Transits September to December 2006



Astrology, as many other ancient disciplines, provides us with a holistic non mechanistic approach to life, making us more aware of our place in the universe, our dharma, the driving reason and scope of our existence. Astrology can help us to discover the layers of ourselves that we haven’t recognized or yet embraced, empowering us to live more healthy and fulfilling lives. it can better attune us to the Forces which move our inner and outer worlds.

The period we are considering here, between mid August and Mid November 2006, is astrologically still dominated by the slow motion and dynamic interaction (T Square) of many Planets in Fixed Signs, the seats of ‘Power’ in traditional Astrology: Jupiter in Scorpio (until the 23rd of November 2006); Saturn in Leo (until September 2007), Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, both transiting this Sign for a few more years. Also prominent is a Solar Eclipse (alignment of Earth, Moon and Sun), that will fall very close to the Libran Equinox, a beginning point in the Zodiac, indicating an eventful year for many, when new thing are began and new approaches taken (New Moon, September 22nd).

The Mandala thus formed by the Planets is right now inspiring awe in the hearts of many astrological seekers, showing us how this is indeed a crucial time of transformation, individually and collectively. I hope I will be able to share some of the awe with you, at the same time perhaps hearing the warnings too. Jupiter in Scorpio, since October 2005, has been bringing people born under this Sign (or those with Moon, Ascendant or many Planets in Scorpio) a taste of the heights. Scorpio is usually into depth exploration and pushing its own emotional limits, but during this Transit (in force until the end of November 2006) the tendency will be to push one’s limits in the sphere of the mind, in discovering an emotionally fulfilling philosophy of life and a more meaningful role within the community. At the collective level this is true for all of us. Ideologically tough this position of Jupiter, Planet of Law and Religion, is a somewhat dangerous one, as it has been shown in the increase of fanatical and unbending views in all quarters of the globe. There is an increase risk of sectarianism, racism and adherence to a tooth for a tooth type of philosophy. Old festering wounds of resentment and hurt pride are the causes of these rigid attitudes: to heal those wounds we need to pour the light of consciousness into them, cultivating tolerance and broader, more inclusive views. What indeed makes this transit of Jupiter more significant at the collective level is the fact that while in Scorpio this giant Planet is forming a special relationship with Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius, transiting 90˚ (right angle) away from both of them, a very dynamic, creative and often difficult angle in Astrology. At the same time Saturn is reaching the perfect opposition to Neptune, exact on August 31st, transit that happens only once every 36 years or so. The Fixed Signs of Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and also Taurus (polar opposite and complementary to Scorpio) will be those more directly affected and potentially deeply transformed by these Transits, but most of us will feel them at some level.

The opposition Saturn-Neptune has been slow in coming, getting closer and then receding due to Saturn’s retrogradation (apparent backward motion) earlier this year. It will reach its strongest moment in the middle of the period we are considering, and then take few more months to wane. This powerful Transit is here to make us more aware of a basic and often irreconcilable duality within each one of us: the Ego, busy building its own brand of reality on facts and figures, too fearful to explore what the rational mind is not able to grasp (Saturn); and the soul, unconcerned with material facts, weaver of dreams and illusions, longing for ecstasy and union with the divine. Via Neptune’s energy we try in fact to escape from every day reality, building a different one out of our creative imagination or mystical visions. The soul’s reality is somewhat forced into tangible form by pragmatic Saturn, hopefully without losing its own dream like and uplifting role in our lives. Saturn in Leo is known for its autocratic tendencies (the old man wearing the king’s crown, either a wise old monarch, or a self cantered and self serving tyrant). The pull of these two Planets in opposite directions is indeed a rare opportunity to heal this ingrained division between our physical and psychical awareness. But there are pitfalls, oppositions being symbols not only of increased awareness but also of potential antagonism. In this instance between the Ego’s rock solid tower of false securities, habits and conditioned responses, and the Soul need for a fluid experience of life, unbound and unlimited. In fact the whole configuration, including Jupiter’s Transits, could be conducive to power struggles and resistance to change. Especially increased use of drugs and other forms of addiction are possible and even more vulnerability to the spread of global diseases if collectively we don’t clean our acts, finding new ways to practically caring for less fortunate people and the environment. That’s why we all need, first of all in our own lives, to consciously cultivate compassion and tolerance. Humanity’s aspirations (symbolized by Planets in Aquarius) are here stack against the need and wants of our individual Egos (Saturn in Leo, Jupiter in Scorpio). At its best this configuration of Transits could help us to dissolve our Egos’ barriers and manifest outwardly our inner psychic realities.

Happy spring time everyone!

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