Balsamic Moon

The Moon is 45 degrees behind the Sun, only three and half days to New Moon. The Moon light is decreasing rapidly and the lunar energy is now being stored as nutrients in the seeds of future plants. It is also the calm before the storm of activities of the New Moon. Time for contemplation, self reflection and healing. The title Balsamic Moon is derived from the word ‘balsam’, unguent which helps to relieve pain and cure ills. During this time we could distil the essence of our past experience, from the last New Moon up to this point, reflect upon what we have experienced and learnt, getting psychologically ready for the cycle which is about to open. This is a spiritual phase, more suitable for meditation and relaxation than action.


Balsamic Moon Phase in the garden

 The Balsamic Moon is certainly no time for planting or sowing, but it is ideal instead for cultivation and soil conditioning, slow release fertilizing, composting, mulching.
It is great week for eradicating pests and unwanted plants and also to prune in order to retard growth, but only if the Moon is transiting a Non Fertile Sign.

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One Response to “BALSAMIC MOON”

  1. Lanna-Rose Lyons Says:

    I have been studying astrology under a master teacher since I have been 13 years old. I am very curious about my Dark Balsamic Moon and have been hard pressed to find something of real substance that could shed some light on this for me. My Teacher is deceased & I find myself for the time being alone in a rather unstimulating rural community and I am desperately seeking some insight in this regard. I hope this is not an imposition but I am willing to give you my birth info it it might assist you here. June 7th 1967: 7:27 am Dalhousie, New Brunswick. I would greatly appreciate any feedback that you could send my way. Also I have been saving diligently for about 6 years now so that I might have the opportunity to have Dr Greene do my chart in person. I am clearly aware of the cost involved and am willing to travel wherever I ned to be in order for this to take place. I suppose my question would be if I would have to travel to England and how far ahead is Dr Greene booked at present. Sincerely, Lanna-Rose Lyons March 2011

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