Rainbow Charts, anyone?

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For $5 AU you can request via email (moonlivingmoon@gmail.com) an Entire package of 6 Rainbow Editions Charts (generated with Solar Fire Gold and my personal Rainbow background)

The Charts will be delivered as printable email attachments (jpeg format)

No Hard Copies

♥  Birth Chart

♥ Solar Return (for any year you request)

♥ Secondary Progressions Chart (for any year you request)

♥ A two-wheel Horoscope, with Birth Chart and Return Chart

♥ A two-wheel Horoscope, with Birth Chart and Progressed Chart

♥ A three-wheel Horoscope, with Birth, Progressed and Return Charts

They will be sent to you in email attachments as 6 separate printable images.

Other types Charts can be ordered too, like Compatibility, Progressions and Transits for past and future dates etc. $1 AU for every extra Chart.

PayPal preferred payment method.

I’ll need your name (first name would do), date of birth, time and place of birth to complete the task.
Please write the name of the month, September, for instance, rather than the month’s number.

Also make sure to state the time accurately. Midnight being 0 am and Midday 12 pm. The best would be to use a 24 hours format.

If the place of birth is very small please let me know the name of the nearest town or large village, in order to find its coordinates. Thank you.

Here is what these Charts look like. The examples given are Barak Obama’s Birth Chart, Solar Return Chart for 2010, Secondary Progressed Chart for 2010, and a three-wheel Chart with the three together.

Click the pictures to enlarge them.

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