These are are poems I conceived when I first learnt about the Twelve Signs. They don’t have any great poetical value, but encapsulate my then intense if naive feelings about these timeless symbols. 



The will to be wakens when you are born,

Now and again keeping your life from peril:

The spark of divine light

Which shines on your ideals and daring.

Brave innocence sole weapon

To face life’s great illusion.





That sensual stirring

Which comes from life’s abundance.

Knowledge of simple pleasures,

The beauty and peace

Of nature’s contemplation.

Intent will build your temple

On this rock of devotion.






Curiosity, the thought

Which gave a name to everything created.

Divine is your twin brother;

One with you, yet ever separated.

He dwells with the Gods

And brings to you their tidings.






Mother and babe in you,

For ever intertwined.

Nourishing milk, white as moonlight,

Moon faced, suckling child.

Fertile water of earthly streams and rivers,

The gift of life to nurture.






Proud child, in your bright eyes

As real as life is play.

Creative heart of joy,

Colour and form envision.

The love in you is like a sun

Who radiates warmth and light.





Pure magic waves the maiden upon the loom of life.

For ever trying, with skilful hands,

To order what is Chaos.

Amongst the crafts of old

She is the art of sacrifice

And service to the world:

To humbly thread the pathway of the wise.




One to one you seek relating

With kindred souls on earth,

Ever alive the wish to find

Your ideal bird of a feather.

Seeking the perfect harmony

In a discordant world,

In equanimity you’ll find the truest mate of all.





Deep deep currents always stirring

The tranquillity of the lake.

Self-control that comes from knowing

Our tendency for error.

Wholesome power won by yielding

To the spiraling life force.




Seeker of new horizons,

Knower of things to come.

Faith is your guide

In the endless quest for meaning.

To aim your arrows far and high

Don’t need only eye vision,

But both the favour of the Gods

And lightening intuition.




The thoughtful face which even young

Sometimes looks gloomy and sombre.

Memory of timeless pain, and wisdom.

Who needs to climb another mountain

Or build another wall?

The vanity of all ambitions

Is clear to the old.




Drawing your living water

From the eternal spring of knowledge,

You fecundate the world

With thoughts and innovations,

Seeds for future ages and unborn generations.

You are truly aware

To be just one of many,

The galaxy is home and friendly stars

Converse with you from the depth of the sky.





Where is, what is your shiny self

In the chaos of creation?

Sweet child, return to mother ocean,

A new life dream to unravel.

Or forever undo the enchantment of nature,

Discovering the One who became many.





3 Responses to “POEMS”

  1. livingmoonastrology Says:

    I am the author of these poems and all other posts and pages in the Living Moon Astrology site, Paola Emma

  2. libramoon Says:

    Moon Child

    Created from the Milky Way shining into Mother Moon,
    Reflections from that ancient light emerging from her womb.
    A sad guitar, a raging sax, emoting through the sea
    Of stories sung through ages all, what was through what will be —
    Were you the Lady of that lake, were you the piper’s reed?
    Were you the luscious, sacred fruit fulfilling every need?
    Yes, you the child dancing in the fullness of the night
    To ring the rune and cast the spell to make the darkness bright.
    Of goddess born to keep us safe and sing our lullabies
    Till we emerge as sparkling stars to light the dreaming skies.

  3. Dhanishta Says:

    Beautiful Poetry 🙂

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