07 Libra Moon Cool Semi-Fertile

 Moon of justice and harmony

Cooperative and artistic

Suitable energy for sharing, decorating, being artistic, holding meeting, conflict resolution, diplomatic missions, weddings, engagements, parties, gifts, fantasy reading, falling in love, hairdressing, making oneself beautiful. Purchase of articles of clothing, cosmetics, furnishings, flowers, jewellery, art equipment. Action motivated by the desire to meet others half way, to be fair, to agree and harmonize. Amiable display of feeling, seeking equality, idealistic, cooperative. Beware of indecisiveness, lack of assertion, wishy-washy attitudes, peace at any cost syndrome, vanity, self indulgence.

Libra Moon in the garden

In the garden Libra, unlike the other two Air Signs, Aquarius and Gemini, is traditionally considered fertile and productive. Being a Sign of Venus, goddess of pleasure and beauty, Libra is an ideal Sign to sow and transplant Flowering and Ornamental Plants and Bulbs, and also herbs which help to balance the Elements in the body. Libra encourages bloom, but few seeds.
This could be also an ideal Moon for Garden Parties. Particularly Garden Weddings or Renewal of Vows Ceremonies. And, of course any activity that enhances the garden’s appeal and beauty.

  • The following are the Edible Plants, Herbs, Tees and Flowers since ancient times associated with Libra, and also with Venus, Libra’s traditional Ruler, the archetypal goddess of love, pleasure, beauty, harmony. All plants that make the garden beautiful, cheerful and sweet smelling, and those whose fruit are pleasant and mild tasting belong to Venus and the Signs she rules.

Edible Plants: many fruit of a red colour, like Cherries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Plums, Apples. Also Almond.

Healing Herbs: Some of the medicinal herbs associated with Libra are suitable to treat kidney ailments, like Elderberry, Sassafras, Black Currants etc. Also Libra herbs are Bergamot, Catnip, Corn Silk, Elderberry, Fenugreek, Lavender, Lovage, Mint, Mother of Thyme, Slippery Elm, Sorrell, St. John Worth, Strawberries Leaves, Vervain, Uva Ursi.

Tree GlyphTrees: Apple, Almond, Plum, Red Cherry, Birch, Sandalwood. Also flowering Trees. The Birch is often associated with Venus and therefore Libra. This tree often develops strange little bushes on the crown, that now we know are caused by a fungi. In the old days though, in parts of Europe, were known as ‘Witches Brooms’. This was on of the reasons the Birch was associated with the feminine archetype of Venus ! But also for its light beautiful bark, a group of such trees lightening the forest in magical ways.

Flower Glyph pinkOrnamental and Flowering Plants: Many Rose, especially White Roses and Large Roses, Bluebells, Blue Flowers, Cherry Blossoms, Columbine, Daisy, Foxglove, Hydrangeas, Mallow, Periwinkles, Poppy, Primroses, Primula, Sundews, Violet.


One Response to “07 MOON IN LIBRA”

  1. Danielle Mun Says:

    Thank you sooooooooooo much Paola for wonderful reading xx
    You’re intuition, wisdom, knowledge and sweet humour made the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable.
    You gave me so much to think about and take on, I could have talked with you for hours!!
    lots of love

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