The Waxing Moon transits Capricorn from Sunday, August 11, to early Wednesday, August 14, during the Capricorn Gibbous Moon Phase

Sri Rajneesh Osho

Click the image to navigate to Osho Astrology Page, with his Birth Chart plus the Progressions and Transits at the time of death. Famed and controversial Indian Guru Osho was born when the Moon was transiting Capricorn, in the Eighth House, and the Sun Sagittarius, in the Seventh House, right on the Descendant (just setting). His Ascendant was Gemini and the Ruling Planet Mercury was in Capricorn, like the Sun in the Seventh House but closer to the cusp of the Eighth. In fact Osho had a ‘Stellium’ of planets in Capricorn, namely: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn, all between the Seventh and Eighth Houses. The Capricorn Moon was mid-point conjunct Venus and Saturn. The Moon, Saturn and Venus were all square Uranus in Aries, Eleventh House, and opposition Pluto in Cancer, in the Second House (Saturn nearly exact opposition from the Eighth House). All the Capricorn planets, excluding Saturn, were in trine to his Neptune in Virgo on the cusp of the Fourth House (Lower Heaven). The Sagittarius Sun was part of a Fire Grand Trine with Jupiter in Leo, Third House, and Uranus in Aries, Eleventh House. Both Mercury and Venus were in square to the Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra. Osho died of heart failure on January 19 1990 in his Indian Ashram at Poona; he was 58 years old. Some of his disciples believe that he was poisoned while jailed for a few days in the USA before his last return trip to India.

CAPRICORN, Moon of responsibility and ambition
Practical and efficient

The WAXING MOON TRANSITS CAPRICORN from Sunday, August 11, 2.49 pm,
to Wednesday, August 14, 1.35 am, with the ingress into AQUARIUS

Suitable energy for working, planning, seeking employment, building, creating the foundations of something lasting, looking after the oldies, family business, saving, budgeting, studying serious subjects, scholarly work, pursuit of excellence. Important purchases, house, real estate, business, cars, antiques, insurance policies, payment of taxes and government fees. Action motivated by practical goals and the need for structure. Cool display of feeling, but sensual, committed, protective. Beware of rigidity, bossiness, authoritarian ways, paternalism, pessimism, depression, cynicism.

  • In the garden Capricorn is traditionally considered a productive Sign, especially suitable for growing Perennials, Trees and Vines. Any planting indeed that is meant to last a long time is well done in this earthy and reliable Sign. It is also a good Moon transit to plant root crops like potatoes and carrots. Fertilizing, especially slow release, recommended.
  • Healing Herbs: Comfrey, Rue, Sarsaparilla, Wintergreen.

Gibbous Moon

The CAPRICORN GIBBOUS MOON PHASE begins on Sunday, August 11, 9.38 pm,
and ends on Thursday, August 15, 10.29 pm, with the AQUARIUS FULL MOON PHASE

The Moon is waxing, 135 degrees ahead of the Sun, only 45 degrees or three and half days to the Full Moon. The Moon shows a strange shape now, like a rugby ball. Our goals are becoming more clear and we can power ahead, not too concerned about possible obstacles on our path. The power of attraction of the Full Moon proves irresistible.

  • In the garden as in life there should be plenty of activities and a sense of urgency, least one should waste the great energy available at the moment. When the Moon transits a very fertile Sign like Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, or a productive Sign like Taurus, Libra and Capricorn in this phase practically every plant and seed can go into the garden successfully. This is the middle of the second waxing week. Ideally, after sowing or planting leafy vegetables in the first week, we should be busy putting in those plants we grow for their fruit or seedpods (tomatoes, beans, etc.).

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