April-May 2022 astrological insights


‘Morning On The Seine In The Rain’ by Claude Monet
‘Morning On The Seine In The Rain’ by Claude Monet
This post was previously published in issue 124 of the Uki Village News.

During the recent weeks of unending, destructive rain, I mused about the astrological dimension of the extreme weather event that was unfolding. I knew that some challenging transits had become active from late February and would go on until the first week in March. They started with the most difficult and far reaching: the Jupiter semi-square Pluto on March 24 (invasion of Ukraine and onset of the flood in South East Queensland) and continued, in close sequence, in early March, especially around the March 3 Pisces New Moon. This phase has been in fact central to the whole event, significant because of its watery nature, of course, but also for its alignment to Jupiter, the cosmic amplifier, and Neptune, the water and tempest planet, also in Pisces. The disaster, while bringing great sorrow and loss to many and much destruction to the environment, has also strengthened our sense of community and human compassion. Friends, family and complete strangers have come to each other help and comfort (the Neptune’s effect).  These now all too frequent climate calamities hopefully will force us to develop a radically different vision for the future and a new environmental philosophy, to guide our policies and actions, individually and collectively (Jupiter).

Of course the same phase and accompanying transits were also active all over the word, even in places where they are experiencing a draught or where the weather is just fine! A clue to the different effect of the same transit is that the planets’ orientation to the local horizon changes from place to place.  At the exact time of the Pisces New Moon, for example, the phase central to the whole event, the unpredictable planet Uranus was found exactly at the nadir of many localities on the Australian eastern seaboard. This placement showed a potential for upheavals of great magnitude, especially while other difficult alignments were taking place. What it’s very telling is that Uranus shifted from the nadir in places north of Gympie, south of Sydney, or further west from the coast!  

What next?  

Since the start of the year and until June/July all celestial bodies, the Sun, Moon and planets, transit within a narrow span of five Signs, about 150 degrees of the whole ecliptic This pattern will continue until June.

April is dominated by two transits:

 Saturn in Aquarius at right angle with the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio.

On April 13 Jupiter finally aligns to Neptune on the 23/24 degree of Pisces. Due to the ‘aquatic’ nature of this alignment there is a potential for more heavy rains in the next few weeks, but also for more sharing, loving, forgiveness and mutual understanding. Jupiter is between the two the fastest moving, so, astrologically speaking, it represents the type of energy that will activate Neptune at this time. There is though always a darker side to all planetary alignment, to all planets’ energy in fact. No planet in astrological term is ever fully good or fully bad, but all planets instead possess both positive and negative potential  

Astrology credits Water for more than just rain and floods. First and foremost this Element represents emotions, empathy, the sensitivity needed to feel someone else pain, with the desire to alleviate their distress. Water helps us to merge with one another, to erode away the barriers that stifle our connection with each other and with nature.

From May 10 to June 4 Mercury will do its magic loop (Gemini-04°49’-Taurus-26°05’). This is a shift between abstract thinking and swift mind changes to solid, factual thinking. It shows the need to concentrate our brain power, stay focused and realistic in our personal communication, work and study projects. Slowing down could be frustrating but necessary at this time. 

The most important and lasting shift will happen on May 11, with the ingress of Jupiter in Aries.

with Eclipses in May, guaranteeing to bring some profound experiences and realizations to many: a Taurus Solar Eclipse on May 1 and a Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on May 16.  


01:      NM Aries 11°30’

12:      Saturn Aquarius square Nodes Taurus/Scorpio 22°/23°

13:      Jupiter conjunct Neptune Pisces 23°/24°

17:      FM Libra 26°45’


1:        NM Partial Solar Eclipse Scorpio 10°28’

12:      Jupiter semi-square Uranus 0°06’ Aries to 15° Taurus (First Pass – Second Pass: Sep 29 – Third Pass Dec 240). Reminder of following semi-square Jupiter-Saturn 3 Passes: July 21, Sept 22 2022 and March 21 2023)

16:      FM Total Lunar Eclipse Scorpio 25°17’

Lopsided, all bodies within 5 Signs since early 2022, until June 2022.


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