CD-LabelThis may seem a strange question on an Astrology site. Still, I feel, you should ask yourself that question.

You are not a Middle Ages’ peasant in need of astrology to decide the time to grow corn or make hay.

In a world dominated by electric lights and gadgets, who need to know what the Sun and Moon are doing, what phase the Moon is in, even what season are we in (unless is holyday season)?

We have modern calenders, watches and computers precisely telling us all these things and more.

Who needs astrology in this modern world? We certainly don’t depend anymore on the wisdom of the Stars and Planets, we can then do without it. Or can we?

During my many years experience with clients and friends I have found that very often open minded and intelligent people still maintain a certain disdain about Astrology. This is partly due, I’m sure, to the wide spread belief (=bias) that Astrology is just another form of fortune telling and the astrologer is somewhat a psychic, or pretended psychic, receiving messages from guides or spirits.

Now, there may well be professional astrologers who resemble somehow this description, but most of us are just people like everyone else, not more or less psychic than the average person. It is Astrology itself that could be said to be psychic, because it is a language of subtle correspondences and invisible connections, giving its keen students a key to a universe full of mysteries and revelations.

To me Astrology has proven, time and again, to be a very powerful tool for better understanding the workings of the human psyche and to unravel the creative potential and possible issues and difficulties which are the birth right of every individual.

As in the Fairy Tales of old, at the birth of a child, many different Fairies gather to present their offerings of talents and good fortune. Always however a wicked and disgruntled witch also appears. She likes to cause trouble, promising faults of character and hardship. No life is ever free of these unwanted gifts. Very often though the curse uttered by the ‘bad’ witch reveals itself, in the end, as a blessing in disguise, perhaps after many trials and tribulations.

Through Astrology we can penetrate the reasons why we have created certain negative patterns in our lives through which we keep repeating the same mistakes.

An honest and insightful astrological reading  will also point out those strengths and natural talents that we need to acknowledge in order to reach emotional and spiritual fulfilment and become successful at whatever we are doing.

Astrology can help in fact to shed much light on the areas of relationships, parenthood, unresolved childhood issues, sexuality, study, work, career, health, and even spirituality.

Astrology is all about rediscovering the missing link between us and the cosmos. It is about acknowledging powers greater than us in the universe and powers greater than the universe within us.

Getting a cosmic perspective on oneself and one’s life can be very refreshing. Far from making people fatalistically resigned to both their weaknesses and their pre-determined destinies, an honest astrologer will stress the potential for good, that is always there, and the fundamentally spiritual uniqueness of every incarnation.

Astrology should not be about labelling people and giving each a pre-destined role to play in life. Every destiny or set of circumstances can be experienced in so many different ways. The Horoscope, revealing the natural tendencies and given talents of each individual, can show ways of creative problem solving, to fit every temperament, giving back to each the sense of meaning and mystery that is too often lost in our modern living.

During the consultations I endeavour not to use astrological jargon, but just clear explanation of the effect of certain positions and planetary relationship. This approach will suit everyone, including individuals who know very little or nothing about Astrology.

Being suited to the lay person doesn’t mean however that these readings are very basic or superficial. I always endeavour to stress the psychological and spiritual interpretation of Astrology, avoiding the fortune-telling and mambo jumbo through which our art is still sadly exploited by many of its practitioners.

Please refer to my About page to learn about my qualifications and mission statement.

If you have a special request or a specific enquiry you like an answer about, please let me know about it and I will suggest the type of consultation that suits better your need.

With the Personal Consultation you will also receive a typescript of One Year Transits and Progressions from the Solar Fire astrological program, a guide line of daily readings to add to my own personal interpretations. To this I also add numerous printed Horoscopes: your Birth Horoscope, your Progressed Horoscope, a combination of Birth and Progressed Horoscope, plus a combination of Birth Chart, Progressions and Transits.


Thank you for your interest, kind regards, Paola Emma


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