Mercury enters his own Sign of Gemini today, June 10 2010, at 3.41 pm, Eastern Australian Time.

The closest planet to the Sun is now becoming less and less visible in the dawn twilight, speeding toward a conjunction with the Sun (Superior Conjunction) on June 28. By then Mercury will be in Cancer, entering this Sign on June 25.

When planets transit one of the Signs that are traditionally assigned to them, like in this case Mercury in Gemini, they can  express their function in a more direct and natural way. The Sign will not resist the energy of the planet but rather encourage it, preparing a receptive medium through which it can work smoothly and perform at its best.

Mercury in Gemini is great for many things, not just intellectual stuff or communication. It accelerates the pace of all actions,the pace of thought that drives the action, in the first place, so that we can get more done, hopefully more than when Mercury was transiting slow-paced Taurus, the latter transit having lasted for much longer than usual because of Mercury’s retrogradation (Mercury has been in Taurus since April 2).

As it enters Gemini Mercury is also forming a harmonious angle with both Jupiter and Uranus (sextile) conjunct in Aries since June 8, making today and tomorrow great days to feel inspired and optimistic, finding new ways to do things and new avenues of discovery.

Gemini is one of the double Signs of the Zodiac, meaning that is works equally well on two different planes of experience, the intellectual and the intuitive (the mortal and immortal twins) allowing for greater flexibility and tolerance of differences in our dealings with the world.