Gardening by the Gemini Moon, with Paola Emma: from April 25 to April 28, 2020, during the Gemini Crescent Phase



Next favorable days for Sowing and Planting:
to Thursday, April 28, 29 and until 11 am on April 30

Waxing Crescent Moon transiting Water Fertile Cancer


03 Gemini Moon Cool Non Fertile

Crescent to First Quarter Moon Phase

Gemini Crescent Moon, 22°18′, Mon, Apr 27, 12.45 pm

To view a full interpretation of the Moon Sign and Phase please click the images below.The WAXING MOON TRANSITS GEMINI from Saturday, April 25, at 5.19 pm, to Tuesday, Apr 28, at 3.27 am, entering then the Sign of CANCER.

The GEMINI CRESCENT MOON PHASE begins on Monday, April 27, at 12.45 pm, and ends on Friday, May 1, at 6.38 am, with the LEO FIRST QUARTER MOON PHASE.


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Gemini Moon in the garden

  • The following are the Edible Plants, Herbs, Trees and Flowers since ancient times associated with Gemini, and also with Mercury, Gemini’s traditional Ruler, the archetypal god of intelligence, movement, adaptability, cunning. Those Plants with finely divided leaves, like carrots, fennel etc, are associated with Gemini, because they resemble Mercury and Gemini Airy nature. Also identified with Gemini are those medicinal plants helpful for healthy function of the brain, the nervous system and for speech related issues. As well as healing plants for improving lung function, arms and hands mobility.

Like an other Air Signs, Aquarius, in the garden Gemini is considered too dry and barren for growing anything. Its energy is suitable for cultivating, general maintenance and harvesting. Also suitable for pest control, weeding, and pruning, best done after the Last Quarter Phase.

Today the energy could be right for designing the garden, for parties and get-togethers, with friends and siblings. Also to go for long walks through gardens, roads, beaches, forests, nature, opening the lungs, strengthening limbs and clearing the mind.


Edible Plants: Carrots, Fennel, Parsnips.

Healing Herbs: Caraway, Dill, Parsley, Fennel, Coltsfoot, Hyssop, Anise, Lemon Balm, Mullein, Marjoram, Tancy, Vervain, Lavender, Mandrake, Horebound, Licorice, Ferns.

Tree GlyphTrees: the trees sacred to Mercury are those with airy, open canopies, also those with winged seeds, like the Elm. And some that have different texture/colour on the top and the underside of the leaves; or that display not one but two crowns (double nature of Gemini). Hazel, Elms etc.

Flower Glyph pinkOrnamental and Flowering Plants:  Lavender, Lily of the Valley, Elecampane, Mosses, Maiden Hair Ferns, Orchids, Chrysanthemum, Lilacs, Azalea.



This Moon Phase in the garden

  • Note that the garden activities associated with the Moon Sign depend also on the cycle the Moon is in. The Moon transiting through a fertile or productive Sign will no be so favorable if the Phase is not a productive one, and vice-versa. For best results the Sign and Phase of the Moon have to be considered together.

The Crescent Moon Phase is an excellent time for sowing and planting because moon light is rapidly increasing now and therefore also plants’ ability to draw water from deep in the soil.

Everything can go in now, but in particular leafy vegetables and all plants that we grow for their above the ground parts, but only when the Moon is transiting through the very fertile Water Signs or the productive Signs Taurus, Libra and Capricorn.

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