September 2019: All Eight Moon Phases

All phases, positions etc are calculated for Australian Eastern Standard Time (10 hours East of Greenwich)
Click images to view meaning
1 New Moon Crescent fast

Virgo New Moon, 06°46′, Sun, Aug 30, 8.37 pm

Crescent Moon Animation

Libra Crescent Moon, 24°51′, Tue, Sep 3, 1.06 am

First Quarter Moon Phase Animation

Sagittar First Quarter Moon, 13°15′, Fri, Sep 6, 1.10 pm

Gibbous to Full Moon animation

Aquarius Gibbous Moon, 02°04′, Tue, Sep 10, 11.32 am

Full to Disseminating Moon

Pisces Full Moon, 21°05′, Sat, Sep 14, 2.32 pm

Disseminating Moon Phase

Taurus Disseminating Moon, 10°03′, Wed, Sep 18, 4.18 pm

Last Quarter to Balsamic Moon Phase

Gemini Last Quarter. 28°48′, Sun, Sep 22, 12.40 pm

New to Crescent Moon Phase

Leo Balsamic Moon, 17’12’, Wed, Sep 25, 11.55 pm

1 New Moon Crescent fast

Libra New Moon, 05°20′, Sun, September29, 4.26 am


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