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Astrologia e-book by Paola EmmaHere is the front page of ‘Astrologia’, the colourful 48 pages e-book that I will email to anyone sending a gold coin donation (or the amount you wish) through the Donate button on my right sidebar. No gimmicks, no other payment necessary, no email signups, no spam or other trickery; just an exchange of energy between my readers and I.

I am trying to find ways to at least partially support the labor of love needed to persist with the daily astrological updates and regular articles writing on this site. My not quite commercially oriented internet presence is in fact generating very little business. This could be expected, considering my own mind set and the glut of astrological sites, information, offers available out there.

The booklet was born over twenty years ago, shifting shapes through many editions until the present version crafted in 2001. It was and is what I provide to my students as a concise yet comprehensive introduction to the vast and fascinating subject of Astrology. I hope you will find it useful too.


Thank You

I will email two different formats of the same publication:

  1. A single page format, ideal for reading on a computer, tablet, i-phone screen, or e-book reader.
  2. A proper booklet format, more suited for printing as a folded book, following these simple directions in the printer’s preferences:

    Astrologia e-book by Paola Emma

    click to view larger image

  • A4 Landscape
  • 2 Sided Print
  • Flip on short edge***

On the right is the index page with the subjects covered.

Feel free to post comments to this page to offer some feedback or if you need more information. Thank you, Paola Emma

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