12 Pisces Moon Moist Very Fertile

 Moon of compassion and universal sympathy
Adaptable and romantic

Suitable energy for sailing, swimming, day dreaming, escapism, falling in love, creative writing, especially of poetry, theater, performances, movies, concerts, music, crowds, solitude, remembering. Charity, water scrying, astral traveling, past life experiences, déjà vu, psychic awakening, bliss. Purchase of swimming gear, boats, surfboards, pets, alcohol, shoes. Action motivated by the need to accommodate fate, to go with the flow. Gentle poetical expression of feelings, romantic, changeable, ambivalent. Beware of escapism, untruthfulness, drug taking, victimization, passivity, impracticality, phobias, fatalism, lack of discrimination.

Pisces Moon in the garden

In the garden Watery Pisces is very fertile, particularly suitable for growing water plants, like Water Chestnuts and Lotus. It is also a great time for propagating cuttings, grafting, irrigation, pruning to encourage re-growth, but not potatoes that may sprout too soon. This planting however is better left for the period between New Moon and Last Quarter; and no planting/sowing done during the last week of the Lunar Month.

Romantic garden walks, music ensembles, yoga sessions, spiritual gathering, and relaxed picnics could do well too.


  • The following are the Edible Plants, Herbs, Trees and Flowers since ancient times associated with Pisces, and also with Jupiter, Pisces traditional Ruler, the archetypal god of Power, Expansion, Optimism, Grandeur, Good Luck, Hubris. Herbs and Plants with a pleasant fragrance, like Anise, Balm, Cloves, Nutmeg, Myrrh are said to be under the tutelage of Jupiter. Herbs and plants used as liver and blood cleansers, like Chervil, Cinquefoil, Dandelion, the liver being ‘ruled’ by Jupiter.

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