Muhammad Ali, the Astrology of the boxing and humanitarian champion Cassius Clay

Muhammed Ali in Chicago 1966

Muhammad Ali in Chicago 1966. The extraordinary Heavy Weight World Champion Cassius Clay was born when the Moon was transiting Aquarius and the Sun Capricorn, both in the Sixth House, the Sun in square to Mars in Taurus (see his struggle with Parkinson disease which eventually killed him). The Sun was also part of a Earth Grand Trine with Uranus-Saturn in Taurus and Neptune in Virgo. His Ascendant was Leo and so the Sun in Capricorn was his Ruling Planet. His Mercury and Venus were, like the Moon, in Aquarius and all conjunct, all in trine to Jupiter in Gemini. His Mars was in Taurus in the Ninth House. Saturn and Uranus were also in Taurus, conjunct in the Tenth House. His Jupiter was in Gemini in the Eleventh House and both Chiron and Pluto were rising in the Twelfth House in Leo. His Neptune sat on the cusp between Virgo and Libra.

Here I am re-posting an article on Muhammad Ali’s Astrology I did publish in occasion of his death, on June 3, 2016. Today, August 14 2019, the Moon will be transiting Aquarius, as it was when Cassius Clay was born, a mark of his unique personality.

Hi, here is the Birth Horoscope of Muhammad Ali who passed away yesterday, June 4 2016.

Muhammed Ali Natal Chart

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I wasn’t surprised at the Leo Ascendant because Ali was certainly the center of the party wherever he went; he was also unabashedly arrogant.

The Sun in Capricorn, in the House of ‘Health and Sickness’ (sixth), with the Moon and Mercury in Aquarius in the same House, say a lot about the chronic illness he had to live with for most of his life. The Capricorn Sun shows ambition, with the discipline and tenacity to get to the top, while the trine Sun-Neptune made his personality more universally likeable (especially as a symbol of redemption for black people), and helped him to participate full hardheartedly in the great socio-political debates of the 1960 and 70s.

The emphasis on Aquarius, with the Moon (opposition Chiron, the wounded healer), Mercury and Venus in this Sign, are a testimony to his strong social conscience and the desire to right injustice and discrimination in the world. Like many strongly Aquarian types he trail blazed his way through history, anticipating trends and broadcasting ideas that were hardly considered acceptable at the time he became famous.

The Moon is closely aligned to Mercury, aspect that made Ali highly intuitive and receptive, with a strong emotional need to communicate. His speech was often coloured by emotions, trying to convey his feelings as well as his ideas. This aspect compensated greatly, I feel, for the lack of the Water Element in his Birth Horoscope, a fact however that made him at times quite impervious to other people’s influence, for good or ill.

Mars, the masculine planet of assertion, is in stubborn, wilful Taurus, making Ali indeed a fierce opponent, his likes and dislikes clearly pronounced. The Mid-Heaven, angle of career and vocation, is in Taurus too, mid-point between athletic and brave Mars and ambitious Saturn, both claiming the highest elevation in his Horoscope. The square Mars-Pluto added greatly to his personal charisma and the sense of power he enjoyed in and out of the ring, what many would call his ‘power tripping’ against his opponents in his professional and public life. He had many who loved him but many who found his ways overbearing.

Saturn in Taurus is aligned to Uranus, a strange mix of conservative and revolutionary tendencies; this is a somewhat typical trait of his particular generation (born from the middle of 1941 to the end of 1942).
Jupiter, the planet of religion and philosophy, in Gemini made him a mouthpiece for his religious and political beliefs. He was also famous for his witty and funny remarks and his ability for public speaking, traits that we can also attribute to his Jupiter in Gemini in harmonious aspect to Sun and Moon (trine).

Venus on the cusp of the Relationship sector granted him popularity and love from many people (and four marriages too). While the 90 degrees angle between Venus and Saturn shows, among other things, the pain that accompanied his experience with a debilitating illness.

The Lunar Nodes axis in Virgo/Pisces shows that his destiny was to be of practical service to others, guided by compassion and universal sympathy. He has hopefully fulfilled that destiny to the best of his abilities in this lifetime.

May you rest in peace, my dad’s hero…

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