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Lady Moon

Lady Moon

This article was previously published on the Uki Village News, issue 116

February Moon Phases tell a story

Astrologically February appears unstable, even unpredictable. The Lunar Phases and Mercury’s Retrogradation (Jan31/Feb21) confirm this knotty pattern.

Excellent cases in point: January 29 Leo Full Moon and February 12 Aquarius New Moon, extending their influence over the whole month. At the Full Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury will all be in Aquarius; while the Moon and Venus will join them too at the New Moon, all forming a difficult right angle to the troubling Uranus-Mars’ Taurus conjunction. These alignments show that conflicts and/or unforeseen circumstances could disrupt our best laid out plans, even locking us into temporarily inescapable situations.

The first pass of the 90 degrees angle between Saturn and Uranus, 2021 signature transit (Feb18-Jun15-Dec24) could prove difficult to navigate because of the conflicting nature of the planets involved. And Mars, this time around, provides the volatile element. Saturn wants to transform potentials into workable realities; Uranus the drive for radical changes often spurred on by ideologies rather than practical considerations. Saturn will curb maverick Uranus’ penchant for revolutions. Embracing the changes our inner compass is urging us to make could clash with previous commitments and limiting circumstances, a frustrating situation. This tension though could be what we need to prepare better for the time when we will be freer to embark on the new life path we long for. It will be worth the wait.   

March: focus on the Mutable Sings

In March the focus shifts to the Mutable Signs, Gemini and Pisces.

Mars, transiting mentally flexible Gemini from March 4 to April 23 will call for open, direct, sometimes antagonistic communication among people, but it should be less war like than Taurus Mars. Most importantly this trouble maker is separating from the major planetary action between Aquarius and Taurus which has been setting the tone for 2021: Aquarius’ free thinking and reforming spirit, represented by Jupiter, but also somewhat hampered by Saturn, against more conservative and utilitarian Taurus, where Uranus is struggling to break the old mould, with the risk of causing great social and economic upheaval.

The right time to celebrate the Aries Autumn Equinox will be March 20 this year, 8.37 pm. 

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