptures. Practices of devotion and beautiful heart-felt rituals, as well as contemplation and transcendental meditation are well suited to this relaxed and unhurried Sign.

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Weekly Astrological Highlights, May 9 to 15, 2011

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The Moon s in waxing mode, providing extra energy for all enterprise and activities.

Emotionally we may meet the cycle’s first serious obstacles. It is the Leo First Quarter Moon Phase, on Wednesday, May 11, when we will need to toughen up and find creative solutions to our problems, to eventually fulfill the Full Moon’s goal.

On Saturday, May 14, the Moon will enter her Libra Gibbous Phase, a step closer to the Scorpio Full Moon due on May 17, and hopefully a flurry of great activities.


The major transits this week are the ingress of Mars in Taurus, on May 11, and the multiple conjunctions in the Sign of Aries, Mercury and Venus on May 10, and both Mercury and Venus with Jupiter on May 12.

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And HERE for a sky-scape of the Aries multiple conjunction.

MAY 10 to 12, and spilling into the next week: anyone prepared to get up a bit earlier this week will be able to observe these multiple conjunctions first hand. With Mars close by, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will all be together above the Eastern horizon, just before sunrise.

Hopefully these aspects will communicate optimism and enthusiasm to many people. The  individuals more likely to feel their beneficial effect will be however Aries, born April 11 to 17, Cancer, born July 14 to 20, Leo, born August 14 to 20, Libra, born October 15 to 21, Sagittarius, born December 14 to 20, and Capricorn, born January 12 to 18.

This is Aries stuff at its best, vision, initiative, courage, because the conjunction Mercury-Venus unites the head with the heart, firing the mind with artistic feelings and the heart with understanding, promoting great conversations and intelligent as well as exciting relationships. Mercury and Venus’ conjunctions to Jupiter are also expanding the scope of both planets, encouraging confidence and optimism in the communication and relationships’ areas. Ideal time to feel inspired about writing or art making, because aesthetic feelings are strong, the mind is alert and you may feel more than usual confident in your abilities.

With the ingress of Mars in Taurus and the imminent conjunction of Venus to Mars in Taurus (May 23), these exciting transits could provide the right inspiration for practical activities and business in the near future, and also for more stable and content relationships.

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Mars in Taurus, May 11 to June 21, 2011

Click to enlarge

As Mercury, Venus and Jupiter become conjunct in Aries this week, Mars is leaving Aries to enter Taurus on May 11.

Mars will journey through Taurus until June 21, a substantial transit, significant in the first place for Taurus individuals, or anyone with Moon, Chart’s Angles and/or planets in Taurus.

Also, via opposition (180 degrees) for Scorpio, via square (90 degrees) for Leo and Aquarius, and via trine (120 degrees) for Virgo and Capricorn.

Taurus is a somewhat difficult placement for Mars, planet of action and impulse, because this Sign tends to slow down and ground any planets transiting within its borders, with the need to solidify and make durable, while Mars is all about rapid response and action without delay.Positively the contemplative nature of Taurus could help to tame some of Mars’s restless and fiery nature. After a slow start perhaps much could be accomplished.

Taurus is a Sign of Venus, opposite and complementary to Scorpio, Sign of Mars. For this reason Mars in Taurus is said to be in detriment, meaning weak or in no position of expressing his energy freely and effectively.

Mars can indeed become very impatient in Taurus, because the pace of life and decision making is too slow, conservative and cautious for this lover of speed and risky ventures.

Taurus is also a very personal Sign, tending to take everything in a highly subjective way, finding difficult to let go of the past and sensitive to slights. Mars in the Sign then could cause these resentments to burst to the surface and cause out of control reactions, from very deep places.

The built up of energy will have, soon or later, to find a valve of release. This position of Mars is often associated with emotional and physical outbursts, as well as an increase in earth tremors, volcanic eruptions and other extreme natural events, the potentially dangerous nature of  the Bull of Heaven, when under martial pressure.

The willful nature of this Sign could find a powerful voice in Mars, acting out the will in aggressive ways.

Probably the most notorious individual born with Mars in Taurus was Adolf Hitler, hence much of the placement’s bad press. It doesn’t help to know now that Osama Bin Laden was also born with Mars in Taurus, on a particular difficult degree, aligned in longitude with the notorious star Algol, the severed head of Medusa, connected with murder, mayhem and violent death. While these are indeed negative expressions of this placement, they are not in any way the norm.

Too often, thinking of Mars as the God of War, we forget his role as Nature God of fertility, the spirit of adventure and exploration, the courage to fight and survive. In Taurus this martial energy could be successfully channeled in constructive and practical activities, building, landscaping, gardening, husbandry, wood-working, sculpting, cooking.

Taureans may achieve more and get more done during this transit than in a whole year, because Mars instills initiative and a competitive spirit intent on winning or conquering something, a great change for placid but too often static and sometimes hard to motivate Taureans.

Also practices and disciplines like Yoga asanas and meditation, dance, martial arts, singing, will help to release martial steam slowly and safely, getting in touch with the deepest needs of the body.

Taurus is a sensual Sign, and Mars is the planet of excitement and the sexual drive. Sexual or otherwise physical tension could come out of a transit of Mars in this Sign, and it will need to be appeased either through intimacy or deep tissue massage and hand on healing, intent at releasing negative emotions that have been stored in the muscles of the body.

The challenge here could be summarized as the need of becoming conscious of deep eruptive energies within and finding ways to release them safely, lovingly and constructively.

Mars in Taurus has an immense creative power, transforming what was inert and dull into a lively and fertile ground. In this Sign the instinct (Mars) is to grow solid and permanent roots from which we can achieve a sense of security, and produce fruitfulness and abundance via right actions.

Mars in Taurus is in fact the symbol of the masculine, life giving principle, within the fertile humus of the Moon Crescent. Taurus’ glyphs representing non just the Bull’s horns but also the Crescent Moon, reminder of the lunar nature of this Earth Sign, where the Moon is said to be exalted.

I’ll discuss the aspects formed by Mars while transiting Taurus in my Weekly Astrological Highlights, as they happen. The major amongst these transits will be a sextile to Neptune in Pisces on May 12,  the trine to Pluto in Capricorn on May 20, Mercury conjunct Mars on May 21, and Venus conjunct Mars on May 23.

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