Horoscope of the Sun ingress into Cancer, Solstice 2012

Due to continuing technical problems, I have been unable to post lately. I apologize for that to all my new and old readers.
I’ll hopefully be able to soon return to regular posting.
Few people have inquired about the ingress of Jupiter in Gemini on June 12, so I’ll re-post shortly an article I wrote earlier in the year about this 12 months long transit. A new post on the transits of Chiron throughout this Solstice season is also in the pipeline.
Articles on the most recent astrological developments can be found by scrolling down or choosing a topic menu at the top, or by doing a word search (widget on the left sidebar, bit down from the top of the page). The most recent entries include the Retrogradation of Venus in Gemini, the transit of Mars through Virgo and the historical square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn to soon become exact (June 24).

To convert the time of this Horoscope to your own time, please visit the World Clock site HERE.

Happy Solstice season everyone!

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